i'm on the cover of a magazine


I am a big Stormpilot fan but can we not…keep cutting out the first Asian woman to ever appear on the cover of Vanity Fair?


Teen Wolf AU: Where Lydia is awarded the Fields Medal and lands on the cover of TIME, where they do a piece on her accomplishments and personal life.

[jefferson voice] mY GOD
  • Alexander: John, I'm Hungary.
  • John: I'm Russian to the kitchen.
  • Lafayette: Maybe you'll even find some Turkey.
  • John: We have some, but it's covered in Greece.
  • Hercules: Ew, there is Norway you can eat that!
  • Alexander: I think I'll settle for a can of Chile.
  • Lafayette: That sounds good, I'd like a Canada chile too.
  • Hercules: Denmark your name on it.
  • Burr, looking up from magazine: All of you shut up.

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about Lana and her pic without makeup, and in theory it's a good message. But at the same time I'm like she should shut up about accepting the way you look because LOOK AT HER! She's gorgeous! She knows it, everyone knows it. When a beautiful woman says "you need to love your looks" it sounds so empty bc what "flaws" do you really have to accept about yourself? Like, her no make up pic looks like it's from a cover of a magazine, but oh poor you, you have curls.

Because Lana’s appearance is held to different standards than ours. Is she gorgeous without make up? Yessss of course but she also has to appear perfect. Her body/looks are just as much (if not more) her capital as her talent.

She is a celebrity and a loooot of people are continually commenting on her appearance - fans, press, TV business peeps - showing a not 100% perfect pic of you is a risk and you can be assured that pics like this will give her equally mean comments as nice ones

Besides as someone whose curls (i have waves but when it gets wet my hair gets interesting )are driving them nuts sometimes I appreciate her showing that you should be proud of it.

What Lana did was pretty great and i’m really not into you dragging her for it.

ellieonjelly  asked:

So Yuzuru Hanyu has a new ad and Evgenia Medvedeva has a magazine. I just have to ask - are there products and magazines in your AU that Yuuri endorsed/ graced the covers of? And I'm curious, did Viktor religiously follow each of these stuff that Yuuri endorsed? If there are any, can you maybe make a top 10 or top 5 or top 3 (haha! Anything!) things Yuuri Katsuki endorsed that Viktor bought (*coughs gushes about *coughs and keeps secret *coughs). Thank you so much and it's ok if there's none.

Yuuri mainly endorses sports brands like food, clothing and equipment and had been on the covers of a lot of sports related magazines and in ads for sports clothing and the like. There’s probably not enough for me to do a full top ten but Viktor has definitely watched every ad with him in it, read all the articles (even the ones in Japanese) and, since an anon a while ago came up with the adorable idea of Yuuri being sponsored by Kitkat with the tagline kittokatsuki, has bought a ridiculous number of imported Japanese kitkats because Yuuri was on the wrapper  

You’re going to do some amazing things. Okay? You’re going to change people’s lives and travel the world and everyone you meet is going to remember you. And you are going to be the incredible person that I know you can be without me. Because I am not going to be incredible. I’m not going to do anything special. I’m not special. You are. And someday I’ll buy a magazine or a newspaper and you’ll be on the cover, and I’ll smile because you’ll be smiling, and knowing that you’re happy is all I need.
—  from an unfinished story #739