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This is Sam and she’s half alien. If you ask where her alien parts are, she will kick your ass.


It’s 12:35am and I am officially 30 years old.

Happy birthday me. There were quite a few times in the last year when I felt like this was a milestone I wouldn’t make, but I’m glad I’m here. Still alive, somewhat kicking but mostly screaming.

Thank you, to all of you out there who have made my life so weirdly wonderful over the last year. You’ve made a happy woman very old ;)

In this year I will continue to work toward reclaiming my health, be getting treatment for my mental health issues, and debuting my first novel.

So here’s to another year around the sun. What a time to still, thankfully, be alive :)

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so after the cheating storyline you're just gonna keep supporting the show? ok... good to know lol

me, internally: the marriage wasn’t legally annulled and nicole probably didn’t know about that. the ex wife literally made it clear that what they had didn’t last very long and they parted ways. why was she there in the first place? when you’re at a hospital and there’s no family members there to sign for your shit (waverly clearly states that nicole doesn’t talk to her parents) the next option is spouses. since the marriage was still vigent because of the paperwork nedley ended up calling nicole’s ex wife and she showed up still saying she was her wife because hospitals and their peeps get really strict when it’s about their patients and who is in charge of them, since the ex was a doctor she must know that and kept the cover so they wouldn’t kick any of the visitors nicole had out,

me, externally: yeah i guess lmao

Okay, what the damn hell is the media trying to say when they kick Class BBC down on the scale even more. They aren’t even saying why no one watched and not saying anything about why.

It was such an important show, the kids were realistic and phenomenal acting and writing came from that show.

The theme song was bopping as shit and I listen to it on a daily basis.

It’s just so disheartening when the media especially puts it down because they could change that, they have the ability to advertise it for people to watch it. But nope. They’re just going to talk about 13 Reasons Why and be gross.


got a song in my head
and it’s driving me mad
no more, no more
all I have seen, take it from me

I just finished reading The Godfather.

Turns out there’s a character in the book named Jules. Jules is a male doctor, it turns out, who was kicked out of medicine for preforming abortions in a time where that wasn’t acceptable.

Sounds like some good organized crime DS9 AU fuel to me.

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2ps react to a S/O who absolutely refuses to admit that they're sick like they could have the frickin flu or something like that and they still be like 'I'm fine'

2p!America: “Why are you so stubborn? Doll, just let me take you to the doctor!” Would drag them to the doctors kicking and screaming if he has to.

2p!Canada: “Okay fine, you’re not sick but you’re not leaving this house until you admit you’re sick.” He keeps a close watch on them

2p!England: He sighed, “you’re sick! Just admit it, love. Let me take you to the doctor”. He is going to make them take their medicine. When it comes to illness, he doesn’t joke around. No matter what they say he will make sure they relax and are ok.

2p!France: He would just give up in the end. “Ok, I was trying to help” he would say before going to smoke or take a nap. He would try later on to give them medicine and would get so fed up he takes them to the hospital.

2p!China: Slips in home remedies and medicines into all their drinks and meals. Acts sick himself to make them lay down with him as the both just take care of each other.

2p!Russia: Once he notices, they better not expect to leave the house. He will doctor them and if they protest he will give them a look that makes them quiet.

2p!Italy: He’s just going to take them to the hospital. He doesn’t care what they say he doesn’t want them to become even more sick. He’ll probably give them the silent treatment while they are there., he would feel upset that they were denying their illness

2p!Germany: He gets super protective and when they try to leave bed he acts needy

2p!Prussia: “I know you said you’re not sick but please take this so I can stop worrying.”

2p!Japan: Honestly? Same. If his
s/o did that though he’d just force them to stay in bed. He’ll hold them down himself if he has to.

2p!Romano: A fight will break out. “You are sick! Just admit it!” will most likely be yelled before he forces them to take their medicine. He would apologize afterwards explaining that he was just worried for them.

2p!Spain: “Sit down, shut up, and take the medicine.”

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Hi.. I'm gender fluid. I've recently thought about getting top surgery. My breasts are big, DD, no binder will help me pass as a man or nonbinary. Although.. it's so permanent. Later in life, If I identify as a cis woman, they're gone. I've also thought about getting breast reduction surgery. I could actually buy a bra to fit me on woman days, and binders would work. But I'm only 16, and my family would kick me out or shun me later in life if they knew I felt this way / got surgery. Thoughts?

breast reduction surgery is actually really common for people dealing with this! 

especially since lots of people get that surgery to avoid back pain or other medical issues from large chests, you might want to talk with your doctor from that angle to get medical permission/ insurance coverage without having to go through a whole stressful “trans enough testing” business for top surgery. 

i know one or two people who- though cis- actually did get breast reduction surgery at exactly or slightly above your age, so it’s not unreasonable for you to start investigating this option now. 

i can’t tell you what your family may or may not do, and i can’t promise that they won’t be crappy if they find out later in life. what i can suggest is to focus on right now. 

get through one problem at a time and remember that you don’t owe it to anyone to come out. if you don’t tell your family about your gender, you aren’t being deceptive- you’re keeping yourself safe and making sure you have the financial and emotional support you need as you grow up. they aren’t entitled to know about any of this and you get to decide if and when to tell them. 

from my perspective, you seem to be thinking this out carefully and non-impulsively. i have no doubt you’ll do your research and weigh the pros and cons of your choices and will come to whatever is the right decision for you. 


Sorry I’ve been off so much lately school is kicking my ass. But I can’t wait for Halloween



Final farewell to the Eleventh Doctor’s Era: Countdown of My 25 Favorite Episodes and Minisodes.  Number 20 - The God Complex

This is a fascinating little episode.  While not the most thrilling or obvious of all Doctor Who episodes, it is essential to understanding the end of the Pond’s era because that’s what this is. The beginning of the end. This is the last episode where the Doctor, Amy, and Rory travel together as what they do with their lives. At the end of this episode, the Doctor leaves Amy and Rory behind and they begin attempting to live normally (at least in between the now less frequent adventures).

This is an interesting episode touching on the subject of faith in everything from religion to luck. The subject is brought to life by some of the most fully rounded single episode characters of the series. By taking on the issue of faith, each of the characters is instantly given motivation and depth that’s rare for a 45 minute episode. And yet, none of them survive adding to the truly bleak atmosphere.

I would have loved to see some of them survive, but that’s not what this episode is about. This episode is dark and destructive to all of it’s characters - including our main characters who physically survive, but only after self examination that leads to a permanent change in the nature of Amy and The Doctor’s relationship. It is a painful, yet necessary event that had to happen as they both grow up from the lost kids who were running away from their individual futures by clinging to thrills and adventures.

This episode is so important for Amy. Coming directly after The Girl Who Waited in which her entire life is destroyed after spending years waiting for the Doctor, The God Complex is the final chapter in that arc and it brings to light everything that had been suggested over the years about Amy’s faith in the Doctor and how that has entirely shaped her into both a strong woman and the Girl Who Waited.

The Girl Who Waited is a romantic title in the likeness of Sleeping Beauty. It’s passive. The Girl Who Waited isn’t the hero. She’s the one who gets saved. It isn’t an empowering title or one you would expect from a woman like Amy who stands up, fights, and won’t back down. It’s a bit of a contradiction in her character, but that’s what makes it work because the truth is, we are all a bit of a contradiction because we’re human.  Human beings are both vulnerable and strong - no matter which trait they display most often. The strongest of women were all once vulnerable children.

Amy is such a layered character and it all goes back to little sad Amelia Pond. A child who waited in her garden for a hero who she believed with all her heart really existed and would come back to save her from her life.  But as she grew up, she was largely on her own to figure out life creating this very strong and self sufficient woman.

Still, throughout her life, she wrote stories, built models of the two of them and his Tardis, and told everyone she knew while they judged her and deemed her mad. She had the kind of faith in him others had in religious figures which brings us to this episode.

The Doctor is neither a god nor her savior. He is a man - a special, amazing man who saved countless people, but never a god. Amy needs him to be that savior she dreamed of as a little girl, but he isn’t and truly, he never was. He let her down, but she clung to her faith in him because she was so young when she met him, she is the type of person who needs something to believe in (remember we met her as a little girl praying to Santa), and because she’s seen him do so many amazing things that it was easy to let him be deserving of her unwavering faith. It’s not that the Doctor isn’t an amazing man and a hero to many, but the problem lies in that he and Amy often see each other the way they want to see each other rather than the way they really are.

Just one episode earlier, we saw how horribly things could turn out if she left blind faith in him. The show wanted us to see the damage very clearly before Amy dealt with it herself. It isn’t until Amy sees the Doctor for what he is that she can truly move forward. He is her friend, he loves her, and their relationship is at the heart of both of their characters, but he isn’t someone to blindly trust will always save her.

And the Doctor sees that just as clearly in the end.  Rather than watching her die while they travel together, he saves her by leaving her to live her own life apart from him.

This is the episode that leaves Amy reeling in the end and takes us into series 7. She’s in her house looking out after the Doctor has left her standing still while he flies off again without her. This is where she falters. Until this point, she has not tried to live a normal life and she has no idea how to do it. She’s been trying to escape reality since the very first moment we met her. When we see her again in series 7, it’s no surprise she had spiraled down before she figured it out - unable to settle down to real life, pushing Rory away because she thinks she can’t give him want he wants, and putting on a mask over her true emotions.

Amy’s entire arc isn’t the Girl Who Waited Arc. That’s part of her life and it is a huge important part, but her story isn’t all about the fairy tale. At this point, the arc becomes about living once the fairy tale is over. It will be years before Amy and The Doctor separate for good, but in the end, it’s Amy who figures out how to live a real life and the Doctor keeps running - the exact path this episode put the characters on.

This is the turning point for the relationship between Amy and The Doctor. Not only does Amy finally try to see him as he is, he calls her Amy Williams and stops seeing her as a child. In one way, it’s the beginning of a truly equal, adult relationship between the two of them and in another, it’s the beginning of the end because that never was the nature of their relationship. It’s like so many people who grow up together, real life takes them in different directions whether they want it to or not.

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  • Sherlock: How are you, Doctor who?
  • Doctor Who: Pretty good, getting through my episodes. You're still in hiatus?
  • Sherlock: Yeah. What about you, Supernatural.
  • Supernatural: Just waitin'
  • *running feet heard*
  • *Attack on Titan bursts through the door*
  • Attack on Titan: *panting* Did… YouHear… Who has… WOKEN UP?
  • Sherlock: Oh no
  • Doctor Who: Please no
  • Supernatural: Oh god, no.
  • Hetalia: NE NE BITCHES
  • Everyone: *girly screams*
  • Hetalia: *eats pasta and backflips* I'M BACK BITCH. *kicks salt out of Supernatural's hand*
  • Attack on Titan: *3DMG's away*
  • Hetalia: *rips off shirt and does a battle cry* I'M THE HERO
  • Hetalia: *flips out the window and lands in Grandpa Rome's hands who flies safely away* VEEE~~~~
When programming doesn't work...
  • Chihiro: This is bad, I don't like this. [kicks console and yells in pain] Never use force, you just embarrass yourself. Unless you're cross, in which case... always use force!
  • Ishimaru: Shall I run and get the manual?
  • Chihiro: I threw it in a supernova.
  • Ishimaru: You threw the manual in a supernova? Why?
  • Chihiro: Because I disagreed with it! Now stop talking to me when I'm cross!

The other day a patient with a known history of hypertension and being a Pain In The Ass (PITA) showed up and demanded to be seen instantly “because she has an appointment”. She proceeds to whine at me for taking her vitals, because “I’m not the doctor”, despite being instructed to perform a spirometry on her, and then complained about the wait.

By the time the doctor came back in I was ready to throw in the towel with this patient. I was then asked to take her blood pressure, and when the cuff was pumped up to 170mmHg (and rapidly depressurized) she started jerking her arm and kicking and flailing. “You’re hurting me!” she barked at me. “I need you to be patient, it’ll be over soon.” “I CAN’T BE PATIENT WHEN YOU’RE HURTING ME!”

The doctor told me later on that she was the classic PITA who always complains about everything, but I can’t help but wonder if I’ve done anything wrong? Should I have been “nicer” (I really, really was sick of her within 10 minutes)? How would you handle this aspiringdoctors cranquis wayfaringmd md-admissions ladykaymd other real doctors?


(Two egomaniac needy game players…)