i'm on the garrett hawke tag now

Because I’m a huge dweeb and 8tracks just isn’t enough for my nerdy ass I ended up making a Youtube playlist for the Handers ship. I’ve been meaning to share it for a while now but better late than never, right??

It’s full to the brim with cutesy, sappy songs with a dash of REVOLUTION (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶ so if that’s the kind of thing you like then you’ll definitely enjoy this playlist! 

Also, as an added side note, you can insert any Hawke in to this, I made sure not to leave anyone out! So if you prefer your feathery mage with Garrett, Marian or even a custom Hawke you’ll find songs on the playlist that work for all of them 8) Hopefully this works because I’ve never shared one of my playlists before haha;;;

Click here to listen to it!!