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so i’ve been confusing friends in the discord chat because of these shitposts i’m making so i feel like i should clarify that i’ve been using a copy of the tomato subs text file to fuck around and make fauxsubs in vlc player. which results in adventures like this:

This season, in many ways, was about Bellamy being able to let go and recognize that his sister is her own woman and that she doesn’t necessarily need him to be his sister’s keeper anymore,” Rothenberg explains. “For Octavia to realize how much she does love him is really cool, as these are now two people who are almost talking to each other for the first time as equals. It’s an important jumping-off point for the episode.
Space orcs The Mom Friend

So you all know what a mom friend is. But how the fuck do you explain that to a group that doesn’t have that dynamic? Like what if the mom friend is unique to humans? Like, aliens trying to understand why there’s one human who constantly makes rounds to check on the other crew members. They know logically of course that everyone is safe but they check anyways. Trying to explain it is difficult and it pretty much brakes down to they have claimed you and want to know you’re safe deal with it.

Add to this if you can think of any better ways to describe this cause that would be amazing!


Sharna singing with Andy Grammer @katieamazeballs @rae1105




I had no idea how to converse with any of the people I was stood with. We’d all kind of awkwardly repeated our names to one another as we made our journey to the bar, but I still couldn’t remember most of them. It just didn’t process.
Curls was getting in the first round, like he had promised, and everyone was kind of looking around the group as we crowded against the bar like, what the fuck are we doing here? I didn’t think anyone wanted to continue the session, even if it was with drinks in our hands.

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