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In Gotham even the two murderous villains are dealing their grudges and terms between each other better than Jim Gordon and Lee Thompkins….


Jo Wilson (aka The Chip Monster) in Grey’s Anatomy 12x18 - There’s a Fine, Fine Line

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Y'know, with all the jokes about Ursula adopting Akko, I think Diana deserves to have a mom like Ursula the most. ESPECIALLY after ep 19. Also, hi I'm back. Still loving your stuff XD


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I re-watched ep 19 and I think, not sure, but I think it was Gosho that cheered when Oharano caught the ball after Gion tried to tackle their opponent. he was like... Haha interception!i think i recognized his little laugh and his voice, oh gosho you have it so bad. and on ep 21...you know he totally participated the tackling contest just so he could show off to oharano. no one can tell me otherwise 1/?

i bet he kept his eye on oharano, watching him sitting so cutely by himself until he got an opportunity to talk to him bc why else would he want to talk about ‘love lives’ if not to find out if oharano had a gf or not. i think the only reason Gosho didn’t do well with the tackling bc he said…'oh there'e werent any girls cheering for me’ BULLSHIT…Oharano was ignoring him and he bummed himself out…poor guy, he trying 2/2

Oh that was 100% Goshozome’s voice. I went back and watched it myself just to make sure, but yeah. Gosho was cheering on his lil man as soon as he stepped onto the field.  I bet you anything that Gosho has been talking about Oharano and trying to find a way to get his chance since the first match against Jinko. Just the way Hori responds (”Good for you”) when Gosho gets excited to see Oharano play just makes me think that the entirety of Sagami is tired of hearing about how great Oharano is. He does have it bad, and he’s not ashamed of it at all. All he wants is that boy’s number and maybe a date or a kiss or attention (or all of the above).

And speaking of the tackling contest. You bet your butt he was trying to show off, and then his confidence was shaken when Oharano didn’t pay attention to him at all after his turn.  He says that he didn’t do as well because there were no girls watching but boy. Boy.  You know you didn’t perform because Oharano had his nose in his phone rather than his eyes on you.  Oharano’s cold demeanor is why Goshozome waits until the tackling competition is nearly over before he bucks up the courage to talk to him.  

And when he finally DOES talk to him, he opens with THAT? He asks if Oharano has a girlfriend right off the bat, without talking to him about anything else first, and ooooh boy that turns Oharano off so much. Gosho’s intentions are pure, and he just wants to figure out which way Oharano swings, but Oharano’s just not like that. He’s not going to disclose something like that about himself when he barely knows someone (especially not when the person in question comes from a team that essentially bullied him the last time they met).  So for Goshozome, this encounter is a real swing and a miss.

But boy is Gosho persistent. I bet you anything, he has a few dramatic fails like this before he finally gets Oharano to warm up to him.  He just can’t figure out the best way to approach him, how to get on his good side and get his attention. He finally gets it, but even he can’t be sure if i was the attempt that got him on Oharano’s good side, or if it was Oharano appreciating the fact that Gosho likes him so much that he didn’t give up.


Angel Gang: P'Earn, we need your help. Please come with us.

Another Angel talks to Pete: You… Please allow us to borrow your husband for minutes.

Pete: (smile and laugh)

Pete’s friend: What are you two?

Pete: Noooo… I’m his husband.

Pete’s friend: What?

Pete (laugh): I’m kidding.

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