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Nygmobblepot reunion

Since this is gonna happen in e04, I’m now thinking it might actually take place as or right after Eddie gets out of the ice (as opposed to my working theory, which had him running away to collect himself first and coming back to Ozzie later)

Which means we are that much closer to my DREAM ANGSTY SCENARIO

Where Eddie goes to confront/kill Ozzie in a rush of anger, only to be struck down by whatever it is that his time in the ice is gonna do to him (problems with hand-eye coordination, difficulty speaking, memory problems, whatever)

Then on becoming aware of how his mind has been compromised he ends up crying and/or BEGGING OZZIE TO JUST KILL HIM, because the thought of living in what feels to him such an inferior state is worse than death

But Ozzie, already balking at the idea of actually killing Ed because he still loves him (much as he tries not to), finds the idea of killing Ed when he is in such an uncharacteristically vulnerable state much too distressing/distasteful and cannot do it

(And maybe instead encourages Ed to overcome his affliction and come back when he’s more himself)

Wanna do me a solid show and make this one come true??

obvs there is something great about when a Big Scary turns into a Big Softie where Tiny Useless is concerned, but what i like better is:

Tiny Useless decides, with no prompting and for no apparent reason whatsoever, that Big Scary needs protecting. and if no one else will do it then this accidentally-gets-stepped-on, blows-away-in-a-stiff-breeze motherfucker is going to have to be the one to protect this living mountain of pain. you wanna get to this troll, you’re gonna have to go through this pixie. you try to come for this tibetan mastiff, this chihuahua’s gonna try to kick your ass first.

and the Big Scary is mostly just?? really confused???? there are at least twenty different reasons why this is fucking dumb. but also this feeble lil shit is the first person in the entire world to try and stand up for this person that absolutely does not need it. Big Scary continues to be huge and terrifying but now Tiny Useless has their undying loyalty and it will probably not end well for anyone.

HONESTLY straight people missing the point of brokeback mountain infuriates me to no end. the point isn’t that ennis was stubborn for not risking everything for love. there is a strong implication that had he shacked up with jack one or both of them would of gotten dead. its about the way that fear tears people apart and forces them to live such painful lives for the sake of their own safety sometimes. it’s about the pressures of two gay men in a homophobic society that steals their happiness from them and in jack’s case, takes his life too

Inter-House Friendships #4
  • *watching a scary movie*
  • Hufflepuff: *curled in a blanket burrito with just their eyes visible*
  • Gryffindor: *shoveling popcorn into their mouth with eyes glued to the screen*
  • Slytherin: *trying desperately to keep cool but is halfway into Hufflepuff's lap*
  • Ravenclaw: *flails wildly when scary things happen and accidentally kicks everyone at least twice*

“average person has a near death experience 10 times a day” factoid actualy just statistical error. average person has a near death experience around 10 times in thier whole life. Milo Murphy, who stares death right in the face & gives it a cheery thumbs up over 10,000 times each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

"I'm not your blind date but you came over and I was eating alone so I went with it and now you're calling me by a different name" AU

I found this prompt on a Tumblr blog but I accidentally deleted the post and now I can’t find the prompt anymore

Lena was sitting alone. She twirled the neck of the wine glass in her left hand, her phone in her right as she responded to work emails. Jess kicked her out of the office almost an hour ago, going on about how she shouldn’t be working on her birthday and she deserved one day off for herself. Problem is Lena always had days to herself. Her days were always “her” days if she didn’t have anyone to share them with. She looked down at the red rose on the table before her, Jess’ gift to her, and let herself smile slightly. Jess was a good assistant, she meant well, and she seemed to care when no one else did.

So that’s why she listened and came here to this restaurant when she really wanted to finish responding to her emails and get a head start on tomorrow’s project. The place wasn’t the fanciest she’s been, but she wasn’t about to go to one of the high-class places she frequented when she didn’t have a date. It was nice enough: low lighting, decent wine selection, and she got a small booth in the back so no one would bother her. Her plan was to come out, grab a quick bite, and then finish work at home.

She was so focused on her phone that she hadn’t noticed the woman walk up to her booth. There was a small tap on her shoulder then, and she was slightly annoyed that anyone would interrupt her when she purposely picked this booth to avoid being bothered. She turned to look up quickly, an annoyed “Can I help you?” on the tip of her tongue, when she came face-to-face with a literal angel, the words dying before they formed. Her jaw went slack as she took in the stunning being before her.

The woman had the bluest eyes Lena had ever seen, even under the minimal lighting of the place and the black rimmed glasses she wore. Her hair fell in soft golden waves, across the shoulders of her beige jacket and blue top. She had a pair of black pants that hugged her hips and a nice pair of boots to match. She looked dressed up, yet still casual, and it suddenly made Lena feel self-conscious about the tight fitting black dress and tight ponytail she wore.

“It was supposed to be yellow,” the woman said, pointing at the flower on the table.

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Ed Sheeran: In My Life

he kicked me in the face and i still love him more than 99.9% of things on this planet

If there’s a bison miraculous it should go to Kim, just saying… cause he’s bi and he’s my son