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“Stay put. I’ll get it.”

in which Satya forgets her tea in the kitchen and Cage uses it as an excuse to kiss her gf before going to get it 

idk how it happened, but I ship my own OC with Symmetra and Zarya. There is a special place in Hell for me.

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nameKisa (My real name is sealed, unless we’re super close)
nicknamesKisaharu, Kis, Haru, Kisa-chan, Kisa my assa, Kisa-nee, Kisa-senpai
birthdayNovember 20th
zodiac signScorpio
height5′3″ | 160cm
sexuality: “I don’t remember man! I don’t even remember who I am!” - Thug Seme Nagisa
nationalityFilo :3
favourite fruitApple, Mango, Oranges
favourite seasonSpring
favourite flowerDandelions, Lavenders, Roses
favourite scent: Vanilla, Lavender. etc
favourite book: does manga count? XD I don’t really read many books but I love books about Mythology and fairytales. Alice in Wonderland too.
coffee/tea/hot cocoaHot Cocoa > Tea > Coffee
average hours of sleep: Lately, it’s been around 3-4 hours. But I’ll be catching up on sleep from now on~
cat or dog person: Either. But I like dogs more
favourite fictional character: Haha. well… I got heaps so I’ll name some. Nanami Chiaki, Hakurei Reimu, Seto Kousuke, Tachibana Makoto.
number of blankets you sleep with: 2 atm. I’m about to get another one since it’s getting colder. Dammit Winter.
blog created: God. I created this blog like April 2011. I just never been active here until DR3 released last year.
number of followers: wow 101. Thank you for following me y’all~

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I still wouldn't count this as ideal
By Organization for Transformative Works

After having their 5th kid, Louis and Harry decide they want to try and have one more. But they soon realize that when you live in a full house with 5 kids and a dog that becomes nearly impossible

Author: larryandstuff


Diana made a derp snowman, and Opus thought he might get cold without a scarf.

she almost gave it too many arms

Opus belongs to @overwatchoriginalcharacters / @ladyarabesque 

- A Red-Dusted Planet , by @onewasturning  : Harry finally makes it to the edge of the pool where Louis is almost curled up in on himself laughing in the shallow water. He wants to feel annoyed, his competitive side rankled at the unfair and unjust tactics used by his opponent, but it’s like—  The light refracts off the water and moves across Louis’ skin, darkening the ink of his tattoos, and he looks beautiful, dazzling, still that god laughing down on all the destruction he’s caused. And Harry’s heart is caught somewhere in his breathless chest, like it’s become tangled amidst the veins and arteries whilst trying to make room for wet boys on warm, summery days. Or, a one-night stand in a small town in Australia turns into a weekend that Harry could’ve never predicted with a boy he may never forget.

Larry travel AU (38k), well written, with great smut (bottom Louis). And now I low key want to book some tickets to Australia.

- Now I’ve Got You In My Space , by  stylesforstiles : Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson almost met on X-FactorThey meet on Dancing With The Stars instead.

Larry famous AU (9.6k) : Dancer Louis and singer Harry, fuck yeah !! Barely smutty .

- Through the Wall (Through the Wall) , by taggiecb : The prompt “We live in adjacent apartment and one day I accidentally knocked a hole in the wall and into your living room.  I’m really sorry oh my God you’re naked” AU .

Larry Neighbour AU (5k) : fun !! great smut (and I don’t say only because of Wall Sex)(but WALL SEX) (bottom Louis)

- Your Best Line Ever , by green_feelings (aka @sadamenoito) : University AU, in which Harry has a terrible job and lies about his name to drunk people, Louis is one of the drunk and has to move out of his flat, Liam shaves his hair because he fights with Zayn, Zayn protects Liam from creepy stalkers and Niall always has a solution, because he knows just about every person relevant!

Larry Uni roomates AU (55k) : very well written, full of pining and miscommunications and boys who don’t express their feelings. Barely smutty.

- The Summertime, The Butterflies, All Belong To Your Creation , by @c-e-d-dreamer : When Louis decides to help out a lost little girl at the park, he never expected it would lead him to finding his home.

Larry single dad Harry AU (11k) : oh this is cuuuuuute. Also I need more fics with Louis and Harry signing. Definitely.

- I’ll show you my heart., by anonymous : You fookin prick! Look where you are going!” He shouts, cold tea soaking through his clothing, sticking to his skin.   “Watch where you’re going pal, I have work to do,” the person says back.   Louis notices the professional camera hanging around his neck, and some keys dangling by his pocket. Along with his obnoxious demeanor, it more than enough for Louis to figure out that he is a paparazzi. Those assholes have no emotion, all they care about is to get a picture.    “Yeah sure, you call stalking people and invading their privacy a job?” Louis spits back. His day had been going great up until he was harassed by this asshole, and now he is going to be even later running back home and changing his t-shirt.  an AU where Harry is a famous celebrity and Louis is minding his own business in the streets when he gets knocked over by paparazzi trying to get photos of Harry.

Larry famous-not famous AU (30k), with a closeted Harry, a secret relationship, a coming-out and some smut (bottom Louis)

- Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart , by  mcpofife : Louis is ready to find the love of his life, but first he has to stop falling for the punk rocker next door. 

Larry Punk Harry! Neighbour AU (86k) , aka one of my fav fic ever. I just realised I haven’t re-read it for months and never rec it properly before, so here we are. I love it. BFF to lovers, florist Harry, pining, angsty, amazing smut (bottom Louis) : it’s perfect. Also : FATE.

- Café Noir , by iheartallthefandoms : : Harry Styles is secretly a world famous writer of bodice rippers. He is struck by writer’s block and he craves late night coffee. Luckily, there is a little café that provides both inspiration and a delicious caramel macchiato. While pretending to write his next story, Harry finds a new muse and winds up falling for one of the baristas: bright, cheerful Louis Tomlinson.

Larry coffee shop AU (4k) ; smut writer Harry, I love the idea !!! Barely smutty , and really nice.

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Seriously, I think Torchwood has one of the best fandom on tumblr. Not just for the fact that there’s literally hundreds of janto gifs to collectively cry over. Which is always fun.

You guys are are so nice, there’s barely any hate at all, and you don’t think twice about sending me links to audios when my ass is broke. Which is always.
Haha, anyway, y'all are so lovely and I’m honestly lucky to be a part of such an amazing fandom.