i'm okay with them dating

Person: “You’re pansexual?”

Me: “Yeah”

Person: “But you have a boyfriend”

Me: “Yeah”

Person: “And you’ve never dated anyone outside of cismen?”

Me: “Unfortunately”

Person: “That makes you straight”

Me: “Nah”

Person: “Yeah it does. You’re not really queer, quit identifying as queer you’re straight.”


Screencap redraw - Lunyx Anastasia AU

Lunyx was like my first ship in the game/movie so I’m curious what they look like in my drawing. and since I’m getting addicted with screencap redraw/crossover, these happened. My curiosity has been appeased.

Exciting Things Ahead

So guess who finally got an AO3 (Archive of Our Own) account? That’s right, this trash can did! Anywho just a little update that I plan on extending my Blind Lance AU and making it into a full fic, so wish me luck! I hope you like it! Also, my account is watsonthebox (shocking, I know). I will update you all when I’ve posted. Thank you for all the love and support!!!  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

Why they look the same


modern instagram au: art student!clarke and music student!lexa

  • Troye Sivan at BBCR1 Teen Awards, Red Carpet:
  • Interviewer: Ever dated someone in secret?
  • Troye: Uhm, yeah, yeah
  • Interviewer: When?
  • Troye: It's a secret
  • Interviewer: Yeah, okay, I was going down the wrong road there. And when was your best kiss ever?
  • Troye: Best kiss ever.. Hm.. Probably, one time it was like really cheesy romance, I don't really like cheesy romance ever, but one time it was like really nice 'cause it was in NY and we were like up really high and there was a nice view and everything and I was like nah, may as well embrace how cheesy it is and actually enjoy a bit of a snog
  • Interviewer: Did you feel that it was cheesy at the time as it was going on
  • Troye: Yeah I was thinking wow this is super super cheesy but
  • Interviewer: Like in a romcom way [?]
  • Troye: Yeah I felt like I was in a movie, it was nice
Why is it so difficult for men to understand that catcalling is wrong?

It’s not a compliment, it’s harassment. It’s a daily reminder that men believe that my body doesn’t belong to me that it’s there for there enjoyment and that I should be grateful that they find it appealing.

*looks around the empty, abandoned tag that was once filled with fangirls*

*whispers* happy one-year anniversary of the troyler kiss. happy anniversary of all of our deaths. of the day we all lost our shit. i miss you guys. i miss our family. i’m sorry that i never converted. i’m sorry that i never moved on. i hope you’re all having fun in tronnor heaven.

*bows head, turns, and walks away.*

Limitations(based on a real life story)

From this moment, let’s just forget what we were scared of. Cause we both know our own limitations, and that’s why we’re strong getting through all this.

inspired by “we both know” by Colbie Caillat ft Gavin DeGraw. 

*scenes going on in my mind*
  • Mind: okay so today we're gonna date Nate.
  • Mind: *sees picture of Johnson* okay so maybe we'll break up with Nate and date Johnson.
  • Mind: okay now we're dating Johnson.
  • Mind: *sees picture of Sammy* alright we're breaking up with Johnson now we're dating Sammy.
  • Mind: okay I'm dating Sammy for the day for real.
  • Mind: *sees picture of Gilinsky*
  • Me: okay I'm just dating them all alright.
  • Mind: I can deal with that.

38/ photos of jamie and lily

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Troye and Connor have been together now for almost 3 weeks. (since LA, now Perth) Literally how. I always, even with my boyfriend or bestfriends, need my spaces.. then i saw them and I'm like "...okay?"

“But back to dating. Here’s what I’ve learned: you need to enjoy another person so much that you want to be around that person as much as you’re around yourself. That sounds crazy, almost like a potential death wish. Most people can barely handle being around themselves 24/7, let alone another living, breathing human being. But when you find someone who makes all of that seem completely sane, you’ve got a keeper.” ~ A Work In Progress by Connor Franta