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100 Days of AmazingPhil → 1/100


  • England, on the phone: oy, where is everyone??
  • America: what do you mean? I'm at the place you told us to meet-up!
  • Australia: same here, mate.
  • England: what the? I said to meet up in Waterloo- ... wait.
  • America: I'm in Waterloo, Alabama...
  • Hong Kong: ...Waterloo Road, Kowloon
  • New Zealand: ...Waterloo in New Zealand
  • Canada: ...Waterloo, Ontario
  • Australia: ...Waterloo, Victoria
  • Belgium: ...England, why???
The signs as weird shit my grandmother has done
  • Aries: Offered to pay the movie theater guy 50$ to buy a shitty promotional cardboard cutout of Harry Potter
  • Taurus: Bought a sandwich from the deli, brought it home, ate it, and went back the next day demanding the 2$ she paid for it back because "there was too much pesto on it"
  • Gemini: Refused to drive down one street because "that's where all the hipsters live"
  • Cancer: Said she was going to run for city council so she could outlaw "those big-ass buses always driving when I'm trying to sleep"
  • Leo: Listened to one ABBA mixtape over and over for 3 hours on a road trip.
  • Virgo: Asked me if I'd heard of Beyoncé
  • Libra: Gave my dad a t-shirt for some recording studio she'd never heard of just because she got it for free
  • Scorpio: Has never once, to this day, been able to remember my friend Michael's name, despite my being friends with him for nearly 14 years. Various wrong names have included: "tom" "Alfred" "that little blonde kid you hang out with" "Mike" "Harold" and "that kid you know".
  • Sagittarius: Asked, very loudly, at our schools' Winter Festival, surrounded by half the school, whether "that blonde girl over there" was the girl my brother had a crush on.
  • Capricorn: Refers to Neil Patrick Harris as "Doogie Howser", even though she never actually watched that show.
  • Aquarius: Called Harrison Ford a "fine piece of cheese".
  • Pisces: Sent me the whole Bee Movie script because she heard "that's a trend"

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DUDE! wtf?? i'm sorry that guy repost your art!! i knew it was yours the moment they posted! its an old drawing of yours on DA right? :o so sorry man!!! have you told jack about this???? i'm sure he'll take it down :(

Yep. i’m just gonna wait until jack realized it was mine and it got reposted by some douche.

but if he doesn’t realized it then… i’m gonna listen to Enya - Only time everyday.


It was supposed to be a sketch but my love for Furiosa could not be satisfied with a sketch, and suddenly I needed to paint all those belts and that damn mechanical arm, and then part of the Rig wanted to be in there too. Also I’m all for goggles+scarf Furiosa. 

(now available in my shops here and here)

  • Jaune, walking around a Mistral market, examining fruit: Huh...not bad pri-
  • Jaune, cutting himself off with a dropped jaw, watching long red hair walk along the road behind the stall he's at: I....it can't be...
  • Jaune, puts down the fruit and charges down the market line, keeping pace with the red headed woman, finally cutting over onto the road she was walking along, panting out of breath: Is it...is it really you?
  • Red headed woman, who Jaune realizes is much older than who he hoped it was: Are you okay young man?
  • Jaune, standing up straight, his face saddened: S-sorry...I thought you were someone I know...
  • The older red headed woman's eyes light up, she grabs hold of Jaune's hand: You!! Oh she was certainly right, you're very noticeable! And handsome too, oh so handsome.
  • Jaune, awkwardly looks around: Ummm...who? Who was right?
  • Red headed woman, flustered and takes her hand back: Oh goodness, I'm so sorry! I should have introduced myself before. I'm Pyrrha's mother. She told me so much about you in her letters. It was the closest thing to physically seeing her fall in love for the first time.
  • Jaune, frozen in his place, forcing himself to speak, trying not to give away any sense of pain or sadness: O-oh...I'm glad to hear it.
  • The older woman looks at his oddly, then looks around: But why are you here in Mistral? Shouldn't you be in Vale helping with reconstruction?
  • Jaune, at a loss of words: Well, I...you see.
  • Red headed woman, with a smile: Ah, regardless, where's my daughter? Her letters have stopped recently, but now I know it's because she was on the road with you! I haven't seen her in so long, I'll cook you both something wonderful!
  • Jaune, unable to hold back anything, tears now streaming down his face, collapsing to the ground: Oh....oh no...

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Imagine an AU where Barry met Len and Mick while he was studying in college. Len was casing an art gallery that was across the road from a coffee shop that Barry liked to study in, and decided the easiest way to get intel would be to buy coffee there a lot, and Barry's stressing about a test and there are no other tables so Len and Mick sit down and offer to help him with his flashcards. And then two days later they arrive during Barry's "fuck I'm bi" freak out and then they become these (1/2)

(2/2) older queer guys who Barry has a group chat with to talk about sexuality politics and that time Len and Mick are marched through the precinct in 1x10 they’re both just like “wait what” and Barry’s cringing because someone’s going to notice and he’s going to have to mention the group chat which at this point is just like 20 memes and them complaining about feeling attacked by the Arrow’s biceps

oh my god??

this is great bc it implies that they kept the group chat even after len’s first encounters with the flash, and they continued to send each other memes even tho barry knows who len is

OK but like just imagine… Jughead and Archie have been planning this road trip for independence day weekend since like spring break their freshman year. It’s gonna be really cheesy and “friendship-forever”-y and romantic. They’ve spent weekends together sorting through both of their music to create the ultimate Playlist, have made a thousand checklists for what they’ll need and where they’ll go.

And then one night Archie cancels, and Jughead is heartbroken but he doesn’t admit it because he doesn’t show his feelings.

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I'm headed to London in the summer--first time in Europe. Any recommendations for exciting things to do?

you must see the houses of Parliament, walk the river on the south bank and watch the street performers and take a ride on a river boat and see the awesome architecture and history from the water. visit east london where i love and go to columbia road flower market on a sunday morning and have roast dinner in one of the amazing pubs in the area

a truth so loud you can't ignore (my youth is yours)

When Lena opens her eyes, it’s to the sound of the wind outside and the light of the car’s dashboard. She tries to link the sleep out of her eyes but ends up stifling a yawn behind her hand.

“We still have a long way to go. You can go back to sleep if you want.”

She lets her hand fall back on her lap, feels a smile starting to form on her lips as she turns her head to the side to stare at Kara.

The first thing she notices is how remarkably beautiful she looks this way, driving through the night without a care in the world. After that, she pays attention to how the blonde looks more relaxed - her shoulders less tense, her face lost its hardened edge, her hands don’t clutch the car’s wheel as tightly anymore.

“Lee?” She hums in response, not taking her eyes off the blonde. “You’re staring, princess.”

Her heart beats faster at the affectionate nicknames and she knows Kara notices by the way her head tilts a little to the side and a knowing smile appears on her face.

“You have no one but you to blame for that, darling.” She says, shifting in place so she can look at the other woman better. “And where exactly are we going? Have you thought of a place yet?”

She doesn’t bother scolding the blonde for turning her head to look at her instead of paying attention to the road - knows it’s not necessary. Instead, she immediately takes the hand that’s offered to her and focuses on the other woman’s soft smile and mischievous eyes.

“How cliche would it be if I said we’re headed to our paradise?”

I found the ultimate AU, guys.

Italian Public Transportation AU - where your OTP meets everyday at the bus stop and can chat for hours because the wait is infinite, where they are foced to stay compressed like sardines ‘cause the bus is illegally overcrowded *lenny face*, where they fall on each other dramatically because the bus violently rocks its passengers due to the heavily neglected road surface and they exchange intimate stares 'cause there’s literally no other space to look at!!

  • Revali: My skills are top notch! Now tell me. How could you compete with such perfection?
  • Link: ...
  • Revali: Didn't think so. You know where to find me when you "come up" with something. Hahaha.
  • ~~~100 years later~~~
  • Revali: Congratulations. You have defeated a powerful-what? What's that look?
  • Link: *Grinning with the smarmiest grin possible*
  • Revali: Oh Mr. Flightless Mute Amnesiac thinks he's special because he road the back of my descendant to get up here. I could beat that monster if I was serious, blindfolded, with my wings tied behind-wait where are you going?
  • *Link teleported outside*
  • Revali: ...I'm lonely.

@donutfloats made these adorable sheep people and of course I had to draw one.

Meet Nia, she wants to open an apothecary when she is older. In the meantime she gets into all sorts of trouble wandering off where she’s not supposed to or getting distracted by a new plant she sees on the side of the road. Despite bing easily distacted Nia is generally a very polite child up until the point where something envokes her curiosity. She then becomes a chatterbox unintentionally annoying those around her with her endless questions. Her mother makes all her clothes and it pains her to no end that Nia comes home covered in mud and dress torn more often then not.

Ovcarii are copyright to Donutfloats. I only wish I had this sort of genius.
Hey Friends!

While we were out of town, thirteen senior citizens from a local Baptist church were killed when a driver, distracted by texting, drove head-on into their bus.

Operating a phone while driving is illegal in the state of Texas, but I still see people doing it every time I’m on the road.

So here is a not-so-gentle reminder:

Texting while driving is stupid and dangerous and it makes you a jerk.


I don’t give a shit about your excuses. You’re going to kill yourself or someone else.

It’s not important. Wait until you get to where you’re going. And if it is important, pull over. It’s not that hard. It’s REALLY NOT THAT HARD.

You don’t want to be the 20-year-old who kills thirteen old folks because you couldn’t wait to answer a text.

This has been a reminder.

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I honestly just realized a few hours ago that I have a crush on this girl (I am as straight as a squiggly circle) and like I'm so fucked? Because she has a boyfriend and shes very straight but like I'm so... im so gay for her and I just realized it? I can't stop smiling near her and giving myself away... what do I do????

id do my best to get over it. tough love, sis. nothing good ends up down a road where you’re crushing on a person who is a) taken b) doesn’t play for your team. it’ll only put yourself in a potentially mentally dangerous situation. i wouldn’t recommend it.