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Following You in the Dark

Premise: After Sam and Jess drag him to a private ballroom dance lesson, Dean decides to try dancing, intrigued by the instructor, Castiel, and Castiel isn’t at all deterred by the fact that Dean is blind.

Word count: 2,700

The retinitis pigmentosa that Dean had been born with hadn’t been too much of a problem growing up. He’d needed to wear prescription sunglasses all the time for the photophobia and his peripheral vision had been nonexistent, but he could still see. And then the disease suddenly sped up its degenerative rate. He’d been sixteen when he’d gone completely blind. Now, he was nearing his thirties and didn’t know what to do with his summer since his brother, Sam, had convinced him not to teach summer school this year. Sam had insisted it was so Dean could enjoy his break, but Dean was 90% sure his brother just wanted him to help plan his and Jess’ wedding.

“C’mon, get up,” Sam said somewhere near Dean’s left. By the volume and reverberance of his voice, he was standing in the living room doorway.

Dean’s hand paused over his book. “Why?”

“Jess and I have a ballroom dancing lesson tonight, and we’re not leaving you here alone.”

Dean grimaced. “I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself for an evening.”

“Yeah, but I’d be more comfortable if you came with.” Sam sounded apologetic, but maintained an authoritative tone that irked Dean.

“And why should I care what makes you comfortable? You have to give me more incentive than that.”

Sam let out a sigh, and judging by its volume, he was exasperated. “The dance instructor is hot.”

Dean’s brows rose. “That’s nice, but if you’ve forgotten, I’m blind.”

His voice, according to Jess, sounds like sex and honey wrapped in smoke.”

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'Opposites Attract'

requested by teenagedorkbags

summary: with Ashton blind and me deaf we never thought it could ever work, but he wouldn’t stop trying

warningif you liked ’I See You’ you’ll love this (also it’s really long)

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anonymous asked:

(1) We know jimin is a pure little angel in group. He taking care of members and always put them first before himself. So I have this prompt – the members take jimin for granted. Only looking for them when they’re in trouble, stress or wanting something. Other than that, jimin was invisible in group, always left behind, and they always put the blame on jimin.

(2) Until one event happened to jimin, that make them realized that they need jimin more than just a broken toy, and they love them. Jimin actually their precious gem (in jungkook case, its romantic feeling) /bc im jikook trash. HahaXD

Until i break (I promise I’m fine)

Pairing: very slight ot7 with a bit of Jikook. Mostly Jimin centered.


Park Jimin was a people pleaser. Everyone knew that, and that was why he usually put people before himself, throwing away his feelings in sake of other’s and that is also why people always used him for their selfish needs. He was too nice for his own good, which resulted in him feeling empty and used by the end of the day.

Jimin loved his band members. He really did, he would do anything for them wether it was a small thing or a big problem, he was always there for them. But soon the members started using him for their own selfish needs, only giving him attention when they needed help or advice, otherwise he was invisible. Jimin thrived off of the attention they gave him, although it was only for a short while.

He couldn’t say no, afraid to see the disappointed and almost angry expressions they would give him, Jimin didn’t want that especially when he was the last one to join. He wanted to be at least helpful in some way and if this was it, then so be it.

But he couldn’t help but feel lonely and sad when no one needed his help. No one wanted to hang out with him, considering he was the last to join the group and made them debut later than expected. Still, all he wanted was someone to talk to, was that too much?

It had been a hectic week, with promotions and shoots, preparations and practices, it wasn’t long until the members started using Jimin for their own needs, but no one wanted to help him. It was unfair.

Jimin! Help me with the choreo!”

Jimin! Can you do my homework for me? I’m too tired!”

Jimin! You need to come with me to the gym! We can’t have you gaining weight again!”




Jimin was tired. He just wanted to give up, but he knows that if he did then he would lose his career, he didn’t want that. Why can’t they notice him? Was he that invisible? Does he not matter? It had been so long since someone asked him how he felt. How he actually was doing. Hell, it’s been so long since he’s had someone to talk himself out with, someone who listened and understood him. He’s been under so much pressure and there was no one to help him through it. It was unfair.

Everyone was in the recording studio today to finish the song Yoongi and Namjoon had been working on for a good while. Jimin usually never liked to record because everyone would always point out every little mistake he did, which resulted in longer hours and agitated members, but today he dreaded it. Simply because he was hoarse because of all the performances they had done this past week, and hoped and wished that it would take extra long for Seokjin to be done so that he wouldn’t have to go into the booth, but of course not. Seokjin did perfectly as always and in no time it was Jimin’s turn. He gulped when Hoseok called his name and slowly stood up, aware of all the eyes on him.

He wanted to tell them that he couldn’t sing today, let alone speak, but the look Yoongi and Namjoon were giving him made Jimin forget about the thought as he knew the responses wouldn’t be positive. He sighed and shook his head when the oldest member merely glanced his way before leaving the booth and slowly put on the headphones on.

As he nervously waited for the music to start, he looked out of the glass window of the booth where he could see everyone staring at him, waiting for him to make a mistake as if they already knew. Intimidated, the petite male was about to look down when he met a pair of eyes that showed reassurance. He found out that the eyes belonged to the youngest and his face almost showed the same feelings Jimin was feeling right now. When the taller noticed him looking he gave a nod and a small smile as if to say ‘You can do this Hyung’ and jimin quickly looked down, surprised by the comfort he felt. What did he mean by that look? Was he imagining it? He probably was…Focus Jimin.

His nerves amplified when he heard the music and tried to concentrate and focus on controlling his voice, but when he opened his mouth he knew that his efforts would not payed today. His voice cracked as soon as he tried to sing his first line, breaking at the end and he stopped immediately, shocked by noise he made even though he already knew what the outcome would be like. He cleared his already hoarse voice and whispered an apology, face becoming slightly red as he saw Taehyung give and amused smile and Yoongi shaking his head before restarting the track.

By the third time Jimin was positively mortified and couldn’t look up to see the other’s expressions. He was sure they were laughing at him and he just wanted to get this all over with. He was startled when he heard the second oldest member scolding him trough the microphone.

“Yah, Park Jimin! What’s wrong with you, can’t even deliver one line. If you don’t get yourself together then we’ll end this right here, got me?”

Jimin nodded quickly as he tried to push back the tears. He was so embarrassed and frustrated, it was worse when he heard Hoseok and Taehyung talking about him. Why can’t he sing? People has had it worse and been able to do it, why can’t he?

The session ended quickly when Namjoon decided that would try again tomorrow after the orange haired male still couldn’t get the lines out his mouth. He gave a shaky breath when he saw the disappointed stares from everyone but one. Jungkook was the only one with a pitying gaze before he turned to leave the studio with everyone else. Jimin could only sigh.

It had been a week and his voice was still hoarse but on top of that, he was also sluggish during dance practice. He hasn’t slept for two days and it was taking a toll on him. He’s been yelled at and ignored as always, he hasn’t had any alone time either, considering that there was always one member who “needed” him.  It was always this or that and Jimin slowly felt his breaking point reaching faster than he could utter a ‘sorry’.

Jimin your voice has only gotten worse, you need to go to the hospital, or this won’t work.”

I-I’m fine teacher…”

No Jimin, you need to go. Now.”

I can’t…”

And why is that?”

Because…It’s not that big of a deal.”

This could be a serious infection and it could get worse if you ignore it Jimin.”

I’m fine.”

A sigh was heard.

I promise.”

Jimin are you resting well?”

Yes. Why?”
“Your moves are not as powerful as they usually are.”

I’m sorry, I’ll be better.”

That’s not what I’m saying. You need to rest and eat properly.”

Teacher, I’m fine.”

A sigh was heard.

I promise.”

Jimin was laying down in his bed looking up at the ceiling, everyone already asleep since a long time ago. He couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard he tried. His thoughts were plaguing his mind as he tried to find solutions to give a better performance. He knows about the looks he gets, but he’s so tired. Today was busy and stressful for him, Hoseok wanted him to stay back in practice but soon gave up on the small male when everything was going nowhere. Jimin didn’t mean to, but he was overwhelmed by all the orders the older barked at him and tried to listen but his mind was somewhere else. He felt shame creeping up on him when the older dancer just walked out of the room muttering something about him being slow and annoying, leaving Jimin standing there confused and embarrassed. Then Seokjin needed to talk and complain to him, something the members did daily, but the older got mad when the younger couldn’t utter a response for the life of him and walked out of the room, annoyed. Jimin could only sigh.

It seemed like his breaking point had already reached him.They were in the recording studio again where Jimin still had to record his parts. He started feeling dizzy and lightheaded, but tried shaking the feeling away. It was when he opened his mouth that he felt himself falling before everything went black.

Everyone saw and heard the loud thud when he hit the floor. Everyone witnessed it yet no one did anything out of shock. It wasn’t until the youngest ran and ripped the door to the booth open where everyone went into action. Namjoon already had the phone to his ear, calling for help while Jungkook lifted Jimin up and felt even more concern and dread in him when he could lift the small male way to easily, before he gently put him on the couch nearby. The members were crowding around him, yelling his name and tried to shake him awake but to no avail which resulted in more panic.

It was then where everyone felt the guilt and despair creeping up on them alarmingly fast, wishing that they noticed the the small male sooner, wishing that they’d help him sooner. Tears of guilt were running down Taehyung’s and Hoseok’s face. They could have prevented this, they could have helped him. But they were too selfish to notice anything, oh how everyone wished they could rewind time right now.

Jungkook felt himself becoming angry. He was angry at himself, he was angry the members. They weren’t aloud to act all sad pitying now. Not when it was their fault. Jimin deserved more, why didn’t he do anything? He was coward, always wanting to be close to the petite male but never had the guts to. He could have prevented this from happening but he was a coward that saw the world with a blind eye.

“It’s all your fault!” He yelled. The members stared at him in shock, everything quieting down. He glared at everyone in the room before continuing. “This is all your fault! If it wasn’t because of you all only caring about yourselves, then this wouldn’t have happened!”

No one could answer back.

He slowly fluttered his eyes open, closing them again for a moment when all he saw was unbearable brightness. He decided to open them again, squinting for a moment until he got used to light and looked around, confused. Where was he? This wasn’t his room, nor was this his bed. It didn’t look like a hospital, that was for sure. It wasn’t until he saw the youngest member sitting beside the bed, sleeping in what looked like an uncomfortable position with his head on the mattress, that he finally noticed that he was in the leader’s and the youngest’ room.

He slowly sat up, feeling a headache coming on and groaned, putting a hand to the side of his head in an attempt to lessen the pain. His movements woke the taller male as he fluttered his eyes open before immediately sitting up and crushing the older one in a tight hug.

“You’re awake! God, finally!”

Jimin felt weird. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to hug back or not, it’s been long since he felt someone wrap their arms around him. Jimin wasn’t sure if he minded it.

He wanted to pull him back when the younger male broke the hug, already missing the warmth but decided against the idea. He was surprised he he felt Jungkook holding his chin gently in one hand and the other one stroking his side. Jungkook seemed to notice it as he sighed before explaining everything that happened and he slowly started to remember as he looked down, not wanting to see the other anymore.

“Hyung I’m so sorry, we all are. We never meant for this to happen, and I know that this apology isn’t enough-”

He was cut off when he felt a light weight pressing into him and looked down to see the older member burying his face in his chest and felt tears soaking through his shirt. He sighed and tightened his arms around Jimin before giving a shy kiss to his head and placed his on top of the smaller’s. “Promise me that you won’t hide anything from us anymore.”

“I promise.”

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The End of The World

Submitted by: http://hell-if-i-know13.tumblr.com/ 

Jeremy sits down on the couch, grabs the remote and turns on the TV. He flips through his recorded shows and clicks on Doomsday Preppers. It’s his favorite show. He’s gotten a lot of great ideas for his bunker from this show. He had just begun to start the third episode when his phone rings.

Jeremy ignores it. He hates having his show interrupted. So he lets it go to voice mail, when it starts to ring again. 

What the hell- I’m not answering it, he thinks. 

On the 3rd call he finally looks, and it’s his girlfriend, Sarah, who never calls him while she is at work. 

‘What’s up, babe,’ he answers. 

'You need to call Adam- he’s been trying to call you.’

'Why?’ Jeremy asks.  

'I don’t know all the details- Adam was pretty hysterical when he called me. All I know is that he’s coming to get me and we’re coming over,’ Sarah replies. 

Must be serious, Jeremy thinks. 'Um OK, I’ll call him and find out. Be safe, baby, I love you.’

'I love you, too,’ Sarah replies. Jeremy hangs up the phone and calls Adam. 

'What the fuck is going on, man?’

'You were fucking right, dude- shit’s going down. All those times we’d made fun of you and that damn bunker, and now we’re actually going to use it,’ Adam exclaims. 

'What the hell are you talking about, Adam?’ Jeremy asks, and switches to regular TV to see if he can find anything. 'I’m watching TV right now and I’m not seeing anything, Adam.’

'And you won’t! I’m not supposed to know, I was just in the right place at the right time. I was walking past two generals who were talking, and I heard them say that North Korea and Russia have both launched nuclear missiles at us,’ Adam replies. Adam is in the army reserves and is a mechanic on a base. 

'No way, you’re messing with me, Adam. Really funny- get the crazy bunker guy all worked up.’

'Jeremy, I’m dead serious. I’m driving to pick up Sarah right now. Get your ass in the bunker and wait for us. Don’t let anyone in there either. I remember the secret knock so you’ll know that it’s us.’

'OK dude- you got it. You two be safe, damn it. You two are really my only friends,’ Jeremy replies.  

He then runs to put on some clothes and grab some supplies from the house, before running to the bunker. He gets in, shuts the door and locks it. He then sits and waits for his best friend and girlfriend to get there. 

Hours have gone by and they still have not showed up. He can’t help but think the worst. He tries to get his mind off of them by taking inventory of all of his food and water. It worked, and he gets lost in the work. He decides that he has enough food and water for a year for all three of them. Right before he’s about to finish, he hears a banging on the door and runs over. 

'Who is it?’ he yells. 

'It’s Adam and Sarah. But don’t open the door. The radiation has spread- it’s already here!’

'What- no way! I’m going to let you in!’ Jeremy yells.

'No!!’ They both say. 'You’ll let in all the radiation and we all would die. We’re going to go back to my military base and see if they can help. We’ll come back and get you whenever it’s safe. We love you, Jeremy.’

Jeremy falls to the floor crying. 'I love you guys, too.’


Months go by, and the pain of losing his friends begin to pass. He keeps himself busy by reading and watching movies. He can’t help but wonder what’s happening on the outside. He occasionally walks to the door and puts his ear to it, but hears nothing.

Two years have gone by and the loneliness is starting to set in pretty hard. He wants to go out but is too scared. He just sits there, thinking about his friends and wondering.

It’s about three years and his supplies are running low. He has about a week’s worth of food and water left if he rations it. Jeremy had stocked up on food and stored what couldn’t fit in his bunker, in his basement. He had a special room built that was dug into the wall with a door looked like a shelf full of junk.

He had enough food for him and his friends. But since his friends had never made it, he ended up having enough food for 3 lonely years. Just thinking of his friends makes him sad. He decided that it’s about time for him to go out of his protected bunker. Jeremy puts on his bio-hazard suit and puts the mask on. He grabs his AR 15 and pulls the slide to put a bullet in the chamber. He clicks the safety off, takes a deep breath in and exhales.

He turns the wheel and slowly opens the door. He peeks out and the outside looks clear. He swings the door open, and the sun beats down on his face, blinding him for a minute. 

Oh how he has missed the sun. He wishes that he could have spent more time outside before all this had happened. He stands there and soaks up the sunlight. He looks around and nothing has changed. He had expected the grass and trees to be dead, but looked just like it did three years ago. 

OK, Jeremy thinks, let’s get this done. I don’t know what can be out here- maybe I could be attacked by zombies. Jeremy laughs out loud at the thought of that. 

He makes his way across the yard and slowly opens the back door to his house. He raises his AR to his shoulder and checks the rooms on the bottom floor. When it’s all clear, he heads to the basement and clicks his flash light on before shining it at the door. He walks over, puts the combination in and the door clicks open. All of his supplies were still there, untouched. He starts to fill his bags up and takes the first load to his bunker. He heads back in a few more times, and finally has the last bag loaded.

Jeremy heads back upstairs and is about to leave when he passes a picture of his friend, Adam. He grabs it off the wall and throws it into his bag. He then decides to go into the living room to get a picture of Sarah. He finds one and stares at it until a tear runs down his cheek. He loved them both so much. 

He turns around and starts to head for the door when he hears a noise upstairs. He stops to listen and hears something again. He puts the picture in his bag and sets the bag by the door. He makes his way upstairs very quietly as he doesn’t know what it could be. He doesn’t want to scare it away, in case it’s a person. Hopefully they would have some news on what’s going on. Or if it’s a bad person, he doesn’t want them to have the upperhand and shoot him as he opens the door. Or, it could be an animal and if it doesn’t look sick from radiation, it would be nice to have fresh meat. 

He gets to the top of the stairs and reaches the spare bedroom. He turns the knob and slowly opens the door. He raises his rifle and steps in, before swinging to the left, then right. 

Nothing. He steps out of the room and walks to the bathroom. He looks in, and it’s empty.

He makes it to his room and hears something move. He turns the door handle and opens the door. He scans the room and sees something that looks kinda big under the blankets. 

Sweat is pouring off Jeremy’s forehead as he reaches down and grabs a handful of blankets, before quickly pulling them off. 

And he sees it. 

Jeremy stumbles back until he hits the wall. 

Adam and Sarah both sit up in the bed. Jeremy takes his gas mask off and stutters, 'What? How?' 

Adam looks at him, 'Fuck, we figured that you would have killed yourself in that bunker by now.’

'What’s going on?’ Jeremy yells. 'Have I been in that fucking bunker for the past three years for nothing?' 

Adam starts to talk, 'We had to figure a way of getting you out of our lives. We were tired of defending your sorry ass. People are always making fun of us for having the crazy-doom’s-day friend and it was embarrassing. Me and Sarah only had each other and we grew closer and fell in love. So, we came up with this end of the world thing so we could get you out of the picture. And what perfect way to do so, than your damn bunker. We figured you would have killed yourself by now.’

Jeremy pushes his body off the wall, raises his AR,  and puts a bullet into Adam’s head.

Sarah screams, 'Please, Jeremy, no! I wanted to come and tell you but Adam wouldn’t let me. Please believe me.’

Jeremy lowers the gun and walks over to Sarah. He bends over and gives her a kiss. 

'Oh, thank you, Jeremy. We can start over. We can hide his body and be together.’

Jeremy turns around, walks over, picks up his gas mask, turns around and looks at Sarah. He raises his AR and puts a bullet in Sarah’s head.

'I really wish my friend and girlfriend had survived the attack,’ he says. He puts his gas mask back on, walks downstairs, grabs his bag of supplies and walks outside. He stops and looks up at the sun.

I hope that within the next three years it’ll be safe to live out here again, he thinks. He walks back into the bunker before shutting and locking the door.

Credits to: http://hell-if-i-know13.tumblr.com/

Though My Eyes are Dark, Yours are Bright

Have I mentioned that I love College AU’s? Because let me say, I love College AU’s so very much. And what started as like a 900 word angsty drabble morphed into this, and I’m not the least bit sorry about it. I feel that now is also the time to admit that Kuro is channeling me super hard in this fic, and I stand by what he says.

Characters: Licht, Hyde/Lawless, Kuro/Sleepy Ash, Snow Lily/All of Love

Summary: What starts as an attempt to relieve boredom on a Friday night quickly spirals into an examination of friends, family, and what the college experience truly is.

Warnings/Notes: Language, College AU, Theater Nerd Hyde, Blind!Licht, Nerd crushes

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anonymous asked:

Hey girl ! Love your blog, keep your hard work ! I wanted to request a love at first sight imagine with Loco. You were lost in Seoul and you ask someone(Loco) in the street and BOOM love ^^(you dont know that he is famous) I am not good at describing, hope you'll get it and do it, thanks ! :D

Coincidential Encounter

Originally posted by fy-jay-dok2

[A/N: Thank you anon! I’m glad you do! :) i changed it a bit, since I don’t really like the “love at first sight” kind of stuff, but I hope you still like it :)]

“Excuse me,” you mustered up all your courage and approached a random person on the street. Usually you would just use google maps to find your way, but you’ve been wandering around the same area for too long now, your phone ran out of batteries and there was no way you could miss this appointment. You just moved to Seoul the other day. And today was the day of your ‘interview’.

The stranger turned his body around upon hearing your voice from behind. He released a smile and raised on of his eyebrows questioningly. Well, damn he was kind of cute, you thought.

“Could you tell me the way to here…?” You showed him a little piece of paper, pointing on the black letters that you had scribbled down in the morning.

He examined the paper, thinking for some seconds before replying: “Are you sure the address is right? Because there only is an empty building that’s going to be demolished soon there.”

“No,” you shook your head and let out a nervous chuckle. You were in a bit of a rush this morning, so you might have made a mistake when searching for the address on the Internet.

“Where do you want to go?” He then asked.

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anonymous asked:

Kastle + soul mates au please? Thank you!!!

send me an au and i’ll write 5+ headcanondrabbles about it

YESSS mmm there are so many soulmate choices……. okay, this is more like canon divergence, i guess?? and i’m going to go tattoos but with a lot of different twists i’ve seen done before and loved, so–


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Touched By Stars: “Shot Down”

/? to

Touched By Stars. The Blind Carmilla AU.
Pairing: Hollstein
Rating: Teen and Up (Rating May Change)
Word Count: 4120
Summary: At first you needed her.
Then she needed you.
Maybe what you needed
Was a little bit of each other.

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So college isn’t turning out exactly how you’d expected it to. What you’d expected to be your big college adventure filled with books to read and parties to dance at was actually a stressful first semester of papers to write and hormonal teenagers to avoid. Not to mention you’d suffered through your entire first semester with a crush on your roommate’s girlfriend.

Not that you’d known she was your roommate’s girlfriend when the crush had developed. But this was Danny Lawrence. What wasn’t there to like about her? She’s tall and confident. Really smart and athletic. She seemed to have everything together from what you could tell. You hadn’t even known your roommate, one Elizabeth (Betty) Anne Spielsdorf, was dating her when you’d met.

Danny was your 19th Century English Literature class teaching assistant your first semester. She’d been standing in front of the class looking completely flawless. Six feet of grace and elegance, her red hair in a ponytail, wearing a baseball tee with washed-out jean shorts. She’d been chewing at the tip of an eraser and looking down at a notebook resting on a podium.

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