i'm only half-joking

Do you wanna know who the villager is that freaks me out the most?

It’s neither the clown nor the mime.

It’s not the empty clay bunny.

It’s not the undead puppy.

It’s not even the bird who could very well be a junkie.

No, it’s this dude.

He’s the one who creeps me out the most, and it’s all because of his eyes.

He never blinks.

His animation for blinking is just him looking down.

He can close his eyes, sure. He does it when he smiles and such.

But why doesn’t he blink?!??

Just what are you hiding, Moose?

Belief in their own biological superiority? Aggression directed at oppressed groups in order to prevent the supposed invasion of their spaces? Preference for harassment over legitimate discussion? Emphasis on rare/non-existent crimes committed by oppressed groups in order to distract from actual threats to that oppressed group? Yep, confirmed, TERFs have male socialization.