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The Outsiders Prompts Part ll

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1. “I wrote you something”

2. “Do you think we’ll ever see each other again?”

3. “You’re so different from everyone else”

4. “If this was the last time you’d see me, what would you say?”

5. “You’re such a cliché”

6. “I know who you are”

7. “I think I just fell for you”

8. “Bite me”

9. “Keep talking like that”

10. “I think about you, like all the time”

11. “You’re blushing so hard!”

12. “What are you doing to me, baby?”

13. “I think we should run right about now”

14. “How are you so blind of my feelings for you!”

15. “You’re scaring me”

16. “You’re my every waking moment”

17. “Hm? Sorry”

18. “What do you want with me?”

19. “You can’t throw me away like a piece of trash”

20. “You disappeared for a while”

21. “I’m unforgettable babe”

22. “I’m walking away now!”

23. “Try to stop me”

24. “I’m rubbing off on you”

25. “Don’t go yet”

26. “You’re the reason I toss and turn at night”

27. “When I look at you it takes the air from my lungs”

28. “I fucked up. I fell for you. I fell for you so hard”

29. “Catch me if you can”

30. “And when you tell me you’re less than perfect it makes me want to shake you and tell you how amazing you truly are”

31. “That’s when time stood still”

32. “You have to do this”

33. “But you’re my dream”

34. “You can keep it if you want”

35. “I've never stopped. I'll never stop”

36. “You know you can use the door”

37. “It’s raining. Let’s go”

38. “Call me once you get there. Just in case”

39. “It’s been a while”

40. “Look up”

41. “Beautiful is an understatement”

42. “Fuck it. Just do it”

43. “I can’t breathe”

44. “You don’t know me”

45. “Take my ring”

46. “What does it look like i’m doing?”

47. “Fuck I love your voice”

48. “Shut up! It’s starting”

49. “Tell me what happened”

50. “God dammit! What the hell were you thinking?”

51. "I don't want to be alone anymore"

52. "I, I just see you standing there so unaware of your beauty. And-And I know I can't have you"

53. "You don't lose me that easily"

54. "It's my choice alright!

55. "I know i'm not good enough"

56. "I never wanted this to happen to you"

57. "You really got me going now"

58. "I had a dream about you"

59. "I thought you wouldn't show"

60. "I like it when you sleep with me. Nothing can hurt you as long as you're here with me"

61. "I did this to you. It's all my fault"

62. "I'm sorry. I happened to you"

63. "Just listen to this for a minute"

64. "Do you trust me?"

65. "It happened. It was amazing. I don't just want to forget about it"

66. "Get off of me!" 

67. "If you so much as look, breathe, think about her so help me god i'll kill you"

68. "Close your eyes"

69. "I'm not gonna hurt you. No ones gonna hurt you"

70. "Don't say that. Please don't say that"

71. "She's the type of person people write songs about"

72. "Let's runaway. Let's just go. Right now. Come with me"

73. "I'm tired of being afraid"

74. "There's smoke in my lungs. There's flowers in yours"

75. "I can see right through you"

76. "Friends, right?"

77. "I want to give you the world. I want to give you everything. But I can't"

78. "Take this. For protection"

79. "Hey now"

80. "Can I cut in?"

81. "Watch this"

82. "I can see the fire in your eyes" "I can see the universe in yours"

83. "I think you're gonna fuck up my entire life"

84. "Stay completely still. Don't move"

85."My dearest Y/N,-"

86. "Come back to me"

87. "You're breaking"

88. "We really loved each other, didn't we?"

89. "What's a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this?"

90. "Should I stay or should I go?"

91. "You'll wake the neighbors!"

92. "I'm so truly, madly, deeply in love with you"

93. "I'm not leaving you"

94. "I can't see you like this"

95. "Your hands are all greasy!"

96. "You burnt them!"

97. "It seems too good to be true"

98. "Break my heart"

99. "That always turns me on"

100. "-And when the Sun swallows the only earth we have. I'll still be there next to you" 

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279 prompts cause I'm waiting and waiting and waiting

1. Someday I’m going to get this right.
2. Maybe I don’t need to understand
3. I’m holding on tightly
4. You’re a mystery.
5. Wait until the lights are low.
6. I did it thanklessly.
7. I got a strange feeling about this.
8. You’re running away?
9. Don’t stop if you’re enjoying yourself.
10. I think about it every day and every night.
11. I can’t say ‘no’.
12. Well I didn’t think you’d take it this far.
13. You won’t be the same.
14. Come closer, I have to tell you something.
15. I hated the nights in the van when we drove through the night.
16. That’s a hundred miles an hour.
17. Even though it’s not always good.
18. You’re more than just a great face.
19. Let your hair down.
20. We can be ourselves now.
21. Go ahead, be foolish.
22. It’s your fault that I screen my phone calls.
23. I’m not home anyway.
24. Tell me when.
25. You’re talking to a lady.
26. You’re not exactly what I had in mind either.
27. How can you ignore it?
28. This conversation is pointless.
29. Trust me, you were heard.
30. I can hear crying through the door.
31. I never took anyone’s side.
32. I’ll keep my mouth shut.
33. She can’t keep you from stumbling.
34. I’m in misery.
35. Your chest is so cold right now.
36. I will cover you until we’re gone.
37. We are the same!
38. You could make it easy on me.
39. The wait is so long.
40. Thanks for the souvenir
41. Of course, he fucked everything up.
42. I did what you couldn’t
43. This is wrong?
44. I have some hope left.
45. Anything you ever did was strictly what you were told to.
46. I know what I need!
47. Tell on me
48. It’s now or never.
49. Leave a trace of yourself, come on.
50. Let me take the lead.
51. You think I’ll apologize for what I did.
52. I’ll admit that I fucked up.
53. There’s some grey here.
54. You better believe I’ll move on.
55. Tell it like it was, come on.
56. You know what to do if you’re lonely
57. I’m suffocating
58. It’s been a long time coming.
59. What are you trying to do to us?
60. What about Sunday? You swore you’d make it work.
61. I wish you would change your mind.
62. It would just take a minute.
63. I’ll be awake anyway.
64. He said you were nice.
65. Unless you’re going to be cool…
66. Find me tonight. I’ll still be in the city.
67. What made you think twice?
68. Secretly, you’re a good one, aren’t you?
69. You broke a couple glasses.
70. You called me about six different awful names.
71. You posted it.
72. I’ve been so worried about you lately.
73. You think you’re good enough, huh?
74. It’s good enough for now.
75. You don’t look like the person I trusted.
76. You can’t find love when you’re this smashed.
77. That’s not what you said yesterday!
78. I’ll feel better when we get to the club.
79. Nothing your hands on my body can’t fix.
80. I know you need a body to keep you warm.
81. We will have a good time
82. You’re acting pathetic.
83. You’re the only reason I came.
84. I thought you were going to help me.
85. I’m not giving you shit.
86. It’s 4 in the morning.
87. Of course, it hurts.
88. You got to give me more than that.
89. Why did I even wait up?
90. I don’t want to lose another fight.
91. Let it sink in.
92. How can you sleep?
93. It’s all over me.
94. I handed over the keys.
95. I can’t stop crying now.
96. If we’re going to do it, I want to do it right.
97. I don’t feel very safe.
98. Remember when you said you would change?
99. You don’t play fair.
100. That hair is not mine.
101. You and I didn’t exist ever.
102. What were you hoping for?
103. Why did you play games?
104. Don’t speak for me ever again.
105. I’m not something to be conquered.
106. You know just what to say.
107. Just couldn’t resist.
108. We have way too much in common.
109. I have a shopping problem.
110. Do you think about me when you get off?
111. This feels hopeless now.
112. I’ve got time for you. Always.
113. Were you crying?
114. You’re confusing me!
115. Don’t waste my time.
116. It’s too late for this tonight.
117. I’m sure you feel very right.
118. I didn’t feel bad when we lied.
119. I heard you scream in the bathroom.
120. Wait around and see for yourself.
121. How high are you?
122. I never put you down.
123. No one needs that!
124. Did you forget to turn your heart on this morning?
125. It feels really tight.
126. Why are you still talking?
127. I can’t escape you!
128. This is the best I can do.
129. If you see me walking down the street, just walk by, okay?
130. I still cry about it.
131. Do you ever think about what we did?
132. You still turn me on.
133. My heart feels heavy.
134. I’ve had too much time these days.
135. Don’t call me baby.
136. Can you not see murder when it’s in front of you?
137. Stop showing up at my favourite places.
138. You don’t just want to talk.
139. Walk away.
140. You know all the reasons why already.
141. You didn’t know me then.
142. What’s the excuse?
143. She lost control.
144. Are you lonely?
145. What’s with the naked guys?
146. Don’t get carried away.
147. Stop screaming. We are in public.
148. I heard through a bunch of people.
149. Oh wow, you’re not kidding.
150. Vanilla, right?
151. You are actually going to go home with them?
152. This is not me being jealous, okay?
153. Oh, I love paying for things I can’t afford.
154. I’m not sitting here and wishing for you.
155. What’s on your phone that is so interesting?
156. I’m imagining what you could possibly find interesting about them.
157. You’re not that much of a mess.
158. I’ve seen you here before.
159. Good luck replacing me.
160. I wish I was smarter.
161. I’m not interested in you like this.
162. Can you handle that?
163. We’re never alone
164. You’re leaving with somebody else
165. You said I could come along.
166. I did not see this coming.
167. You sound like crazy people.
168. Your car reeks of weed.
169. Do you hear yourself right now?
170. I’m tired of putting things on hold.
171. This is the strangest thing you’ve asked for.
172. I don’t want to know why.
173. I’d rather be sad with you.
174. Wake me up next time.
175. It feels like fire.
176. How much more of this can you take?
177. It’s hard being away from you and not knowing.
178. I can’t believe this is happening
179. Don’t rage about this.
180. I hate that I need you.
181. How are you going to make things better?
182. Are we being spied on?
183. You know I’m human, right?
184. Hate is a part of life.
185. Baby, answer the question
186. I know that you’re sorry
187. I need you to pay attention.
188. Now you’re freaking out.
189. I didn’t know about this garbage when I agreed.
190. Give me a chance to remember
191. I defended you
192. I’m in my own world.
193. Write the note already.
194. Load your car up then.
195. I won’t say it.
196. Tequila turns you into someone else.
197. So you lied and cheated?
198. It’s seven am, you can’t be angry yet.
199. You got one shot left.
200. I’ve been thinking about what I used to do to you
201. All I need is a little bit.
202. You are drinking too much
203. Keep it to yourself
204. You think this is what 'okay’ looks like?
205. If you only knew.
206. Just wondered if you were asleep.
207. I don’t care how you feel.
208. It’s less dangerous this way
209. Keep it real.
210. I wish I could read your mind.
211. I’m not looking for a fantasy.
212. I’m so into you.
213. This is heaven.
214. It’s chaos in here.
215. Am I dreaming?
216. You’re my only friend
217. I know why you’re crying, but care to explain anyway?
218. Everyone knows what you think.
219. You can’t miss what wasn’t yours.
220. It was all a lie. I lied and kept lying.
221. You said 'yes’.
222. Wait a minute, bring that back.
223. I’m not worried about a thing.
224. You got this.
225. You’re smarter than you think you are.
226. He is so drunk on power.
227. This belongs to you. I want you to have it.
228. What do you believe in then?
229. This is betrayal. This feels like a slap in the face.
230. He was right there.
231. This is my life, don’t you forget that.
232. I paid him to do that.
233. What good could you do?
234. How much will you lose?
235. Are you committed to this?
236. She won’t listen to you.
237. Use both hands.
238. I didn’t get close on purpose.
239. You’re the worst nice girl I’ve known.
240. I’m not the nervous kind.
241. Shame on me for getting so close.
242. Fuck you and your family dinner.
243. I wish we never kissed.
244. Is it okay that we are so close?
245. You’ve been nothing but trouble since you arrived.
246. Good luck finding someone to be with you now.
247. Doesn’t matter what you tell them, I’m not coming.
248. I would have figured you out.
249. If it was my choice, we would still be together
250. Where have you been?
251. You want to be forgiven?
252. I’m scared I’ll die alone
253. I didn’t want to walk out.
254. Where were you then?
255. When I saw you, I freaked out.
256. Don’t run away from me.
257. I’d go anywhere you wanted to go.
258. I saw you from the corner of my eye.
259. You’re making my heart feel tight.
260. You don’t have to dress up.
261. I’m letting go tonight.
262. That better not end up on the Internet.
263. I’m trying to be patient.
264. This wasn’t what I dreamed for myself.
265. I don’t want to hear the great story you worked out
266. Call in sick.
267. I can wait til you get back.
268. This is about to go from bad to disastrous
269. I didn’t think I’d actually wind up liking you.
270. You knocked him out.
271. You’re not the boss of me.
272. You think you’re so slick, don’t you?
273. She is going to destroy you.
274. Can you walk and talk at the same time?
275. I’ll call you a cab. An uber.
276. You must not respect me at all.
277. The kitchen? Of all places?
278. Call that girl. I bet she would give you a ride.
279. If it makes you feel better, go ahead.

I'm Sorry

“Baby, you think you could be my little IHOP cook and make us some pancakes?”
Rosa smiles at me as we both lie on top of the white covers and the sun shines through the blinds in our new apartment. Her playful giggle brightens up the room more than any sun could. I watch my wife of three months stretch a bit and I look at the clock.
“10:23 on a Saturday morning, there’s no other place I’d rather be than with that beautiful girl in that picture.”
“Steven, you always try to butter me up when you want breakfast, like you don’t know I’m ready to make whatever my handsome hubby wants.” She picks up our wedding picture and smiles.
“I’m so happy we have each other” she says to me before putting the picture back down by the alarm clock.
Rosa goes in the closet and puts on my blue and white Calvin Klein striped button down shirt and walks into the kitchen. I turn my head to the right to look out the window. Shiny windows reflecting the apartments across the street. Before Rosa turns the countertop television on in our kitchen, I close my eyes and hear the traffic 24 stories below, on the sidewalk and in the street. Someone yelling for a taxi, subway cars going under the pavement forcing hot air to rush the the vents below people’s feet, street performers banging on big buckets to collect working people’s money. I remember one time, on my way to the train, I saw those guys playing a drum beat for the first time. I thought it was the most amazing thing. I gave them ten dollars. Two days later, they’re playing the exact same beat. I was so upset, they couldn’t even make a different rhythm for the same block? And to think I didn’t even get breakfast that morning I gave them money. I can’t stand street performers. They’ll never get another red cent from
“Yea, Rose?”
“We don’t have any milk for the pancakes!”
Her whining tone is still pretty cute after marrying her, elongating the last syllable of her sentences will forever be adorable to me. I sit up in our bed and yell out, “Don’t worry, love. I’ll head down the block to the Rite Aid and get some milk. It’ll only take me a minute. Just relax until I get back.”
“Okayyy. Oh! Don’t forget to bring back some Post-Its and one of those mini-Sharpie markers if they have it.”
“Dark blue?”
“My favorite color!”
I head out the apartment and for the elevator doors to close. I just realized my headphones are back in the apartment. Oh, well. I’m not going back there, I’m already in the elevator. I look back at my phone to see a text from Rosa, “U better hurry bak. Bacn is waiting”. I chuckle to myself while other tenants get on the silver moving room. I start to leave the building before the front desk seat warmer aka Harry shouts across the lobby, “Hey Mr.Cross!” I keep my head down as his voice bounces off of the marble walls. “Hello to you too, Harry.” You give a guy tickets to a baseball game one time and he thinks you’re best friends. I hate velcro associates. Stuck to you like little puppy dogs because no one wants to be their friend. Oh well, I only see him 20 seconds a day and feign interest in whatever conversation he tries to hold with me.
I take the long way round the block to get to Rite Aid, I can’t stand being near the sidewalk drummers. The crowded squares full of pedestrians take me along with them. I look up at where my apartment is while I go down the block, hoping to catch a glance of my spanish princess when I bump into some photographer.
“I’m sorry man, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”
I when I look down, I saw his wallet’s on the cement. I go to get up but by the time I look up, he’s gone. I turn my head to see if I can find him, nothing. Nothing at all. I can’t see that mid-forties guy with the Polaroid style camera. How could he disappear so quickly. I mean, I know there’s a lot of people on the block, but no way could there be that many. And he left is wallet. I’ll just mail it to him when I get the chance later today. Better hurry up and get this milk now, I got food and beauty waiting for me.
I head to the “cold section” of the store as Rosa likes to call it and I pass the Ben & Jerry’s different flavors of ice cream, coupled by some Starbucks coffees sold in tall glass bottles before I see some gallons of milk. While on line, I can’t help but want to find out who bumped into me on the street. I hold his wallet right before it’s my turn to get rung up. A tattered light brown wallet, three fold sections, held closed by velcro. Some scratches decorate the outside of the wallet. Maybe he fell on it a few times, or he could have went rock climbing, trying to get some pictures of the sun and it could have fallen out. Maybe one of these scratches happened when we collided.
Oh! The markers. I search for the small marker amongst the last minute purchases they try to trap you with. All I see are Snickers, 5 Hour Energy’s and 5 gum. I guess I can’t get her everything she wants. At least I got the Post-Its for her.
I head out back to the lobby, groceries on my wrists and the stranger’s wallet in my hands. I press the up button, waiting for the elevator about to open the guys wallet when I hear, “Mr.Cross!” I close my eyes and sigh.
“Yes, Harry?”
“You got a letter while you were gone. A gentleman came in and said to make sure to give it to you before you got upstairs.”
“Um…okay. Can I have it?”
Harry looks at me with a stupid, somewhat lost look before coming back to reality. “Oh yeah! Just uh, just one second.” The portly 36 year old runs back to his desk, almost crashing into a little girl with her mother.
“So sorry! I didn’t see you there.”
He takes careful steps around the family.
“C'mon Harry. Remember, no running in the lobby. No matter how important. You represent the building that’s what Mr.Barton said when he hired you. Get it together.”
As he continues his one man pep rally to himself, the elevator door opens. I’m starting to grow even more impatient. I see a text from Rosa, “When r u coming baaaaaaaack? :c(”
“Harry, this can really wait. I gotta head back up to”
“Got it!”
He holds up the envelope like a child who just won a scavenger hunt with the last piece of treasure. Hand raised in the air, squeezing tightly on the paper but trying his hardest not to crumple it up.
“Thanks Harry.”
“Oh, you’re welcome Mr.Cross!”
I don’t think I’ll ever see a stupider grin on an adult male’s face. As I turn back to the elevator, I see the red numbers above ascending every few seconds.
“^ 3 ^”
“^ 7 ^”
“^ 16 ^”
Ugh, I cannot wait to get back into this apartment.
“I’ll be right up, I’m waiting for the elevator. Got held up by Husky lol”
I press send on the phone as the plastic bags start to cut into my wrists. I readjust myself and read the face of the envelope which reads “Mr.Steven Cross” It has no address on it or name for who it’s from. Just a hand-written name, either they were rushing or can’t write very well. I open to the paper inside. Just two words.
“I’m sorry”
What could this mean? Who sent this? I look over to where Harry was and he’s no longer there. Lost in this sea of tenants. Oh well, the elevator is back anyway. I enter it alone as I wait to reach my floor and decide to open up the wallet now that I ave a few seconds to myself on this slow elevator. No money. No cards. No ID. What’s with this? Maybe that’s why he didn’t care that he dropped it. Nothing important was in here anyway. I dig through the pockets a little more and find one folded piece of paper.
“Find the target. Once the target is engaged, execute and you will be relieved of your duties. If you refuse, another one dies, and one more will continue to die each day until you finish your assignment.”
Now my heart is pounding. What on earth do they mean “execute”? What target? Who’s dying? Too many thoughts race through my head and I glance back at the envelope in my other hand.
“I’m sorry.”
As I stare at the note, a picture falls out of the guy’s wallet. I almost drop everything. Why is there a picture of me leaving the apartment? It’s from this morning. These are the same clothes I’m wearing now!
“I’m sorry.”
The elevator door opens, frightening me in my new panicked state. I slowly step out about to get my keys when I see my door is cracked open. I lay the bags outside of the door and try to open it as quietly as possible. Everything seems normal at first glance. Maybe I just didn’t close the door all the way. I walk through the living room, over to the kitchen to see what I would never have dreamed of.
“Rosa! Baby, say something, please!”
The pan of bacon on the tile floor being surrounded by a pool of blood leaking from her neck and back.
“Baby. No. I…”
I pick up her body, my shirt soaked red and blood starting to move through the intersections of our square tiles with each second. I start to look for my phone, too stressed and excited to realize that it’s in my hand. I search around the apartment and I see the camera. The camera that the photographer had, the one who bumped into me. The sight of the blood stained knife next to it almost made me vomit. I find two pictures by it on the kitchen counter. One of an envelope with “Mr.Steven Cross” on it and a picture of Rosa, taken from behind the couch. That monster. I’m gonna wring his neck when I find him. I’m gonna make him pay for this. As I pick up the camera, I find a note attached to the bottom.
“The wallet has your instructions in it. If you do not complete your task within 24 hours or you try to contact the police, you will face the consequences.
Sincerely, Waste Management”
I drop to my knees. What can I possibly do? I can’t kill another human being. Oh God, Rosalina. Why couldn’t I have been there to protect you? I finally remember that my phone is in my pocket and start to dial 911. The phone rings and a deep voice answers.
“Mr.Cross. We know that you have faced an ordeal but you must think before you act. We warned you that another loved one of yours will die if you try to contact the authorities. Now, we will give you a second chance but you now have 12 hours to execute your assignment or your mother will be getting a visit from us tonight. Waste Management will not tolerate insubordination. The clock is ticking”
The phone hangs up.


I cannot wait to get in my bed. Today’s zumba class was intense, but I always have fun. And the instructor always compliments me.
“Clarissa, good way to keep the energy up.”
“Clarissa, looking good.”
I’m ready to knock out though. I have to get home quick. I finally get a taxi to notice me. He pulls up to the curb but when I get in, another guy steps in the cab with me.
“Um, we can share the ride. I can’t wait for another one.”
I don’t want to share it at all but seriously, I am beat. He looks at me nervously for a second.
“Go ahead, you take it.”
That was a bit weird, but whatever. Cab to myself. Home here I come. I love the city at night, the lights just look so pretty. The smoke rising from manhole covers is always my favorite thing to see at night. I cannot wait, however to see my little girl. Karina has been talking all week about her second grade spelling bee. I know she’s going to talk my ear off but I love when she’s excited.
I’m about to get out the cab when I realize there’s a wallet left in the seat next to me. Maybe that guy who came in the car with me left it. I’ll just take it with me, I can send it to the address tomorrow. I walk up to the third floor of my apartment building and find a note taped to my peephole.
“Ms.Clarissa Oliver”
That’s weird, it doesn’t say who it’s from. I open it up and there’s only one page with two words on it.
“I’m Sorry.”

pbtoes  asked:

Romanogers 12, 13, 23, 33, 45 & 57. Sorry I'm greedy I am beyond obsessed.

Honey, your “greediness” was a welcomed challenge. I had so much fun trying to mesh these together!

#28 requested by myatonements and hekp.

12. I just want to be alone right now. + 13. Don’t you dare to ever do that again! + 28. I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified. + 33. Fuck…I feel I’ve been hit by a car. + 45. Are you drunk? + 57. If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine. (writing prompts 2.0)

Ten hours, thirty-six minutes. That’s how long Steve has been asleep.

Unresponsive is probably the correct word, but Natasha can’t quite bring herself to say it, and neither could Helen when she’d been in half an hour ago to see if any progress had been made. Steve is already starting to heal, and she’d said that his bruises and cuts and broken ribs would be completely gone by next week, that he’s actually healing at faster rate than he usual does – which Natasha knows is good news. She thinks it is, anyway, except he’s still not awake and what’s the point of him healing faster if he might not even wake up from it? Her chest tightens, and her fingers grip the ledge of the window as she glares out at sunlight starting to filter through the trees. It had been late when they got back from Berlin, and it was almost dawn now, and Steve hasn’t moved an inch.

He needs to wake up. He needs to.

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anonymous asked:

Belle is Neal's best friend from college. One night after visiting him and his father she wakes up next to Gold after the best sex of her life.

Dutch Courage

“The worst part is when you get The Fear,” Ruby explained. Belle nodded sagely, trying desperately to impress the older girl in front of her. First year of college, virginal and bookish, Belle couldn’t imagine why Ruby Lucas, of all glamorous, beautiful people had decided to take her under her wing, and out for a drink at the campus bar.

“What’s that?” she asked, when Ruby didn’t elaborate.

“That feeling when you wake up, and you have no idea what you drank, where you are, or who you’re in bed with,” Ruby smiled, and took a sip of her cocktail. “And you panic, because for just a hot second you can’t tell if you’ve ruined your life.”

Belle had never really known what Ruby was talking about that night. Soon after she had met Greg, and after Greg came Ariel, and after Ariel came Will. All calm, happy, steady relationships: no risk, no Fear. Belle rarely drank more than three glasses of wine in the evening, and had certainly never woken up anywhere she didn’t recognise.

That was until this morning. Now, Belle knew exactly what Ruby had meant by ‘The Fear’. She had no idea where she was, how she’d gotten there, or whether whatever she’d done was going to ruin her life. She squeezed her eyes shut. For a moment, she was certain there was something she didn’t want to remember, and whatever it was she fought back.

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anonymous asked:

I'm SO happy you want to write drabbles, because I'm dying for another Marcel/Harry&Louis-story (because I know you also love Marcel). I'll give you some numbers, but you could write literally anything with Marcel and I would love it! Here it goes: 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 23, 29, 33, 35, 39, 50. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU <3

Okay I decided to do #4 for this, since you listed 50, which was author’s choice.  Sorry for being selfish, I hope it turned out okay! MARCEL FOREVER!!

4. “Do you…well, I mean — I could give you a massage?”

This was the third consecutive night that Louis and Marcel had stayed late at work together.  Louis was used to staying until 5:30 or 6:00 every once in a while, but with their software conversion project going live at the end of the week, they’d been stuck in Marcel’s stuffy office until 7:00 or 8:00 at night lately, powering through dinner as they worked out bugs and ironed out last minute details.  It looked like tonight they’d be staying even later than ever.    

Louis sighed.  He’d run out to get sandwiches for dinner, and he felt a pinch of concern as he stood in the doorway, watching Marcel work.  Marcel was hunched over his computer with a deeply furrowed brow, his heavily gelled hair breaking free of its forced taming and falling into his face.  Every few minutes he’d rub at his back and neck, wincing, but getting right back to typing and scrolling.    

He needs to fix that chair. Louis thought, shaking his head in frustration.  He knows he needs better lumbar support.  

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prompts I'm writing while on the subway

- inspired by different songs and things I hear while riding along

1. You still don’t know what I never said
2. I wish I never hung up the phone.
3. I wish you would.
4. I’m born again by candlelight
5. Did you keep it after you left?
6. Do you understand?
7. The doors are going to shut, shit, shit, shit!
8. I want to know you forgive me before I go.
9. I am clean now.
10. It’s too cold for you here.
11. If you change your mind again, I swear to God. ..
12. What are you going to do when we get there?
13. You think you’ll get all your dreams with somebody else?
14. Why don’t you just tell everyone I’m alone?
15. I thought we’d make it through anything and everything
16. The Bible sounds like a bit of a bummer.
17. Have you had anything that isn’t green to eat today?
18. Maybe you just don’t like to be alone.
19. I don’t know if you’re ready
20. Nobody will know.
21. Don’t give up on me, please.
22. Care to explain…
23. Blood, drugs, sure you don’t want to tell me what’s up?
24. It’s only 3.
25. You still feel missing to me.
26. I could have given everything to you.
27. You wanted to make me cry!
28. We were just planning a wedding.
29. Do you need both seats ?
30. We’ve had enough.
31. I never hated you.
32. I am suffocating and you’re on your fucking phone.
33. I just really thought you’d pick me
34. I wish you were still crazy about me.
35. I’m tongue tied.
36. This isn’t a joke to me.
37. What can I do to fix you?
38. Everyone is screaming in here.
39. I can tell that your heart isn’t in it.
40. Remove the mask.
41. Do you regret it?
42. The winter was hard on everyone.
43. I’m getting close to letting go.
44. I wrote it in the email.
45. I’m trying to say I’m done with this.
46. We’re smiling in the pictures.
47. I thought you were happy.
48. I’m not sure if you ever were happy.
49. I was the only one standing up for you
50. I miss you more than words can say.
51. When was the last time we spoke ?
52. Thank you for making time to see me.
53. You have a wall up.
54. Is this because I sent back the present you sent ?
55. I would change things if I could go back in time.
56. I didn’t know how lucky I was when I had you
57. Diamonds and roses, baby.
58. Hey, we both have pasts.
59. I want a little house by the Beach and something cold to drink.
60. I like all the sparkles on your shirt.
61. Meet me at that spot at top of the hill.
62. You can look, but no touching.
63. I like the way you dance.
64. I should apologize for the way I acted.
65. You want to get away, I’ll come.
66. Where were you?
67. I could have told you this was going to happen.
68. One of us is upset here!
69. I’d rather be anywhere else.
70. I wish I never left at all.
71. Everything was supposed to be so easy.
72. You dealt me the blow!
73. I’m the lonely one in all this!
74. Stay back.
75. Help me. My hands are full.
76. It’s always me waiting for you to call
77. I just feel stupid and sorry for myself.
78. Don’t be a child.
79. You’re my girl gone wild.
80. Set me free.
81. Do you need to be rescued ?
82. I only want to be in love with you.
83. Pardon my interruption.
84. I made reservations.
85. Can you keep a secret?
86. I hope you can meet them soon.
87. I might never be the one who brings you flowers
88. When I first saw you
89. I’m not good at promises
90. You should know me by now
91. I’ll only be a minute.
92. Don’t just tell me what I want to hear.
93. it’s only temporary
94. You’ve been taking me for granted.
95. Let’s just pretend we don’t care.
96. I’m better than that.
97. All you had to do was stay.
98. I want to believe you.
99. You had me in the palm of your hand.
100. I am here and I am picking up the pieces!

Brave Little Lion

Genre: Angst 

Warnings: Terminal illness, Major Character Death, Self harm, Suicide, Blood (kinda)

Words: 1559

Summary:   After showing Sophia her new room and having dinner the three were sat watching winnie the pooh (Dan insisted). At some point Sophia had crawled into Dan’s lap and was now snuggling in as she fell asleep.
“Poor girl.” Phil sympathised as he rested his head on Dan’s shoulder and rested a hand on Sophia’s knee.
“I know,” Dan agreed “She’s had a busy day. She must have been so scared, moving to an entirely new house with practically new people.”
Phil nodded in agreement and leaned down to kiss Sophia’s head “She’s my brave little lion.”
“I love you.” Dan said and Phil pressed his lips to Dan’s sweetly.
“I love you too.”

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Okay fandom, there’s a conversation we need to have. It is, probably unsurprisingly, about fan fiction. Are you ready? Please be ready. This is important.

In November, I wrote about 70k words of You Have (Not) Failed This ‘Verse. I believe I updated it about 15 times that month. I worked on it 4-8 hours a day every day. Please keep that in mind when I tell you that I just tripped over a conversation between a few people in early December talking about how I didn’t update the fic fast enough. 

Take a moment to think that through will you? 

As the author, I’m pretty sure you can figure out how that made me feel. Like nothing I could possibly do would ever be enough. Wondering why the hell I even bother or if it’s worth it. Feeling like even when I treated it as a full time job it wasn’t enough to satisfy people.

It would be one thing if this was a sentiment I’d never seen before. It isn’t. This is pervasive. And, guys, it’s a Problem (with a capital P). 

Fic authors are frankly mocked and looked down on in the ‘real world.’ For many, the support we get is exclusively from our readers. Plenty of fic authors I know hide it in their everyday lives because they don’t want the judgement that so often comes with being a fanfic writer. We’re childish or perverts or stealing other people’s stories or lazy because we aren’t ‘original.’ I’ve most definitely heard all of that and more. The feedback we get from our readers online is often the only feedback we get.

When you’re thinking about updates, keep in mind the following:

It took five years for JKR to write the first Harry Potter book. 

It took J.R.R. Tolkien more than 12 years to write Lord of the Rings.

Let’s not even start talking about George R. R. Martin. 

Now I’m not saying any piece of fanfic is on par with those stories, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all aim to write the very best story we can. Sometimes that takes time. Sometimes we have jobs or kids or school or other obligations beyond feeding the literary appetites of our readers. I don’t know when people started expecting the impossible from fanfic writers, but I do know (for some readers, though clearly not all or even most) it’s become a consistent thread of conversation. 

So, if you choose to read a work in progress… thank you. Many of us post them because we value the feedback from our readers as we go and find it helpful in forming the story. I hugely value the connection I have to my readers who help guide me as I go. It’s one of the reasons I love writing fanfic. But please keep in mind that we are human beings bound by constraints of time and the responsibilities of our everyday lives. And while we are all so very hugely grateful for our readers, we do not owe anyone unrealistically quick updates. We don’t deserve judgement and scorn for needing time to write and polish our stories. I have seen authors stop updating because of this. I have seen authors give up on writing because of this. And guys? That shouldn’t happen. It just shouldn’t.

Looking it up, it seems like on average, scripts run about 125 words of dialogue per minute. An hour long tv show runs about 42 minutes for around 5250 words an episode or 120,750 words for a 23 episode season. I posted nearly 2/3rds of the words in a season of Arrow in a month - roughly the same word count as the first Harry Potter book, incidentally - and some people still deemed it not fast enough. 

Every fanfic writer gives a tremendous amount of themselves to their work. It’s not an easy process or a fast one. It takes time and consistent effort at the expense of so many other things in our lives. We love our readers, we really, really do. You all make it worth it. The relationship between a writer and their readers is a rewarding one like no other. I feel like I can speak for the fanfic writing community as a whole on that one. And I, for one, am absolutely a better writer for the connection I have with so many of my readers.

But, please, all I’m asking is this - before complaining that a fic is taking too long to update, can you stop, consider the effort and time it takes to write an actual story and possibly temper some expectations just a little? We’re only human and, as much as we wish we could, updating quickly isn’t always an option.

Thank you. 

Tagging some fellow fic authors who come to mind - @machawicket @dust2dust34 @anthfan @jsevick @geniewithwifi @absentlyabbie @alizziebyanyothername @arrow-through-my-writers-block @bytemegeekette @callistawolf @bisexualfelicity @dettiot @darlinginmyway @ellefraser17 @fanmommer @fiacresgirl @jbuffyangel @justanother90sbaby @ladymalfoi @lynslogic @ohmypreciousgirl @punchdrunkdoc @rosietwiggs @sarcasticfina @thelockpickingvictorian @wagamiller @writewithurheart @yespleasehawkeye @alexiablackbriar13 @storiesbyladychi @andcreation @aubvi @effie214 @supersillyanddorky06

the types as all the horrifying Honors Students  I’ve met

ENFP: always has a ‘’better idea’’

There’s always that one kid that entirely misunderstands the point of ‘’partner work’’ and abandons the entire team whenever their ideas get shut down, mistaking their own inability to compromise with ‘’constant criticism and exclusion from their peers’’ – inevitably getting the entire group of 5 in a ton of trouble and leaving Yours Truly (me) the task of writing 5 separate apology notes + somehow working their SHIT IDEA into the project guidelines.

ENTP: “I can wing anything’’

They’re lying through their teeth. 

ESFP: out for blood

looking @ you, kid that used to follow me back from my classes in elementary school to remind me i was in there by mistake. You were absolutely right

ESTP: ‘’A true visionary’’

‘’Ohhh yeah…the test was a piece of cake, I remember taking it seriously in 6th grade – I scored so high they made me take it twice to verify…Then I scored higher on the second go…but I’ve since realized i was a FOOL, I was setting the bar too high. So I stopped trying. Beat the system. I thought my dad was going to be pissed, but he just pat me on the shoulder and said ‘Son, you’re a true visionary’, and on my way out of the computer lab, God himself appeared to me in a vision and GAVE ME A HIGH FIVE’’

INFP: doesn’t understand how partner grades work–

‘’Why the hell did you turn in /your/ lab??”

“You weren’t here to turn in yours? We would’ve gotten a zero’’

“But you got me a fucking C-!!!! Now I have a B in the class! If I turned in /mine/ late I would’ve gotten an A on it…”

“/You/ would, but then I’d have to get a 0 instead of a C…?’’

‘’So? You’re failing the class anyway…’’

INTP: Most Valuable Slacker

You know, that one STAR STUDENT who’s name looks great on the top of every group project but in reality they only work when they’re getting a borderline grade so it’s like???

ISFP: The Martyr For Human Kind

“Hey….do you need help with the writing portion–I feel bad…’’

‘’No…it’s okay, I’d rather you just…present the project….’’

*swats my hand away from their perfect grades*

ISTP: ‘’Studying Is For Losers’’

probably took the ACT while high and did better than a majority of their grade

These guys start out pretty admirable until they start pushing their life motto on you, and next thing u know you’re flying down a hill in a shopping cart at 3 am straight into the semester final. You’re looking at a solid 23% and they’ve got a high B without the fucking curve.


in every group project full of strong personalities, there tends to be a very loud dispute over who was the ‘’most valuable team player’’ and the thing is…the louder they insist that they were, in fact, the heart and soul of the team…the less true it probably is

ENFJ: has yet master the art of subtle bragging, like:

‘’Gosh…I had so much extra credit in Accelerated Molecular Bio that when I got a 103% on the chapter test it brought my grade DOWN :’(’’ 

oh no….?

ISFJ: the considerate one

‘’Don’t say EASY! You’ll hurt normal people’s feelings. Here in the accelerated program, we say SIMPLE. That way we can make people feel like absolute failures BUT WITH S U B T L E T Y’’

thanks for that btw, it really makes me feel alive

INFJ: ‘’C’mon man, you’re 16, you need to start pulling your weight’’

they (also 16) tell me, as they perform an elaborate display of how better prepared they are for the task, which ends up wasting 15 minutes and inevitably confusing everyone because to them, ‘’pulling your own weight’’ also means making it a hell of a lot more difficult for everyone else (i’m not bitter)

ESTJ: gets into fights over test grades

“how did //you// get X if I only scored 12 points higher than you???′’


ENTJ: has 0 remorse, can probably watch Marley & Me without crying 

So like, last year I had to get tested for some brain condition that was potentially life threatening…and like, I had kinda gotten into the mindset the week before that was like a combination of ‘’heyyy wassup ur talkin to the member of the living dead rn ;)’’ and just /constant internal screaming/. So I had turned to my lab partner during a partner chem lab i was royally screwing up and was like:

 “hey, this is what’s going on, I’m sorry I’m not at the top of my game cuz I’m kind of nervous about it…could you please clue me in on what we’re doing?”

and like, I get the whole ‘life doesn’t give u special treatment’ thing…but like, what he said was: ‘’You should’ve been paying attention’’ which is 5 words, and all he needed to say was ‘’Acid/Base Titration’’ which is 3…?

ISTJ: everything’s a competition, even group work

I’m referring to the ass who, when asked (quite politely i might add) to complete the writing portion of our research presentation, turned in a bulleted list of ‘’what his partners did wrong’’, thinking that it would somehow make the teacher like him? Lol that backfired….

INTJ: brutally honest

“Hey! wanna be my partner?’’

“Depends…what are u getting in this class?’’

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sure you get dozens of these since you're such an amazing writer, but I really just wanted to say that I look foward to seeing your fics every day. I love the way you handle different prompts and have been consistent with Nico and Will's personalities. If you don't mind and actually want to, could you maybe do something with one of the seven getting hurt and everyone is panicking because aren't healers, so then Nico steps in and saves the day with everything Will has taught him?

Feature more deaf Nico that no one asked for…

Also warning for slight blood/wounds, nothing too descriptive

Nico’s ears rang loudly, drowning out the sounds of the fight round him. Sometime between taking a blow to the ear and struggling back onto his feet, Nico lost his hearing aids, and probably whatever shred of hearing he had left. He saw Percy throwing water, but everything looked like it was moving through a fog, and Nico had trouble focusing on any one thing in particular. Jason was nursing a head wound, blood dripping down the side of his face. Nico saw his lips moving in a shout, but no sound reached Nico’s ears.

Percy looked surprised that Nico was, more or less, standing on his own feet, and his mouth was forming words faster then Nico could follow. He was pointing to the blood on Jason’s head and his eyes looked pleading.

He wants you to help.

Nico moved through Jell-O, his limbs heavy and awkward, but taking the roll of gauze from Percy that somehow managed to survive in Percy’s backpack.

Over the buzzing in his ears, Will’s voice rang out loud and clear.

First things first, you have to clean the wound. Nico remembered asking Will to show him how to do basic first aid in the event that Nico would have to administer it (most likely to himself). Will had happily agreed, stating that it was a basic skill that everyone should know.

Nico grabbed the bottle of water from Percy’s pack and cleaned most of the blood off of Jason’s face.

Make sure that there’s nothing in it, and try to clot the bleeding if you can. Nico didn’t really think he could, especially with the blood rapidly draining out of his own ear. Will wouldn’t be too happy with him when he got back.

Wrap it snugly, but don’t cut off blood flow, it it’s a head wound, make sure there’s no brain damage. Ask some simple questions that anyone would know the answer to. Like, who’s the president? Or, what year is it? Nico tried to make his lips form the words, but the loss of hearing and his own abrasions were taking more out of him then he thought.

Jason looked panicked, but very much alive, watching Nico sway on his feet. He felt someone’s arms under him before he tumbled back into the darkness.


He woke up to blinding white lights that he knew belonged only in his boyfriend’s infirmary. He looked over and saw Will on his right side, clutching his hand. Nico croaked and Will’s head shot up. “You’re awake!” Nico was surprised that he could hear the words.

“What happened?” The ringing was faint, but still present in his left ear.

“Jason and Percy brought you in, you guys were pretty banged up. Nothing too serious,” Will’s smile faltered for a minute, “but your hearing in your left ear isn’t going to come back. The blow shattered your eardrum.” Nico was still too high on pain meds to fully comprehend what that meant.

“Percy told me how you fixed Jason up. You stopped the bleeding and bandaged him up. I’m really proud of you.” Will looked proud. “Now that you’re awake we can get more meds in you.” He stood up and kissed Nico’s forehead. “Get some rest, I’ll be back in a bit.”

Nico was too tired to argue.

I heard Percy was 23 yesterday

anonymous asked:

It's 11:13 and I'm trying to find a valid reason to stay alive.

01. Suicide is final.
Once you take your life, that’s it. You have only one life. End it - and you’re done. You will never, ever get a second chance.
02. That special person.
The one who keeps you strong when nobody else does. The one who stands by you when everyone walks out. Imagine the pain, the sadness, the grief they would feel when you’re gone. Even if you don’t think you have a special person worth living for, you do. You just don’t know it yet.
03. Death won’t relieve the pain.
Killing yourself will NOT be a relief to the suffering. When you’re dead, you’re nothing. You no longer exist. If you want relief from your suffering, you have to choose to live. You have to reach out and find the courage to make tomorrow better than today. Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope and things will get better. You’re a strong person for living and you give me hope.
04. It will get better, I promise.
Remember, even the darkest hour only has 60 minutes. Stop focusing on the negatives, instead, look for the positive things in life. Do you have amazing friends? Are you good at an instrument? Remember, you’re here because a lady cared enough to bring you into this world.  So embrace that, with both hands.
05. All the memories, the laughs, the smiles and the hugs.
What if you end up being the one that finds the cure for cancer? Or the one that discovers life on Mars? Or the one that ends up with the most amazing spouse and family? How will you ever know your true potential if you’re not there to experience it. All the people you will never meet, all the lives you won’t touch, all the souls you won’t inspire. The future is a mystery; don’t you want to discover its secrets?
06. Sunrise.
Imagine never seeing bright yellow rays light up the dark sky again. Never feeling the warmth of the sun, never feeling the beauty of way the sky illuminates as it grows brighter and brighter until the whole heavenly expanse is enlightened.
07. Dancing in the rain.
And seeing the rainbow when it stops.
O8. Smiles.
A smile is a curve that sets things straight. Without you, the world will have one less smile.
09. Music is a beautiful creation.
10. Hearing children laughing.
11. You are beautiful.
12. Your courage to live inspires me.
13. Look at the children in Africa who are starving. Look at earthquake and tsunami victims who have lost everything. Look at the person next to you. Doesn’t their courage to live, their optimism and their hope inspire you to do the same?
14. Lying beneath the stars at night and hearing crickets sing.
15. Waking up every morning and realising that it’s a new day.
16. Bubble baths.
17. Giving and receiving random compliments from strangers.
18. If you kill yourself, you will hurt so many people. Imagine how much guilt, grief and anguish you will cause your loved ones.
19. Life is beautiful. Make the most of it.
20. Stop thinking about what is wrong with your life and start thinking about the little things that make life great.
21. How will the person who finds you dead feel? Do you really want to put them through that?
22. Singing in the shower.
23. Looking out the window and seeing the gentle breeze sway the trees.
24. Friends.
25. Stay strong. You are special. You are precious. You have still have so much to give.
26. This is your story. Don’t end it so soon. Live it to the max and come out a fighter!
27. The taste of chocolate melting in your mouth.
28. If you kill yourself, you’ll just become another statistic. Choose to live and make a difference in this world.
29. All those words you still haven’t said yet.
30. Feeling the rain on your skin.
31. Fresh baked cookies.
32. Freshly mowed grass.
33. Breathing in, and breathing out.
34. Hearing the beat of your heart.
35. Enjoying the warm summer air.
36. Walking your dog in the crisp evening breeze.
37. Sipping a coffee and reading the morning newspaper.
38. You’re an amazing person. You’ve lived this long. That gives me hope. Remember, every second is precious. Make the most of it.
39. No one deserves to die. You were brought into this world to live. So LIVE!
40. I’m begging you not to. It would break my heart. No one deserves to die. No one.

Icing on the Cake (2/?)

is that REALLY what you want us to write on your custom-order cake?” AU 

A/N: This is definitely NOT the last chapter. I can’t get enough of writing these two. Thanks so much for the awesome feedback on this story so far! 2200 words/ Chapter 1 / FF.net)


“Hellllooooo…..earth to Emma!”

The sound of Ruby’s holler ripped Emma from her thoughts and she almost lopped the head off of the teddy bear she had been painstakingly constructing out of fondant.

“What the hell, Ruby?”

“Sorry, I’ve been calling you for the last 2 minutes. I know you can zone out sometimes, but this was a whole new level of out of it.”

Emma wasn’t about to admit to Ruby that her zoning out was actually just her attempting to construct a mental image of Killian Jones, the man who she had been unable to stop thinking about since their very entertaining exchange this morning. Not having any visual reference, her imagination was filling in various details from the British leads in the romantic comedies she secretly loved. Maybe he had Colin Firth’s smoldering eyes, Jude Law’s devastating jawline, Hugh Grant’s smile….god, she was in so much trouble.

“Wow, sorry…didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m just trying to get this birthday cake done tonight. I’ve got a new order to start tomorrow morning. Did you need something?”

Ruby gave her a look that clearly read ‘I know there’s something going on with you, but I’m going to leave it alone. For now.’ “No, just wanted to let you know that I was heading out. Victor finally has a night off and we’re going to make the most of it.”

Hearing about Ruby’s romantic escapades with Victor is the closest Emma has gotten to a relationship of her own in years. Sometimes it’s just really hard to get back on the horse when your last horse bucked you off and ran for the hills.

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