i'm on my period deal with it

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pride and prejudice wasn't written as a resistance to the patriarchy djdjfhdhsj what

i mean i’ve been staring at this message for a solid minute now pondering how to reply, trying to figure out how ro reply, but honestly it boils down to one question: have you read it?

because literally the prevalent theme of pride & prejudice as well as other works of Austen—perhaps most visibly, sense & sensibility—is the ironic social commentary on the degraded role of women, as subjected and dependent on the way of whether they would marry well as they used to be?

like, honestly, what did you think it was about? sure it has a romance in it, but it’s probably one of the the most politically designed and carried out romantical arcs in literature, as it relies not so much on mutual affection, but rather darcy aknowledging his fault of diminishing elizabeth as an intelligent human being. at first, we see him as quite obviously set upon taking her for granted and applying stereotypes; startled with her outspoken attitude and clueless as to why she would reject him. because it IS surprising, that’s the point, given the context of Austen’s novel, the commonly praised choice would be to accept not only darcy, but mr collins without another thought. what do you think is the reason mrs bennet was so distraught all the time? there was no way of securing the future of her daughters other than marriage, we hear it being repeated over and over again—they cannot inherit their father’s fortune.

and—good grief. that’s the romantic ‘main plot’ concerning darcy and elizabeth alone, because the whole point is that he changes his beliefs and acknowledges elizabeth as an equal in the end. darcy isn’t exceptional for being surly and broody, he’s exceptional because he listens and learns.

but all the rest? the whole arc of charlotte, and her unhappy and dull marriage to mr collins, and the stark contrast with elizabeth. charlotte is not WRONG, she does the only thing she knows for certain will allow her to live in a respectful way without becoming ‘a burden to her parents’. the arc of lydia, basing off her portrayal against wickham? even with all his debt, infamy and faults, wickham’s opinion is at no point more blemished than lydia’s. that’s the point, that’s reiteraring the original notion of the disparity between men and women in regency England. the radiating, stinging paternalistic attitude of mr collins towards elizabeth when he marries charlotte and TELLS her that she would probably get no better chance. his absolute belief—corresponding with darcy’s, and contrasted with the latter’s rehabilitation later on—that elizabeth has no choice but accept him.

and elizabeth herself—for all the composition and impeccable manners, she IS a controversial figure in the novel. take the scene when she’s bashed by lady catherine de bourgh, the ongoing commentary on her being too forward with her opinions, the continuous bashing coming from her mother—the lingering threat that lizzy’s ‘stubbornness’ will cause her much trouble and, above all, prevent her from securing both her and the other sisters from absolute poverty when their father dies.

and, just … of course it’s written subtly, it’s conveyed in elizabeth’s wit, in austen’s slightly ironic narrative. the problem with the situation of women is not EXPLICITLY named and stated. it’s not modern times where we’re accustomed to forward addressing of feminist issues. no: it’s shown. it is not only the consistent theme in her works, it’s the prevalent theme of them. i mean, come on, there’s tonnes and tonnes of books that were NOT written with a purpose of targeting partiarchy. fuck, there are much MORE of such books than there is of the latter kind. But to choose Pride & Prejudice specifically, a novel which became one of the most famous books in the world, renowned for e x a c t l y t h i s … i cannot comprehend. please, at least consider this: do you really think the purpose of austen writing p&p was writing a romance? really? why would it become so much of a literature landmark, then?

i don’t mean to be nasty and honestly, go and have your opinion, you’re perfectly entitled to it, but it does make me sad that a novel that is a witty, outsanding and one of a kind social commentary on the plight of women in a specific time period written by a woman IN the time period is turned into something as common as a novel with a romantic plot. that’s all.


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

" So you can buy your mom a new pair of J's and outfits to match but you couldn't pay for my food?"

This text came from an ex that felt like he deserved a second chance with me. Instead of being mean I gave his ass a chance and we went for dinner. He ordered this big ass steak and this lobster pasta that was full priced while I ordered some sushi and crab cakes that were half off because it was happy hour. I didn’t want to be there because I was nauseous and I had gut feeling something wasn’t right, but I still gave him my time and undivided attention. The check came and he didn’t move or anything, so I picked up the book and saw the total, $62.48. I left to go use the bathroom because I didn’t want to stop anywhere else because we were going to be walking in downtown. When I came back the book was still there and I asked him did he pay and was he ready to go and he said, “Nah, I was hoping you were going to pay.” 🙃 My jaw dropped from disbelief all this shit he was saying about how he changed and really wants the old thing back between us. So I grabbed the book and took it to the waiter kiosk. I paid for my food and cranberry juice and gave her a tip, I got the new receipt with his total and walked it back to him and explained to him that what he did was trifling asf, to never speak to me again and that he needs figure out a way to pay for his shit. I went home, so today after buying my mom the jordans she been wanting for a while and a shirt to go with it, I receive that text from his ass. Yes, I’m going to spoil the shit out of my mom. I’ll gladly spend money on her without hesitation, you on the other hand? You’ll be lucky to catch a penny slip out my pocket while you’re walking behind me. I’m done of raising and caring for grown ass boys that can’t pay for an uber, that can’t for their own dinner and that don’t know how to do shit for themselves I’m fucking tired.

The Outsiders as quotes from people I go to school with (the sequel)
  • Ponyboy: (at an essay) you gonna fail today. *sassy finger snap*
  • Johnny: You can call me daddy just not in front of my dad.
  • Dally: Is 'whore' a sexuality? Cause that's what I identify as.
  • Steve: it's a car, dumbass.
  • Sodapop: Auto is the gayest class I have.
  • Two-bit: I wonder if thunder scares itself.
  • Darry: if you don't see me 6th period it's because I'm tried of your crap.
  • Tim: Its called dodge ball you pussies
  • Curly: if I had a dollar for every meme I've tagged someone in...
  • Angela: my salt levels have officially reached the ocean.
  • Cherry: it's smells like balls and sad ass in here.
  • Marcia: I've officially gotten a two for one deal out of every vending machine here.
  • Bob: *drops down in the middle of the hallway* praise jebus!
  • Randy: I need help with *looks down at paper* everything.
When I'm on my period
  • Me: I'm dying.
  • Me: *Googles "How and where can I donate or get rid off my ovaries and uterus.*
  • Me: Why the fuck do women have to pay for pads, tampons, period panties, diva cups and painkillers? We can't help it! There's money for wars but there isn't any money for pads.
  • Me: Mom take me to the hospital, i need morphine.
  • Me: I'm the chosen one. I bleed but I don't​ perish. Kneel at my feet you petty peasants.
  • Me: Chocolate has no calories during a woman's menstrual cycle.
  • Me: *Lays down on the bed in the fetal position with one of the cats and deals with it.*

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Headcanons for Kakashi and Neji dealing with a s/o on her period ? I'm literally dying and I need some support from my babies 😂💕

I gotchu fam. Hope these are okay and I hope you feel better!

Kakashi and Neji Helping Their Fem!S/o While She’s on Her Period:


Originally posted by hatakenin

  • He is better than Neji, that is for sure. He is going to comfort his girl like there is no tomorrow. Also I feel like Kakashi has more experience in these situations just due to his age and the women he has been around through his life.
  • Is his love having crippling cramps? Kakashi has got her covered. He will bust out the heating pad, get her Konoha’s finest over the counter pain killers, buy her favorite drink and hang out with his little lady until she feels better. He’ll let her curl up into him if that is what you want to do. And he will love taking hot baths with her. 
    • He lowkey likes it when his girlfriend is on their period because it gives him an excuse to be lazy and likes how needy they become. 
  • If his girlfriend needs chocolate or any other fatty-food, he has got them covered. He’ll have a secret stash just in case her period decides to make a surprise a visit. 
  • Also has her favorite movies and books on hand in the event she needs something to do. Also has tissues just in case something she usually laughs at makes her cry.
  • Would definitely join in on wearing sweatpants. 
  • Kakashi has NO SHAME about walking into a pharmacy and buying pads/tampons. You can try and make him uncomfortable, but it’s literally impossible. He’ll even make eye contact with the cashier through the entire transaction. 
  • If she’s feeling bloated, he will shower her with compliments and tell her, “He wouldn’t have her any other way.”
  • If she bleeds through her pants in public he will walk behind her or pick her up and take her home. (If he wore a jacket with sleeves he would gladly give it to her so she could tie it around her waste).


Originally posted by chunli

  • He is not as experienced as Kakashi. Tenten doesn’t really show any difference on her period. She may be a little more mood, but he’s smart enough not to say something. And Hinata doesn’t exactly interact with the world while she’s on her period. So therefore, the genius of the Hyuga clan is at a loss. 
  • Oh but he’s super concerned for his girlfriend. If she tells him, “It feels like someone is stabbing me in the gut and twisting the knife.” He is going to freak out. Like, that sounds so bad and he doesn’t want his s/o to be in that kind of pain. He did a read an article or two on the matter, so he’s going to force feed them pain meds and make them drink lots of water. However, if his gf asks nicely he will cuddle with them and rub circles either on their back or on their midsection. And he’ll grab the biggest blanket to ensure that she’s warm.
  • He’s not going to approach them with a lot of comfort, he’s going to go with the medical approach. He’s going to make sure they drink a lot of water and some herbal tea. He’s not going to give them chocolate unless she threaten to rip out his eyes and make her eat healthy foods. He’s going to make her go for walks, because exercise helps with the cramps. Once all of that is done to his standards, he’s going to default into lazy mode and just sleep with her. 
  • I feel like he’s not the type to be able to buy her tampons/pads. Only because he’s going to get into feminine hygiene aisle and see all the different types and not know what to do. He’ll either ask Hinata to shop with him or ask to borrow whatever she uses. 
  • He will walk behind her in the event that she bleeds through and if anyone points it out, he will insult them. 

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Cris, I'm confused. So does that quote from Liam indicate that Simon has no matching rights or first right of refusal?

No, it means he didn’t take the last right of refusal. My guess is that Liam let Syco know about the Capitol deal and Syco didn’t respond with a counter offer within the 30/60/90 day period (whatever the contract stipulated), so they lost their shot with Liam.

Maybe it was intentional, maybe it was an oversight, I don’t know, but it was foolish either way.

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Hi queen Red, I finally have enoughh courage to send you a message and that might say something about my problem. I am an aspiring artist and I want to get into art more seriously but I am terrified of putting my art anywhere because I don't deal with hate well and I just don't know if I'd be good enough overall I don't know. I guess what I mean is you're amazing, you're everything I'd want to be but I'm scared of the idea, so scared (a post you reblogged made me want to say this so thank you)

First of all, you’re not an aspiring artist, you’re an artist. Period. If you work on your art everyday and it’s your passion, you are an artist. No more aspiring, be that shit. You don’t need the validation from others or for anyone to tell you you can finally start calling yourself that. 

And second, I know the feeling you’re talking about very well and I think anyone who’s artistic at all (or to be honest anyone in general) knows the uncertainty and the fear but you gotta push past that. My word of advice? Every time you start feeling terrified of posting your art online, take a deep breath and just say “Fuck it.” 


Do it. You’re good enough, you work hard, your art is worth seeing, you’re an interesting person. We hold back so much because of fear. Imagine all the things we never do because of fear. 

Just fucking do it. Don’t worry about it.


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I feel bad that dealing with annoying customers has sometimes taken my mood down to the point where I wasn't even very friendly with the good customers. I had a period when everything bothered me so much that I just had a bad attitude, and I feel bad for the customers who didn't deserve that. I've been working hard to improve and I think I've done a lot better lately. But now I'm training for the department with the neediest & meanest customers in the store and I hope I don't lose that progress.

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Tfln where you're in desperate need of tampons and Harry's already out so you ask him to get some for you (I'm on my period rn and could use this)

Harry / You


-I’m here love
-Not paying attention to my phone. Sorry

-Okay…. this is… embarrassing 

-Hurry.  I’m about to check out.

-This is like….. a step.
-A milestone, if you will.
-We’ve never like… talked about this.
-This is a big deal in this relationship.

-I’m getting in line.
-You’re taking too bloody long.

-I need…. tampons…..

-Thats it?
-You couldn’t just type that?


-Did you think I just assumed you never had a period?


-What tampons do you need?


-Stop acting like this is a big deal, y/n.
-You’re adorable. And you need tampons.
-And if you don’t tell me, I’m gonna get these weird cup looking things.


-Ha ha.  Alright I wont. 
-What do you want, love?


-Come on.


-What on earth do you mean?
-Any decent boyfriend would get you tampons.

-Thats not what my ex said

-You know how I feel about him, love.
-He wasn’t a decent boyfriend, now was he?
-Just proves my point. 
-Tampax pearl?

-…. yes.

-Got it.
-Wish you would’ve just told me love.
-You’re still cute. Even on your period.
-Just wish you didn’t think it was a big deal.


-It’s not gross.  Its normal.
-And I adore you.
-I’m in line now.  Tampons and ice cream are in the cart.


-And cuddles are coming your way.
-Be prepared 

-God you’re cute….

-Back at ya, bug.

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i'm considering going on birth control because periods give me a lot of dysphoria and are bad for my physical health, but doesn't it increase estrógen? is it going to make me more feminine (physically)? i'm a trans man and not on T but i'm torn. i don't want to have to deal with periods but i don't want to do the opposite of what i'm waiting for

Archer says:

So, before starting testosterone I started on progesterone only birth control and it completely stopped my monthly occurrence. In fact I’d had issues with every other birth control method I’d tried and this one, with no added estrogen, stopped it all together. On top of that, my doctor even told me to continue taking the pill up until about three months on T so I wouldn’t have to deal with my period at all hopefully. Either way, below are some links with probably a bit more information added by Lee.

Things that piss me off when I'm on my period

- phone calls that last longer than 10 seconds
- being judged for squatting in public
- not allowed to adopt all the cats in the world
- slow wifi
- slow people
- fast people
- loud people
- stinky people
- people born with penises who don’t understand the struggle and say what’s the big deal
- narcissistic self centered people who cant seem to comprehend that the universe doesn’t evolve around them and that others exist
- Spotify ads

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I never understood Jumin's obsession with Elizabeth, really. Since I'm more of a dog person. But now I've got a cat and I've already filled my storage on my phone with pictures of her because she is beautiful and I love her and she is a majestic cat and deserves the world and my god I would overthrow the government if it meant her happiness

We just love our pets. They are part of the family. No matter what species they are…dog, cat, lizard, snake etc, they mean great deal to us. 

This usually goes double for someone who received a pet during a traumatic period. Or the pet reminds them of a traumatic time. Like Jumin. 

Original picture, well anyway

Today, October 15, is the anniversary of this blog. At this point, I’ve already 200+ followers, so I wanted to thank everybody who stuck up with me (not too much bc everyone has their lives lmao) for a whole year! I was going to make something prettier and more well-worked on for this moment, but my last period in college got in the way. No big deal, MOACIR is still far from a demo whatsoever, and there are no updates for now, but it’s gradually coming along, thanks to Mollie, aka @rhymemaster-inc, who’s been doing a tremendous job with the OST. 👌🏼

What I have to share however, is a short story about how I got here, I mean goodness. When I began developing, when I came into this community, I had no, absolutely no idea it was going to be so receptive and embracing as it was. The petty anxiety I used to have a year ago to talk to anybody here is nearly gone (nearly asdfghjkjhgfd). I’ve got as far to make a sort of community converging blog which is @edmund-brigham-uses-loreal just to have somewhere to reblog posts from my fellow devs, because my main wouldn’t handle. God knows how inclined I am to talk to newcoming devs and promote their work, something I couldn’t imagine a year ago.

What I can say is… I feel is some sort of gratitude, really. For my closest friend, for Mollie, for my partners in crime in PixelHorror Discord, for other people here… I gotta list just a few of them, just a few. I want to…

@tartumbler94, @scatterbrawn, @pakilusin, @somnimouse, @traumerei-project, @choko-flan, @doc-saturn, @pancakeproductions, @rukomura-games, @fragmentedeve-project, @clockworkprincedev, @meaka @flareblitzedyt@xintetsu@toxicshroomswamp, @expiatora-project, @misc-rpg@promdreamsofficial, @razrrgames, @kcm-games, @lonestargame, @land-sea-entropy, @parsajansson

Really short list, some aren’t even developers, but for the rest of my followers who didn’t see them, please do check them out! :o

Yours, Biel ~ 🍑

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I'm 14, and my parents won't let me do any physical transitions, not even blockers or getting a proper binder (they let me get the underworks binding bra but that isnt a true binder). The problem is, it's making me super dysphoric, especially since most boys my age are starting to get lower voices, while I'm left over here sounding like a twelve year old. What can I say to them to help them understand how I feel? They don't seem to get it and keep telling me (pt1)

I’m “too young to make any physical changes.”. The problem is, camp is coming in a few months and I don’t want to have to deal with a period, partially because I’ll feel horribly dysphoric, and partially because I will feel more separated from the other boys. Do you have any ideas of how I might express this issue to them? (pt2)             

Kai says:

You can tell them that a binder isn’t going to change your body in any way, so maybe that will help convince them about that. Regarding blockers: you can go to your doctor / an endocrinologist and they can tell you that it’s basically like a pause button on your current puberty. If you go off blockers, your current puberty will simply resume as it left off, so there are zero permanent changes to your body. If you can find research or articles about how binders / blockers improved trans kids’ mental health with no physical changes, that might help. Try searching online, on YouTube, and I think there might be a National Geographic article about it.

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Do you know is there an archive anywhere of just fluffy Destiel fics? I'm going through a period of depression right now (it's actually pretty bad) and I just want to read short fluffy Destiel stories.. (I can't scroll through the Ao3 Destiel tag without seeing a LOT of stuff I just cannot deal with at the moment..) Any ideas?

Oh dear. I do not know of simply Destiel fluff archive, no. But, if anyone does, please let me know. Meanwhile, here’s a quick list of one-shot fluffy fics in my tumblr prompt collection.

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People seem to forget that Lili really doesn't like parties plus maybe she was invited, but didn't feel good (I guess she's dealing with depression again right now) and since Cole is such a close friend of Debby, I'm sure she didn't want Cole to miss the party

Exactly! I’m 100% she was invited, but as you said - not a party girl and she’s obviously feeling anxious right now. It’s not a big deal for LiliCole that she didn’t go - or that he did attend the party. Debby is his best friend and I’m sure he’s been checking in with Lili. Sometimes you prefer to be alone, I’m in need to be with myself and only myself in periods to clear my head and get back on track. X

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Trans! Damian having Endometriosis (google it) and suffering thru it cos that's how he was taught. Feel free to add batfams reactions I'm just in pain and I need to relate to MY FAVE CHILD

Dick finding Damian in a ball crying trying to will it away and Dick doesn’t understand why. Damian tells him that it’s no big deal, it happens every month, its just normal cramps. Dick gives him a look like those don’t look like normal cramps but Damian just says they are because he doesn’t want to make it a bigger deal then it is. Dick brings him some hot tea and a blanket and goes to find Bruce. He tells Bruce that he thinks there is something wrong with Damian’s periods and maybe he should get Damian checked out just to be safe. Bruce looks in on Damian and sees how much pain his son is in and agrees but they both know they can’t tell Damian he is going to see a doctor for his period pain because he won’t go and will fight them on it. They have to find a way to trick or bribe him to go to the doctor’s but they will worry about that after his period is over because he doesn’t need that added stress.

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Fuck it, I don't care anymore - I'm taking a stool with me to work. It's my period and I get horrible ass cramps, and I ain't standing no more. Wish me luck!

Wish I could of had more time to sit down last night. T_T But the guys I caretake for last night had a stick up their ass and were very tough to deal with so I was constantly running around for 8 hours. When I got home I curled up into a fetal position until the Aleve kicked in. If I had vodka I seriously would have had a glass or two. Seriously need to get a hysterectomy. I don’t think the amount of cramps I get is even normal. -Abby