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You should do road trip headcanons!

This is perfect, because I just finished a month long road trip across the continental United States (I’ve seen it all), so I definitely know what’s it like to drive for hours and hours with people. 

So, considering there are seven people, they take a SUV (2 seats in front, 3 in the middle row, and two in the back)

So Hunk gets motion sick, and this applies to cars too, so all Hunk really only has two options:

  1. sleep
  2. listen to music

He ends up sleeping a lot, and as a result he misses a lot of the countryside and such. The rest of the Paladins are nice though, and they wake him up for anything they find interesting. 

(At one point they are going through some very bumpy roads, and since Hunk was asleep he kept bouncing up and down, ‘cause he couldn’t control it…Lance took a video)

Pidge sits in the WAY back, and uses the time to build new gadgets and when they pull the car behind a tour bus they’ll piggyback off of the bus’ wifi. 

Lance is the kind of guy who will want to stop everywhere he can just to get pictures ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’

Keith is the exact opposite, he just wants to get where they are going, and why is Lance making so many unnecessary stops?

Shiro is the main driver, and when he drives Allura is in the passenger seat, Hunk in the middle left window seat, Keith in the middle and Lance on the right middle window seat. (Coran and Pidge share the back).

Shiro is the only one who can keep the peace. Basically the entire car is a constant ticking time bomb that follows a simple cycle. 

First, Keith and Lance start arguing about who should be sitting in the window seat, and then Hunk complains about his headache. Pidge then tells everyone to shut it so they can concentrate, and Coran mumbles about how he’s never seen such a disrespectful group of paladins. 

Then Pidge, Lance, and Keith all team up on Coran and tell him “Of course we are fighting, it’s perfectly normal.”

Now it’s time for Allura to get involved, and she’ll comment something like “Perfectly normal for savages” and that sets off everyone again. 

Meanwhile, Shiro is trying to concentrate on the godamn road and he has a semi-truck pulling up on his right side and why won’t these idiots shut up and finally Shiro yells “QUIET!”

Everyone immediately quiets down and Shiro gets another hour of silence before the whole cycle starts ups all over again. 


It was supposed to be a sketch but my love for Furiosa could not be satisfied with a sketch, and suddenly I needed to paint all those belts and that damn mechanical arm, and then part of the Rig wanted to be in there too. Also I’m all for goggles+scarf Furiosa. 

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Season 4 Finale Meta

The 100 never does the expected. I thought season 4 was going to show the breakdown of existing systems of leadership. Instead it showed that while some did reject those systems, the majority were willing to cling to them even if it meant the death of literally everyone. The entire human race. Like Dante, like Lexa, and like Pike. Doubling down on the very flaws that led to their downfall instead of changing. Actually actively rejecting change. It’s a consistent theme throughout the show, a cyclical portrayal of choices and consequences on both the large population and small individual scale. Our heroes are the ones who change and adapt.

The season 4 finale did this brilliantly, paralleling the bunker and Unity Day. Clans/stations forced to come together to survive. History almost repeating with Octavia on her way to massacre an entire clan just as the 13th station was destroyed to form the Ark. Only this time Kane and Jaha were in time to prevent it, unlike the commander of the 13th station and Becca’s departure to Earth.

I’m excited to see how the bunker is going to be representative of the old systems, the Ark and the Commander, particularly with Octavia as the leader. The girl with no clan, who suffered being born in one and has rejected both, ironically appears to be the one who will be taking those same systems into the future, an enforcer instead of a delinquent. And it will be brutal if the finale was any indication of how she will lead.

Before season 4 I thought that it was going to be individuals that would represent the old systems, characters like Jaha who were part of the previous power structures. Instead the show is going back to the Ark with a delinquent in charge of an amalgamation of violent systems proven to be cruel and unsustainable, with what I think will be the old guard (Jaha, Kane, Abby, possibly Indra) trying to prevent a repeat of history instead of representing it.

I’ve been absent for a while and probably missed a lot so I’m going to tag some peeps who can hopefully fill me in on the spec in this direction:

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“Narnie,” he sobbed. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.“

Chapter 19
“I went back,” Fitz whispered. “I went back, Jude.”
“Back where?”
“For the fifth tin,” he answered. “The one I missed. Ping Ping Ping Ping. Remember I missed the fifth tin?”

Chapter 24
“You never got that fifth tin,” Webb called to Fitz just before they disappeared through the trees.
“Not to worry,” he said with a wave. “I’ll go back for a shot on another day.”

He sat in the tree, his mind overwhelmed by the idea that growing inside Tate was their baby. The cat purred alongside him, a co-conspirator in his contentment. Through the branches he could see Fitz coming his way, his gun balanced on his shoulders, whistling a tune.

Chapter 25
The boy leans over and tells me to explain to the Hermit that there is nothing to forgive and I do, and the look on the Hermit’s face is one of pure joy.
They reminisce about Tate and Narnie and Jude. They talk about the Prayer Tree and of the messages they wrote on the trunk. They tell me about the tunnel and how they once timed themselves getting from one end to the other and how Webb fainted because he had never seen the world that dark. “We saw the devil down there,” the Hermit tells me, and they laugh so hard that I’m jealous that I can’t join in.

steven universe/mad max fusion au ???? 

none of the characters really translate very well into the roles of the story so it’s all really different but here is some sort of driver peridot & gunner/fighter jasper 

there is only one exception and that is lapis is max. 

i don’t make the rules okay

Happy 22nd Birthday, Harry Styles!