i'm only good at copying art :(


Now your Rhys_bf.exe is not only completed with a robotic arm, he is also completed with badass long sexy legs to kick bandits’ face like a badass you’re. Come and grab one on Handsome jack’s office, the price is only you being shot by the possessive mr Handsome jack himself

sooo i got this idea from here (at 35:55)


here’s the completed pin. this was definetly a learning experience for me, but I think it came out pretty good for a first try!

maybe a little too good - everyone in my family wants one now, as well as at least one friend so I’m going to have to make 6 more of the darn things tomorrow, in addition to working on my actual summatives!!!

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uhm hello.. i'm kinda lost in drawing. i've only used to draw in paper but i recently brought drawing tab and i'm not really good at drawing even in paper. i could just 'copy'. i also try scanning a sketch and trace it in sai and it just looks like a kid traced it TAT so maybe that's why the more i suck in drawing in tab? would it be better to master in traditional way first or i could learn in tablet, you think? THANK U! I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH AND YOUR ADVICES!

Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s just ONE way of doing this? Or just one advice that would work the same for everyone.

Whenever you switch to something new, especially after you got used to doing something one certain way, it’s always a bit hard and feels off to change and be GOOD at it right away. I was used to riding my cousin’s bicycle and when I bought my own it felt a bit off and just different from what I was used to. I still rode though, and now whenever I switch to something other than my bike, this is what feels off for me. 

Similar with drawing, I guess. It’s a matter of weather you think you really want to get better at it, or if you’re fine just the way you are, only with traditional (which is also totally okay) :)

If you want to master the digital area as well, keep practicing, don’t give up immediately and don’t narrow down your own limits just by assuming you suck, you don’t. You’re just new to this, and we all come from somewhere and start somewhere. 

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How did you develop such a distinct style? I'm an artist and I get inspired by other artists a lot, but I don't feel like I have my own style, do you have any advice?

It takes time, when I started drawing I was attempting to emulate other people’s art. That’ll never work because you can only externalise your own thoughts and feelings on the page, no one else’s. Good artists copy and great artists steal, so keep looking around you but more importantly draw often. Draw anything. Draw when you feel inspired and when you don’t. Be honest with what you’re creating and the way you want to do it.


Favourite albums of 2015 (in no particular order)

  • Art Angels by Grimes (favourite song - Kill v. Maim)
  • Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan (favourite song - Suburbia)
  • 25 by Adele (favourite song - Water Under The Bridge)
  • FROOT by Marina and the Diamonds (favourite song - Savages)
  • Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez (favourite song - Soap)
  • BADLANDS by Halsey (favourite song - Drive)

seriously this year has been so good for music and my bank account is crying and i can’t wait to see what these artists are going to release in 2016