i'm one of those few people who doesn't love it or hate it

Comet is the only thing I care about if it doesn't win I'm gonna cry

Like. I can’t even explain it I’m too invested in this show. I’m going to infodump about it because I’m so sad that DEH might beat it out for the tony and it doesn’t even deserve to.

-While you are walking in it gives you a Cold War / modern Russia vibe. The walls of the imperial are covered in posters and I remember reading the word pussy a lot which made me happy.
- The guy at the merch stand was so sweet! No one else was there yet so I just was like “ are you open?” And he helped me pick a shirt ( the red shirt with the family tree/ prologue lyrics was his favorite and I bought it bc I love it too.)
- All the ushers were so nice! I was wearing a shirt that said “ so broke can’t pay attention” and a lot of them read it and told me it was funny.
- the usher for my actual seat talked to me about DEH and I told her I loved it but it annoyed me when everyone kept saying ’ oh yeah it has 9 tony noms’ and I was like “ well… comet has 12!” And she laughed and we Bonded™
- did I mention I was alone for like the first hour I was in the theatre because I ran in at 7 without my mom and sister. They wanted to eat their food and I was like “NO COMET”
- I was hungry because I’d skipped dinner?? The comet gods threw food at me.
- The girl who talked to our section was the best. Also I was the only person who read war and peace in my section which made me feel Important™
- Natasha’s “NO!” When Andrey tells her he’s going off to war and prologue starts
- the door!!!
- o Sonya
- private and intimate life gave me chills. Gelsey Bell gives me chills. She was so genuinely scared and I just wanted to run down there and hug her and tell her it would all be okay.
- an old woman was chose for bolkonsky’s lover and she was so happy it was so sweet
- getting stools into those tables took a little while but it was the best thing I ever saw.
- no one else was so powerful. It’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve like, ever heard, and Denee rocked it. Honestly the little things I noticed from her I applied to my singing it ( it’s a song I’m working on in vocal) and it helped so much. God bless Denee Benton.
- The opera was AWESOME. Gelsey again as opera singer made me die. Her voice is so strong and good and perfect.
- stop touching dolokhov stop touching dolokhob Helene stop stop stop
- the whole “ where is dear Pierre” thing with Marya gently reminding Helene that she IS married to Pierre made me smile
- Anatole get back behind that door you little shit
- you are not allowed to walk down stairs like that Anatole stop
-Helene please stop looking at your brother like that he’s your brother stop
- Natasha stop looking at him
- Anatole stop looking at her
- stop whispering in french Anatole you smooth fuck
- you will NOT go to that ball Natasha u sit down and pick up a coloring book or something you literal child
-when Pierre says “ oh dear Andrey’s betrothed.” Anatole shakes his hand and goes “ ehhh ” like he’s saying not for long
- the entire scene before the duel hurts so much Pierre doesn’t understand except he does
- *shot comes from Fedyas gun* Pierre, with his arms out ready to die stays still for a few beats before doubling checking to make sure that he has indeed survived
- dust and ashes is my anthem I have never related to anything so hard. Protect Pierre. Get him medical help. I want to see him loved.
- Helene takes the necklace Andrey put around Natasha’s neck when he left. Nat looks distressed until it is replaced by pearls and she gets distracted by the shiny.
- the ball is so painful please Anatole no more
- when Anatole and Natasha stand together In front of 9 flood lights then the door closes? I die
- the door closing makes it final and I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it
- Natasha’s costume change is great you can see how teeny Denee is
- Natasha gushing about how much she loves Anatole to the crowd makes me cry
- Pierre you gentle giant plz stop drinking
-that’s right Sonya. Roast her.
- Natasha no longer says “ he’s my master and I am his slave.” In the genius annotations of the off broadway cast Dave says that the line might change because he knows how it looks to have an African American woman sing that about a white man. He said it was up to Denee to decide what she was comfortable with, and in the show it wasn’t there. ( I’m glad Denee stopped saying something she wasn’t okay with)
-oh Sonya nothing is your fault you little gerbil please calm down and realize you aren’t responsible for Natasha
- balaga is such a fun song. I didn’t get egg shakers but everyone who did seemed to have a good time!
- during the abduction when Anatole says not yet and pauses, Lucas draws it out a ton. One of the people next to me tried shaking her egg to get it started up again and he just looked at us and said “ no.”
-Natasha is so excited to go with him I hate it. Also the violin is amazing as it always is in that show.
- Denee runs up to what looks like a sink (?) and you can see her miming taking arsenic.
-Pierres reality check kills me. He’s been telling himself he’s worthless nothing matters and he probably hasn’t gone outside in a long time, and then someone’s asking for him for his friend.
-what?? whAt? WHAT???
- Anatole sobbing in Helene’s lap is good and terrible at the same time. She strokes his hair, and it makes me die.
- when Anatole leaves Pierre and him throw his bag around for a bit.
- Natasha very ill is so sad I cried then
-in Andrey and Pierre, Andrey is so tired. He’s holding the letters with anger, like he doesn’t want to touch them anymore. It makes me upset because only about 25 songs ago he clutched them to his heart.
- when Andrey says ’ never speak of that’ he holds Pierre up on his tip toes by his shirt. On “ again” he punches Pierre in the chest and runs down to his fathers throne. He sits there and the tension never leaves him as he grips the arms of the chair. Mary tries to fret over him, but he waves her away.
- Natasha and Pierre is the saddest song too. Natasha is so small in her room plain, baggy white nightgown and no shoes. The emotions in that song are so high. Natasha climbs up the stairs as Pierre starts the “ if I were not myself” part of the song, and hesitates with each kind thing he says.
- Pierre stops after “I” and I think he only continues because he sees that Natasha has heard him and that she tenses at the word.
- the comet is a good prop I love the comet #gayiconthecomet
- the stage door was so amazing. All the actors were the sweetest. I’m super terrible at names so I apologize if I just call someone their character name.
-Paul Pinto came out and instead of saying “ I loved your performance and my friends did as well” I said “ my friends love you and told me to say hi” he looked a little hurt and said “oh, well tell your friends I said hi, I guess.” I have hurt the best man on this planet and I can never make it up
- I told the guy who plays dolokhov that he was amazing and I cried very hard and he said “ oh well that’s what we always want, isn’t it?”
- josh came out even though he had somewhere to be. He went to the end of the line and worked his way up.
- josh has the kindest eyes, he could stab me and I would apologize for getting blood on his knife. He also has a baby face and a beanie. I love him.

There’s more, like a lot about the set so if you want to hear me infodump about comet please let me know kids

At the grocery store

Word vomit prompt for the @txf-fic-write-in. I left it as is and please remember that a) English is still not my native language (in my next life, maybe) and b) it’s late. Any errors are mine. 

Mulder is lost.

He’s holding the piece of paper Scully handed him earlier; a shopping list. Rather, he’s clinging to it. Her neat handwriting is coming off in places where his sweat smears the words.

He needs to get a grip on things.

All right, he tells himself, straightens his back. Something plops in, or out, and he is reminded how old he is. So old yet he’s acting like a baby. Baby. That’s why he’s here. All by himself, too. Scully is home with the baby and they need things. Like food. Not for the baby. No, William, the lucky little guy, has his food supplier in Scully.

And Scully needs food. If Mulder is good, and gets all the items she put on the list, she might even share some of it with him.

He crams the shopping list into his pocket – he has an eidetic memory, clearly he can manage to remember it all. Mulder puts both hands on the shopping cart. Here he goes. It’s early which means many, many people. Old people. A not so old man passes by him, his cart full of goods. Mulder glances inside; fruits and vegetables. They need those, Mulder knows. He itches to take out the list again. There was that one thing that - his thoughts are interrupted when his cell phone buzzes. He stops moving right there and then and another old man – how many are there? – almost crashes into him, mumbling something. Mulder takes out his phone: Scully. Who else?

“Mulder! You’re not done yet, are you?” Done yet? He hasn’t even started.

“Uhm, no. I’m just in the middle of things.”

“I forgot the yoghurts.”

“Yoghurts.” Mulder stares straight ahead. All these people! Why did Scully send him to this superstore? Clearly he could have gotten everything at a smaller market.

“Yes, you know the probiotic ones.” The one he likes to make fun of, she doesn’t say, but he hears it anyway and nods. A couple stares at him, quickly moves on.

“I know the ones, yeah.”

“That’s all. You have the list with you, right?” Her tone is accusing, just a little bit. He feels the piece of paper burn a hole into his pants.

“Yeah. Got the list.”

“Well, then. Have fun.” She hangs up and Mulder puts the phone back into his pocket. Showtime.

30 minutes later and he’s lost again.

They don’t have Scully’s yoghurts. He’s checked every aisle. Asked a clerk, a young, mean woman who waved him into a direction. But no yoghurts. Not the ones Scully eats anyway. Sweat breaks out on his forehead. He searches his pocket for the shopping list. If he’s showing up without the yoghurts, he needs to make sure he has everything else. Everything on the list, Mulder.

But the list is gone.

Mulder checks every pocket. It’s not there. More sweat. A mother who drags her child away; he must look deranged and weird. Spooky Mulder, nice to meet you. He’s lost the shopping list Scully gave him. He’s lost. So very lost.

He pushes the cart forward. No yoghurts. What else did she say they need? He has the diapers – those he figures are the most important item anyway. He’s got the milk. He’s not going to be the husband that, not that he is the husband, or even officially anything. Except William’s father. That’s the only official thing he is these days. Anyway, he’s not the guy who forgets to buy the milk.

But he feels like he is forgetting something.

He glances into his cart. It looks good. Fruits, vegetables, frozen goods, meat, bread and cheese. When was the last time he’s gone grocery shopping like this? Has he ever? He wishes Scully were with him right now. A nice family outing. The Mulders. He pushes the cart forward, his mind reeling, trying to figure out what he’s missing.

The Mulders. That’s what his brain concentrates on. That’s not who they are, of course. William has his last name, though Mulder has wondered if Scully would have preferred her own last name for their child. But Scully is Scully. He’s seen the way her mother looks at him. She doesn’t say the words, but she really doesn’t have to. Her look is enough. Always.

When are you going to make an honest woman out of my daughter?

Good question. He can’t even do the grocery shopping. Scully would be better off if she left him and found someone else. Someone who doesn’t lose the shopping list.

“Excuse me, sir? Is this yours?” A small child tugs at his hand. Mulder looks down at the boy who can’t be older than five or six years old. He’s holding a piece of paper. His shopping list.

“Yes! Thank you.” He’d kiss the list, or the boy, if the scrap of paper wasn’t so dirty. Or the boy a complete stranger.

“Saw you lose it,” the boy says and grins. He’s missing a few teeth already. Mulder wonders what William will look like at that age. The thought makes him feel warm, makes his whole body tingle. “My mom said to leave it. But you looked lost.”

“Yeah, my…” His what? Wife? Baby mama? Love of his life? He doesn’t get to answer, because the child’s mother calls out for him and he runs off. Mulder stares at the list – or rather at what’s left of it. It’s torn off at the left corner. He squints. No, not missing any words. He is almost sure of it. Mulder nods to himself and goes off to pay.

Scully greets Mulder with a soft kiss and a warm, yet exhausted smile. She looks into his bags, and he sees her check off the list mentally. He watches her carefully, waits, chews on his lip, and then there’s the sigh. Just one.

He’s about to tell her that they didn’t have her yoghurt when she lifts her head, stares at him.

“Eggs, Mulder. You forgot the eggs.”

Without another words, he takes his car keys and his wallet. Eggs and yoghurt, he doesn’t need a list for that.

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hey! i've been seeing conflicting accounts about this and i wanted to ask you how you felt because i'm on the fence. often times people will say noctluna doesn't make sense cause they don't really know each other. they've been exchanging letters for years but they haven't even been in the same room for that same amount of time. but since i've never been in a relationship it has me thinking: were their exchanges "enough" i guess? can you fall in love with a penpal? (sorry for this rambly msg!!)

I’ve actually talked about this in a few different posts, but it really pisses me off when people say it isn’t possible (and it makes me even more peeved when people say she knows someone better that she only knew for a day than her 12-years-and-counting love and penpal)

One thing I said in probably my first meta post on it is that I do very much wonder about the demographics on those who do and don’t ship it. There’s overlap, ofc, there always is, but I wonder about the biggest numbers, y’know?

Most of the people I’ve seen who ship it are in committed relationships that have been ongoing for years. I’m 30 and married and a parent. My husband and I have been together for 12 years, married for 9.

Another thing I’ve seen is people taking the game context of the notebook and applying that to their real life use of it, which is dumb af. I understand the “It should have been in the game!” complaints, but to outright ignore Brotherhood showing us clearly that that the notebook included long letters and very personal info………. *sigh*

The notebook has a lot in it. The game may not have made that as clear, but it has been made very clear in canon through Brotherhood.

But even then, the descriptions on the notebook do make it clear. The 1~5 affection point description is that it contains 12 years worth of memories. The 6 point description tells you how the last page is stained in tears. The no affection description (in JP at least) is even tragic as well, telling you that an answer will no longer come.

Maybe they didn’t show us the entries in the game, but they did make it obvious, if you bothered to pay attention.

I also wrote another post at some point where I talked about falling in love with pen pals!! In it, I talked about when I was a kid in elementary school, we got assigned pen pals. Before we started writing our letters, we talked a lot about pen pals in general. We were told of lasting friendships and love that have come out of it, we were told how it can be so freeing to share things with someone like that, we were told so much. Even here in America, once upon a time, pen pals were a romantic thing.

That’s not so much the case anymore here.

But it is in Japan.

They even have a specific word for sharing a notebook. What Luna and Noctis did is a thing, and to completely hate on them is also to ignore the social differences.

It’s fine if it doesn’t do it for you.

I can even agree that I do wish that certain things had been made more clear.

But theirs is a very real romance. It isn’t in your face, and that’s what I love about it. It already developed, so what we see isn’t the formation of that love, it’s seeing that love that already exists and binds these two.


True love isn’t that person being the only thing you think and talk about - That’s obsession.

True love isn’t dependent on constant physical interaction - That’s an insult to all long distance relationships, for starters.

True love is support. True love is lasting. True love is a quiet passion burning under the surface. True love is seen in the actions more than it is spoken of.

True love is family, and family is acceptance, belonging, trust.

It’s home.

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the boys and smoking? im curious to see that (also congrats on ur grades!!!! you should be really proud of urself ❤❤❤)

I’ll admit, I didn’t have much to offer on this one. I’m kinda biased against smoking, so that might have played a part… I hope these headcanons are satisfactory, at least a little bit. 

And ah, thank you very much. :) I’m super happy about it, and I am indeed proud… I just hope I can replicate those grades next year.


  • Does not smoke.
  • The first (and last) time he smoked a cigarette, he coughed up a lung and he caught major shit from his father and Gladio. It was enough commotion that Noctis didn’t let another cigarette in his path.
  • Doesn’t mind when others smoke around him, but does make sure to stay out of the way of the smoke itself.


  • Smokes sometimes, mostly just on a whim so there’s no set circumstances under which he’ll smoke.
  • At first it was just because he wanted to try it and see what it was like. It wasn’t that bad – he didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. He never stopped because there wasn’t really anyone around to tell him to stop.
  • Sees it as a time to relax and reflect on everything going on around him. 
  • Doesn’t smoke (at the very least, tries not to) around any of the bros, especially Gladio. Will also try to avoid smoking around Noctis, even though he knows he doesn’t mind.


  • Does not smoke.
  • He never tried it, but at one point he was around people who did smoke, and the second hand smoke threw him into a terrible coughing fit. He doesn’t have asthma, but his lungs don’t take to smoke very well at all.
  • Besides, even if his lungs were okay with the smoke, he still wouldn’t, because he knows that it’ll mess up his lungs and he feels he won’t be able to be the best Shield he can be under those circumstances.


  • Smokes sometimes, but definitely not often. These times are very few and far in-between.
  • The first time he tried it, he didn’t have an opinion on it. He decided that was for certain occasions only and went along on his way.
  • Like Prompto, he finds smoking to be a bit relaxing and mind-clearing.
  • Will usually only smoke if he’s run out of Ebony (which is rare in and of itself) and desperately needs something to help him relax. 

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A HC where RFA+V+Saeran invite MC to a mask party (the party where all people wear mask) but they come separately so MC doesn't know how their S/o looks like. How will they greet your MC and ask them to dance? (I'm a slut for Zen Phantom of the Opera style)

tbh same

Mini fanfic warning!

(This ended up being so long so i didnt write Jaehee or Yoosung. ;_; I’ll add them in the future~)



As soon as MC had stepped inside the ballroom, she felt as if she was taken into a whole other world.

The masked-faces surrounding her were all not familiar, and she could not see a face she recognized.


The white headed man was easy to spot in a crowd. His long hair shined in the dim light of the room.

He knew this would happen, so he had prepared for it very well. His soulmate was not by his side, and all he could think of was having her roleplay with him a little.

He had his hair tied and covered by the dark red cloak he wore over his fancy dark suit. His mask had covered half of his face and he could not take that smug smirk off his face.

He saw her, entering the room, she looked fascinating in her blood red dress, her hair tied up cleanly and her mask trimmed with black lace.

He waited for her in the shadows, his red eyes glowing, he called for her name and she turned to look in the direction she had heard her voice, faintly called.

She saw him, her hands gripped her dress as she ran up to him, only for him to step back into the darkness.

She had followed him, running through the crowds, her hands raising her dress up, as she followed him into an alley.

He waited for her, his back resting on the dead end of the alley. He had let his hood off his head, his arms crossed.

He smirked as soon as he saw MC drop her dress down onto the ground, panting as she slowly walked towards him. “Zen?” She said between heavy breaths.

Zen approached her and placed his hand under her chin. “Hello there.” He purred, resting his forehead on her’s. “I would love to ask you for a dance, but it seems that my inner beast tells me to have you dance with me until the night ends.”

Zen lowered his head a little more and the two had begun their night with a passionate yet steamy kiss.


Jumin did not like staying in the shadows. He was surrounded by the guests he had invited to the party.

He was giving fake smiles here and talking business there.

The moment he had seen her step inside, he walked away with no goodbye or farewell to send. It was impolite but he had more inappropriate thoughts on his head, as he saw that tight dress.

That tight mermaid dress, that gripped on her hips and curves. As much as she looked good, he hated that dress .

He wanted no one to see her curves other than him, and he wanted to be the one to grip on those killer hips she has.

He went into the shadows, walking quickly towards her- but soon he stopped. He saw her wandering around, looking for something- for someone.

He waited and waited, and soon enough, she stepped into an empty corridor. He followed her, like her shadow.

She, on the other hand, was freaking out, as the faded sound footsteps she heard was getting stronger. More over, each time she passed by the lights, they closed.

It didn’t take long until she had reached what she expected, a dead end.

Jumin took a few more steps forward and wrapped his arm around her waist.

She almost screamed if it wasnt for him turning her around and crashing his lips on hers.

“You are as magnificent as ever, I think we might have to leave early tonight, but that will not be until we dance..”


(This is really short ohmygod)

He danced, a soft smile on his face as his mask hid his charming face.

He moved, from the woman he was dancing with to another. He stole each and every heart he danced with.

His small conversations and silly jokes broke the ice easily, his smile was enough to make even men idolize him.

Then he saw her, he felt the need, he wanted to dance with her, he tried to get close to her, skipping many beautiful women who wanted to take that last dance he had to offer before his mission was over.

Everytime he got close to her, she seemed too far for him to reach.

She had already left the dance floor and headed out to the backyard of the Home the Masquerade was hosted in.

He followed her, like a child following his mother, he started running, just to reach her faster-

But he stopped.

He has so many others to dance with, yet he is desperate to share his beautiful evening with her.

Then she stopped, turned around and to look behind her, smiling at him as she took her mask off.

“Defender of Justice and the Seven Kingdoms, 707.”

Luciel took a deep breath, as he laughed. He didn’t expect the woman he fell in love with online to be the same woman who enchanted him.

He approached her, with no hesitation, he softly pecked her lips, she pulled him into an actual deep kiss, their lips moved together in a heated dance. (Ironic I know)

It felt short as the two moved away from eachother. Luciel smiled, a legit real smile, as he looked in the eyes of the woman in front of him.

“God 707 commands you to share a dance with him under the moonlight!”

“Like a soap opera?”

“Like a soap opera!”


(After surgery because lol.)

He stood, back resting on the wall behind him. He was surrounded by a small crowd compared to what was around him when the night started.

He was basically one of the hosts of the party, he had to participate in entertaining the guests as he failed doing that for a long time.

He laughed as he continued to speak about each painting displayed in this victorian-themed castle.

“Now that you have your vision, Will you be photographing soon?” A woman in the crowd asked, “I would love to see your magnificent photographs. I’m sure that I will buy one.”

Jihyun laughed, as he ran a hand through his obvious blue hair. “I’m looking for something, Something that inspires me to take pictures once more.”

It wasn’t long before the crowd was gone and before another one could come, V covered his hair with the spare cloak Zen gave him.

He said it was for disguise, and it seemed to be working well.

Jihyun had his camera in hand, it wasn’t the usual professional camera, Just a simple one with high quality pictures.

He wandered the top floor, his eyes roaming around, looking for his next masterpiece.

He headed downstairs, and Jihyun thought that he never made a choice this good.

Her night sky-colored dress was the most enchanting thing V had ever seen, but what put it’s beauty to shame, was that the woman wearing it had the beauty of a goddess.

He didn’t know who she was, but she looked heavily familiar, a faded face in Jihyun’s memory.

V walked towards her, and asked her to head upstairs, telling her that one of the hosts was taking the names of the guests.

He ran upstairs, turning around to see her, as she slowly made her way up the long brown staircase.


Her dress showed her cleaveage, her hand on the stair’s rail, her hair tied up neatly, her eyes gleaming, her other hand holding her dress up so she could move. Her mask covered her face, and she looked magnificent

V swore to himself that this was the best photo he took in a while. He took the cloak’s hood off along with his mask.

The woman giggled a little, taking her own mask off. “Ji.” She said, in the voice V can never forget.

“MC..” Jihyun gasped a little before laughing. “Would you mind sharing a dance with me, and after that a glass of wine?”

“I would love to dance, but why the wine part? If you dont mind me asking. Although I would still like an answer, even if you did mind.” She smiled as V laughed once more.

“You are my new inspiration.” He smiled as he took her hand, kissing it as he lead her downstairs.


Eyes scanning the whole room, legs as if they were walking on their own, he had his hands in his pockets, the right side of his face covered by his black mask.

He looked elegant and neat, as much as he hated to admit it.

Saeran was almost stand-sleeping, if that was a thing. He was waiting for his orders, when to move.

But then he saw it, her navy blue dress tailing behind her, Her eyes gleaming with confidence

He recognized her, she was the toy that started everything. He smirked, as he called her name.

Her head turned towards his side, she saw white hair, green eyes.

She smiled as she walked towards him. He took the hand she raised and kissed it, looking at her, his lips turned up, smirking as he parted away from her hand.

He let go of her and walked away from her, walking to wherever.

MC stood there for a second but then walked after him, following him like a lost kitten in the middle of nowhere.

He turned to look at her, his eyes darkening as he felt himself need.

He needed to touch her, kiss her, have her. His feelings could not be put into words. She was enchanting, and he can’t help himself.

He took her hand, pushing her towards him as he placed his hand on her waist, looking down at her.

He admired the way she blushed and turned her head away, exposing her neck to him.

He planted his face into the crook of her neck and whispered, “Let me enjoy every inch of you, as we dance tonight.”

Let’s just say, he forgot why he originally came to this Masquerade.

fibro!tsuna and coping of pain
  • tsuna: i have.. fibro,,
  • tsuna: basically Pain
  • therapist: i'm very sorry to hear that.
  • therapist: let's try meditation. it will help you block out the sensation of pain.
  • tsuna: will it let me blacklist my entire body
  • ...
  • hand: *blocked*
  • foot: *blocked*
  • 3 sq in piece of skin on right thigh: *blocked*
  • tsuna: you're all blocked
  • tsuna: none of you are free from sin.
  • tsuna: or pain.
  • reborn: too bad real life doesn't work that way
  • tsuna: you're blocked too.
  • ...
  • tsuna: *leg starts spasming*
  • tsuna: excuse me teacher my leg is dying i need to take a walk
  • teacher: ..shouldn't you usually rest if your leg is, um. dying?
  • tsuna, already packing up: look buddy i don't know what kind of Normal World you live in but in My world when My limbs start dying i Take A Walk
  • tsuna: bye
  • gokudera: *leaves with him. makes 'i'm watching you' gesture at teacher.*
  • yamamoto: *haha water triiiibe*
  • teacher:
  • teacher: they're not coming back are they
  • teacher: it's barely noon,,
  • ...
  • tsuna: let's play a game!
  • tsuna: it's called 'guess my pain levels'
  • tsuna: pick any number from 1-100
  • gokudera: juudaime that's kind of a, uh.. dark game to play
  • tsuna: nonsense, it distracts me from eternal death
  • yamamoto: i love guessing games!
  • yamamoto: 87
  • tsuna:
  • tsuna:
  • tsuna:
  • gokudera: you sonnuva- I DIDN'T GET A TURN I WAS GONNA GUESS THAT
  • yamamoto: haha! luckyyyyy
  • yamamoto: what do those numbers stand for anyway?
  • tsuna: how many specific points of my body are currently vying for my attention by telling me they're each undergoing the slowest most painful form of necrosis ever known to mankind
  • gokudera: oxidation?
  • tsuna: oxi-wha--
  • tsuna: i hate you all
  • ...
  • tsuna: okay but tell me
  • tsuna: how exactly does that possession thing work
  • mukuro: why are you.. asking...
  • lancia: don't remember much of it. i think it makes you black out the entire time.
  • tsuna: sounds convenient
  • tusna: i have Chronic Pain And Fatigue though.
  • lancia: ..he won't feel it? probably.
  • tsuna: alright. here's the thing.
  • tsuna: my attendance is horrible
  • tsuna: mukuro i need you to go to school for me for a few days
  • tsuna: also please adhere to this very strict sleep schedule or i s2g if you overwork my body i will find a way to transfer all the accumulated pain onto your body
  • mukuro: do i get a choice in this?
  • tsuna: are you throwing away your Get Out Of Jail Free For A Few Days card?
  • mukuro: you drive a hard bargain, vongola
  • lancia: i can't believe it
  • lancia: you've given him conflicting emotions
  • lancia: truly you are a miracle worker, sawada tsunayoshi
  • tsuna: the only miracle i wanna work is on me
  • ...
  • mukuro, in tsuna's body: kufufufu...
  • tsuna, in their mind: Stop Laughing
  • mukuro: what
  • mukuro: you're supposed to be asleep!
  • mukuro: my possession should be suppressing your conscious mind!
  • tsuna: if i can wake up from feeling like i've taken a hammer to the better part of my sternum, i can wake up from you being a creepy dick in my body
  • tsuna: Cease And Desist
  • ...
  • mukuro, in tsuna's body: yamamoto-kun, how does my hair look?
  • yamamoto: *squints for a heckuva long time*
  • yamamoto: ..looks the same to me, haha. did you do something new to it?
  • mukuro: just a small addition.. is it not noticeable? i thought it was quite clever.
  • yamamoto: ???
  • mukuro: *tries to indicate the pineapple tuft hidden among tsuna's already tufty hair*
  • yamamoto: i don't see anything??
  • mukuro:
  • mukuro: what a waste of effort.
  • ...
  • mukuro, in his own mind: get out
  • tsuna, in mukuro's body: no
  • tsuna: it's cold and wet and i am restful
  • tsuna: i have slept so much. not a single headache.
  • tsuna: kinda hard to breathe but i'm not too surprised by that
  • mukuro: the week is over and so is our deal
  • mukuro: i pranced around in your body, freaked some people out, made gokudera question his sanity
  • mukuro: your bully may have a crush on my laugh
  • tsuna: ?? which one
  • mukuro: the loud one with the sword
  • tsuna: that's a little disturbing. i'll try not to laugh like you then.
  • mukuro: ...so
  • tsuna: *whining* five more minuuutteesss
  • ...
  • tsuna: aaannnnddd now we're back to pain. pain, pain, pain. 24/7 pain. i didn't miss you. i mean, i kinda did. it's really numb without you. felt weird.
  • tsuna: kinda like i wasn't really there
  • reborn:
  • tsuna: well, it was good while it lasted
  • reborn: maybe warn me next time before i shoot mukuro dead and you with him
  • tsuna: wow that's a little drastic just because i let a known criminal who tried to kill me walk around in my body for a week.
  • reborn: your self-preservation instincts can be really ludicrously terrible sometimes you know
  • tsuna: look me in the eyes and tell me you've never wanted to be free of your own body before
  • reborn:
  • reborn: shut up and go back to sleep

ghostlymun  asked:

Seeing your discussion about season finales made me wonder: would TUE have been better as a Season 2 finale? Reign Storm could've ended Season 1 on the note that Danny was starting to slide down a moral slope. Season 2 could've started with Control Freaks and perhaps Splitting Images, discuss Danny's struggle with said moral slope with TUE showing he's descended enough to cheat on something he doesn't need to cheat on, and then scare him straight and wrap up that character arc, perhaps.

Ooh…well, since you brought it up. Spoilers for my in progress timeline, I guess!

Yes. Absolutely.

Reign Storm’s perfect for capping off season 1, and while I love season 2, it’s packed with a ton of stuff. If I had my way, I’d spread that over two seasons (with some more episodes thrown in, of course) and leave TUE as the season 2 finale and Reality Trip at season 3 (with a few changes).

That said, I’d focus more on the pressures Danny’s dealing with rather than him slipping down a slope. One of my problems with Splitting Images is that it really didn’t show Danny doing much of anything wrong. For the most part, he was just standing up to a bully, and he did less damage than Poindexter did when he was doing the same thing.

Season 1 was perfect for building up Danny’s relationship with ghosts and the town and showing him grow more comfortable with who and what he is, as well as what he can do. Splitting Images, Prisoners of Love, Public Enemies, and Lucky in Love are a few episodes that are or could’ve been great episodes about Danny learning to understand ghosts more. That’d also tie into how Reign Storm ended with Danny’s enemies coming to help him fight Pariah Dark.

Season 2 has Memory Blank, Identity Crisis, The Fenton Menace, and heck, Kindred Spirits and Flirting With Disaster. These episodes more heavily pile on the stress. One episode has him wanting to split his human and ghost halves apart so he can live his double life easier, another has him getting so stressed that he and those around him actually start questioning his sanity, Flirting With Disaster has him developing feelings for a girl who hates his ghost half, and then Kindred Spirits is just messed up. Throw in Doctor’s Disorders or another Spectra episode for good measure, because she’s an expert at making people feel hopeless.

Rather than it being about a series of bad choices, it’d make a lot more sense for season 2 to be about him being pushed to the point where he’s willing to make a bad choice like cheating. This also makes the ending a bigger deal because, while he’s been through a lot and he might feel like he’s not allowed to mess up from now on, he gains a new ally in the form of his sister.

Jazz friggin’ adores Danny with all her heart, and after TUE, the show makes a real effort to show how supportive she’s trying to be. There are mistakes made. Jazz is clumsy and inexperienced, and Danny’s temper gets the better of him. Still, the two of them always support each other in the end. That season could be more about the “coming out” part of Danny’s journey. Jazz knows his secret, now, and in Reality Trip, everyone else is going to find out, too. The Reality Gauntlet would, of course, allow Danny to choose what development sticks, but that means there could be characters whose growth mattered by that point (specifically, I mean Jack and Maddie.)

Things after that point get a bit tougher since season 3 is so short and has a lot of things people don’t like, but there are definitely some salvageable things about it that I think could work well with Jack and Maddie knowing Danny’s secret. Make Girls Night Out about Jack and Maddie trying to adjust to knowing Danny’s secret and helping their kids with what they’ve been up to. That could be a large part of why Jack’s trying so hard to make the fishing trip a good experience for his son.

I’ll talk about this all in more detail when I get to my finalized timeline, but yeah. These are my basic thoughts on all of this.

accio-the-force  asked:

Me again! Promo pic edition :) I've stared at the back of the head of whoever is answering the door for way longer than is socially acceptable (probably). At first I was convinced it was Fitz, but the longer I look the more I'm questioning if it is Alistair? The hair doesn't look quite right for FW!Fitz, but the body type strikes me as more Fitz. What do you think? Thanks again for being so awesome :)

Anonymous said:  So it looks like the Jemma/Fitz confrontation is happening in 4x20??? Also is she pointing the gun at Fitz or Alistair? I can’t tell

Anonymous said: hi!!!! i’ve just seen the promo pics and im SO excited. Any idea of why is jemma going to meet fitz’s dad???

Anonymous said:  So do you think the photos from 4x20 where Jemmas holding a gun I presume on Alistair hate happening in or out of the Framework? He’s just dressed and styled so differently than we saw in 4x18

Anonymous said:  In reference to the latest promo pic, who do you think Jemma’s pointing the gun at? (Also, thank you for all the time you spend answering these questions :))

Here we go guys!  4x20 Promo Pic Ask Round Up!

So I’ve been starting at these pictures for a few hours now, batting around a few ideas, playing in photo shop, and rewatching scenes to get the looks at the backs of peoples heads.  

First up!  WHO is Jemma pointing the gun at?

Its Fitz…Alistair….or someone left off the press release.

The first thing that jumps out at me is where they are at.  It doesn’t scream Head of Hydra for Fitz or even seem to be in Papa Fitz’s taste (I picture something more modern for them).  Next is we have seen Fitz constantly surrounded by security while he’s been in the Framework, so how was it that Jemma just walks up and knocks on his front door.  Or Alistair’s for that matter, the father of “The Doctor” would also have protection when he was out and about.  

Then I went and lightened the photo up a bit…because really we couldn’t add another light in here guys?

And then we compare the backs of heads….



I checked the guest stars and it doesn’t really match anyone on there either…maybe Burrows.  Though once again the location doesn’t make sense.  Though with this arc…we could still see a surprise or too (but no I don’t think that is Hunter).  

EARLY theories:  Bear in mind we have a ton of unknowns right now.  But it seems we are in for one heck of a twist at some point in 19.

Jemma is getting Her man back and going to give Alistair all sorts of hades while doing it. My “Its a Trap” theory is right and Radcliffe played Daisy.  

  • Those ‘safeguards’ he was talking about actually reset the the Framework and make it the happy place he intended it to be.  The “Farewell Cruel World” is literally and the “Cruel Part of the the Framework goes away.  
    • This also works if the system resets after AIDA get’s what she wants from the Framework.
    • This would also explain why some aren’t ready or are unwilling to leave.

Adding to that idea is Papa Fitz here….looking awfully ‘dad’ like there.  And a hint of Season 1 Fitz with the patterned shirt and cartigan.   Quite the difference between the Alistair we met last week.

  • If they system resets for whatever reason, and the Framework gets sunshine and rainbows, the version of Alistair we see is the father FITZ wanted to him to be.  Loving and supportive.  However the the trade off is he is still missing his memories of Jemma and the team.

Another option is there are 2 Fitz’s in the Framework.  

  • “The Doctor” was created by AIDA For Ophelia to mimic the relationship and get Looking Glass going.
  • While the ‘real’ Fitz has been off living in the country with his ideal father.  His memories of Jemma and the team are gone but he’s been relatively ‘happy’ out there.

A deal has been struck:  

  • My Papa Fitz is in cahoots with AIDA and/or Radcliffe is true and once AIDA gets what she wants she wipes Fitz’s memories again and gives him to Papa Fitz for another do over.  

Something to do with Project Looking Glass:

  • IE this is an effect of it being activated.

Finally, its a massive fake out and Papa Fitz and Jemma aren’t in the same location at all.

Other things we need to note:

  • Lil and Iain both have doubles for this episode, the only main cast members that do.  
  • Jemma is still in her Framework jacket.
  • Jemma could be one of the ones unwilling to leave, we could get a “I’m not going anywhere without Fitz” moment.
  • Jemma seems to be alone, so perhaps a parallel of Fitz’ searching for her/information on the monolith.  Daisy has left for the Real World to get to the hostages physical location.  
    • I suspect there could be some sort of loophole in play that the hostages will gave to go through the backdoor themselves to go.  Because why else would it matter if they were willing to leave.  
  • No matter who it is…Jemma’s there in order to get Fitz and the others back.

Step Up/Dance AU bc I’m sucker for those

  • Andrew, Aaron and Nicky are leaving together after Tilda died and the Hemmicks kicked Nicky out for being gay
  • Andrew is a sight when he dances, the dancefloor an only place where he feels something.
  • All three work in Eden’s Twilight and when they are not working they’re partying there

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Make Happy Starter Pack
  • Mix of comedy, deep stuff, out of context stuff, and potentially NSFW-ish sentences.
  • "Ladies if you feel me, say hell yeah!"
  • "Fellas if you feel me, say hell yeah!"
  • "Virgins, if you haven't felt a person, say hell yeah!"
  • "If you like drinking booze, let me hear you say hell yeah!"
  • "If you like smoking weed, let me hear you say hell yeah!"
  • "I can't wrap my mind around exactly why I'm here."
  • "I know you paid money."
  • "I should be funny."
  • "Look at the world. I don't know why I'm here."
  • "I would love to tell you that everything is fine."
  • "You wanna be happy... Well, get in line!"
  • "It gets old after a few minutes."
  • "Let's get this show started."
  • "I already fucked it up."
  • "Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love."
  • "You have to reject both sides of the spectrum to leave a healthy middle."
  • "Stop participating."
  • "Not a participatory thing going on up here."
  • "Did you not think I was gonna use this, idiot(s)?"
  • "It's not a prop."
  • "I've got a lot of problems in my life."
  • "I got no one to talk to."
  • "There's everyone and then there is just me."
  • "If I could change, don't you think that I'd do it?"
  • "God only knows, why he cursed me to be ________/(a straight white man)"
  • "I state my problems, other people roll their eyes."
  • "Three trips to the mall, zero _______ in my size."
  • "I've never been the victim of a random search for drugs."
  • "You can't say my life is easy."
  • "I know the road looks though ahead."
  • "Can't you just leave us alone?"
  • "Also, 'no' to the things you asked for."
  • "They are being greedy and they know it."
  • "Everyone thinks that I got it easy."
  • "Just because it's true, doesn't mean that it's right."
  • "So pull up a chair and put down your pitchforks."
  • "We still do, but it's not as fun now."
  • "If you were offended by that, it was ironic."
  • "Isn't that fun?"
  • "I meant the whole opposite of it."
  • "White guys... it's easy to be a white guy."
  • "We deserve a cheer once in a while."
  • "We invented a lot of stuff."
  • "Everything but peanut butter."
  • "Your grandkids are going to see this."
  • "Put the lights down."
  • "Their faces creep me out."
  • "I'm not perfect, ok?"
  • "Twice in a week? What is this?"
  • "Do you want to sing a song with me?"
  • "Hey, _____, guess what?"
  • "You're a (insert insult here)."
  • "So I was interrupted the other day-"
  • "Can you turn the lights off at least?"
  • "Why was it on a record player?"
  • "It's gonna outlive me."
  • "Do not give those dumb fucks any credit."
  • "It's all me baby, all me."
  • "How dare you make that joke so late!"
  • "I like poetry."
  • "Do not veer credit to people outside this building!"
  • "Two examples is enough."
  • "I'm right in the sweet spot."
  • "I could give that money to a homless person. But I don't do that very often."
  • "Tomorrow is a relative term. We're not getting there."
  • "You don't know where I'm going, so don't act like it."
  • "You're not ahead of me."
  • "I will retain the element of surprise."
  • "I'm trying to break out of that."
  • "This might not work."
  • "________, I heard you had sex with an older woman last night?"
  • "How does he do it?"
  • "I'm not honest for a second up here."
  • "I think country music gets a bad rep."
  • "A dirt road, a cold beer, blue jeans, a red pick-up."
  • "No shoes, no shirt."
  • "Sort of a mental typo."
  • "I could sing in mandarin."
  • "I own a private ranch that I rarely use. I don't like dirt."
  • "Now it's time to talk to the ladies."
  • "Good girl in a straw head."
  • "Thought it was a human woman."
  • "That is a scarecrow."
  • "I'm wanting you. I hope you're feeling me."
  • "You don't know what land you're in...?"
  • "They are lying to you, that's all."
  • "You deserve better."
  • "I'm not saying I'm it, but I'm the person that says you deserve better."
  • "It's the end of culture."
  • "We lost."
  • "How is this entertainment?"
  • "I saw a gorgeous dick. I was in a public restroom."
  • "You're not picturing this."
  • "I need to earn it."
  • "You need to earn it."
  • "There's more where that came from."
  • "Ladies, I know where that came from."
  • "You want a guy that's sweet."
  • "This ugy only exists in your mind."
  • "Guess what? You're right."
  • "If you want love, lower your expectations a few."
  • "Prince Charming would never settle for you."
  • "Just pick a guy and love him."
  • "Just pick a girl and love him."
  • "You wan't a girl that is noce, a girl that is not."
  • "A real girl, a hot girl, a really hot girl!"
  • "She's real, but last week she died."
  • "You might think you dick is a gift, I promise it's not."
  • "I won't settle for less than perfect."
  • "Deep down we know we don't deserve it."
  • "We all deserve love."
  • "We all suck, but love can make us suck less."
  • "It's the very best part of being alive."
  • "Original does not mean good."
  • "Anyone can do anything."
  • "What is it good for?"
  • "I don't want to get political..."
  • "They just liked the lights, I didn't even need to do jokes."
  • "Yeah, you like that?"
  • "Honey are you ok?"
  • "Are you drunk?"
  • "What's behind your back?"
  • "It's a jar of peanut butter. Alright? Sue me."
  • "Why are you holding a jar of mayonnaise."
  • "I'll clean it up."
  • "You'll make it worse if you try it."
  • "Who are you talking to?"
  • "You just gestured to the sink."
  • "I bought something."
  • "Sit in silence."
  • "Nothing tastes better than not getting sued."
  • "You don't want that desperate sort of cloying thing."
  • "I'm just overpaid, ok?"
  • "I sound mean and rude."
  • "Let a professional hear it."
  • "Stick your tongue in a plug."
  • "Hold your breath until it's gone."
  • "Take your pants off!"
  • "You think it's ok because I'm a dude?"
  • "You think it's ok because he is a dude?"
  • "It's over."
  • "We shouldn't fight to stay together just to fight again."
  • "We need to take a break from us to make it right again."
  • "Honestly are you fucking five?"
  • "I've got my father's temper. I'm emotionally inarticulate."
  • "I'm hurting inside, I'm trying to hide it."
  • "I thought you were lashing out in anger."
  • "I deserve better than you."
  • "Sorry, you're not what I need."
  • "What am I talking about, you know?"
  • "It's about... but for real, what is it about?"
  • "No one gives a shit about what we think!"
  • "The arrogant is taught."
  • "It's prison. It's horrific"
  • "I know very little about anything."
  • "He talked about his problems."
  • "I thought... maybe I could do this."
  • "Can I say my shit, _______?"
  • "I got lots of shit to say."
  • "I can't fit my hand insdie a pringle can."
  • "It's way too small."
  • "You think you can. I know you can't"
  • "Just... make them wider?"
  • "I wanna have a daughter."
  • "But that is priority numero uno."
  • "I don't go to the gym 'cause I'm self concious about my body."
  • "I'm self concious about my body because I don't go to the gym."
  • "Irony can be so painful."
  • "Dude, you should have warned me."
  • "No one wants to have a messx burrito."
  • "I wouldn't have gotten the _______ if I knew it wouldn't fit."
  • "I wouldn't have got half of it."
  • "I'm ok with small mistakes."
  • "I don't think that I can handle this right now."
  • "I can sit here an pretend that my biggest problems are pringle cans and burritos."
  • "The truth is my biggest problem is you."
  • "I want to please you but stay true to myself."
  • "Part of me loves you, part of me hates you, part of you needs you, part of me fears you."
  • "I should probably just shut up."
  • "You can tell them anything."
  • ""I hope you're happy."
  • "Oh, good, it's just us."
  • "If you hated it, it's fair."
  • "On a scale of one to zero, ________?"
  • "Are you happy?"
  • "But what the fuck kind of question is 'are you happy'?"
  • "Oh god, my dad was right."
  • "You're everything you hated. Are you happy?"
  • "Hey, look, Mom, I made it! Are you happy?"
  • Anontisemite: Whether or not you're willing to admit it, whether or not you even realize it, you are oppressed. I mean look at the ridiculous dress code, being forced to cover everything from toes to hair, just put on some pants already and don't wear long sleeves when it's too hot, it's not healthy! Being forced to be a housewife and bear children, you're living like it's 1950. You are supporting patriarchy and holding back feminism by adhering to a patriarchal religion.
  • Gentileproblems: I’m being oppressed by dressing how I want you guuuyyyzzzzz…. :( I don’t know how I stand it.
  • Also, literally nobody is making me get married? I’ll get married and have children because that’s what I want out of life, but those aren’t the only things I want, for crying down the sink! My ambitions won’t end the moment I get engaged, because I’m an actual human being, not a weird cause for you to champion without my say-so. Get lost, I’m not interested.
  • Anontisemite: Look honey, it's not your fault that you don't recognize your own oppression but you and other women like you need help. Religion is merely a farce created by men to control women. The feminist cause wants to help you, that's what we're here for. Of course you think you're husband will let you chase your ambitions once your married but that's not how religious marriage works. You'll be nothing but a trussed slave and that's a tragedy.
  • Gentileproblems: Can someone please tell Jacob he is oppressing me he still hasn’t messaged me back and I’m thinking this is to do with our horrible patriarchal religion.
  • Arothejew: Jacob! Young man, what do you have to say for yourself
  • Jacob-the-pianist: I'm sorry I'm male, I'm sorry I'm white, I'm sorry I'm male, I'm sorry I'm white
  • Anontisemite: Oh you poor girl. I hope one day you'll realizing how vile and silly the Jewish religion is because you need help. You could have such a full, happy life but instead you've confined yourself to misery and you don't even know it.
  • Gentileproblems: 1/10 trolling try harder next time
  • Anontisemite: I assure you I am not trolling, I want to help you and women like you. I have no problems with Jews but I do have a problem with Judaism and organized religions that inherently oppress women.
  • Gentileproblems: Kay sure… how about you help by listening to us, rather than fighting for us? I’m not feeling particularly oppressed, here. Are you?
  • Gentileproblems (general): did anon seriously think sending me anonymous messages telling me my entire culture was Wrong would make me want to convert? Oh, goyim…
  • Satirenon 1: breaking news an anti semitic anon has caused jews everywhere to decide to be atheists OH NO IT'S HAPPENING TO MEEE *all memory of anything relating to judaism in my life is suddenly gone and i am now a free un oppressed woman*
  • Gentileproblems: oh, teach me your ways, un-oppressed one! is there hope for one such as me, comfortable in her religion and proud of her people? or will i have to moulder in the cave of deluded yidden… only time will tell.
  • Anontisemite: Oh honey, I don't want you to convert. I want you to be a secular, free independent woman who doesn't rely on a misogynistic culture of lies and rules designed to keep you oppressed. Surely deep down you realize organized religion is a farce created by men? It's so obvious. If you weren't tied to a backwards culture that didn't allow women education you'd be able to comprehend better. I'm so sorry, please learn to accept help when it's extended. That is what feminism is here for.
  • Gentileproblems: white feminism has reached its zenith
  • Anontisemite: I am not certainly not antisemitic, I do not hate Jews, I want to help their women. What I hate Judaism, Islam and any organized religion. They are forms of misogynistic, systematic oppression.
  • Gentileproblems: 'I'm not raaaaaacist, I just hate these two heavily racialised religions…'
  • Anontisemite: though i too was once proud of my religion and my people i have seen the light and become a truely liberated woman 100% of anti semitic feminists agree that it is the right course of action so let go of the misogynistic tethers of religion and truely free yourself from your harmful self oppression like i did
  • Gentileproblems: assimilate and let go of your culture i a random anon know far more about it than you do
  • Gentileproblems: at the third stage, you ascend to a higher plane of existence, like on the original Stargate show.
  • Commentanon 1: i hate judaism but im teeeechiiincally not anti semitic right? -actual quote from the anon
  • Gentileproblems: i know, like how do you even rationalise that what even
  • Anontisemite: I am not antisemitic, I am antireligion. All I want is to end the systematic oppression of women inherent to Judaism and Islam. It is my life's mission and one day I hope to save all of the women like you, women who trapped and hurting and don't even know it.
  • Gentileproblems: Did you know Judaism and Islam are the only perpetrators of misogyny ever? GREYFACE TELLS ALL!
  • Commentanon 2: oh g-d of course anon doesnt include christianity just islam and judaism yet somehow aren't anti semitic or islamaphobic right? anti religion yet only against the two religions with the most hate and violence directed towards them? totally just looking out for women right?
  • Gentileproblems: i know, right? noooo bias there, no siree….
  • Anontisemite: You can still be a Jew, you can eat bagels and gettlefish and all of that, but you should be able to wear regular clothes without having rocks thrown at you, have intercourse without needing to do it through a cloth with a hole, not be forced to live separately from other people once a month. It's barbaric. Help me help you. Help me help women like you. This is going to be my career, rescuing the downtrodden women of archaic religious cults.
  • Gentileproblems: Okay, this is actually genuinely offensive. Where on Earth did you learn about Judaism, Stormfront? For G-d’s sake, choose another career at the very least- nobody will want to be rescued by you.
  • Commentanon 3: These anons today are even more ludicrous than last week's neo-nazis. Seriously talk about being so "open-minded" that your brains fall out and your mind closes again behind them.
  • Gentileproblems: Tell me about it, I have a permanent look of disgust etched onto my face by now.
  • Commentanon 4: Don't let them bother you. That one is literally a xtian-atheist religious missionary. Just treat them like you would any other xtian missionary.
  • Gentileproblems: 'Nope, I don't want your holy book… I've already got one…. it's vintage…'
  • Commentanon 5: wtf anon and ur stiiiiill not anti semitic? i'm waiting for what exactly anons definition of anti semitism is or does it even exist since how can you oppress someone who wants to oppressed or whatever they are trying to say jewish women are doing
  • Gentileproblems: it’s a horrible, horrible journey of ‘not antisemitic i swear’ and i can’t get off
  • Satirenon 2: I want to be offended but all I can focus on now is gettlefish. Seriously. GETTLEFISH
  • Gentileproblems: It’s like kettle crisps mixed with gefilte fish, I assume.
  • Commentanon 6: anon is just jealous of the way i work this super cute skirt with my bright colorful tights and that my marriage will be more emotionally fulfilling because it's not about sex all the time (it's also been proven that because a husband and wife can't have each other sexually all the time they appreciate it more when they do)
  • Gentileproblems: Oh my gosh, talk frum fashion to me! And I’ve never heard of that second point- I shall Google at once!
  • Commentanon 7: is gettlefish like non kosher gefilte fish?
  • Gentileproblems: I think this is one of those things that ‘everyone knows’ about Jews except for Jews
  • Commentanon 7: oh like hanukkah trees? (always spelled that way because fuck the original hebrew spellings lets at 2 k's for the hell of it because goyim)
  • Gentileproblems: yep, that’s totally A Thing, because judaism is christianity in a funny hat.
  • Anontisemite: I don't know what Stormfront, I'm a New Age nondenominational culturally Christian atheist Buddhist. As I've already explained to you I am not antisemitic or islamaphobic, I am anti-Judaism and anti-Islam. Goodness, I wish you were allowed an education where they teach you these things. I don't have a problem with the secular women and I want to help the poor souls who are 'religious' (rapped). It's the men I take issue with, for forcing girls with potential into little more than slaves.
  • Gentileproblems: Rapped? Did Tupac put you up to this or something? And good grief, that first sentence is the most white-goy line I have ever read.
  • Satirenon 3: help i think i actually got second hand white goy from that first sentence im dying
  • Gentileproblems: do you have a weird urge to get a backwards hebrew tattoo? we’ll find a cure, i swear
  • Satirenon 4: Before your anon I was living my life as a poor, oppressed woman, trapped by the men in my life forcing me to observe archaic rules. This, despite the fact I am a baalat teshuva who was inspired by women and doesn't actually have any men in my life. Not married and absent non-Jewish dad, but they're both oppressing me quite a lot. Thanks to the anon I've realized I can again be free. I will give up my meaningful and beautiful culture that I love. I shall eat gettlefish and run wild.
  • Gentileproblems: The sarky responses to my anons are the actual best thing. And seriously, someone needs to come up with a recipe for gettlefish, pronto.
  • Satirenon 5: for gettlefish you should first go to your local store and pick up a few things, gefilte fish, matzo ball mix, latke mix, bagels, lox, chopped liver and cream cheese (just to make sure it isn't kosher). Now go home, and get out a very large mixing bowl and put all of the ingredients into it and mix thoroughly. Place in a large casserole dish and bake until crispy and then eat because it is the single most jewish food in the world according to goyim, add some bacon if you really want to
  • Gentileproblems: That’s so disgusting I dare someone to make it
  • Satirenon 5: make it and send to the anon
  • Gentileproblems: Where do I send it? The Castle of Denial?
  • Commentanon 8: I literally can't stop laughing. They probably mean to write trapped but I prefer to think they put 'rapped' in parentheses because they want everything in that sentence to be rapped out loud as you read. Break it down now, rap about helping the poor souls.
  • Gentileproblems: lay me some tasty beats, jumblr. “I don’t like your people but I’m not racist, I swear…”
  • Satirenon 6: I think your anon is magic. I was a happily oppressed religious women but then I read everything she wrote and
  • suddenly the world is new, suddenly I am new. My curly hair became straight! My skirt disappeared and was replaced by skinny jeans! I don't know if I can handle all of this freedom yet though, not without a man to guide me. Change me back, oh powerful saviour anon! I'm not ready!
  • Gentileproblems: Please, we need you to be our white saviour! Oh, whatever shall we do?
  • Commentanon 9: What the actual fuck is a "New Age nondenominational culturally Christian atheist Buddhist"? Is that a thing?
  • Gentileproblems: Apparently so… oy.
  • Satirenon 7: HELP! I chose to practice modesty by covering my hair on holy days and I think I've oppressed myself! Already men are making me little more than a slave although I have an education and so much potential. Damn my religious choices!
  • Gentileproblems: Gosh darn it straight to heck! Deciding for yourself how you want to be seen, how dare you! That’s for the New Age Christian Buddhist whateveritwas to do!
  • Anontisemite: I'm sorry to see that you and your friends have resorted to making fun of good intentions. You may not think you need my help but me and other feminists will continue fighting for you nonetheless. I promise that one day we will create a world where you can be free from the bonds of oppressive misogynist religious law and archaic cultural traditions. You are only using negativity to lash out because you fear change, as your religion has taught you. But change is good and it will free you.
  • Gentileproblems: ngl i laughed
  • Commentanon 10: I feel like calling you honey just makes the whole thing so patronizing like stop listening to that religion that tells you what to do, I'm going to tell you what to do instead.
  • Gentileproblems: i knooow! like they don’t even know me! it’s gross as heck frankly- but i’m glad my followers are finding it funny.
  • Satirenon 8: help though im a lesbian my religion is compelling me to marry a man and become his subservient wife saaavee meeeeee
  • Gentileproblems: Must…. resist….. anon’s interpretation…. of my religion!
  • Satirenon 9: Oh..oh my goodness, my magen david necklace was sooo tight and it was choking me but that anon magically broke it and now i can breathe thank g-d or wait am i not supposed to do that anymore
  • Gentileproblems: Thank Richard Dawkins, probably.
  • Satirenon 10: anon nooo even though my religion teaches to question our laws and to change with the times it is suddenly morphing into everything you say it iiisss
  • Gentileproblems: Anon is, in fact, Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Anontisemite: Laughing is only a defense mechanism but one day you will be grateful for our movement :). There is an ever growling movement of feminist women against organized religion like yours whose mission is to save women like you. We are very well educated about Judaism and your culture and we will help you to adjust to the modern world. Misogyny and systematic oppression of women through forced dress codes and throwing rocks won't happen to you, no one will hurt you. You don't have to fear change.
  • Gentileproblems: Seriously, who keeps spreading the idea that religious women can’t be feminists? This is frankly depressing, and why we need to educate goyim to free them from their horrible, misogynistic, blinkered ideologies :(
  • Commentanon 11: It's hard to be convincing when they're sending asks on Anon. Like that's the least personal thing you could do.
  • Gentileproblems: I know, eh? When it started, I was actually pretty sure they were that ‘women don’t need feminism’ blog from a couple of hours ago, but now I’m not so sure…
  • Satirenon 11: white feminist goy barbie, she talks! you pull her string and she spouts nonsense!! (idk if anon is actually a she but like you get my point)
  • Gentileproblems: I kind of hope so, actually, because think of how much more creepy and paternalistic it would be if anon was male.
  • Commentanon 12: As opposed to cultural Christian atheist Buddhism, which is entirely disorganized.
  • Gentileproblems: *sniggering* Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the Dalai Lama very much against converts to Buddhism?
  • Satirenon 12: I somehow seem to have put on a long skirt. Someone please send a secular white "feminist" to help me.
  • Gentileproblems: I keep thinking of that Monty Python skit, you know, with the peasant shouting ‘Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!’
  • Anontisemite: Honey, you're being silly! I already have an education because in out free feminist culture women are allowed to learn. You can do it too! And of course a religious women can't be a feminist, it's the exact opposite of feminist. Religion, especially Judaism and Islam, is the source of all misogyny in the world.
  • Gentileproblems: To be honest there are so many people mocking you in my inbox I thought this was a parody. I am still not quite sure. And.. so do I? Dad’s a university professor, and I got early admission to his uni- had my first class yesterday, actually- where I’m reading Sociology and History. Also, pretty sure a good definition of feminism is that women can do as they please, whatever that means to them.
  • Satirenon 13: It's all a lie! You've been taught lies your entire life! White goyishé feminists know more than you do about the tradition you were raised in again and again for the past 3326 years. Definitely.
  • Gentileproblems: No, what are you talking about, they skim-read a Rationalwiki article once! They’re totally qualified to tell me how to live my life!
  • Satirenon 14: I'm wearing a kippah and a mini skirt at the same time. I'm only have oppressed on my mothers side.
  • Gentileproblems: :D but oppression is passed down through the mother, donchaknow
  • Satirenon 11: yeah for all you know anon is a really creepy guy looking to harass jewish feminists and give feminists a bad name
  • Gentileproblems: yeah p much
  • Commentanon 13: thats religious misogyny at work, the only true feminist religion is spiritual christian influenced combined with a bastardized eastern """"spiritual"""" religion entirely divorced from from it's actual source and rules and replaced with new ageyness and a hint of racism :)
  • Gentileproblems: 'Hey, mum and dad! I'm rebelling against you by converting to a watered-down version of a religion I barely understand!'
  • Satirenon 15: *sighs* Now I have to go tell the three female Rabbis I know personally that none of them should have received an education, because a got on the intertextuality knows Judaism better than us
  • Gentileproblems: It’s such a drag being oppressed like this, no?
  • Commentanon 14: Wtf the fuck is "free feminist culture"? I'm laughing so hard. Also kinda offended that anon is equating education with knowledge. Like a lot of people can't afford college or have learning disabilities but they're their own people, fuck off.
  • Gentileproblems: anon is patronising as heck- go ask them, I don’t know.
  • Anontisemite: Yes, I see you and the many people mocking me on your blog but I really don't mind because I know that you don't know better. I'm not a man or looking to undermine feminism - why would you even think that? You're a bit paranoid aren't you? Feminism is about female freedom and my life is dedicated to helping women achieve that. Judaism inherently undermines female freedom and that is want to eradicate it and rescue women from it. It's not antisemitism.
  • Gentileproblems: Alongside Jews, there are atheists, Muslims, and Christians mocking you. Quit while you’re… well, I can’t actually say ‘ahead’, really.
  • Anontisemite: I don't mind the mockery. I have my cause my cause is you and your fellow oppressed females or Judaism. It doesn't matter if you think you don't need it, a feminist fights for the freedom of all women no matter what. You haven't been taught this but you are woman who has value. You deserve a life without men who shame you for existing and think you have no worth except that which comes forth from your womb.
  • Gentileproblems: but… you are the only one saying this… can you save me from *you*, please?
  • Satirenon 16: for $8000 a month i will stop oppressing myself anon
  • Gentileproblems: yes please anon pay my uni fees
  • Satirenon 17: I am a Jewish feminist am I causing global warming
  • Gentileproblems: I want to make a joke about Moses and rising sea levels here….
  • Anontisemite: Oh honey, let feminism help you be truly free from the bonds of patriarchal religion.
  • Gentileproblems: we’ve been around a few thousand years, your patronising wheedling isn’t gonna stop that.
  • Commentanon 15: In all seriousness, what I find most fascinating about the anon is that for someone who claims to want to free me from those telling me what to do etc., she/he is telling me exactly what to do! For someone who claims to want everyone to be free, she/he is not allowing me the freedom to do what I want. In other words, hypocrites will be hypocrites.
  • Gentileproblems: Goyim gonna goy
  • Commentanon 16: Anon does know that Judaism is a matriarchal religion, correct? That women are revered and are incredibly valued by Jewish society?
  • Gentileproblems: what are you talking about religion is BAD forever
  • Commentanon 17: For all who are trying to say that she is not free while being Jewish is the worst thing you could say. Being free means she can choose what religion she follows. Also the Jewish faith is not oppressive I actually know a female cantor/rabbi who is amazing at what she does. You are being oppressive by telling her she can't be what she wants and saying that you are not being racist even though all your support is stereotypes and from the 1900's get with the time! Take this as a warning
  • Gentileproblems: Thanks so much, anon! I mean I’m opinionated as all heck, if I didn’t think i was being respected I’d leave, believe me.

anonymous asked:

hi I really love your writing so I was wondering if you would write anything involving the weasleys + fleur delacour. I'm sorry I don't have a good prompt :////

Thank you so much anon, and I’m so glad you like my writing! <3 I’m not sure if something like this is what you meant, but this is what ended up happening, so enjoy!

The first time she sees Bill Weasley, and she spends a good few moments just taking in his appearance. For some reason, although Fleur can’t quite tell what, this boy is alluring to her. She’s never really stressed much about appearances, being naturally flawless when it comes to the beauty department, but for some reason he’s different. It’s not until much later on in life that she realises.

The first time she meets Molly Weasley, and it’s a disaster. Fleur has never been ashamed of her beauty, but Bill’s mother is the first to make her feel like she should be. All through her life she’s had to deal with people writing her off as just another pretty face, even during the triwizard tournament which was supposed to be an opportunity to prove herself. But this- this is worse. This carried the very real fear of never being a proper member of the Weasley family.

The first time she gets an impression of Ginny Weasley, and it is not a pleasant one. She knows the feisty redhead was the one who invented the nickname ‘phlegm’ and she feels an out-of-place amount of shame for how well it caught on. Fleur hates the way she is discussed in the Weasley household, but she retaliates in her own small ways- the odd snide comment or remark to Bill about Molly’s cooking or that dreadful singer that always seems to be on the radio. It gives her satisfaction, but not for long. She’s aware of the extent to which Bill adores his little sister- it reminds her of herself and Gabrielle- and it saddens her because she knows she’ll never be able to replicate that bond.

The first time she falls for one of Fred and George’s pranks, and it is possibly one of the worst encounters of Fleur’s life. She’s still there in the shower hours later as Bill carefully brushes all of the cheese sauce out of her hair. She’s embarrassed beyond comparison, and she can’t help but notice the way the twins only get a slight reprimand for their actions, instead of one of the full blown rants that are a common occurrence in the noisy house.

The first time she has a proper conversation with Ron, and she comes to despise the way he can’t seem to meet her eyes, the sound of his mumbling voice in reply to her friendly questions. Fleur knows it’s not his fault, the way she affects him is down to her veela blood and nothing else. But she hears Bill dote on and on about how underestimated and  intelligent his youngest brother actually is, and it forever frustrates her that she can’t witness these supposed qualities for herself.

 The first time she finds herself alone with Arthur, and she’s elated. Because here, finally, is a member of Bill’s family that doesn't seem to hate her. He explains how Molly is just on the defensive side because her firstborn son is getting married and it’s a new experience for her. He lets her know that Hermione and Ginny are simply jealous- not of her beauty, but the affect she seems to have on two certain men under the same roof. He apologises for Fred and George’s antics, and informs her that Ron will grow out of his awkward behaviour eventually. Fleur feels hope blossom in her chest, and in a burst of joy, hugs Arthur for accepting her.

The first time she has dinner with the Weasley family after the war, and she finally feels accepted. She hugs Molly, and Molly immediately hugs her back, and it’s the sort of hug that says ‘I’m sorry’. She has a conversation with Ginny in the dim light of the kitchen that first night back, and it’s the type of conversation where the silence is more important than the words. She comforts George next to his fallen brother’s grave on a warm afternoon, and it’s the method of comfort that agrees to start again. She talks to Ron one morning when the rest of the house is asleep, and it’s the kind of talk that makes you aware just how smart the other person is. She thanks Arthur when they’re washing the dishes after dinner, and it’s the way he smiles at her that lets her know she’s more than welcome. 

And Fleur realises what she saw in Bill all those years ago: she saw someone who was worth the effort.

blacksheep16-3-deactivated20161  asked:

Hating It request: Stan "cockblocking" Bill b/c while he loves the fact his grand-nephew is getting some, he's kind of pissed at Bill & worried about some statements that w/out context hint at an unhealthy relationship. Dipper's chalks it up to Grunkle Stan being Grunle Stan when he suddenly orders him to do random tasks & Bill doesn't care but he gets pissed when they really do end up having sex. In the ends, Dipper is the one who ends up jumping Bill.

Well. This isn’t exactly the request. And I didn’t complete it. I might continue later. I just wanted to post something since I haven’t in a while.

So here’s what Stan was thinking for part of Faking It.

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jerdle  asked:

While you're doing lower functions, anything for lower Si? I'm ENTP, if it helps. I'm ENTP if it doesn't, too!

Hello, ENTP. Have a Doctor Who gif.

Pay more attention to your body. Try yoga, dancing, exercise (hoop dancing is a great low-impact way to learn to be graceful and coordinated – it worked for me and it’s great at toning your body) or keeping a notebook where you jot down what you ate or did and how you felt afterward. (If you can learn what causes those discomforting twinges, you’ll stop thinking you’re dying whenever you get a stomach ache from drinking chocolate milk and eating twinkies at the same time. You’re not dying of cancer!)

Take time at the end of each day to think back through your memories, experiences, conversations, and feelings in order to categorize them and process them fully, so you can remember stuff later and/or deal with things as they happen, which will reduce later periods of guilt, anxiety after the fact, or feelings you might not have dealt with. Nobody wants that crap inferior Si dragging up old stuff out of the blue, right?

Devote some time to music. Si is good at recognizing that which it knows or has experienced. If you pay attention to music, you’ll start noticing patterns and being able to recognize who composed what over time (I’ve been doing this since I was a kid – I can now pick up, say, Han Zimmer or John Williams’ musical scores within a few bars of the opening theme because I recognize the tone, tenor, and instruments they often use; I do it with voices too – I can usually know who the actor speaking is before seeing their face / reading their name, even in animated films where they’re altering their voice – it’s a lot of fun!).

Try cooking. I know it requires paying attention and your taste buds might suck just like mine (seriously, unless it’s hot / sweet / spicy, I literally cannot taste it) – but it’s a skill that you can develop over time and Si is quite good at picking out individual tastes and/or recognizing flavors once you know what they are.

Do art of some kind. Any kind. Scrapbook (you don’t have to use family photos, you know; I like to do albums for family and friends of everything I admire or love about them, and use pictures from the internet). Draw. Paint. Craft. Make cards. Become an expert at gift-wrapping with coordinated ribbons and paper or learn to spray paint art. Anything that forces you to be hands-on creative instead of intellectually creative. Try woodworking, or calligraphy, or building things, or painting murals, or coloring books with ten thousand details. You do have natural abilities to pair colors, make something look attractive, etc., if you can just train yourself to notice and/or care. (Just like I recommended for the lower Se’s – get yourself to the library and check out books on cooking, crafting, fashion, interior design, building things, etc.) The more you know about many different things, the more resources you’ll have mentally stored up to use in life.

Do something about your environment. You don’t have to live in a sparse space unless you want to. Your Si-dom cousins are terrific at stuff like surrounding themselves with the fabrics, colors, scents, music, etc., that they like. You can do it too, but you need to spend time finding out what you love and discovering all the different detailed things that exist to help you! (You can’t do awesome things unless you know about the tools that are out there to create with.) Try lots of new things. Feel fabrics. Smell candles (just not too many at once, or you’ll get a headache from over-sensory-smell stimulation like I d… never-mind). Notice how the colors in a room impact you – do you feel peaceful and calm with this color, or nervous and agitated? What do you WANT to feel in this space? (If this color gives you energy, put it wherever you want to be creative; if it makes you feel peaceful, the bedroom or reading spot might be perfect.)

Slow down. I know it’s a pain in the butt, it makes you feel like the world is moving in slow motion, but the best things take time to learn. Try lots of things, but the ones you really like, slow down and try to do them well. Si’s often learn to be really good at something by practice and watching other people to learn techniques. Don’t only watch YouTube instructional videos if you get stuck. Try them first. Try and take pleasure in the process of learning.

Get in touch with your past. If you do this, you won’t have angst later, and you’ll be less weirdly sentimental over strange things  Feel free to think about the past – voluntarily rather than under stress or a period of self-loathing. Try making photo albums, keeping records, writing stories about what happened to you and when, painting pictures to represent periods in your life, whatever strikes your fancy – anything that connects you to memories and helps you ground yourself.

Train yourself to try new things. You do this all the time with Ne, in conceptual realms – now try doing it physically. Don’t always order the same thing at that restaurant. Try something new. Paint that piece of furniture. Go a different way to class. You hate ruts. Don’t get stuck in a sensory rut.

Writers: take a scene from a movie and recreate it in writing, but without any dialogue as a writing exercise. This forces you to describe the actions of the characters, what is going on in the background, how the light looks, what’s happening in the environment. You know, those details intuitive writers miss! If you can train yourself to do this, you’ll notice more in your real-life environment too. :)

- ENFP Mod

PS: Sorry, I know a lot of these examples are kinda feminine… I’m tired.

The Signs From A Libra's Perspective
  • Aries: You guys are hilarious for starters. Always find a way to cheer me up, and even though we clash sometimes you always understand me at the end of the day. Love to explore, and I am so down to follow you anywhere. Killer sense of style, surprisingly amazing/ecclectic music taste. HARD WORKERS. When you guys zero in on something BOY DO YOU ZERO IN.
  • Taurus: My partners in crime. You guys are so deep, and I am so honored I've seen that side of you. You're two steps ahead of everyone at all times, but nobody knows except for me. Total boss ass bitches--unstoppable. When you care about someone you really care about them, but when you don't its hilarious and I live for all the shade you throw! Also the biggest underdogs who I champion 24/7.
  • Gemini: My roof in the pouring rain. Complex individuals who are so misunderstood it breaks my heart. They build up walls but boy when they tear them down for you they are AMAZING. Great listeners, always there for me, HILARIOUS. Always someone I can have fun with, so special to me. I can 1000% let my hair down with them and they can do the same with me. Has no issue telling the truth, so analytical. They have huge hearts but are so lowkey about it. Great sense of style, the greatest taste in music. They are their own worst enemies though, nobody can criticize a Gemini more than they do themselves. LOVEABLE ASSHOLES.
  • Cancer: Though they are stereotyped to be very sensitive, nurturing and that weird "uwu" type of person--I beg to differ. Every Cancer I know is a badass and very practical. Ultra snarky and sarcastic little shits AND I LIVE FOR IT. They always have something rad going on with their hair too, very rebellious. They do have a sensitive though, and they try hard to conceal it by rebelling--but I see you guys it's okay to feel that way!!
  • Leo: IS THERE ANYTHING A LEO CAN'T DO?? When I think of you guys, the quote "Anything you can do I can do better" reverberates in my mind. Leo's are the closest thing I get to a physical version of a reality check. They are the ones who bring me down when my head is in the clouds and I get too idealisitc. Confident in various aspect of life but lack that same confidence in others. Bright minds, extremely intelligent. Sometimes can be very unsympathetic, often overlook emotions. Funloving, they are the center of attention and rightfully so. Charming, know how to get what they want out of anyone. Great taste in cinema, my favorite person to debate with. ALWAYS check in on me even when I don't have the time for them, always make time for me no matter how busy and I appreciate them for it so much. Cunning, excellent orators--such cadence in their speech it blows me away.
  • Virgo: I either love you guys or I....don't. To those that I love dearly you are everywhere at once, you are more than what you fear at night in bed. Brave souls with creative minds--always thinking outside the box! Such Casanovas though like how do you guys get all the bitches??? Teach me your ways! Always listen to my advice. SO.FREAKING.ORGANIZED. Great with money, channel their emotions into their creative outlets. One with nature, really at peace when they are content with their surroundings. Very logical and objective..but not the best with understanding why they may feel a certain way.
  • Libra: Oh hey...you're me?? Awkward. What's up? Every Libra I know is a huge people pleaser. Has a hard time saying no..like a really hard time saying no. Lowkey assholes. (especially Libra guys) We're kind of on another planet sometimes, the worst texters I know but yet we're always on our phones?? Hands down THE STYLISH OF THE ZODIAC OK?? Such nerds though..take their academic careers so seriously. Either super shy--that type of kid who doesn't talk and then says something really real/ funny and everyone is like ?!!!?!?!?!? or THE LIFE OF THE FREAKING PARTY. Passive aggressive little fucks and I live for it when it isn't directed towards me. Great listeners, give you the best advice. Hate when we feel taken advanatage of...usually know when we are being taken advantage of. Fiercely loyal, flirty (WE THINK WERE BEING FRIENDLY OK) Lowkey really sad we can't save the world with our idealistic visions.
  • Scorpio: Like virgos..I love you or I...don't. Your quiet nature reassures me, but I know your emotions are like a volcano. Very hands on, dark, hilarious. Some of you come for advice and listen to me...others not so much. Introverted Scorpios are my favorites, and I live for your insight. Your passion astounds me! As for extroverted types: BE YOURSELF. I PROMISE YOU PEOPLE LIKE YOU MORE IF YOU STOP FAKING IT. Either extemely selfless or extremely selfish--a lot of extremes with you guys. Very vocal, have an issue with being wrong though. (it's ok I do too)
  • Sagittarius: SO.FREAKING.FUNNY. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. You know how to party and how to throw one even better. Amazing at whatever profession they choose to go into. Have an eye for colors, more so than anyone else. Excellent cooks, killer makeup artists. Like Geminis, they too have big hearts it just is under alot of snarkiness. Would go to the end of the earth for someone they care about. SO.FIERCE. IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. However, do NOT wrong them--you will either be dead to them or they will make your life a living hell. They are my driving force, they ask me to jump and I say "How high?"
  • Capricorn: Yes, they are hard workers, yes, they are everything the astrology stereotypes say about them. Capricorns are sweethearts but you have to go on a journey to discover this. They will only show you this side if they deem you good enough, and that is because they don't want you to hurt them. Loyal, oddly incredibly athletic??? SUCH DORKS. Deep down, they need you though, so be there for your Capricorn. When they are certain about who they are they are a delight, when they are uncertain of who they are it is a living nightmare.
  • Aquarius: Oh Aquarius....what can I say about Aquarius. Some of you are my detached weirdo alien bffs...others well damn. The only one of the zodiac who is fully capable of making me the happiest person alive or the most miserable person alive. Your attention shifts a lot, you're never forward, one minute you chase me the next I'm chasing you. We are like cat and mouse. There is a side to you only few have seen, some days I am grateful I have seen it and other days I wish you never showed me it because it makes judging every thing you do even harder. The smartest people I know, walking Wikipedias--super cool, so goofy. Someone who I would sadly go to the ends of the earth for no matter what. You bring out the best in me and the very worst in me. I wish we loved each other in the same way, I wish you loved me like I love you but I'm okay with that at this point.
  • Pisces: Misunderstood souls. Old souls who deserve the world. You inspire me to strive to help everyone all the time and to love everyone all the time. It breaks my heart to see you mistreated because you deserve to be SO HAPPY. Never lose sight of your humanity because one day you will be in a better place and you will need it. Deeply sensitive but not in the critical whiny baby way--they are extremely intuitive and are often overlooked. Brilliant writers, their pieces will move you and bring tears to your eyes. Simultaneously a cutie pie and a freaking BOMBSHELL VIXEN. LOVES SPACE SO MUCH. Empowering. I wish you loved yourself as much as I love you.

anonymous asked:

Hey... I've heard you're Mormon. But mormons believe gay people are sinners right? Don't you think love is love? Why would it be different if it was two woman? Or a trans person?

Okay first off I’m going to say this right now, we do not believe that gay people are sinners. 

Being gay is something that you cannot control, why on earth would that make you a sinner? No no no no no, I would never ever call my dear friends this. 

There are parts of our doctrine that address these things, and why we believe that you should abstain from those feelings, which I know that sounds cruel and wrong, but knowing quite a few gay LDS members who have dealt and gone through this, it’s helped me understand them and how they have come to terms with how they feel and how they can continue to be a member of our church and still be part of the queer community. They amaze me, they are so strong, probably a lot stronger than I am.

I know that I have doctrine and gospel teachings that explain why we believe that gay people should live a life of celibacy, BUT I ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT MOST PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH DO NOT HAVE THOSE SAME PERSPECTIVES THAT I HAVE. 

I am not going to hold them accountable for that. I am not

This is my religion and it’s what I believe. And my close friend who is gay and a mormon has my religious perspectives too, and he lives his life of celibacy with a feeling of peace. It has a lot to do with where we came from before all of this crazy earth stuff, and what we believe God wants us to do in our lives and how heaven is going to be someday.

I know that it seems strange and confusing, and sometimes it’s a little strange and confusing to me too. But that’s okay. Because when I pray about it, and I learn more about it, I have that feeling of peace that completely overwhelms me, and it helps me feel confident in what I believe and know that everything is going to be okay in the end. 

I know that no matter what I say, people are still going to label me as a hateful person, even though I would hope to have shown through my actions that I am not. Sharing things like this on tumblr is basically a death sentence. I know that I’m getting better every day in becoming more sensitive to those around me, and I’m a better and more understanding person than I was even last year about these kinds of topics. I know that what you guys feel IS love, and it IS valid, I hope you never think that I think you’re “faking it”.

I’m going to stand strong with my beliefs because I have faith that what I believe is true. And part of my beliefs is to be a friend to others, and be kind and show people that I LOVE THEM, and that sure does include Queer people. 

I guess this sounds really jumbled and strange, but I hope it helped you understand my thoughts a little better. 

If you want to hear some stories right from the mouths of queer members of my church, here’s a link to an official website we have: https://mormonandgay.lds.org/

Watching these videos has brought me a lot of peace and it’s helped me understand how others feel too. 

I really do love you.

Every single one of you.

Please do not ever believe that I think of you as lower or ‘a sinner’ because of these things. I do not believe that, I’m like crying right now, my heart aches thinking that some people will always think that I don’t love them no matter what I say.

I honestly pray for you guys all the time, I know how hard life can be, no matter what kind of trials we’re going through. I want you all to stay safe and feel loved. I wish I could just hold you all right now for as long as you need it, and try and heal the hurt that has been dealt to you in your lives. <3

I believe that God will judge us on how we lived, how we treated others, and how we grew as people. He has so much love for all of us, every one, no one excluded. No one at all. 

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I am so freakin ugly how will anyone ever love me and I'm not saying it being one of those girls who just doesn't see it but I'm honestly telling you I can't deal with myself even with makeup I'm ugly. No one will want me ever. It makes me so upset sis

Awwww noo :( okay i read this in the morning and for like an hour i was trying to think about what i should tell you.. theres literally so many things i want to say.

First of all, i get you. I get you because i feel the same. I was always kinda uno.. okay.. not really bothered by looks but then.. i don’t knw what happened in Ramadan.. but i started hating myself. Everything about me.. all my flaws and imperfections.. i hated it so much i didn’t even want to look in the mirror.. and its been going on for months. Everytime i see myself i pick out something new.

Why is my jaw line different on each side? Why is one eye bigger than the other? Why are my eyebrows so different? My is my whole face so asymmetrical. Whats with this nose. Why is my hair so thin??? Whats with this ugly body. Why the hyperpigmentation in random places?? Why isn’t any of me slightly okay???

These things changed every day.. and i just kept pulling myself apart and hating every bit of me.

I’m still not at a point where i’m okay with myself, but i’m slowly getting better.. why?
Because i’ve learnt that i don’t have to look a certain way to be ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ by societies standards.

Theres so many different types of beautiful. And i’m not saying this just to try and make you feel better.. its not a lie.

You don’t have to have a certain eye shape or eye colour to be beautiful. Your nose doesn’t have to be a certain shape for it to look okay. Your face doesn’t have to have a certain stucture for it be be pretty. Its perfect the way it is.

Even if its full of imperfections (like mines).. it doesn’t matter.

In these past few months i’ve been observing people.. and everyday when i look at people i mentally note things i find beautiful about them.

That lady sitting across from me on the bus? Wow. Her skin is flawless.

That girl that just walked passed me? Damn, her cheekbones looked real good.

I’ve noticed that people who are more confident with their looks, look best too. They just rock what they have and they look amazing like that. (I wish to be like that one day too)

Theres over 8 million people on earth, and so manyyyyyy different features and faces and bodies and everything… and it only recently hit me that theres more than just a few kinds of ‘beautiful’.

I think for you to love yourself first.. is the biggest issue here. Forget men. Forget a future lover. You need to be your first lover.

Look at yourself in the mirror, and find 1 thing that you like.. 1 thing your okay with. Everytime you look at the mirror.. focus on that thing. Then build it up. Add more things.. slowly.

And it doesn’t even just have to be with looks. Why should looks be the most important thing. I know if someone ever liked me.. i’d want them to like who i was on the inside.

My personality.
The way i see the world.
What i think about.
How kind i am..

I’d love.. for someone to love those things more.. because they’re the things that matter. They’re the things that last after time passes.. they’re the things people remember most. How you made them feel. How your smile lights up their world. How your eyes sparkle when you talk about something you love.

But anyway i know i rambled on quite a lot and i don’t even know if this loooong reply has a structure.. i just.. i really want you to feel better.

I don’t know who you are, but i pray you feel better. I pray one day you’ll look in the mirror and smile because you’re amazing. Your one kind of beautiful in a world wheres theres billions of different kinds of beautiful people.

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what if elain doesn't want to be mated to lucien in the book? (please please don't take this as hate i'm just so curious about this and you seemed like the best person to answer this question because you always seems to simply understand the characters in such a deep level)

Oh, this was very sweet thank you. This is also an interesting musing and, because it’s like…vaguely angsty, you’ll be shocked to learn that I have in fact considered it!!! (It’s amazing, I know) 

I think a lot of us (myself included, ahem) have gotten quite attached to this ship so we just…assume nice things are coming for it. (And I think they are, I’m sure SJM has mentioned that they do have a journey to go on together and that they will be good for each other/help each other heal) that said it doesn’t necessarily mean that Elain will accept the bond with Lucien or want it. 

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if initially she didn’t. She has no idea what a mating bond is, she has had no real contact with the Fae at all at this point (which is a big, big difference from Feyre’s Making and Nesta and Elain’s. At that point Feyre had been living in Prythian for a good few months, had gotten accustomed to the Fae, unlearned all of the things she had thought about them (remember all the myths she thought were true at the start of ACOTAR? Believing that they couldn’t lie and that if she ate their food she’d be bound to them forever, etc) Nesta and Elain don’t have that grounding and they’ve had minimal contact with Fae and you know, after the whole Hybern mess a good bit of that is pretty damn negative. 

I think the bond initially will frighten Elain, she won’t want it. And don’t forget, she’s also engaged to/in love with another person. Another person who would almost certainly kill her now if they saw her again. She’s had her entire life and future ripped away from her I can’t see her happily going, oh okay, so I have a mating bond with you? Great let’s get to know one another then get married. It’s not going to be that easy. 

Also, on Lucien’s end, I’m actually pretty sure this isn’t going to be something he’s absolutely delighted about either? For very different reasons but I mean…the last time he thought he had a mate that just ended…really well. But he’s also pretty insecure and he’s going through a fair amount at the moment and I think he might see the bond as a weakness more than anything else? He’s painted a target on an innocent girl’s back by declaring this to the world and I could see him being desperate to know more about Elain…But feeling that he shouldn’t? Feeling he should ignore this and pretend he doesn’t care because a)- other people can use her against him and that’s the last thing he wants and b)- he likely feels that he doesn’t deserve her. 

So there’s a lot going on in there for them both to overcome before we get to the adorable fluffy let’s walk through the gardens and giggle together stuff. Elain needs to learn more about the Fae, herself, come to terms with her Making and the consequences, namely her shattered marriage and former life and understand exactly what this bond does and does not entail. Lucien…dude Lucien just needs a hug and a lot of help okay, let’s not go into that too extensively I’ll start crying and that’s not the point of this. 

To consider the angstier and bigger picture of this ask (which I feel like was the intention?? I’ve just been putting it off with small scale stuff) what if Elain comes to terms with her Making, her lost relationship, the Fae, all that jazz, meets Lucien, thinks he’s perfectly fine but doesn’t want a bond with him? I think that’ll be okay (no it won’t I’ll be sad and cry my eyes out) But what I mean is…I don’t think Lucien would ever, ever force it on her? 

I don’t know dude, I love Lucien like A Lot we know this but I just…I really can’t wrap my head around him forcing her into a relationship she doesn’t want because, because the bond. I think Lucien has been in too many unhealthy, forced relationships himself to use any of those tactics on Elain. I think he’ll want to know her and want a relationship with her but if she doesn’t that’s her choice (and tbh he probably wouldn’t blame her. the small ginger child has the self esteem of a pancake that’s been run over repeatedly by a double decker bus) 

At the end of the day I think he’d just want her to be happy? And if that’s with him then he will spend every single day of the rest of his immortal life however long that may be trying to make her happy…But if it’s not…That’s alright, as long as she’s safe and loved and happy that’s all he really cares about at the end of the day? I think it’ll be her choice at the end of the day. If she doesn’t want them he’ll understand and he’ll let her go. I think it will be hard for him and upset him but…he’d let her go. 

(However, for the sake of my…you know…general sanity because we all know I’m attached to this fic…I have a feeling these two would find their way back to each other anyway? Maybe they’re not quite ready at the moment as things stand. Elain has just been Made and lost someone she loves in an awful way and Lucien is just…A Mess. So maybe it’s not the right time. But they are mates. And I also think they’re suited to each other? (look I ship this more than life itself WE KNOW THIS) but…they really do work?

 They balance and compliment each other and I really do think they’d be good for one another. Elain for showing Lucien that gentleness and innocent, guileless love he’s never really known…and Lucien for helping encourage Elain, bring her out of her shell, never underestimating her and the things she can achieve and making her more sort of active and less passive about life passing her by, unlocking her passion and her fire and revelling in her quiet strength and just…Look, what I’m saying here is I think that even if Elain didn’t want the bond when they first meet…or months down the line…or even decades down the line…these two are immortal and…for me there’s something oddly inevitable about them? And I just…think they’ll find a way to be with each other in the end because that’s what’s right for them.) 

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im a teen lesbian and im having a really. really. hard time caring about lbpq solidarity rn. like, i love the idea and everything but i'm so exhausted. i'm seeing bi adults on here call themselves gay/lesbians + when i reach out to them and let them know that they're making my life harder to live they dismiss everything i'm saying + go on to talk about lesbophobia like its their place (which doesn't mean bi/lesbian women dont have overlapping experiences but its called lesbophobia 4 a reason).

i’m just really angry and hurt and i wish people didn’t used homophobia to bolster their arguments against biphobia (not that it actually works because all sga ppl are harmed by homophobia, but the “legitimacy” of the argument is because it appeals to larger social ideas about lg ppl and in general str8 ppl gobble this shit down bc they want us exterminated tbh).

idk if you sent this because you want advice or just wanted to vent or what but i’m going to assume you don’t mind getting the former otherwise you wouldnt’ve sent it.

first of all you have every right to be angry and hurt. you’re not a bad person for not tolerating homophobia, regardless of who it’s coming from. that said, your view of bi and pan women is clearly becoming skewed in a way that’s harmful both to them and you. which, tbh imo, is absolutely unavoidable if you spend a good amount of your freetime involved in or watching The Discourse. not because bi/pan women are a well of neverending evil, but because you’re literally searching (or watching people search) for homophobic bi/pan women, purposely, to fight or ridicule or whatever. you’re basically conditioning yourself to hate us. (of course you may not be involved in lbpq tumblr at all and it’s just spreading in which case ignore those last few lines)

the point is, your perception is messed up and not at all aligned with the reality of bi/pan women, so you have three choices:

  • you can do what most people would do and try to justify it to yourself, which is a terrible decision and will only make you more frustrated at The State Of Things while also having the fun side effect of hurting bi/pan women
  • you can do absolutely nothing and either end up hating bi/pan women anyways or having a change of heart or just staying frustratingly middled forever depending on where life takes you. i call this “the mystery ball”.
  • or, and this is my fave one personally, you can make a conscious effort to try and fix it. 

choice #3 is a lot harder than the 1 and 2, but a lot more rewarding and will lead you to the Solidarity u seek. or at least it will in your personal life. take huge step back from the discourse or however you’re finding all this infighting, or at least start examining it and your + the people around you’s reactions to it. would what’s being said be acceptable to you if it was a bi/pan woman talking about lesbians? would you feel comfortable with the idea that a bi/pan woman thinking the same thing about lesbians that you or your friends/mutuals/whatever do about bi/pan women? do you consider bi/pan women’s issues and opinions on homophobia as important as lesbians? are you having interactions with bi/pan women outside of fighting with them? basically, look for double standards. i guarantee you will find them.

on the other hand, remember that the block feature is your friend and is always available to use consistently but wisely. block people who use the word monosexual, or downplay lesbophobia, or have said one too many iffy things, or are speaking on things they have no right to speak about, or have lesbophobic friends, or have made you feel bad for being a lesbian. learn your boundaries and enforce them, but always make sure you have a clear reason for it before you do it. it’s a good way to make sure you’re not heading down to the “bi/pan women talking make me uncomfortable” path.

this got way longer than i wanted and you’re probably not gonna read it all, but w/e. good luck buddy, i’m rooting for ya.

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MY DUDE prom is this saturday so i'm getting those prom feels so guESS WHAT HEADCANON ITS TIME FOR! KLAPOLLO PROM NIGHT!!: apollo gets a rental tux that doesn't fit quite right so he looks a little out of place next to the stunning and fabulous klavier but klavier doesn't give a single fuck and is a total sap with his boyfriend. apollo gets overheated easily, so he and klavier have to step out to cool off and eat cookies and fruits a lot and they chat for a while then head back in


  • klavier and apollo are close friends during the run up to prom and they’re not together, despite the fact they’ve been romantically interested in each other for a long time, and neither of them want to take the first step to ask each other because they don’t want to ruin the awesome friendship they have and make it weird for clay, because he’s close with the both of them
  • it’s a couple of weeks away and neither klavier, apollo or clay have asked anyone, although they’ve both turned down quite a few offers each. they’re sitting around together and watching people plan detailed parties to ask their partner, seeing people who have already asked each other walk around holding hands, and clay finally puts down his drink and says “are neither of you asking anyone???”
  • apollo says no, and klavier who’s in agony wanting to ask apollo says maybe, and after a little bit of gentle teasing and prying to try and get klavier to ‘fess up’ clay eventually turns around to apollo and asks if he wants to go to prom with him, as friends, so they won’t be alone when klavier asks his date
  • klavier is SCREAMING INTERNALLY and he almost does externally when apollo says yes, and they immediately settle into jokingly trying to match their ties and apollo reminding him this is fancy and a one in life time thing, so he’s going to have to brush his hair for this while klavier’s suffering to one side
  • apollo only accepted because he didn’t have the guts to ask klavier, and he has literally no idea that klavier wants to ask him, and for like a straight week klavier’s suffering because he knows they’re only going as friends but he wanted the opportunity to treasure apollo, make him feel good
  • this goes on for like a week and klavier’s getting a little snappy and defensive whenever anyone tries to ask him about his wannabe date and people eventually back off even though they’re super worried about him now, but one day clay corners him coming out of class when apollo’s off school sick and asks “you wanted to ask apollo, didn’t you?”
  • klavier tries to deny it but clay’s adamant he’s right so he eventually admits it, and clay is just “jfc gavin go ask him, he wants to go with you and only went with me because he thought you weren’t interested” and he ends up annoying klavier about the whole thing until klavier finally tells him he’ll go to apollo’s after school and ask him
  • turns out apollo ‘human disaster’ justice has a chest infection and he sounds like absolute shit and he’s coughing and wheezing to the extent klavier’s worried he’s going to die, but he still greets klavier warmly and smiles at him when klavier brings him all the notes and homework from his classes and a lil slice of apollo’s favourite cake from a bakery apollo frequents 
  • klavier stutters over his own words and wastes a lot of time because he knows apollo’s adoptive mother and his siblings are in the house with them and he knows he’s going to make a fool of himself, but he eventually stutters out “prom?”
  • apollo misunderstands and tells him he’s be okay for prom, it should be gone in like a week, and he still has to get his tux with clay and he’s gonna rent it because he can’t really afford to buy and klavier cuts him off with “nein, will you go to prom with me?”
  • apollo stares at him and mama justice who was literally just in the next room is like !!!! OOOH MY GOD
  • cutting a long story short apollo has to apologise to clay for cancelling on him and clay refuses to hear it because he knows klapollo is as cute as heck, and klavier ends up getting a nice as hell tux and tries to convince apollo to let him buy him one but he sees how expensive it is and he refuses point blank
  • apollo looking cute as heck in his tux tho, imagine it. he thinks they look odd together, with klavier’s height and elegance and apollo’s lack thereof, but klavier refuses to hear it and insists he looks amazing
  • apollo shyly asking what this all means like “so, are we…boyfriends, or?” and he’s so shy and hates the fact he asked but klavier grins down at him, puts a hand over his and says “if that’s what you want. it’s very much what i want”
  • it’s absolutely what apollo wants
  • cut to actual prom night and it’s roasting and apollo’s dying in the heat of the crowd of students and asks to get away from it all, so they go out and try to cool down for a bit before heading back in, and they have a great time with clay and his cute little date he eventually found, but apollo gets overheated so easily he asks to step out again
  • and klavier grins at him and says the breeze when he’s on his motorcycle will cool him down in a second and apollo point blank refuses to get on until he finally gives in and says “fine, but go slow and take me somewhere nice or i’ll kill you”
  • saying their goodbyes to clay for the night and klavier taking him down to a tiny little late night cafe he knows and they end up sharing a huge plate of chips and drinking ice cream milkshakes and apollo’s much happier away from the noise and heat alone with klavier
  • later in the night, klavier takes apollo off to one of the local lovers lanes and he finally realises how screwed he is that he brought his motorcycle- he wishes he could cuddle up with apollo in the back seat and enjoy the rest of their night with the blankets over them as the chill creeps in but fool he is, he took his damn bike instead
  • instead klavier lays out his jacket on the grass just a lil way away from his motorcycle and apollo without complaint lies next to him and rests his head on his chest, listening to the slow, relaxed pace of his heart
  • it’s a clear night and eventually cold as hell, but they stay out there for a long time with apollo pointing out the stars but almost falling asleep and klavier is dying over how adorable and perfect the night has been
  • apollo’s mother didn’t give him a time to be home by because apollo’s usually such a good boy, but he starts worrying about her so klavier drops him off home (going slow so he can enjoy the feeling of apollo clinging to him) and apollo doesn’t want the night to end either, so he fumbles a lil getting off and looks at the ground and shyly asks if klavier wants to spend the night, not like that, not anything sexual, but if he wants to stay he’s more than welcome
  • klavier might not have any family and would just be going back to his empty apartment and he doesn’t want to do that, he wants to stay with apollo, so he accepts and tries not to wake everyone up in the entire house as they tiptoe up the stairs
  • klavier borrowing some of apollo’s older clothes and being so pleased that he’s going to smell like apollo in the morning and he has literally the best night’s sleep he’s ever had because apollo was there, and apollo leaned forward and kissed him sweetly and chastely and thanked him for the perfect night
  • i screm