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Happy Birthday Portal!

GLaDOS liked to think that she was not a sentimental creature. Trinkets meant nothing to her, photographs were meaningless, and her vast capability for knowledge and memories meant she scarcely lingered the past.  She had science to be doing, she ought not to be wasting precious time on trivial matters.

However, being a supercomputer did mean she was impeccable with dates. She could track historical events down to the exact date and time that they happened, stretching years and years back.   This was normally a feature of her mind not often used, but it came in handy when the cameras on the outside of the shed picked up movement for the first time in many, many years.

October 9th.

GLaDOS checked the camera feed, expecting to see nothing but the wheat field, and the same deserted companion cube, slowly rusting away against the sands of time. Today was different though, as GLaDOS saw something she didn’t think she ever would again.

The form of a human, with long brown hair hastily tied into a ponytail, and suntouched skin. Covered in a slightly ragged and faded, yet still distinctly orange jumpsuit, was Chell.

The years had changed her, no doubt. Unlike GLaDOS, she was subject to change. Her face was slightly older, with creases where her brows had furrowed, and an almost wise looking expression in her eyes. The look of someone who had experienced much in their time apart. At least, for a human.  The surface seemed to treat her well, as evident by the fact that she wasn’t dead, and somehow had found enough food to satisfy her insatiable appetite.

GLaDOS stared in mild awe at the former test subject, unsure what to expect from her. Why had she come back after all this time?

Chell sat down on the companion cube, running her hands along the metal where the heart used to be, the paint having long since faded away.  She made a motion like a heaving sigh, before slowly raising her gaze towards the hidden camera that GLaDOS was watching her through.  How the human had such an ability to notice these things- or why she was often so intent on destroying them- GLaDOS could not say.  But she felt a stab of emotion in her chest as it seemed like those silver eyes were staring directly at her, somehow making eye contact despite the camera optic acting as a buffer between them.

GLaDOS wondered if she should say something, but quickly remembered that she had no form of speaker on the outside of the shed, and thus her words would go unheard.  She suddenly felt just as mute as the lunatic outside her door, forced to simply wait and see what it was that Chell wanted.

Chell waited for a moment, holding her gaze as if wanting to make sure that GLaDOS paid attention to her and wouldn’t lose interest, before reaching into one of the pockets of the jumpsuit, and pulling out a slightly yellowing, dirty piece of paper. On it, written somewhat crudely by hand, was a message.

Happy 10 year anniversary GLaDOS

GLaDOS was taken aback, but it only took a quick check of her systems to understand what Chell meant.  Ten years since they had properly met. Ten years since testing, attempted murder, and successful murder.  Had Chell really been keeping track?

That earned a small chuckle from GLaDOS, despite the fact that it went unheard. Ten years indeed.

A part of her was surprised either of them lived long enough to see it, but the other part of her was strangely satisfied to know that her ex-test subject cared enough to keep track, and to at least stop by.

Chell never came into the facility, even when GLaDOS silently opened the shed door, keeping it as an option all throughout the day and into the night.  The human simply shook her head and gave a small smile. She stayed up late into the night, watching the sky and the clouds, or listening to the sound of the wind rustling the wheatfield.  And, when midnight hit, she stood up from her perch on the companion cube, and gave one last wave at the camera before turning her back on the facility once more.

GLaDOS didn’t slam the door behind her this time, closing it quietly, but leaving it unlocked. Just in case.

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(@daily-pompom-oricorio) "Oh my-!" Lindy quickly rushes over to the egg, looking around for its parents. "Hello? Is anyone else here?" Her attention shifts back to the egg, her face full of worry. "Why would anyone abandon such a precious gift?" Using her large pom-poms, she gingerly lifts the egg and holds it close. "I'll keep you safe and warm, little one."

There seems to be something written on the Egg…

The wind picks up and there’s a sudden cry in the sky.

“Sorry, I’m late! But in my defense this isn’t a small place!”
The new ‘mon takes a sec to catch their breath and straightens themselves.

“Are you in need of something?”

Talonflame is open for questions

[ @daily-pompom-oricorio ]


What if Yuu completely turns into a demon and loses his mind? And then he is about to kill his friends a second time but Mika stops him again just to realize that Yuu is forever lost and can never return? So he kills him with his own hands because death is better than letting his most important person suffer as a mindless demon for eternity and right after his death Mika takes off the wristband which protects him from the sun and whispers to himself “We are finally free Yuu-chan” while he gets burned alive. And the last scene of OnS shows how the wind carries Mika’s ashes into the endless blue sky and we can hear Mika’s and Yuu’s happy laughter?

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       物語 ┆        ❝Have you seen my onii-chama?❞ Mai questioned the first person she saw. Though, she did seem awfully familiar to her. Though, she typically remembered the names of those in STARISH. So, she felt bad for forgetting the pretty nee-san’s name.

Somewhere out there
Cover guitar + voice
Somewhere out there

Guitar cover by hk532030

For yorekichan, my bear waifu, and even if she is far away, I am with her by thoughts and heart <3333 Love you so much Ki-chan <33 sorry for my bad english//////

Somewhere out there,
Beneath the pale moonlight,
Someone’s thinking of me,
And loving me tonight.

Somewhere out there,
Someone’s saying a prayer,
That we’ll find one another,
In that big somewhere out there.

And even though I know how very far apart we are,
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star,
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby,
It helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky!

Somewhere out there,
If love can see us through,
Then we’ll be together,
Somewhere out there,
Out where dreams
Come true…

Prompt #7: Broken Leaf

 Quiet Moments

The day was young, the sky still painted with the hues of an early morning while the sun itself had yet to emerge above the trees. A light wind could be felt, rustling the trees whose leaves had begun to shift color to brilliant shades of yellow, red and orange. It signaled a shift for the year, especially as some of those leaves had already descended toward the ground. Though there was a chill, it was shaping up to have the makings of a peaceful day.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend some really good Naruto fanfics? Because I haven't read any in years but your tags on this /post/90322136190/ made me want to start reading them again because I really miss reading about my favorite dorks XD

*cracks knuckles*

Okay I’m listing them in order of how much I liked them, so the ones I love to the moon and back will be at the top and then I’ll make a general list of ones i enjoyed and separate them by pairings!

RED by Sherbet Mayhem (SasuSaku, NaruHina) - This is the most recent naruto fic I read and let me tell you about what an amazing, life-altering read it was. There were so many things in this fic I loved I honestly don’t even know where to start. Well, first things first, this is an AU fic, inspired by the book thief, so it deals with themes of oppression and genocide, so please don’t go in expecting rainbows and sunshine. It gets dark, like really dark, but it’s also written impeccably well, like I was actually stumped by the quality of the writing. It’s easily better written than a good chunk of the published works I’ve read, so yeah, you can expect some fantastic writing, a heartbreaking commentary on a very real part of world history, and a soul-stirring love story.The romance is slightly peripheral but it’s very integral to the story regardless. I HIGHLY recommend this, but be sure to keep a box of Kleenex close by if you decide to give it a shot.

The Girl From Whirlpool by SilverShine (MinaKushi) - If you haven’t read this yet, you literally need to drop whatever you’re doing and go read it right this second. Like I’m not even kidding, this fic was my fanfic bible for the longest time. It’s a MinaKushi fic, with heavy focus on Minato’s development as a teeny tiny genin prodigy to young war hero to the dorky, clueless jounin who is stupidly in love with Kushina. I’ve always loved Minato, but this fic really elevated the character into my faves list. It follows canon to a certain extent, so it could actually seamlessly fall into place as the background story for canon!minakushi. The world building in this fic is some of the best I’ve seen, like you will actually feel transported to Konoha as you let each word sink in. It’s just one of the most well-written, well-developed naruto fanfics I’ve read to date, and if that is not enough to convince you, it also features a young sulky Kakashi. If you’re still not sold on how awesome this fic is, idk what to tell you, man. I can’t help you if awesome is not your cup of tea. (okay but this hasn’t been updated in over three years, so there’s that).

Of Fate and the Unexpected by Writing Unicorn (SasuSaku) - Post-canon fic where Sasuke is trying to lay low in Konoha so he can destroy the village from within. It’s not as action packed as the initial summary leads you to believe. Instead, the story focuses on Sasuke’s internal conflict between fulfilling his thirst for revenge and falling back into place with his old team. It’s sad, funny, cute, and features one of the sweetest, most patient romantic development between Sasuke and Sakura. This fic also gets bonus points for being the only one in my list where Team 7 has a lot of fun interactions being their dorky selves!

Ripples by Yellow Mask (SasuSaku) - This was one of the first Naruto/SS fics I read and to this day, it remains one of my faves. It’s set after Sasuke leaves Konoha to train with Orochimaru, and I think this has one of the most in-character portrayals of Sasuke, especially in the way he falls for Sakura. I actually think Sakura is just a tad bit OOC in this, but the writer does a good job of keeping her consistent so it didn’t bother me all that much. There’s also some good team taka interactions here, and just like sasuke being awkwardly protective of Sakura, it’s all kinds of shippy goodness!

Folklore by blushinglotus (SasuSaku) - Hottest sasusaku smut you’ll ever read. The build up, the restraint, the sexual tension, it’s all done so well, and to top it all off the writer incorporates some very interesting Hindu mythology in the story to juxtapose the development between Sasuke and Sakura.

Turn Turn Turn by Sowell (KakaSaku) - This is my be all, end all of KakaSaku fics. It is funny, cute, and sexy all wrapped into a single story. Definitely a must read if you dig this pairing. 


The Long Way Home by the general girl

i let it fall, my heart by arabesque05

go the converse by arabesque05

a pocket full of sixpence by the blanket

brighter than sunshine by ohwhatsherface

finding the inbetween by quorra laraex

In Times of Peace by SouthSideStory (this one is ongoing, so go show it some love!)


House of Crows by SilverShine

House Calls by Spoiled Sweet

Scarlet Roll by SilverShine

Against the Sky by nostalgic-maiden


Vespertine by Cynchick

The Way of the Wind by just enough


Minato, In Love by SicTransitGloria

Happy reading! xD

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Smut, oasis, jhope I'm so glad requests are open I love u

Oasis- Jhope(Requested Smut)

Oasis- Crush(Audio)

~there’s much more to do than swim on an empty beach~

Originally posted by welcometomyworld33

Hoseok runs after me down the shore. The sun is beginning to set, sky bleeding from blue to orange over the endless sea. My hair streams behind me in the wind, Hoseok wrapping his arms around me and spinning me in circles as he catches up with me.  

“Yahh, Hobi!” I laugh, eyes sparkling as they meet mine.

“How can one girl look so good in a bikini?” His warm fingers grip my waist, giving me an inviting smirk. “You look a million and one times better than everybody else here.”

I slap his arm, wrapping my legs around him. “Stop being a cheeseball, Hobi. You’re supposed to say that since you’re my boyfriend.”

“I thought you were pretty hot before though too.”

I scoff, pulling his lips to mine in a kiss. He tastes sweet and salty, the ocean water lingering on him. His hair is still damp, easy to run my fingers through as I massage his scalp in small circles.

“There’s nobody here…” I begin, pulling on his bottom lip with his teeth.

He’s already one step ahead of me, laying me back on the towels we’d been lounging on earlier and leaning over me. “I like how you think, jagi.”

“It seems you were already there.” I smirk, hot breath mingling in the centimeters between our lips.

“Great minds think alike.” He murmurs, bringing us back together with haste.

I drown in his taste and smell, listening to the water lapping in foamy waves. Everytime I move the sand goes with me, adjusting into the curve of my spine. His tongue slips through my slightly parted lips to play with mine, swirling with one another as sounds begin to tear from my throat.

His fingers trace up my thighs, patterns etching themselves into my skin in the wake of his barely there touch. My core is heating for him, tingling with the anticipation of his fingers and clenching in expectation of his length.   

The sand shifts beneath me again as I arch, making it frustratingly impossible to gain purchase on anything other than Hoseok, digging my nails into the bare muscle of his back.

“I can’t believe we are about to have sex on the beach.” Hoseok grumbles lightly against my skin.

“Just do it already.” I urge, unbuttoning his shorts for him and running a hand down the tightened area. “I want to feel you.”

He happily obliges, getting his hard length from his shorts as I push my bikini bottoms down my legs, kicking them to the side and pressing my hips up into him, eyes rolling in the euphoria of him brushing against my folds.

He thrusts into me in one long rotation, completely surrounded as my tight walls suck him in. I cry out, a string of broken whimpers and curses floating in the air between us. A breeze blows between us, cooling the fire burning in my veins as he moves in and out of my entrance.

“You feel amazing. I’m so happy to be here with you.” He breathes unevenly. “So happy… that you’re mine.”

I moan in response, tilting my lower body upwards to get more friction as an orgasm builds in my stomach.


Again he obeys, water misting us as the waves get dangerously close. “Fuck.” He curses, a rare occasion for any time other than sex, the coarse word falling from his smooth lips turning me on even more.

My orgasm is sweet and lasting, slipping and sliding further down on his throbbing erection as I writhe atop the sand. His strong arms barricade me on other side, giving me something to grip on to as I struggle to come down from the high he’s giving me.

Pulling out, Hoseok’s legs tremble as he cums, shooting his seed in warm streams across my stomach and chest. The sight gets me off further, so sensitive to every movement and every tickle across my skin as his cum leaks down my sides.  

“Here.” He says sweetly, helping me get my bottoms back on before picking me from the towel. “Let’s go clean you up, okay, jagiya?”

I nod, thinking he’s going back to our villa before he turns and runs, sending me flying through the air and into the ocean. I come up sputtering for air, water shooting up my nose in a burning stream of salt.

“Hoseok!” I yell, listening to his laugh carry on the wind.

Listening to his sound of happiness turn this vacation into oasis.  

//love you too nonnie:) hope you enjoyed!//

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I don’t know why but this is one of my favourite gifs of Luke. First of all, let’s take a moment to look at how good the background looks. The orange and pink sky looks beautiful. Then Luke is looking so peaceful and he has his arms open which means he’s probably simply enjoying the wind and he looks like he’s in deep thought probably thinking about how great his life has become and how hemmo1996 would have never imagined this.

I'm Here

It’s going to rain soon.

You sighed, bringing your gaze down to your feet, and kicked a pebble on the sidewalk. You’d been waiting for Jay for thirty minutes now.

The wind blew the dried leaves, leaving crisp sounds as they tumble on the road, and you picked up the scent of the rain. You glanced up once again at the overcast sky–heavy, gray clouds guarding the city. Give or take a few minutes before rain fell down from them.

It’s not like you could get mad at Jay. You were the one who asked him if he could pick you up. Of course he would say yes even though he’s flooded with work. He had always been like this. Making sure that you’re okay while also taking care of his label and artists, only to forget his own welfare in the end.

A young couple dashed past you to their destination, afraid of getting wet by the imminent rain. You thought of leaving as well, but two things stopped you.

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( henryk barczak. )

It was Halloween and there was no wind, not even a breeze to move the fall leaves that were scattered over the sidewalk. The stars were lost to the ink black sky. How fitting, Vera thinks. If the words were to be said out loud, they would have sounded incredibly unimpressed. The woman, even as a child, didn’t enjoy Halloween. This was an odd dislike, coming from someone who didn’t miss a chance to dress-up. As a child trick-or-treating was stressful, she didn’t like scary movies, and someone’s spooky theme party? Yeah, that can get f u c k  e d. You know what’s a valid theme? Alcohol. Booze is the only essential component of a good party; everything else is just a waste of space. 

Que Henryk Barczak’s Halloween party at Pandemonium. Stepping out of the back of the car heels first, Vera slips down her pretty and gold venetian mask that covers to her cheekbones. Pushing herself out of the matte black vehicle, the woman passes the bouncer in her winged high heel sharpley slide sandals and into the club, letting the confidence of her walk sway her hips in the black honey couture dress she wore that hugged her figure. “Scotch, please. I’m starving.” She tells the bartender in a short tone due to a tightness in her chest has already settled in the middle of her chest as she begins to look over her shoulder, simply watching humans and supernatural species interact, knowing and unknowingly. Vera could feel her already rosy cheeks warm up.

Vera didn’t like that. Vera knew she wouldn’t like this. There were so many people and that was something she was used to. Large crowds was something Vera was used to, but not having the ability to identify anybody put her on edge. The music was loud; she could feel the beat pulse beneath her heels and as much as she loved to take part in a good conversation, from what she could see as of right now, many took to dancing along with the music. And from the conversations she could spot, the people were already too drunk for Vera; God help the person who walks in front of a drunks expressively flailing arm.   Why did she come again?   Right, scotch. “Thank you,” She tells the bartender in a softer tone, suddenly feeling detached as she puts down her money along with a more than decent tip and takes her drink, not wasting a moment in letting amber liquid hit her tongue.
Okay just imagine

A Star Wars AU where everything is the same except Luke Skywalker sings the space version of “How Far I’ll Go” after Uncle Owen tells him he needs to stay on the farm for another season

I’ve been staring at the suns in the distance
Trying to resist this
Pull I feel deep inside

I wish
I could be a better farmer
But it gets harder and harder
No matter how much I try

Every turn I take
Every trail I track
Every path I make
Every road leads back
To the place I know where I cannot go
Where I long to be

See the stars in the sky above me?
They call me
And no one knows
How far they go
If the wind stays beneath my wings While I’m flying
One day I’ll know
If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

I know everybody on this planet
Just stays stuck on this planet
Everything is by design

I know everybody on this planet
Has a role on this planet
So maybe I can roll with mine

I can stay and work
I can keep us strong
I’ll be satisfied if I play along
But the Force inside sings a different song
What is wrong with me?

See the light in the sky above me?
It’s blinding
And no one knows
How bright it glows
And it seems like it’s calling out to me
So come find me
And let me know
What’s beyond the sky
Will I fly that high?

See the stars in the sky above me?
They call me
And no one knows
How far they go
If the wind stays beneath my wings While I’m flying
One day I’ll know
How far I’ll go…

Back in…..December (I know, I know) a bunch of people requested ‘come the war’ and Christmas, and I swear to god I did try to write it but I never really got past the first 400 words. 

Still, I really like the 400 words, and I thought it captured Gabriel and Lucifer’s 21st century dynamic well, so I’m just…posting that little scrap here, in order to get it out of my drafts.

“let old acquaintance be forgot”

The cold surprises him, the brittleness of it–Hell’s cold is lightless and airless, not this thing that sticks to the inside of his lungs, suckling at the warmth of his mouth. There is nothing in this place but ice, some Thelebolus spores lying dormant, many miles away; past that, one research station full of scientists, drunk and celebrating being halfway through the dark.

Lucifer breathes.

I’m unarmed, he announces, folding his wings back and down in a gesture of good faith. (It takes longer for him to will away the bitter wind pulling at his feathers–but this is one of his Father’s places, and they are always harder to bend around himself. He still hasn’t tried to set foot in the Scetis valley, when coming within five hundred miles made his whole being ache.)

You don’t usually come this far south, Gabriel says, stepping into three-dimensional space beside Lucifer. His sword is drawn.

Thou shalt have no contact on the holy days–I do honor the old accords, little brother, Lucifer says with a grin. But Gabriel’s expression does not shift, and Lucifer swallows. It’s only–humanity just keeps pushing at the boundaries of their world. It was here or the Marianas Trench, and I didn’t feel much like a swim.

Gabriel is looking evenly at Lucifer, clear-eyed and without malice, and it makes Lucifer feel edged in, anxious.

You look tired, Gabriel finally says.

Just a modern Prince of Darkness, trying to have it all, Lucifer jests idly, but it sounds flat and bitter against the cold. He clears his throat, kicking a bit of snow. Why are you here, anyway? I thought you were still headquartered out of Jerusalem.

I am. But I gave most of our brothers the night off, and–it’d be hard not to notice you breaking the mesosphere. Not even Michael burns like you.

(Lucifer does not flinch at the name. He doesn’t.)

But you have yet to tell me why are you here, Heylel, Gabriel asks quietly, still gazing up at him clear-eyed, without malice, even when Lucifer’s wings rise like hackles at the old name, the one that meant–everything, everything, all the singing, the warmth and the sky, their father

The bitter wind is still dragging at his pinions, as though to remind him of his place.

I had so many plans for rare pair week, but unfortunately not enough time. I only managed to finish three one shots. So here’s my plan for the week:

Day 2: Crow Court

Pairing: ot5 (Kanda, Lavi, Alma, Allen, Lenalee)

AU: witchcraft, early modern period

The formerly blue sky is suddenly full of clouds, grey and dark, and the wind gets stronger and stronger. The sky darkens, not only because of clouds, but also because of feathers. A murder of crows, the biggest he has ever seen, dances over the sky and at once they strike up. A song, haunting and morbidly beautiful.

Day 3: [untitled at the moment]

Pairing: Marie & Miranda

AU: modern au

They say every little girl dreams about her wedding. About her prince charming on a white horse. About her wedding dress, pristinely white. About the delicious cake. About the first dance with her husband. They say it’s the most beautiful day in the life of a woman.
They’re wrong.
Miranda is sweating, stressed out and her feet are killing her.

Day 5: Kleines Licht

Pairing: Komui & Bak

AU: canonverse, alternate timeline

Komui was a mediocrity, but he wouldn’t stay one. Hard work was his key to the Headquarters and finally to his little sister.
He did his best, even though the work wasn’t easy. Just like his superior. 

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I say my eyes are brown. They say they're the color of fallen leaves during autumn. I say my hair is black, they say it's as dark as the night sky, gleaming with the light of the galaxies. I say I'm pretty normal, but they snort at the remark. "One of the prettiest girls I've seen, that's for sure". I'd contemplate stuff for a long time. And I like the solemn sound of the wind blowing. Never expecting to get something out of this, but still, I won't lose anything if I tried. Right?

This is exactly how I want a girl to describe herself. I’d fall for these words really. You turn me on seriously. I say, I’ll ask you out. This is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever read. I love it.

When someone tells you to go back to sleep:
  • Anna: Elsa, Psst. Elsa! Psst.
  • Anna: Wake up. Wake up. Wake up!
  • Elsa: Anna, go back to sleep.
  • Anna: No bitch. Fuck you and your saggy ass vagina flaps, bitch. Telling my ass to go back to sleep. Bitch, I'll kill your cocaine sprinkling ass. Nigga, who the fuck is you? Does it look like my purple looking ass wants to sleep? Bitch, the sky's awake, so, I'm awake. You better roll yo ass out of bed like the bitch you are and get yo ass downstairs and build my ass a mother fucking snowman.