i'm on a roll for sketches today


Another dump of sketches and wips in shitty cam quality bc that’s how i roll lately. the only the three last ones are from today (trying to practice putting characters in environments…) also feat. @danydarkly ’s characters, Leikos and Red from the animatic Wolf Song!

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For match-ups! I'm a brunette whose majoring in Graphic Design. I waste copious amounts of time sketching ideas that probably won't get finished ever. I'm on the short side of the height scale, and I don't take lightly to jokes about it. I suffer from anxiety(which has gotten worse from a recent diagnosis of gastroparesis) and it affects my ability to be active socially, but I do put up a brave face most days. I'm an Aquarius and my favorite animal happens to be a red panda.

hiiiii there!!!! today I ship you with *drum roll*

Seven or V

I paired you the orange haired geek because of this one thought I had: the first time he met you, he joked about your height. And then you kicked him in the shin. Hard. After that he NEVER did it again, and glared at anyone who did. I said V because of the sketching. Idk why, but I can just see V watching you sketch and always telling you how much you’ve improved and framing up all of them anDDD SO MUCH FLUFF!



  • “I have a surprise for youuuuuu!!”
  • You looked up from your current sketch and sighed
  • “Can’t you see that I’m-Oh who am I kidding, I probably won’t finish this anyways.”
  • You dropped your pencil and stood up
  • “So, what’s the surprise?”
  • Seven held up a giant plush red panda and smiled
  • “So now when I work late you can cuddle with this instead!!! It’s red like my-”
  • You cut him off with a hug
  • “Thank you, Seven.”


  • It had been a crappy day
  • A really really crappy day
  • and your anxiety was NOT helping
  • You walked through the door and plopped down on the couch, letting out a huge sigh
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • V’s voice was laced with concern
  • “Today was just really rough… sometimes there are wayyy too many people on this earth.”
  • V stood up and sat next to you, wrapping an arm around you
  • “Is there anything you want me to do?”
  • You leaned into him
  • “Can we just sit here and not do anything for the rest of the day?”
  • “Sounds good to me.”
  • And that’s exactly what the two of you did
  • it was very stress relieving

So… I’m finally noticing I have a type…

It seems to include pale skin, bright blue eyes, extreme undereye bags, unruly dark hair, and BROKEN PERSONALITIES.

This was just a sudden urge to color and draw, totally spontaneous… and I am going straight from sketching to coloring to scanning and typing this, and it’s almost 4AM.

My first attempt at coloring Bucky and more importantly, my FIRST EVER attempt at drawing Charles Xavier (from X-Men: Days of Future Past).
Endverse!Cas is always such a treat to draw :D

Positive feedback greatly appreciated, as I am currently feeling really down.


couldn’t do much drawing after work today thanks to a migraine that forced me to lie down in a dark room with my eyes shut for about two and a half hours of mild agony and explicit tedium

but hey here’s some WIP doodles

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Tell us more about Ayden and Misha!! They're so cute!!!

ahh thank you!! ; ;

let’s see, what can i tell you about them without spoiling too much………..

(lotsa text &a few doodles under the cut!!)

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