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181 please!

181 - If you’re bored, wanna have sex?

After my earlier smutfest, this IS safe for work.

Scully had just gotten out of the shower when she heard the sound of the telephone ringing out in the living room. Wrapped in nothing but a towel, she hesitated in the doorway to her bedroom, half tempted to ignore it. But then she realized it might be her mom, ringing to confirm or cancel their plans later in the evening. Or, most likely it was Mulder, although now that he was recovering from his injury there was a chance that for once he was calling about something important. Her mind made up, Scully rushed through her apartment, her feet making damp on the floor as she ran. “Hello?”

“Hey Scully.”

Her second guess, although he didn’t sound as though he was in peril. “Mulder.” She couldn’t stop the sigh from creeping into her voice, but berated herself for it. The last thing she wanted him to think was that she didn’t want to speak to him, especially after what happened between them earlier that morning.  

“Sorry, did I disturb you?” He sounded so worried that he’d interrupted her that Scully couldn’t help but feel bad. 

“No, of course not.” She looked down at herself, pulling the towel tighter around herself as she shivered. “Is everything ok? How’s your arm?”

“It’s not my arm that’s the problem Scully.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s my head.”

“Your head? You didn’t tell me you knocked your head last night.” That explained a lot, she thought to herself sadly. That explained a hell of a lot. The kiss in a hospital waiting room. The second kiss as she moved to get out of her car when they arrived back at his apartment. Him asking her up, then leading her up to his bedroom and removing her clothes without any hesitation. She should have known he wasn’t in his right mind.

“I didn’t,” he replied, clearly bemused. “I’m just stuck indoors and going out of my mind.” He sniffed and Scully heard him shift on the couch. “What are you up to?”

She couldn’t help but smile. “I left your apartment barely an hour ago Mulder.”

“I know, but I’m housebound and now living my life through you until I’m able to drive again. Hey aren’t you supposed to be out with your mom?”

“She called about twenty minutes ago and postponed. We’re now going out this evening.” She realized that her reasoning earlier for going home to meet with her mom now sounded like an excuse. Thankfully Mulder didn’t seem to think of it that way.

“What are you up to now?”

“Housework,” she said, unwilling to tell him the truth. She wasn’t sure if Mulder would take the truth as an invitation to innuendo, and she with everything that had happened between them in the past twelve hours, she wasn’t sure whether she wanted that. 

“Housework? It’s a new day, the beginning of a new year, and you’re doing the housework?”

“Shelves need dusting Mulder. Dishes need cleaning.”

“I’ve seen your apartment Scully, it’s spotless.”

“Decorations need to be taken down. Shirts need to be ironed.”

“You really know how to party.”

She smiled. “What about you?”

“Well…I’m bored.”

“I can tell.”

“I’ve watched TV, had a look online -”

“I’m not sure I want to know.”

“It’s all above board, I swear.”

“Of course it is.”

“I might go for a run in a little bit.”

“Mulder, be careful.”

“It’s my arm that’s in a sling Scully, not my leg.”

“I know, but you lost a lot of blood last night. Take it easy, and don’t overdo it.”

She could hear the grin in his voice. “It’s a little late for that.”

There, he said it, finally making reference to that morning. “Mulder…”


“It’s okay.”

“Although I’m not sorry. Not about this morning,” he quickly added. “I know we didn’t really get much chance to talk about it before you left, and I’m not even sure if you want to talk about it, let alone what you think about it, but I want you to know that I’m definitely not sorry. Unless you regret it all, but…shit…this all sounded better in my head.”

“I think I know what you’re trying to say,” replied Scully, her body warm despite the chill that had entered the room. “And I agree.”

“You do?”

“I don’t have any regrets Mulder.”

“You don’t?” He sounded so surprised, as though he’d been expecting her to tell him it had all been a big mistake.

“I think we both wanted it to happen.”

“Yeah. Well I mean…I certainly did.”



“I’m glad.”

“Me too.” 

She smiled, feeling her heart flutter. “I really do have to meet my mom for dinner tonight. It wasn’t an excuse.”

“I know.” Mulder cleared his throat. “Maybe umm…maybe one night this week, you could meet me for dinner too.”

“What, like a date?” She was joking, but Mulder’s silence told her all she needed to know. “Yeah,” she added a moment later. “I’d like that.”

“Me too.”

Now they did sound like lovesick teenagers, nervous around one another. Mulder tried to steer the conversation back to safer ground. “So umm…you’ve done the dishes and the ironing…what’s next?”

“Hmm, well I have the vacuuming to do.”

“Exciting stuff.”

“And I do need to change the sheets on my bed.” *Especially as the likelihood was she’d have a visitor in it very soon* she thought to herself. 



“If I’m bored, and if you’re bored, wanna have sex?”

“What?” Unable to stop herself, she laughed, albeit nervously. 

“We’re both clearly in need of something to do.”

“So what, we do each other?”

“I’m kidding.” She wasn’t entirely convinced. “If we’re both just killing time, why don’t we kill time together? I promise you we can even keep our clothes on. There’s a Star Wars marathon starting in 40 minutes. That’ll give you time to make the bed and drive over here, and I can call for takeout while you’re on the way.”

“Orrrr…I could leave the bed and grab food on my way.”

“See, compromise.” He sounded excited that she seemed to be going along with his plans. “Then later you can have dinner with your mom and then…” He paused, piquing Scully’s interest.

“And then…what?”

“Well then you’d have to come back to mine later tonight.”

“Oh really? Why is that?”

“I have clean sheets.”

Scully huffed out a laugh, shaking her head. “I guess you have a point.” She sighed contentedly, then looked over at clock. “See you in thirty. I’ll bring food…and my overnight bag.”

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Can I request StevexReaderxBucky? Reader works with business/law, is 22 yrs old, was friends with Person A (Buck or Steve) in high school but they lost touch the last 3 years. Reader lives across Steve or Bucky (Person B: other person). Nat is her sister & they're both gorgeous & close. Reader finds out Steve and/or Bucky are strippers & the boys like her. She's been with 2 guys before; inexperienced but flirty. Maybe a poly relationship? Tell me if you got this ask & your opinion xoxo ❤😘❤😘❤😘

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader ; Bucky Barnes x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: language

A/N: okay, so this was a challenge. I wanted to include all the details you had asked me to include. But I have to admit, I barely touched the poly relationship part, mainly because I had already written 5 pages before even getting there. But I left it open, so that you could imagine what happens next. I really hope that is alright :)


You sighed while hiking up the stairs to your apartment on the third floor.

Today had been a looong day and you couldn’t wait to get out of your high heels and skirt and into something comfortable. Being a business lawyer definitely had its’ perks. You earned enough and most of the time, actually enjoyed what you were doing. But some days, you worked way too long for your own good, because some things just had to be finished before the next day.

You were so deep in thought, that you didn’t hear someone close a door and the next second, when you wanted to turn to the corridor of your apartment, you ran into your neighbor and lover/boyfriend.

“Sorry, (Y/N). Didn’t see you there,” he smiled at you. That handsome smile that made you fall for him in the first place.

“It’s alright. I’m sorry, too. Should’ve paid more attention,” you returned the smile, but the exhaustion was clear on your face.

He placed his fingers under your chin, so you’d look into his eyes and examined your face.

“Are you alright, love?”

“Yeah. Just really looking forward to my bed. You’re planning on joining me, later?”

He kissed your forehead, then walked past you, down the stairs.

“I’ll just go for a run. Chinese or Italian later?”


You heard him laugh, before he left the building. Once he was gone, you placed one foot in front of the other, dragging yourself to the door.

But luck didn’t favor you today.

Once the door was open,  you could hear several women laughing.

‘Oh fuck. The Bachelorette party.’

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This place was messed up, truly messed up, the war that was going seemed to have destroyed almost everything there was before and no one seemed to care to stop it. He couldn’t hear any prayers, it was so quiet it almost made him uncomfortable.

He heard them before he saw them, Mary and Lucifer. He almost let out a sigh of relief when he saw that she was still alive, at least he wouldn’t have to bring her back dead to her child.

”There you are! Do you know how difficult it was for me to find you? Now come on, we have to go back, this place is giving me the heebie-jeebies.”

Painted Nails

Charlie’s visiting the guys at the bunker and one night they’re sat around after eating dinner (a wonderful combination of pizza and beer) and Charlie has decided to paint her nails. She does her left hand easily but is struggling to do her right hand neatly. 

After trying and failing to touch up the varnish for a third time she sighs and turns to Dean, who is sat next to her trying to pretend he’s not staring at Cas while he talks quietly to Sam on the other side of the table. She rolls her eyes at his obviousness and pokes him in the cheek. 

He flinches away and says, ‘Dude, what are you poking me for?’  

Instead of replying verbally Charlie holds up her right hand and wiggles her fingers, directing her eyes to the open bottle of nail polish on the table between them. 

‘Fuck no’ 

‘Please?’ Charlie bats her eyelashes over-dramatically. ‘I thought you said I was the little sister you never wanted.’

‘You heard that?’ Dean says in surprise.

‘Oh please, I hear everything.’ Charlie smirks. ‘And that reminds me, your bathroom is opposite my room. I can hear you in the shower, singing and doing… other things.’

Dean’s face explodes in redness. He glances over at Cas who is still occupied by Sam, thankfully. ‘I- uh’

‘Don’t worry lover-boy your secret is safe with me.’ 

Dean visibly breathes a sigh of relief. He finds himself internally thanking Sam for being in such an in-depth conversation with Cas about bees that neither of them have paid attention to Dean and Charlie’s conversation. 

‘Anyway, Dean, these nails aren’t going to paint themselves.’ Charlie draws Dean’s attention away from Cas again. 

Dean looks at her and at the small bottle sat on the counter. ‘Okay, fine. But this -’ Dean gestures to her nails and the polish, ‘- doesn’t leave the bunker, understand?’

Charlie rolls her eyes but nods anyway. 

Dean picks up the brush and brings Charlie’s hand closer to himself. 

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Maybe jongkey smut where key & jonghyun are teenagers in love and key wants to have sex and he knows lots about it via hacking his dad's pornhub account but jonghyun's super sheltered and knows absolutely nothing even though he's older by a year and he's supposed to top?

Profane Lovers = Asking Kibum questions called for bad answers.
» jongkey. smut.

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Summary: Maqahs is hanging around in Organik’s cave, while the Warfury’s supply run takes an unexpected turn.


Organik the Fleshtinker, they called him – the dirty leper gnome who had branded and tormented Maqahs in his first days here. The squat little monster kept the living mostly alive and maintained the undead, but didn’t seem to be much of a medic or necromancer. Whoever had animated all the corpses milling about the place had to be much more powerful. But despite being just a servant, Organik entered the hall with the imperiousness fit for a king.

“What’s a dead monkey doing on my cot?” - he demanded. One of his child assistants rose from the floor to explain.

“He’s not dead, just running on empty. His name is Nux.”

“Nux, huh? Nux, nux, nuxnuxnux…” - Organik muttered for a moment, before his head snapped up in recognition. „Ah yes, Nux. Driver, Deathsworn. Outta fuel, huh?” - his hands glided over the emaciated frame, tugging at loose stitches. Something chattered and snapped at him from inside the husk. “And infested, too! I keep telling you necros, no pets for you.”

Maqahs had watched such scenes countless times before. The leper gnome would either patch up the necros or, if they were too far gone, cut them up for spare parts. He would send the flesh off to feed the ghouls or assemble it into half-sentient monstrosities. Today seemed somehow different.

“Let’s give this one some more time” – the Fleshtinker glanced up and met Maqahs’ gaze. The tauren forced his eyes into a vacant stare. “Outlet collar number ten, collector collar number five. And drop me that hunk of beef.”

The floor of the cage suddenly opened. This had happened before, but Maqahs was never prepared for it. The chain around his hips and legs tightened, halting his fall and leaving him swinging with his head uncomfortably close to the ground. The leper gnome approached him, holding a huge metal collar in his hands.

“Hold it still. And be careful, this is a prime specimen! It could probably feed five of these” -  the gnome pointed at the monkey. The collar snapped shut around Maqahs’ neck. Pain shot through his skin and burrowed deep into his flesh, hot and deathly cold at the same time. He growled and shook his head, sending the helpers flying back, but still helplessly suspended. “Aww, it doesn’t like void-infused saronite. Medium gauge transfer cable.”

The pain slowly died down, turning into a throbbing, aching stiffness. The Fleshtinker fastened a tight metal rope to Maqahs’ collar, then plugged the other end into a socket in a similar collar around the undead hozen’s neck. The corpse’s eyelids slowly broke open.


As they emerged from the pass into the Badlands, the Warfury bit her lip nervously. She thought again about the secret cargo hidden in the palanquin. She could just carry on with her orders, go to Fuselight, do the whole circuit and go back home - but then they’d be discovered anyway. No, the decision had been made the previous night and nothing could change it. She looked out the window, at her relaxed crew and escort. For them, this was a regular supply run, with no reason for extra alertness. Only Ace was doing his rounds over the train, making sure everyone was paying token attention. She took a deep breath and ordered the Gwarig to turn.

It didn’t take long for Ace to climb up to the palanquin. “What’s happenin’, Boss? The escort almost lost us. We’re not going to Fuselight?”

She looked straight ahead, afraid he might see the hesitation and fear in her eyes, but he pressed on. “What is this, Boss?” - he insisted. She finally forced herself to look at him.

“We’re going around south” - she said, hoping she sounded calm. The dwarf raised his eyebrows, then a look of realization showed on his face and he ducked out of sight. She heard him shouting commands below, whipping everyone into shape. Just great, she thought, now they’re getting ready for a fight. At least they would be ready for Terror Wing Pass.

She wondered whether Fuselight had already noticed her deviation from the usual route. If they had, she could expect a patrol intercepting them before the pass. But if they alert the Mountain, we’re in deep shit.

Based on her experience, she expected the latter.

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  • *Molly's flat, during a thunderstorm*
  • Molly: *lying in bed; shivering*
  • Sherlock: *peering out of the window* Hmmm.
  • Molly: *terrified* What? Don't you dare think about leaving. You can't leave me alone!
  • Sherlock: *frowns; lies next to her on the bed* I'm not going anywhere.
  • Molly: *smiles* Oh.
  • Sherlock: *thinking* Hmmm.
  • Molly: *sighs* What?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Nothing. I'm probably wrong.
  • Molly: *scoffs* The great consulting detective, wrong?
  • Sherlock: *glances at her* It is strange that the evening you invite me over to discuss the latest case, there just happens to be a storm *gently brushes her fingers with his*
  • Molly: *swallows* I'm sorry...you probably had better things to do.
  • Sherlock: I was here within ten minutes *holding her hand* I check the weather, too.
  • *thunder claps*
  • Molly: *immediately snuggles into him* I don't know what I'd do without you.
  • Sherlock: *holding her; rolls his eyes* Oh please, Molly, I'm the lucky one in this relationship.
  • Molly: *lifts her head* We're in a relationship?
  • Sherlock: Yup. Is that alright?
  • Molly: *shrugs; smirking* I suppose so.
Random Encounters Starter Sentences
  • "No need to freak out or anything. It's just singing."
  • "Just switch to an operatic voice immediately for those two words."
  • "Yeah, REAL freedom's not letting some goat mom tell you how to play."
  • "It's got N-F-C, plus HD graphics!"
  • "The booth babes simply sweep me off my feet!"
  • "I tried to move on and just forget..."
  • "Seems like I'm always falling for you."
  • "I'll take off all her tires, and roll them down the street!"
  • "We're better now, we're growing, we're safe."
  • "Try murderous violence! -I'm kidding, that's a crime."
  • "Let's become the angel of death, and make every monster dead!"
  • "Higher energy!!! Sweet!!! Okay!!!"
  • "Genocide's my only goal!"
  • "I wanna be a YouTuber, Okay? I don't get to be a YouTuber very often!"
  • "It seems I may have played with them too much..."
  • "I'm paralyzed, but deep inside, I realize that I love you!"
  • "I know every item, stage, and trophy, too!"
  • "I wrote you this song!"
  • "They're heading here just to eat me- like juicy flesh fruit!"
  • "Tonight, you're writing papers, judging dragons versus fairies."
  • "Are you okay, child?"
  • "Weh!"
  • "It's been a long night."
  • "Since it's old and decrepit, it broke."
  • "Stop stopping me!"
On Knowing Each Other | John Green (TFIOS)
  • “May I see you again?" he asked. There was an endearing nervousness in his voice.
  • I smiled. "Sure."
  • "Tomorrow?" he asked.
  • "Patience, grasshopper," I counseled. "You don't want to seem overeager.
  • "Right, that's why I said tomorrow," he said.
  • "I want to see you again tonight. But I'm willing to wait all night and much of tomorrow."
  • I rolled my eyes.
  • "I'm serious," he said.
  • "You don't even know me," I said.
  • I grabbed the book from the center console.
  • "How about I call you when I finish this?"
  • "But you don't even have my phone number," he said.
  • "I strongly suspect you wrote it in this book."
  • He broke out into that goofy smile.
  • "And you say we don't know each other.”