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hiatus complete! 2.75/3

That’s the number of graduate school applications I have submitted over the last couple of weeks. The last .25 is a component not due until mid-February, and I’m waiting on the school to initiate that part of the process - so - for all intents and purposes - I’m done!! 

Now to sit and wait for the fallout. All of these schools are quite selective and highly competitive so I am nervous. I’m also wildly relieved and really also kind of proud of myself. I have been putting these applications off for one reason or another for years, so to finally be able to say, in past tense, “I applied to grad school” is really kind of neat. I can’t fully describe it.

We’ll see what happens. One way or another, I’m moving on. <3 And I’m BACK! In typical onion-overworked-herself fashion, the letdown sickness hit full force earlier this week and I found out today I have a case of bronchitis. …so I’m back but on so many drugs, oops ‘’:D Please continue to bear with me! I have so many lovely comments and things to reply to (and read!!) from the last two weeks, my pace is just a bit slow yet <3 I so appreciate all the asks and messages and everything you guys sent over the last two weeks!!

Medivh quick doodle. I spent an hour or two playing around with color. 

flockofflamingos replied to your postEXTENDED 7KPP DEMO TODAY IS A GOOD DAY


YEP. It’s a combo ‘Sorry for the delay/Let’s make 2017 good’ present from Aly. It is only gonna be up for a little while, so you probably wanna grab it fast. :3 I remade Jei in all her charming, brilliant glory(only took three tries to get the stat balance I wanted. :P) to go after Lyon again. There’s new backgrounds and stuff; it’s great.

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All da memes

📖 for what my muse would write about yours in their diary.

–Today was a good day, Journal. It was a tough day, a day I wouldn’t want to repeat anytime soon but..a good day. @halethegoose

I’ve only been working on my new show, Pretty Little Liars for a while now but I’m really starting to come around to the people more. I think it’s always a little awkward for the first few weeks on any set but these people are slowly becoming like my second family. I genuinely enjoy going to work and I know it’s because I’m going to be around them. We’re the perfect balance of having a fun time so that the hours don’t drag by and being professional enough to get shit done and not waste the crew’s time. We’re only halfway through shooting our first season but..I don’t know. I have a feeling we have something good on our hands.

Today at craft services, I started talking to this girl named Lucy more. She plays Aria, the role I originally wanted before realizing Spencer was my spirit animal. She’s adorable - she’s so tiny, and sweet, and she just instantly makes you feel at ease whenever you talk to her. We hung around the buffet table for a little bit and she invited me back to her room. Our lunch break was only an hour but I swear, it felt like I only had precious minutes of just kicking back and learning more about her. The more we talked, the more we realized we had in common. She’s got the same kind of humor as me (sassy, vv sarcastic), we both love dogs, we both are obsessed with coffee and we both..well, she more than understands my struggle with food and body image. That’s all I’ll say.

It was comforting to find that out, though. It’s comforting to know somebody I’ll be spending ninety nine percent of my time with for the next five months gets what I’m going through on the daily. I really think we can be each others support systems and I’m more confident that I won’t fall backwards as I sometimes fear I will. It’s a weight off my shoulders and I just hope that maybe Lucy feels the same way now.


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compiled list of my all time fave dramione things from fics
  • draco’s like snow
  • mal….draco
  • granger/malfoy as terms of endearment
  • only saying first names in moments of extreme passion
  • arguments leading to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • draco only looking completely vulnerable/relaxed while asleep 
  • hermione having little freckles that draco loves 
  • “now your blood is filthy too”
  • this and this and this
  • “your mark doesn’t define you draco”
  • “and that scar doesn’t define you granger”
  • “She was crawling through his system and into his head, screwing up his senses. It wasn’t her muddy blood, it was something deeper; something carving his bones and drowning his cells. It was her. Granger. Her substance, her innocence; just racing though him and throwing shards at his sanity.”
  • blaise, theo, and pansy being super supportive
  • ron and harry begrudgingly getting used to draco
  • or harry shipping dramione af
  • scorpius, lyra, cassiopeia, and leo as malfoy names
  • “no harry the filthy rotter doesn’t hate her. the sodding bastard loves her”
  • memory loss, time turner, voldy wins AUs
  • hermione wearing slytherin green 
  • everything

HOWDY GUYS so i’ve been a little quiet, but i’m gonna get to asks and stuff tonight!! TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF MY HUGE WORK STREAK and then i’ll have almost the entire rest of the week to do art/home work things. i am PUMPED!! so in excitement/preparation, i got about 45 minutes into a painting of tom ellis as lucifer. i think i’ll finish that tonight as well! c:



my deer arrived and holy shit he’s huge. the tracking page said the package weighed 12lbs which seemed strangely heavy since my blacktail is only 3lbs. i thought there was no way he was that much heavier but nope, he’s actually 12lbs. from nose to tip of tail he’s ~86″, while my blacktail is ~62″

once i get his ears right-side out i’ll take nice outdoor pictures of him

Richonne (idk what it's called when you do the thing)

Glad to see you (I missed you)
Glad to see you too (I missed you too)

You gonna stay a little while? (Please stay with me, I can’t stand it when you leave)

Just a little while (I will stay, I can’t stand it when I leave either)

He needs you (Not only him, but me too)

I’m done taking breaks (I’m not taking any breaks because I need you too)

You okay? (I know you probably think I’m a monster but I had to do it)

I’m okay (I love you)
I know (I know you do)
How? (How could you possibly know that?)
‘Cause I’m okay too (Because I love you too)

I was afraid you’d talk me out of it, you could’ve (I knew you wouldn’t approve, I knew you’d probably talk me out of it and I had to do this. I just knew that no matter what I would have listened to you)

I think you can find a way, WE can find a way…and if we don’t, I’m still with you (Together, you and I can find a way and even if we can’t or don’t, I’m gonna be right by your side)

Have your mints (I got these for you because I wanted you to have something special, because you’re special)

We’re not losing any of it again, I’m not (I only just found you, I’m not letting you go. I’m not letting go of what we built here)

No you’re not, I’m not (I’m not letting you go either, we’ve worked too hard for this, we deserve this)

Sally Ann Appreciation Post

Tonight’s the last time we’ll be seeing Sally Ann for a while – but at least we know she’ll be back next season! – so I thought I might properly say farewell with a little post in honor of her. I’ll make no excuses about my love for Sally Ann as a character, not only because she’s a dynamic individual, with singular hopes and dreams and motivations, but also because, in my mind, her story encompasses even more than that. I don’t want to over-generalize and claim that Sally Ann represents all women everywhere, but part of the reason she’s so appealing as a character is because there are elements to her narrative that are incredibly universal. Sally Ann is Sally Ann, but she’s a lot of other things, too…

Sally Ann is every woman who’s ever had to work two all-day-on-your-feet, punch-in-punch-out service jobs just to make ends meet. 

Sally Ann is every woman who’s ever had to support a man who – for whatever reason – can’t do his equal share. 

Sally Ann is every woman who’s had to defer her dreams and make sacrifices for others. 

Sally Ann is every woman who saves her pennies and imagines a different life somewhere, anywhere else. 

Sally Ann is every woman who finds a way to carve out tiny scraps of time and a “quiet,” “simple” place where she can be alone and do what she likes. 

Sally Ann is every woman who’s been under the thumb of someone – a family member, a partner – that seeks to control and dominate her every move, and who still longs to escape. 

Sally Ann is every woman who’s wary of men that make big, sweeping promises, but who allows herself to be charmed by small, romantic gestures. 

Sally Ann is every woman who feels at ease in her own skin, who harbors no shame about her body and its desires.

Sally Ann is every woman who knows she needs to be realistic and practical, but who still wants a bit of magic in her life. 

Sally Ann is every woman who loves fiercely and wants to protect what’s hers. 

Caboo’s Shiphaus Bodyguard AU

Lawrence: Joel’s bodyguard. A little salty about the whole job description. Sure he’s tough and definitely trained and the guy for the job but he’s dealt with literally the worst clients. He always gets the rich, demanding ones. Burnie purposely gives him the hard jobs because he knows Law will do his job without complaining and put up with the client. He sees as the only goal of his job is to keep his client physically safe. It’s not until he’s assigned to Joel does he start to understand that not only is the physical safety of his client important, but also the mental and emotional too.

Joel: Previously put in the hospital twice before his brother hired a bodyguard for him. First hospitalization was by his abusive boyfriend, the second time was after his attempted suicide after his asshole boyfriend left him. Though he’s estranged with his rich, high-class family, his brother hired a bodyguard to watch over him in exchange for not having to be sent to therapy. Joel is not happy to have a bodyguard, but he’d rather have one than talk to a shrink and possible confront his family about his sexual preferences and shitty love life. He lives in a crappy apartment by himself despite his high social standing and wealth because he doesn’t think he deserves better.

Sean Poole: Diagnosed with severe OCD. He counts things in threes therefore he insisted that he have two bodyguards (Adam and Matt). He almost drives them up the wall by his insistence at things in threes. SPoole’s situation is similarly like a witness protection program. The “seen something he shouldn’t have” situation. Little does he know, despite Adam’s complaining about how troublesome and tiring his quirks and OCD habits are, Adam completely adores him. Matt may seem strict and 1000% only concerned with his safety, but he’s also just as fuck as Adam.  

Adam: Bodyguard with a relaxed, nonchalant attitude. Everyone thinks he never takes his job seriously when in reality he’s giving everyone a quick double check, always noting if anyone is suspicious or a danger. He moves fast despite his uncaring outer appearance (and his resting bitch face syndrome). He works in partnership with Matt Peake, sharing their client, Spoole. They start the job around the time where Spoole’s OCD is getting worse and worse and end up grounding him and being the reason why he eventually bit by bit, copes better.

Matt: Bodyguard- it’s practically the family business. If anything, he’s the most serious about his job. Unlike Bruce who gives in to James’ begging to go places and have fun, Matt takes Spoole’s safety seriously. In comparison, Adam and Matt are actually just as serious about their job. However, Matt actually seems serious about his job. Him and Adam work well together, especially when their concern for Spoole starts to increase as Spoole’s condition gets worse and worse. They know it’s not part of their job description to care for Spoole in a emotional sense, but they can’t help but worry. Matt had a harder time accepting it though, whereas Adam has always been aware of the fact that emotional health is just as important as physical health.  

James: Comes from a wealthy family. He’s a yolo kind of guy and deaf in both ears. He wears hearing aids, but often takes them out because of his dislike for them. It drives Bruce crazy because Bruce doesn’t know ASL (even though after a week or two of James’ constant taking them off, he enrolls in a course just in case).

“You need to wear your aids in case I need to yell at you that you’re in danger”

“Nah I won’t be in danger”


“… well i’m not gonna lie i’m a attractive guy maybe it’s to keep the fangirls from smothering me on accident I’m so popular.”


“oh.. there’s that too.”

In all honestly, James doesn’t wear his aids because he hates having his disability out in the open for everyone to see. He can actually read lips and body language well. James would rather struggle to understand people than to be treated like a fragile invalid.

Bruce: He’s sort of in-between. He’s not a goof-off on the job 100% but he’s not strict and stoic like Matt either. He indulges James and his antics, (secretly because of his man-crush for James). He shows concern for James’ distain towards his aids aside from his angry ranting and yelling at James when he’s being rebellious. James actually finds Bruce’s lecturing to be cute, which only infuriates Bruce more.When Bruce finally begins to understand James’ hatred over hearing aids, he beings to loosen up. We can be 1000% sure that James definitely flirts with Bruce all the time.

In honor of the final chapter of Pandora Hearts (which is a series I hold a lot of memories with), I’ve decided to do a little #PHweek of my own, comprised of all my “favourites” from the series. I joined this fandom six years ago; back when the anime was still airing, and since then it’s become my all-time favourite manga. I’m going to miss it. I’m doing this for myself, but I thought I’d post it just in case anyone else wanted to do it too! Think of it as a challenge!

Day 1: Favourite Major Character
Day 2: Favourite Minor Character
Day 3: Favourite Family
Day 4: Favourite Character Development
Day 5: Favourite Relationship
Day 6: Favourite Deceased Character
Day 7: Favourite Story Arc