i'm on my phone but they looks really similar

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Hello, I just realize that all of my digital art look brighter/more contrast when viewed in phones than in my laptop. Whats the matter & how can I fix this? I'm still new about digital art.


Hello there lovely anon.~
Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the digital side of artworks to really be of much help in this situation. As far as I can think, perhaps the brightness on both devices differ? As far as I know they should be the same, or look somewhat similar when it comes to viewing artwork on different platforms. Unless the properties [brightness, contrast etc.] is different. I personally haven’t encountered this situation, the only time an art piece does look different is when I know the settings are different on my devices [my PC is brightest compared to my phone where the brightness is the minimum]

I’m very sorry for not being of much help. Can anyone give their own input in such a situation please?

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Okay... Wow. Chapter 11 gave us all so much... so much... Yuuri skating Eros... domesticity... Yuuri being so, so gone on Viktor and completely missing Viktor being so, so in love with him in return. Viktor's line about taking photos of the things you want to remember hit me so hard I just had to put down my phone for a moment. Yuuri you are missing every sign. Every. Sign. On another note, and I totally understand if this counts as a spoiler, but I'm really curious as to how Chris sees (1/2)

Yuuri right now. I mean, from Viktor’s side of the story Yuuri may not be looking like a super awesome guy right now. We know that Phichit’s understanding of events is skewed because he only knows what’s going on from Yuuri, so I’m wondering what Chris has a similar negative opinion of Yuuri for putting his friend through the emotional wringer. (2/2)

Unlike Phichit’s view of Viktor, Chris doesn’t dislike Yuuri at all. Yuuri has always been polite to him (for example when he congratulates Chris for his Short Program score when he beats Yuuri’s) and he understands how frustrating it can be to always lose to Viktor (which is what he assumes drives Yuuri’s dislike of Viktor). They aren’t friends or anything and he is on Viktor’s side as that is where his loyalties lie but he doesn’t dislike Yuuri at all. 

From Chris’ POV, he knows stuff about Viktor’s motivations that I wont go into yet but he also acknowledges that the way Yuuri approached the relationship makes it seem that all Yuuri wants is casual sex and Viktor never asked him for anything else or made an agreement between them both that it would be an exclusive thing (for reasons that will be explained later). Chris gets casual sex, he gets having fun. And from his pov Yuuri is perfectly within his rights to have that with Viktor if Viktor fully consented which he did. Since Yuuri never committed to anything more than that he is not in the wrong and Chris acknowledges that. 

That is not to say that he approves of the relationship but that is because of Viktor not Yuuri. He doesn’t want his friend to get hurt and while he knows that casual sex can be fun and there’s nothing wrong with that he also knows that bring in emotions to that when only one side of the relationship feels that way is a recipe for a disaster. He knows Viktor can’t make Yuuri feel things he doesn’t feel and therefore he would rather Viktor stopped because he cares about Viktor and doesn’t want him to get hurt. 

So he doesn’t blame Yuuri as he hasn’t betrayed Viktor or anything he just knows that the relationship they have at the moment, the way he sees it, can’t end well for Viktor.