i'm on my dad's ipad

Patch #104
  • Ryan: I'd show this picture, I'm not gonna do it, but my wife sent me a message earlier of our one-and-a-half--year-old up in my four-year-old's high chair, playing with the iPad.
  • Meg: Ooohhh
  • Ryan: I'm so screwed.
  • Meg: "Dad I'm five, where's my iPad?"
  • Ryan: It's gonna be "Dad, I'm two where's my iPad?!"
  • -Meg and Ashley laugh-
  • Ryan: I'm not ready for this, I don't have the iPad support!
  • Ashley: The first word is gonna be iPad.
  • Ryan: Oh thank god that's out of the way, it was not.
  • Ashley: -excitedly- What was the first word?
  • Ryan: Err -remembers and grins- her first word was daddy.
  • Meg and Ashley: Awwwwww!!
  • Ryan: Yeah, suck it mommy!
  • Meg: Where you coaching her? Like "Daddy, daddy, daddy"
  • Ryan: No! That was the best part, it was natural, yeah, she loves mommy waaay more but-
  • - get distracted and leads onto the ad read-