i'm only gutted about the halls at london

Positives of Bournemouth Art University -
  • Seaside ! Living in the midlands for my entire life has meant I have only ever seen the sea a few times.
  • More homely . Bournemouth is pretty much Derbyshire but by the sea - Middle class white people. I would have loved to have the culture variation but I guess I won’t get the culture shock I would have got from London.
  • The course is directed by a former makeup leader of Doctor Who and the lead for makeup/wigs from the west end production of “Cats! The Musical” for 7 years.
  • Work experience in LA .
  • The university is actually ranked 1st in most list of art specialty universities (The most famous probably being Which? guide . They Placed University of Arts London 5th) with the course having more content.
  • The first batch of graduates (The course has only been running for 3 years) have gone onto work on Thor 2, a new Tom Cruise movie and in the west end and on the NHS ad campaigns.
  • Cheaper by far.

Trying to make myself feel better I guess….