i'm only happy when it reigns

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Welp~I'm destroyed ;-; The world has gone to shit, chaos reigns and the skeleton is emotionally broken.

“There is no worth in a candle without a flame, and we only add the flame when there is darkness. Without darkness, there would be no need for warriors and angels. Warriors are not made because the whole world is happy and angels were not formed because there are no demons. Be of worth, have a flame.”

― C. JoyBell C. 

Have faith, have hope!

This is how the moments following the finale should go
  • *Regina grabs her coat and leaves Granny's, Henry runs out to her*
  • Henry: Mom! Where are you going?
  • Regina: I'm not going to stay here and watch this.
  • Henry: Roland has his mom back. You should be happy for them. Plus, you knew the guy for like 5 minutes...
  • Regina: ...There was...fairy dust!
  • *Emma catches up with them, out of breath*
  • Emma: Regina, please don't go. I'm sorry. I'm always an act first think later kind of person and I didn't mean to hurt you.
  • Regina: Well you should be. I was foolish to think that the Savior and the Evil Queen could actually be friends.
  • Henry: But that's just it, Mom. You're both the saviors now. You don't have to fight anymore.
  • Emma: We've come so far, Regina. Don't let some outdoorsy smelling dude make or break your happiness. Your home is with us.
  • Regina: ...He did kind of smell like forest...but that's not nearly as bad as the fermented pleather pirate I saw you kissing only moments ago.
  • Emma: Touche. In my defense, I was a little caught up in the moment.
  • Regina: Well you're just going to have to work on reigning in your impulsiveness.
  • Emma: That's a little hypocritical...at least I didn't give my heart to some stranger I just met...
  • Regina: Miss Swan -
  • Henry: - Come on, let's go back and have some cake. You can flirt all you want when I'm not hungry.