i'm on a fragile state

honestly the fact that jules and ophelia have known each other for like a few weeks tops and immediately treat each other with such care and concern like their level of emotional intimacy…… when will your faves ever
like in the record store when nate was there and jules was so visibly uncomfortable and ophelia like instantly forced them out
when ophelia knows jules isn’t okay just over the phone and asks if she’s been having nightmares again
and jules stopping everything to make sure ophelia is okay while the car is taking off and ophelia admitting to jules she was more shaken than she thought she was like they’re married

RE: James McAvoy’s Divorce

*pulls out my Nonviolent Communication/Buddhist Upraising Skills and dusts them off*

I don’t think many people in this fandom follow me, but I feel the need to make a post about this with my 2 cents.

I’m not going to call anyone names or single people out, because name-calling accomplishes nothing and there are a lot of people reacting poorly right now. So none of this is meant to attack or call anyone out.

This divorce is a private decision that was made by two people who happen to be celebrities. They are not required to tell us about the divorce or the reasons behind it. It is something that no one, however much they loved them as a couple, is entitled to. In the end, this decision they have come to is going to primarily affect them and their son—and it will exclusively affect them and their son as far as it comes to changing the way anyone is living their lives.

The fact of the matter is we each dictate our own reaction to this news. No one else does, and we can decide how we want to react. Approaching it with sympathy, kindness, and respect is the best way, for everyone.

Divorce is never easy, even when it is an amicable split that is a mutual decision (which is what this is, based on their statements—statements that should be respected as the truth until they say otherwise). Not for either party, or for their child. So by reacting with hatred and rumors and unkind words, we are only making this harder for them as a family and for us as fans.

That said, we are each allowed to react however we want. In fact, it is very important to give ourselves permission and space to feel these emotions. But just be aware that the way we outwardly express our reactions is within each of our control. It is a decision. It will affect others and that cannot be discounted.

Put simply, the purpose of this post is to request that we all take a step back and consider the consequences of the words we say and the choices we make; that we put aside our own personal feelings about divorce and treat this family—and each other—with gentle kindness. We can give ourselves permission to feel upset and disappointed and mad, while simultaneously staying conscious of others. Our words have power, and thus need to be carefully chosen. Being kind costs us nothing and helps to lessen the suffering that comes with this event.

Please be kind and understanding towards everyone involved.

Thank you to anyone who read this all the way through, I immensely appreciate it. :)

(It turned into more like my 2 dollars, but I had a lot to say)

TL;DR:  Divorce is understandably upsetting, but language has power. Be kind to others and respond in ways that cause the least harm—for everyone.

Dipper doesn’t know that Mabel handed the rift over to Bill, but Mabel doesn’t know that Dipper knows what the rift is and has been purposely hiding it from her for awhile, with no intentions of ever telling her what it is. Mabel doesn’t even know that the rift is called ‘the rift’!

I’m not sure if either of the twins are gonna be upset with each other about the rift next episode, but don’t you think between the two of them Mabel would be more upset (and rightfully so) to find out that her brother hasn’t been trusting her or telling her important things, in addition to already feeling like she’s been left behind by him?

everyone: “wow this is real madrid’s first game without iker in sixteen years this is so sad”

me: “what are you talking about he’s right there” *points*

me: “right there… *voice cracks*…in the starting line up…. *sniffles*…. like always”

me: *sobs uncontrollably*

December 2 - Haylor day

Sooo since December 2 is veeeery important day in Haylor history I just wanna let you know that this blog will look mostly haylorish. I’ll be in haylor mode throughout the day - reblogging edits, manips, one shots, old stuff and you can talk to me about haylor or send imagines or favorite memories. I look forward to celebrating it with you :) xx