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My evolving relationship with Sirius Black
  • <p><b>Me, eleven:</b> wow a criminal going after Harry... Harry's parents FRIEND...unbelievable, why??? Creepy old guy.... oh he's actually innocent!<p/><b>Me, twelve:</b> It's so unfair what happened to Sirius and now Harry is stuck with the Dursleys and Sirius is such a great god father. All I want is Harry to have a loving family.<p/><b>Me, thirteen:</b> nope nope NOPE Sirius is NOT dead. No bloody way!<p/><b>Me, thirteen:</b> writes a ton of fan fic where Harry uses the mirror, Sirius doesn't die, worm is captured so his name is cleared and Harry and Sirius mini golf on summer holidays<p/><b>Me, fourteen:</b> and they probably get super sad about Harry's parents together<p/><b>Me, fifteen:</b> Sirius Black is an arrogant jerk and I would love to be best friends with him<p/><b>Me, sixteen until nineteen:</b> And maybe he can take me to hogsmeade on dates because he is a fox<p/><b>Me, nineteen until forever:</b> Sirius is a precious gift and James Potters BFF and he deserved better than getting arrested near his 22nd birthday and spending half his life in Azkaban listening to his dead brother's voice, seeing James' corpse, imagining Lily's terror as she protected her son, wondering what Remus thought of him, wishing he could have another shot at Wormtail. I'm dead, my heart has broken and killed me because of Sirius Black's story arc.<p/></p>

Just finished Koe no Katachi a few hours ago… It’s so good, like REALLY good. I recommend it to those who haven’t read it. It has a very interesting plot and it’s so sad. Even though it’s quite short (only 62 chapters) I cried so much, especially in the beginning and in the end. :’) Not to mention that the art is adorable, too! Go read it!

*.:。  LIKING  THIS  POST  MEANS    ———-   ( MUTUALS ONLY ! )

one.     you  are  willing  to  plot,   respond,  and  develop  our  muses.   i’m  not  asking  for  your  attention  24/7  but  i  ask  that  some  thought  and  time  be  put  into  this  if  you  are  going  to  like  the  post.    i  will  ofc  understand  when  you’re  busy,   your  life  before  anything  else  !

two.     starter  calls  might  be  rare  on  my  blog  from  now  on  considering  it’s  a  bit  discouraging  when  people  don’t  respond,   or  stop  replying,   and  in  general  sc’s  get  messy  for  me.     so  this  is  an  easier  way  for  me  to  approach  you  if  i  have  full  permission  to  send  you  meme’s  /  starters  /  aesthetic  posts  /   and  what  not.

three.    my  school  is  starting  soon  =   activity  will  fluctuate  and  i  won’t  always  be  on    —–    but  if  you’re  interested  to  continue  relationships,   threads,   ideas  with  our  muses  despite  expected  inactivity,  liking  this  post  is  a  good  way  to  let  me  know    (  we  can  exchange  skype  and  keep  discussing  /  plotting  for  our  characters,  for  example   ).   as  i  said  before  i’ll  personally  throw  you  meme’s,    random  messages,    and  music  to  keep  you  interested,  but   i  expect  the  same  in  return.      

Having a secret tumblr is so weird for me like Serena Williams posted something of mine for goodness sake and I’ve only told ONE person irl. Like, I’m so tempted to go up to my family w Serena William’s insta pulled up, or post something on twitter and facebook like, “look! I did this! hundreds of thousands of people have now seen my work!” but I just can’t risk them finding this tumblr. Secret outlet is secret and I need to keep it that way

@sense-equus asked for opinions on raw/BARF diet for dogs. And holy hell, are you gonna get an opinion:

It’s complicated and it depends and anyone who says it’s clear-cut, that one is terrible and causes disease and the other is the only sane option.. is wrong.

That’s my basic, simplified-into-a-sentence stance on it. And boy have I ranted and ranted and ranted about this in the past, and I’m about to rant some more after the jump.

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[!!!] semi-hiatus

Hello, lovelies! I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been going on and off this blog and here are my lame excuses:

  1. I have to complete my documents for internship + graduation
  2. Nothing makes sense and I can’t stop procrastinating because I have tons of incomplete grades (long story) that the deadline is 2 months from now (i get anxiety all the time because of that)
  3. I really want to spend some quality time with my internmates (is that a word?) before I formally leave; hi @milesaw!!

But the truth is, I’m honestly crazy stressed and I don’t know where to start. I hate not being able to finish all of my drafts and typing a longer post than my imagines that I’m going on a hiatus.

tl;dr I will be going on a little semi-hiatus. Will try to post in between those busy days, whilst trying to get over writer’s block.

Moving on, thank you for everyone who’s stuck around this blog through all this - it makes me so happy to see that you guys are still following me and I hope I don’t ever let you down with this break I need to take.

I’M MOVING! i spent the entire night setting it up, though i still have to work on some pages and post starter calls and so on. also, i have to go through my drafts to see which ones i’ll keep or drop but that will be done tomorrow. hopefully all of you will follow me on the new blog, as this one will be only an archive from now on.

All my blogs are so messed up. I gotta go through and delete old posts on here & then I gotta finish transferring all my drafts to @lemurslovethelemurladies and then reblog all other ahkj and or pom posts I’ve reblogged here. Plus I still need to find good headers and profile pics for both blogs. And I still have to complete 3 projects and read a 600 page book by Monday