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Since there are 'Tangled' elements in 'Show Me Skies On Fire', I keep imaging the 'I Got A Dream' song but Marco singing Flynn's part. And it's cracking me up every time.


  • me: ... Lucifer i'm gonna need you to think happy thoughts or some shit fam, you're getting really-
  • lucifer: i'm sorry, i can't hear you over EVERY FUCKING ONE TAP DANCING IN CLEATS ON MY LAST FUCKIN NERVE
  • me: ... -gently pets him and offers him bourbon and a pack of smokes-

idk whether i like fall out boy and all time low’s new styles

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @johnswelsh (again) !!!

look i just added another trashcan to the previous one 8′))
idk what’s with these two and lighting their hands on fire  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

M!Kamui/Marx Headcanons!

(feel better, mod Xyl! In the meantime, here are some headcanons!)

Kamui is the bigger cuddler. But Marx just can’t deny his offers, because he’s a sucker for Kamui’s puppy dog eyes and pouty expression.

Marx is often awake late at night doing paperwork. Kamui has to pester him into resting. Kamui cares too much about Marx to let him go without sleep.

Marx may look and sound and be really rough, but he’s a big softie towards Kamui. He cannot say no to Kamui, and it’s easier for Kamui to persuade him. But Kamui never abuses that. He’s very kind and caring towards Marx.

Kamui has insisted on cooking before. But it ended up with a small explosion in the kitchen. Now, Pieri teaches him, because Kamui insists on cooking for Marx.

Kamui likes sweets, Marx can’t stand them. At times, Marx will find packages of cotton candy in Kamui’s sock drawer, and in other odd places. He can only ask, why?

The two almost never fight. They’re not a couple that squabbles often, because Kamui is so open to negotiation and Marx can keep his temper in check just for Kamui.

Marx tends to be very protective over Kamui. He’s not possessive, but he’s very caring and always makes sure that no one takes advantage of Kamui’s giving personality.

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