i'm only good at copying art :(

This somehow magically got done faster than the 1st part of the drawing


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Hello Muskka! My name is Rachel and I have been following your blog for quite a while. I love your work, it is such an inspiration! You got me to start drawing Undertale fan art too! I was wondering if you could maybe give me some advice and critique my most recent drawing if it's ok. (I can't link it but it's of red) I'm really unhappy with it and not sure how to fix it. :/ Thank you so much!

Hey i’m glad my stuff could inspire you!It’s the best compliment i could get!, well.. my only suggestion is to draw as much as you can, i wasn’t very good at first either. Plus drawing skeletons might be confusing.
And your drawing is not bad,  it’s cute!!
 Maybe look around and see what inspires you in others art as well, maybe the way they draw  lines, or some expression or eyes, something you connect with, like “YEAH i can feel it!!” then study it, not telling to copy, but just pay more attention around, it’s another way to learn too.
And of course do it with passion!

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Hellow, hello, hellow! I'd like to ask you some questions I'm curious about. I downloaded a few years ago the paintool sai program but have no idea how it works... Did it take that long to learn how to use it properly? Then, how about the style? I mean, I can draw quite good if I have a model. For example, I can draw the same doodles you do quite accurate if I copy it but when I try to draw by myself it's quite hard... What would you recomend me to do? ;; P.S.: I support your art, it's so cute ♡

mmm SAI is a great program because it’s lightweight and only has the essentials. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use it because it doesn’t have a lot of things on it xD. But it took me awhile to get use to using it! But that’s the same with any program.

As for style, it’s not something that happens quickly. Every artist will tell you to keep drawing. If it’s still hard for you to draw by yourself, you need to keep practicing. I’m not really good with art advice, so I’ll just give you my experience?

I always had artist role models to look up to. I never traced or copied artwork, but I would borrow a certain technique from a style I liked, then another from other styles I liked. For example, when I was younger, I would love how Arina Tanemura drew facial expressions, and liked how Ema Tooyama drew eyes. So when I drew my own characters, It was a mix of little bits of everything I learned from several styles that inspired me. I feel like style is sculpted by your inspirations and interests? I feel like in the end, it’s a mush of everything that inspired you…. If your style is too similar to an artist, then it will take some more time. I think tracing or copying is fine if it helps you get on your feet, but just make sure to try drawing by yourself a lot. 

This isn’t a formula to developing style or anything. It comes naturally as you draw more. I’m pretty sure someone else can explain this better haha. but for me, it was never forced. Get inspired and have fun.


Now your Rhys_bf.exe is not only completed with a robotic arm, he is also completed with badass long sexy legs to kick bandits’ face like a badass you’re. Come and grab one on Handsome jack’s office, the price is only you being shot by the possessive mr Handsome jack himself

sooo i got this idea from here (at 35:55)


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Hey Tara I have this problem where Im unable to draw something that is completely original.I get many ideas in my head but I'm unable to put it on paper.But when I look at other drawings I'm able to draw them well.So usually when I get an idea of what I want to do I look at different parts of different drawings and encorporate them together to make a new drawing that I want and even though it looks good I'm not satisfied because it's not completely mine.Any tips on how to draw original content

It’s okay to get inspiration from other drawings or photographs as long as you don’t copy it completely. I draw like you do as well. I make a new folder op my pinterest and then I scroll through my art inspiration folder, and my poses folder, and my clothes inspiration folder etc. and I pin everything that I want my drawing to sort of look like. Sometimes it’s only the general feel, sometimes I like the lighting or the way it’s colored, and sometimes I just really need a pose example to get something started. When I draw something without any references at all it turns out okay, kinda boring, but okay. But when I use references it becomes SO much more interesting! I use more details, more interesting colors and so on. And I’m not even copying it, just letting it inspire me to try more with my drawing. Don’t feel bad about using references! Don’t copy it, but let it inspire you 😊

here’s the completed pin. this was definetly a learning experience for me, but I think it came out pretty good for a first try!

maybe a little too good - everyone in my family wants one now, as well as at least one friend so I’m going to have to make 6 more of the darn things tomorrow, in addition to working on my actual summatives!!!

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