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wow b.a.p, nu’est and exo all having a comeback in september…looks like it’s 2012 again

Don’t you know I miss her, too ?

If you could only know how passionate That Will Be All got me. After watching it ten times and breathing my thrills out, I suddenly felt the need to get back to my watercolors.

Houses as Tiny Turn Ons
  • Gryffindors: People who lean back against walls with one shoulder while they talk.
  • Hufflepuffs: Hugs that linger just a bit because neither of you really want to let go.
  • Ravenclaws: Someone leaning towards you from their desk to help you with a question/problem.
  • Slytherin: That 'accidental' slip of their gaze from your eyes to your lips as you're talking.

Lucina in fanon:

  • Large-eyed moe-blob
  • Shorter than every single guy no matter the age
  • Thin arms and zero muscle
  • Constantly smiling some cutesy smile
  • Knows a whole two (2) conversation topics: Her father (/Marth) and her flat chest
  • Desperately needs some sort of father figure
  • Only carries the Falchion to help her posing

Lucina in canon:

  • Could easily pass for a man for what was probably several months and even tricked a warrior society
  • Had her own aunt fawn over how dreamy she was as in said disguise
  • Accidentally breaks walls while training
  • Literal second thing she does after meeting her father is fight him
  • Grew up during a god damn apocalypse and led her people through it
  • Mostly looked up to her father and Marth to inspire her to lead her people
  • Travelled back in time to prevent the apocalypse from happening in the first place

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Why don't you guys try catching up, I'm sure there's a lot of stuff to talk about

Jasper: And dying was painful y’know? Everything went black, and then there was nothing for such a long time, and then – there was everything again.

Jasper: For the past 20 years I’ve been haunting Spooky Island. Heck, I don’t even know it’s real name. We called it Spooky Island as a joke back at camp, remember? Greg started it, then Darla joined in – but you were insisting on calling it some rude word, you big goof. We decided it’s spooky because, no one goes there, and no one comes back.

Jasper: I only have a bit of time left before I go ghost again. I’m just so happy to see you again.


seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child

as a wildlife rehabber, i cannot emphasise the “as little contact as possible” rule enough when you’re interacting with wildlife, whether you’re out in the open or in a rehab facility (with releaseables). getting an animal even more acclimated to people than it might already be is not only irresponsible, but it is downright dangerous to the animal in question. 

acclimation oftentimes becomes habitual trust or dependency, and when that happens, an animal will either be unable to properly live in the wild or it will become a liability – and possibly a threat to others atop itself, depending on the species. if they aren’t killed because they’re deemed a threat or a nuisance, they’re brought to rehab facilities and kept there. despite being completely preventable, that type of nonreleaseable animal tends to outnumber those who are NR on the basis of being physically incapable of surviving in the wild. 

this is messy but point of the matter is, do not interact with wild animals just because you can. i don’t care how cool and enticing the opportunity is. doing that is selfish, dangerous, and it puts an even greater strain on the very limited resources of rehabs and refuges.

The gang as texts I've sent to ppl
  • Ponyboy: stop cyberbullying me you actual gay
  • Sodapop: I threw up last week and it had like 3 buttons in it and I don't think I've slept straight since
  • Darry: I'm so,,, tired but fuk all of u I'm staying awake
  • Dally: what the fuck is a health I only know Twinkies and depression
  • Steve: stop being a little bitch and love me god damn it
  • + Cherry: what's poppin, hoes, just got back from crying and doing drugs
Don’t Imagine

Don’t imagine Dan flying to the Bahamas for his own holiday while Phil has his family holiday. 

Don’t imagine Dan and Phil immediately missing each other, as they can’t handle being apart for more than a few minutes. 

Don’t imagine Phil begging and pleading an already lonely Dan to fly back to Florida and stay with him. 

Don’t imagine Dan caving and catching the next flight back to Orlando, after only being there for but a few hours. 

Don’t imagine Dan and Phil not caring about the wasted money they (from their joint savings because they’re married) spent from the extra flights Dan took and the unused nights at the Bahamian hotel because all that really matters to them is that they’re together. 

Don’t imagine Dan deciding to fuck with the phandom a bit simply because he’s bored sitting in the Nassau airport waiting for the delayed flight back to Orlando.

Do not imagine Phil greeting Dan with open arms and a huge hug when he returns back to Orlando, simply because even after only a few hours they miss each other so much. 

And definitely don’t imagine Dan staying for the entire Lester family holiday not only because the fabric of each of their universes rips each time they’re apart, but also because Dan truly is a part of the family now. 

Just don’t. 

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They were ALL planning to go solo. Louis even said so in Carpool Karaoke: "it'll be cool to see what we do individually." No, he didn't say they were going solo, but looking back it's pretty obvious? The only one I 100% believe had no plans of going solo until later is Louis. The rest of them? No. And tbh like you said. I'm glad they lied because the last few months of 1D would've been unbearable if they hadn't, but I'm a bit tired of Harry getting all the flack for something the others do too.

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the actual file name of this pic is “Jon but like George Washington Werewolf”

I don’t really like how this turned out but??? the important thing is that I tried instead of giving up, so go me. Dynamic lighting is hard :( but the only way to get better is practice.

But the most important thing is the pun.
*wipes tear* i’m so proud.

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i have to say i'm scared. i know it's not truly our fault for talking about stuff that they put out that interests us, but i can't help feeling really guilty like we've broken something, ruined their increasing openness. what if we never get another gaming vid like crash bandicoot. what if they do dream daddy but they don't sit near each other and it's awkward. we can't apologize as a fandom, we can't fix whatever we did. i did nothing to participate in the conversation and i'm still so scared

while i understand that your response is an emotional one i do think these types of fears are completely unfounded. it’s the product of being trapped in all of the back and forth on sites like this one, where you kind of just lose sight of the larger perspective and only hear the loud voices of fans who are often posting about things when they’re at the height of their own emotional responses. listen, if there wasn’t that sketchy dan ls last week this would’ve been just another phil video. a bit more boring than his usual, perhaps staged bc he needed some quick content, but nothing concerning, nothing to be fearful about. nothing at all significant about his using the only room in which he’s shot main channel videos to shoot another, standard main channel video. the idea that he is angry is purely speculative. there’s a difference between phil making a video somewhat aimed at preserving the image they’ve always maintained and phil being upset/angry/hurt/offended and wanting to lash out. i think, if anything, if this video really had a single thing to do with us and our theories, then it falls under that first category and not the second. 

the notion that ppl talking about bedrooms is going to forever change the trajectory of dnp’s relationship with the audience or with each other is actually absurd. it erases eight years of their history being the subject of conversations just like this (if not convos that were wayyy worse) and it honestly kind of reduces their own individual autonomy. their relationship with each other is not built around us, it’s not so weak that it will just disintegrate bc of one week of speculation about their rooms. that’s a complete overemphasis of the power we have and an underestimation of dnp themselves and what they mean to each other. idk man, i’m honestly shocked at how hysterically people are reacting to all of this. as i said in yesterday’s post, the video felt like phil wanting things to remain a certain way, to continue to be perceived a certain way, because people picked up on things that dan himself showed us. there’s nothing we need to apologize for in that. it’s okay to feel bad that the video didn’t necessarily go over the way phil wanted, it’s okay to feel bad that maybe things went in a direction they were unprepared for and they’ve had to scramble to fix it, it’s okay to feel bad for them, but that’s different than feeling guilty or penitent or apologetic like any of this is your fault. just like, abandon the notion that dnp need this level of protection from us because they don’t. they’ve got it handled, they’re in control, it’s all good. just breathe and watch something else or get off tumblr for a while if you really feel so afraid, because i guarantee these fears are the product of reading other people’s thoughts and not from watching phil’s video itself! don’t let people on here make you feel guilty just for watching some youtube videos lmao. life is short, it’s not a big deal i promiseeee. i’m wishing you the best and hope you feel better soon <3 

So I’m making this post to talk about the good things that BigHit does in this time of lines and screen time feud. BigHit entertainment is one of the best and least restrictive companies I have come to know. Since BTS are their only artists, the amount of freedom and close knit management they get is amazing.

There is no dungeon that the boys can disappear into, and there is constantly new content for the fans. Sure there are some things that happen that we nor the boys like, but then they are dealt with. Yoongi complained about his scalp, and BigHit relented, allowing him to stay dark for the past couple of comebacks.

They also allow the boys to use expensive equipment write and produce their own music to release as non monetized mixtapes or song covers. They even fully funded the MVs given to both Yoongi and Nams for their mixtapes, and that is something they didn’t have to do.

The boys are given the best produced music videos, and are allowed to create cinematic masterpieces with a deepened meaning. They not censored in the types of lyrics that they write, despite how controversial in Korean culture.

Now this may seem trivial to you. All these small things are nothing compared to the injustice that the members face. How dare they give Jungkook all the lines and leave everyone else out in the cold! 2Seok was basically missing this entire comeback!

Ok I hear you, but at the same time, consider the fact that this is the first (and probably the last) time Hoseok gets few *cough cough none cough cough* individual lines in a song. Spring Day was a more vocal based song, so they decided that he should use his vocal talent to back Jungkook rather than add another rap verse. It makes sense to me, and it gives him the opportunity to show his vocal talent on stage if he and Jungkook harmonize live as well.

And then there is Jin. It seems that he always gets the short end of the stick. The amount of individual screen time he got was unfair yes, completely. He is officially a (debatably the) visual of the group, and if anything that should be the place he pops up the most. But at the same time, Not Today was more a dance video, and he and Nams are well, not the best dancers, so they wouldn’t put them in the middle on all the dance shots.

Also look at the I Need U and Run comebacks, the entire story in the music videos clearly revolved around him and his character, something that the fans were quick to point out and appreciate. For those comebacks, he was in the center.

This is still not a justification, but simply a reason for why they might have chosen to edit the video like they did.

Next moving on to his line distribution. He notoriously along with V get the short end of the stick when it comes to lines. And I think it is simply because of the way the industry works.

You know how sometimes Jimin and Jungkook switch lines because Jimin is better at the high notes in the studio, but Jungkook hits them better live? The same thing goes for most line distributions. What voice works the best for the feeling they want to produce? Who can hold the notes the best on stage? Like I said before, Jin is not the best dancer, and their dances are HARD, so most of his time probably goes towards practicing the choreography rather than nailing his vocal stability on stage.

He objectively doesn’t have the best or most stable voice in the group, as often times on live stages he is out of breath by the time his lines do come up, and that is completely understandable. It’s the reason why so many (even the more experienced) artists lip sync to certain performances.

Dancing while singing is hard, and maybe it’s just not for Jin. Maybe, just maybe, he decided himself that his voice was better suited for slower songs with less choreo so that he can really focus on nailing his vocal performance. I mean in the solo he got to produce himself he chose a more soft ballad song rather than a more hard hitting one like Jimin’s because that just suits his voice better, and he knows it.

That’s why he got a lot more lines in “Butterfly” a slower ballad with less complex dancing and softer vocals, right where Jin thrives, but not really the typical image BTS produces musically.

Once again this isn’t a justification, and more a reason why he might get fewer lines. It is true that the line distributions are unfair and I agree with that, but it’s also a question of the industry standards, and the fact that sometimes it might be the best solution to a shitty problem.

I know I’m probably going to get some flack for this one, but it’s just something that needed to be said. Us fans really need to step back and appreciate not only the boys, but the company that helped make them.

Negotiation (part 2)

part 1

pairing: Bjorn x Reader

fandom: vikings

warnings: smut-ish

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @is-that-not-something @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

Set on bringing your countries together as your father put it, he held a big feast in the evening. Of course you hadn’t found any way to skip it, so hear you were, still angry, a little confused and definitely not sober anymore. You weren’t the only one though and after a while you simply stood up and walked out of the door without anyone noticing.  

“Wait! Are you okay?”  

Groaning, you turn around with a bit too much energy and hit Bjorn’s chest. He catches you by the arm when you stumble back, pulling you a bit closer than necessary.  

“Fine I'm…I’m fine.”  

You had managed to walk out into the garden, fresh air would help to clear your head.

“Really?” He smirks, his hand moving down your back until he lets it rest just above your ass, “You were stumbling a bit, thought I look after my wife.”  

“I’m not your wife yet and if I have it my way I’ll never be!”  

“Since that is a bit unlikely, why don’t we get to know each other better?” He cups your cheek with his hand, his body pressing even closer to yours.  

Before you can pull away he leans down and kisses you, capturing your lips in a demanding kiss. His tongue seeks entrance and you open your mouth slightly while you move your hands up his chest and feel his body against yours.  

Bjorn puts his hands under your legs, pulls you up and holds you there. You wrap your legs around his waist and let him carry you over to one of the big trees where he pushes you against it. His hands let go of you for a moment while he fumbles with his trousers, his body weight the only thing that’s keeping you up in the air.  

“Turn around.” His breath is close to your ear, warm against your skin.  

Your feet hit the ground and you move, hands and stomach pressed against the tree. He pushes up your dress and parts your legs with his knee. You feel his cock pushing up against your entrance and start to moan when he slides it through your wet folds without thrusting in. Your nails dig harder into the tree as he moves, his erection ever so slightly pushing against your clit.  

“I think we’d get along great…” His hands find their way up to your breasts, squeezing and kneading them, “You should at least consider marrying me.”  

All you get out in response is a loud moan as he pinches your nipples in the exact moment and rolls them between his fingers. You were ready to tell him whatever he wanted to hear, hell you’d even marry him on the spot if he would just…  

Suddenly the pressure is gone and he steps back, moving a bit away. You give him a confused look before you hear it as well. Footsteps coming your way. You quickly push down your skirt and silently curse whoever was coming your way and ruined your perfect evening.

the man outside the bedroom

Anon Submitted:

hi i’d like to post this as an anon please? and i’m sorry if my english is bad, english isn’t the main language in my country (:

i know this probably isn’t as scary as other stories i’ve read in this blog but i’d like to share this cause this experience bothers me till this day

so about 2 or 3 days ago i woke up at around 2:30am and i felt like someone was staring at me, so i sat up on my bed and put on my glasses, when i glanced at the door (my bed is 2 meters away from the door, not a queen or king size, but just the bed) there was someone standing outside the door staring right at me (the door was slightly ajar), i thought it was just a dream and i thought i was experiencing astral projection so i bit my tongue and i truly wasn’t dreaming nor experiencing astral projection, but it was reality. the man i saw was about 5'7″, he wore a black shirt and a dark brown shorts and had a messy hair, i tried to saw his face but it’s all black, everything about him was black other than his shorts. i wasn’t sure if he was staring at me or not but there’s this feeling that told me that the man was staring at me, i was so scared because he slowly moved towards the door and slowly opened it, i tried to stand up but i couldn’t, but when he tried to came to my bedroom he was gone, just gone like i was just imagining someone was standing behind the door.

the next morning i told my sister about this and she said that she had experienced it too but in her case it was a woman with white dress and she was just standing beside my sister’s bed staring at the window and she was gone.

till this day i haven’t seen him yet but last night i saw a shadow of a man standing outside my window, but because i was too tired to dealt with it i just went to sleep.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 That sounds like a hell of a way to deal with spooky things, going to sleep.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

Shortaki Week Day 8: Complete

The whole family :’)

I suppose this takes place after Arnold’s business trip from this I made a while ago. The plane got delayed because of weather so he made it home much later than he hoped to (I decided to change his hair style tho). Vicente and Haley really wanted to stay up to see him get home and Helga’s kind of weak to the both of them so she allowed them to try. Try being the keyword b/c they didn’t quite make it lol Even Helga ended up dozing off a bit near the end there. So Arnold comes home expecting the kids to be tucked into their own beds only to see them with Helga and he knows exactly what happened and he’s really touched and just so happy to be back to them b/c he loves them so much. His complete little family. 

And that completes shortaki week, woo!

Highway (Part 4)

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Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you babydoll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 3,352 

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4


It turned out your new small town wasn’t so small.

Sure, it was still much smaller than many, if not most, towns in the country, and sure, its Welcome sign was old and the letters were beginning to peel, but the downtown area was bustling with activity.

On such an early Saturday morning, many townsfolk chose to rise early and go out to town for their cups of steaming coffee and hot breakfast meals. The town was a sight to behold, and you’d felt a bit guilty for assuming the scenery would be prosaic and dull. The town, which had been burrowed between mountains and hills and pine trees, set an emphasis on historical architecture and quirky shops and restaurants. It was the kind of town you’d read about in novels and seen in films, and you were in a trance.

After taking in the initial attraction of the small town, you found yourself seated at the window of a charmingly small coffee shop. The walls were old brick and adorned with hoops of dim string lights and black and white photographs of the town’s history. It was quaint and you found yourself not caring so much that there were so many people packed in such a small place.

You assumed your good mood was because of the pair of hot cinnamon rolls you had demolished mere minutes before, or because of the fact that a special someone was pestering you over the phone in good humor.

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