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Omg I'm in love with your blog 💘 the latest ep 19 of snb had me shook!!😵 hope they make up and MAPPA gives them the happy ending they DESERVE! Do you by any chance know and recommend me some charinina fan fiction? Haven't found many 😢... Also what's ur prediction on so ep20😱 I've seen pic of nina in her doctor suite it appears .....what if nina got hurt battling that psycho!! What if they told charioce they killed and he believes it!!!!! *sorry if I asked too much*

Omg this is so cute and nice thank you so much. Don’t apologize you didn’t ask to much and your ask made my really happy.

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I’m sorry it took me so long to respond but adult live and all the responsibilities that come with it sucks. I couldn’t finish writing this until now.  Please pardon my english since is not my native language and sorry because this is kind of messy.

Now let’s go in order here. Are nina and charioce gonna make up?? I think they would. I mean they give us this moment? 

We’ll probably get a “putting the glass shoes on cinderella” kind of scene. They ending hints that after all.

That is unless mappa decides that the shoes should suffer the same destiny as other significant objects in the story such as charioce’ ring or the chili pepper that had potencial be used more but were lost forever and never brought up again. But i have trust in Mappa so i think they’re gonna have more beautiful scenes and an good ending that fits their love history.

About the fanfiction disgracefully I haven’t been reading to much of it lately. I just have been busy and in the actual free time I hace i’m either doing more fanarts for my portfolio or discussing the chapters or simply speaking with other in discord. On top of it just as you said there’s really little amount of charinina fanficts so apart from this one here I can’t really give you more recommendations i’m sorry. Please take into account that this fanfict is:

  1. In completely in spanish so if you don’t know the language you won’t be able to understand it
  2. If you can actually read it I have to warn you that is little angsty. The story is about charioce pov in all his encounters with nina, what he think of her and all his feelings until episode 13 more or less. Is beautifully written and the angst is nothing heartbreaking more is really tasteful but taking into account how angsty ep 19 was maybe you wouldn’t like to read it

Now if you ask me about my predictions I have to say that I don’t really have one. I have many xD i’ll put a tl;dr here with what I actually think is what gonna happen in episode 20:

Basically what I expect to happen the next episode is: Nina fights the hunter and transform into a dragon to do so. The explosion free kaisar and favaro and then they help her. Nina manage to defeat the hunter but gets badly hurt in the progress. Her transformation attracts the other knights that were searching for them. Just when the three of then are about to get killed. Azazel and co. appears after speaking a bit with Jeanne and Sofiel as they also saw the light of nina transformation and went to save them. They manage to escape and then rita has to health nina. Episode end with charioce eating the next day only to be informed falsely that the red dragon was killed. 

Apart from all that we also may see more of Gabriel and her possible transformation(?) in a fallen angel?? I mean she isn’t glowing anymore and dark feathers are around her.

Or maybe Lucifer will finally finish his book and do wharever he was planing??

I also have some analysis of a theory i heard and other options I thought about that scene with rita in her doctor clothes but that would go under a read more because this have become way to long xD.

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Y'know, with all the jokes about Ursula adopting Akko, I think Diana deserves to have a mom like Ursula the most. ESPECIALLY after ep 19. Also, hi I'm back. Still loving your stuff XD



Angel Gang: P'Earn, we need your help. Please come with us.

Another Angel talks to Pete: You… Please allow us to borrow your husband for minutes.

Pete: (smile and laugh)

Pete’s friend: What are you two?

Pete: Noooo… I’m his husband.

Pete’s friend: What?

Pete (laugh): I’m kidding.

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