i'm okay with them dating

Person: “You’re pansexual?”

Me: “Yeah”

Person: “But you have a boyfriend”

Me: “Yeah”

Person: “And you’ve never dated anyone outside of cismen?”

Me: “Unfortunately”

Person: “That makes you straight”

Me: “Nah”

Person: “Yeah it does. You’re not really queer, quit identifying as queer you’re straight.”

  • Troye Sivan at BBCR1 Teen Awards, Red Carpet:
  • Interviewer: Ever dated someone in secret?
  • Troye: Uhm, yeah, yeah
  • Interviewer: When?
  • Troye: It's a secret
  • Interviewer: Yeah, okay, I was going down the wrong road there. And when was your best kiss ever?
  • Troye: Best kiss ever.. Hm.. Probably, one time it was like really cheesy romance, I don't really like cheesy romance ever, but one time it was like really nice 'cause it was in NY and we were like up really high and there was a nice view and everything and I was like nah, may as well embrace how cheesy it is and actually enjoy a bit of a snog
  • Interviewer: Did you feel that it was cheesy at the time as it was going on
  • Troye: Yeah I was thinking wow this is super super cheesy but
  • Interviewer: Like in a romcom way [?]
  • Troye: Yeah I felt like I was in a movie, it was nice

*looks around the empty, abandoned tag that was once filled with fangirls*

*whispers* happy one-year anniversary of the troyler kiss. happy anniversary of all of our deaths. of the day we all lost our shit. i miss you guys. i miss our family. i’m sorry that i never converted. i’m sorry that i never moved on. i hope you’re all having fun in tronnor heaven.

*bows head, turns, and walks away.*