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Rosemary Sugar Scrub for Cleansing and Healing

• sugar: for a gentle cleanse
• olive oil
• rosemary leaves: cleansing and protection
• optional: 3 drops rosemary essential oil (3 for body, mind and soul)
• honey: healing
• squeeze of lemon juice: happiness

Cut the rosemary leaves into small pieces. Mix the sugar, rosemary leaves and rosemary essential oil. Stir counterclockwise, thinking about what you want to be cleansed of. Add in olive oil, honey and lemon juice. Stir clockwise, thinking about how this scrub will heal you and bring happiness back into your life
Take a shower as usual, then gently rub the scrub on your body thinking about all the things you are cleansing yourself from right now. After that, rinse the scrub off, thinking about how you are rinsing your troubles away. After rinsing, the oil still leaves your body smooth. Think of this in a way that the oil leaves you healed.

Important! Make sure to clean the shower’s floor of any oil afterwards so the next person who takes a shower doesn’t slip and fall!

Blessed Be! )O( 


So I got to a certain chapter in Blue Sky….

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Amber I need to suffer, could you tell me what are the songs in which H and L harmonise the most together? I just can think of better than words just because of a post that's going around atm, but I joined the fandom pretty late so I 've never followed their music before MITAM? Sorry for the rant and thank you

get ready for your DEATH

  • Use Somebody (not on the album but you’ve got to see this) 
  • Over Again (their verses are after another and it kills me)
  • Little Things (again, they follow each other up and then do the chorus together)
  • Rock Me (Louis: “I used to think that I was better alone” Harry: “Better alone” Louis: “why did I ever want to let you go?” Harry: “Let you go”)
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go (at the end) 
  • No Control (all of it is beautiful)
  • Better Than Words, yes
  • Temporary Fix (Louis: “and if you’re feeling the weakness…” Harry: “WELL I TOLD YOU BABY THAT YOU COULD CALL ME” plus he’s screaming it up in the back of Louis’ entire verse hahah)
  • A.M. 
  • If I Could Fly (as if this song isn’t a cryfest as it is, have Harry: “I hope that you don’t run from me”, Louis: “for your eyes only….” )
  • Home (Louis: “I’ll make this feel like home”, Harry screeching “BAAAABY WE COULD BE ENOUGH” KILL ME WITH THIS SYMBOLISM)
  • 18 (Louis’ verse, then H&L sing it together, and then Harry launches into the rest of the chorus, and live it’s even worse)
  • Love You Goodbye (Louis’ high note and then Harry interrupting lowly…….. MURDER MY ASS)
  • One Thing (click the link, it’s the acoustic version and it’s beautiful, HL’s voices are really prominent together in the chorus)
  • WMYB (same thing, not really together but acoustic, they sit next to each other and please just watch it and cry)
  • Live While We’re Young (again, acoustic, i’m a fan, go to 0:33 IT KILLS ME)
  • You & I (Louis’ verse, Harry harmonises in the background)
  • Happily (in the chorus both H&L are really prominently there)
  • Last First Kiss (Harry at 2:28, Louis follows up the chorus)
  • She’s Not Afraid (they follow each other up)
  • Loved You First (same thing)
  • More Than This (… you know what I’m saying yet) 
  • Moments (really prominent together in the first chorus, follow each other up) 
  • Little Black Dress (again, Harry’s verse)
  • Strong (for the sake of it, Harry sings the chorus right after Louis’ verse)
  • Why Don’t We Go There

Some of them aren’t harmonies in the strict sense of the word but they’re still dream-teaming it up so it’s close enough, hahaha.  I probably missed a few, anyone’s welcome to add, but I had to stop before I collapsed. this should be enough to tide you over at least 


  • me: I'm happy to be helpful, but I haven't exercised in a long time, so helping with this heavy construction work has been tough. my soft sweet marshmallow muscles are sore all over :(
  • my old lady grandma, completely dead serious: oh, well of course. it isn't fair for you to be asked to help with that kind of work, that isn't a job for a girl

i have a headcanon that todoroki is able to fall asleep just about Anywhere (like… in that one episode when he’s napping on the bus and he’s sitting upright. like. how?? that’d be uncomfortable imo)

in the classroom when present mic is teaching? or maybe when everyone is having a study session and todoroki decides to take a nap on the floor, using hard textbooks as pillows? or being able to somehow nap peacefully when bakugou is having a bitchfit in close proximity?? all of these are Yes, Definitely,,

and also i like to think todoroki has fallen asleep on midoriya’s shoulder/head on more than one occasion,, (midoriya doesn’t mind of course, and i’m sure he’s pretty comfortable with that fluffy hair of his)

tfc characters as Bob's the burger quotes
  • Neil: Oh it’s okay, I guess I wasn’t meant to have a good life.
  • Andrew: Oh, I swear to god, if you keep talking to me I'm gonna gut punch you.
  • Kevin: You guys are a burden, a dead weight!
  • Nicky: I've eaten nine birthday cakes, and I still feel empty.
  • Aaron: If you need me I’ll be down here on the floor dying.
  • Allison: I don't appreciate your lack of sarcasm.
  • Dan: I’m a smart strong sensual woman.
  • Matt: Do you think horses get songs stuck in their head?
  • Renee: What is this feeling I'm feeling right now? It's like I'm sad for another person? Is that a thing?
  • Wymack: Listen, you’re my children and I love you but you’re all terrible at what you do here.

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please please write a drabble version of your post about aaron distracting robert from cooking!

your wish is my command, anon! a soppy drabble version of this post i made when i was mid-meltdown about how beautiful the mill kitchen is. 

“You know,” Robert commented, glancing at Aaron as he stirred the sauce carefully, half an eye on the hob. “We’ve got a perfectly good kitchen table.”

Aaron grinned, at a slight height advantage as he sat on one of their kitchen counters, wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms, and an old jumper of Robert’s, the sleeves too long on him. Robert would never admit it aloud, but he found Aaron’s habit of pulling his sleeves down over his hands endearing, and even more so when Aaron did it with Robert’s clothes.

(As long as it wasn’t one of his nicer jumpers. The one occasion Aaron had stolen on of Robert’s favourite Ted Baker jumpers and yanked the sleeves down after his wrists had nearly given Robert a legitimate heart attack, Aaron oblivious to the reasoning behind Robert’s meltdown.)

“We’ve got a lovely kitchen,” Aaron agreed, reaching out to steal another piece of the chorizo Robert had on a chopping board, neatly sliced into small pieces. “But I like sitting here.”

Robert rolled his eyes, slapping Aaron’s hand out of the way so he could add the chorizo to the pot he was slaving over. “You’re a child, you know that?” he commented, heart swelling at the bright smile on Aaron’s face as they teased each other.

It had taken them a long time to get to where they were now, happy, and solid, building a real life together. It had taken months, and months, and hours of counselling, and hard conversations, and more than one screaming match, but they’d gotten there.

Of course they’d gotten there.

Their love, the way they felt about each other, it wasn’t something that could just be pushed aside or forgotten, it wasn’t something to just be moved on from. If it had ever been that simple, their affair would never have gotten out of hand the way it had, they wouldn’t have fallen so desperately in love with each other they way they had.

Their love was worth it.

“You love it.” Aaron laughed, reaching for his half drunk cup of tea. It was a quiet Saturday evening, Liv over at Gabby’s, the two of them with the flat to themselves for once. “Anyway, it’s your fault for picking out cabinets that are perfect sitting height.”

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Ted Bundy discussed his interactions with a dark driving force, referred to as the Entityin an interview with psychiatrist Dr. Dorothy Lewis. According to Bundy, the Entity began its influence on him around 1974 - most distinctively during times of arousal or intoxication. He claims it often spoke in a cruel, demanding voice:

D.L.: Did it ever frighten you?

T.B.: When it frightened me it scared me to death and made me just cry out to stop.

D.L.: You would?

T.B.: Oh, yes. Like the next day after something happened. After the first time, I felt like a captive. I felt…I can’t…I felt like, up til that point, I said, ‘Okay, you haven’t gone too far yet. It’s okay. You’re going to stop now.’ And I’d stop…and then all of a sudden, it’d be back. The day after the first time this happened I was in a panic. In hysteria and fear and sorrow and horror over what had happened and said, ‘What in God’s name has, have I done here’…Then I found myself to have become, more or less, a hostage.

Investigative author Stephen Michaud claims to have witnessed the Entity’s presence in Ted. In his book, The Only Living Witness, Michaud writes:

“The ‘dominant personality’ was Ted’s term for his public self, the upright law-abider. But the ‘entity’ had the floor right now. I could feel Bundy’s malignant aura. His eyes darkened, and his voice hardened. The constant din all around us seemed to grow distant and muffled. Ted had my undivided attention.”

  • Samuel: Corvo, you've been poisoned. That means you should pretend to lie down and halfway die
  • Corvo: Oh right sort of like this *lies diagonally across his bed like he's reading a good book*
  • Samuel: no no
  • Corvo: Oh okay more like this? *he goes to the window and leans backward at at impossible angle like a poet contemplating both unrequited love and chronic indigestion*
  • Samuel: no Corvo that's not really
  • Corvo: So more like this *he reclines on his bed, putting one hand on his hip and another on his knee like a Draper's Ward model*
  • Samuel: no no, that's worse Corvo
  • Corvo: Okay so something like this *he does a strange corkscrew jump and ends up feet and hands hooked to a rafter in the ceiling, emulating Michael Keaton's Batman sleeping upside down like a bat*
  • Samuel: no, just no
  • Corvo: Wait, did you say something about putting only half the poison in?
  • Samuel: I did, yes, I'm sorry Corvo-
  • Corvo: Then no WONDER I'm having trouble dying! You didn't poison me correctly!
  • Samuel: How is that my fault. are you hearing yourself right now Corvo
  • Corvo: Forget Samuel "The Boatman" Beechworth! You're not ferrying the souls of the departed to the other side, you're just going halfway, pushing them into the Styx, and having a good smoko!
  • Samuel: I've got to get you to safety, Corvo *he starts gently pushing him towards the stairs*
  • Corvo: I DON'T think so my good man *he feints a punch and sidesteps Samuel, but trips and falls out of the fourth floor window, losing the other half of his health bar*
  • Samuel: *sigh*
  • Admiral Havelock, five minutes later: ah Samuel. no trouble doing that business then?
  • Samuel, slowly and resignedly dragging Corvo's unconscious form to the boat: no sir I'll dispose of the body now

“The floor beyond the stage is FILLED with people – among them Mia, beaming with pride. Sebastian smiles to her. Mia grins right back, heart swelling. This is the Echo, the first headline show for Keith’s band – yet right now, it’s as if Mia and Sebastian were the only two people here, echoing the spotlit fantasy when she first watched him play...

- la la land screenplay, by damien chazelle