i'm obviously never going to get over this

Was looking at houses to get an idea of what’s available in the area and had to share this gem

pretty nice exterior note the double garage

woah, some interesting interior decorating but nice room, looks spacious

is the kitchen carpeted? I’ve looked at this a lot and honestly can’t tell

pretty chill as far as bedrooms go and by far the most normal room in the house

bathroom looks ok

I know this has been super normal outside the 1960s/70s interior design but stick with me

big long room with glaring pink carpet. that’s not a mirror on the “back wall” like I thought at first, this room just goes. where one the house is this, I thought to myself

my lord, that’s a garage door. they converted their garage and remodeled but KEPT THE DOOR to open to the outside from their sitting/entertainment room


that’s not all, let’s check out the basement

good lord. just take a moment to take it all in. decor again not updated since 1970 (this house was originally built in 1969). the teddy bears on the couch. that weird game in the foreground which I’ve never seen before. sombreros on the walls the FULLY stocked bar. like so fully stocked…

and just to top it all off, the room that utterly horrified me,

hey guys i really need help

so over the weekend a list of transactions that were never shown as “pending” in my bank went through all at once this morning leaving almost $300 negative in my bank account. obviously no one has to interact or even reblog this but if you’re feeling giving or willing to help in any way i greatly appreciate it, or even just sharing this post! if i can get the balance down to just $0 i would be happy! please!! any amount helps!


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I'm never gonna get over Yousef nervously asking Sana if she doesn't like kids? Like it would be a kind of dealbreaker for him if she didn't want any AND THEN HE ASKS HER HOW MANY KIDS SHE WANTS TO HAVE AND THEN TRY TO JOKE IT OFF SAYING HE WANTS TWELVE KIDS. Just work it out, please!

YES ALSO notice his face after he asks her if she likes kids, he’s obviously like ‘oh shit if she doesnt like kids ??? what are we going to do?? i mean i guess we could do without ??’

ALSO the fact that yousef just goes hard and all in asking her how many kids she wants on the literal first real conversation they have ???? can this dork possibly get dorkier

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Honestly I hate that brown girls get so much shit from brown guys. Like you'll see brown guys talking about how they're too good for brown girls and insulting brown girls for every little thing and then acting nice to their face. No one is asking for their nasty opinion. It's so annoying being called ugly by some brown guy who doesn't even know how to properly maintain himself while I'm trying so hard to look good.

I agree with this so much. I mean, obviously not all brown guys are like this, but I’ve definitely dealt with this sort of thing from a number of brown guys. 
Also, hate the brown guys that say they don’t go for brown girls “cause they’re all drama”. Like that’s so unfair. Just cause a few brown girls in their lives have caused problems, it’s okay to generalize like that? 
I feel you, though. Don’t let them get you down! Those types of guys are never worth thinking or stressing over. 


Note: This is a rant. So, it might be a bit all over the place and/or contains grammatical error because yeah. (and will contain spoilers)

So, I finished Harry Potter and The Cursed Child a few days ago and I think that it was amazing. I know it is different from the books J.K. published and some don’t even consider it canon (and see it as a massive fanfiction). I see that, however, I still love it and enjoy it. So YAY for opinions. 

The thing is, everyone would agree that Scorpius and Albus has this amazing relationship that is developed over the course of the story. And I agree. Their friendship is probably one of the best one I’ve seen in my life (both fictional and IRL). Kinda like Dan and Phil, in a way. But, there are a few passages in story wherein it’s kinda #YESHOMO but the books says #nohomo. 

(1: (i lost the owner)  2: lepetitcomte 3: lizziebennetinjapan 4: ravenclaw-and-proud-to-be

Even Delphi ships it 

I was actually hoping that one of them would turn out to be gay. However, it just didn’t happen.

WHAT THE FLYING HEDWIG WAS THAT?! It was developed so much in the story that it is basically 85% of the content! 

“But… Scorpius and Rose… and Albus and Delphi.” 


Here’s the thing. I ship Dramione so much, it hurts. It’s not canon. It will never be canon. It will be just a figure in our heads and fanfictions. Then there Rose and Scorpius (Deathly Hallows Epilogue), and I was 


Before this book came out, I was already shipping Scorpius and Rose. I even wrote a Dramione x ScoRose fic (which I would not link here because my grammar was crap). 

But there’s so little of Rose in the book/script and her relationship with Scorpius is so messed up and meh compared to Scorpius and Albus’s developing bromance from the moment they met, that it wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving fangirl heart. 

And Albus and Delphi’s ship sank before it even sailed. I don’t think anyone trusted her. She kinda ships them too so what’s the point. 

To conclude my rant, I ship Scorpius and Albus. I never considered that possibility until I read the book. I’m mad that it’s not canon. And please stop getting our hopes up and developing the obviously #YESHOMO relationship, IF IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

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I moved to Japan a few months ago, fresh out of highschool. I know I was in the wrong when expecting that leaving home would also mean leaving my problems behind, but I never expected things to hit me this hard. With a history of bad relationships with food, myself and my approach to life I feel like I'm gradually loosing control over everything. How do I get ahead of this?

Every morning or evening, close your eyes, and see yourself walking into the rising sun, toward your dreams, and reconnect with why you’re moving toward this new possibility.

Reinvention is neither easy nor always smooth. Often we encounter resistance. We don’t want to let go, even of things that cause us pain or that are obviously already out of our grasp. We often struggle with limiting beliefs or stories about ourselves that hold us back from trying new things.

But there is one way to keep your compass pointed to this new life, even in the midst of any resistance or struggles you may encounter on your path.

Each time you find yourself slipping into old habits—isolating yourself, making excuses not to look for work, procrastinating on a task that might help you advance in your career—don’t bother wondering why you’re doing it or beating yourself up.

Just ask yourself this: “What can I do in this moment to keep moving forward?”

Then, no matter what you feel in the moment—lonely, self-critical, tired, lazy, or disappointed—do something to maintain momentum, even if it’s one small thing. There’s an old adage that says that true courage isn’t about not feeling fear; it’s about feeling fear and acting anyway.

Choose courage instead of letting your fear choose your future for you.


Forrest Curran

  • Jason: I'm going to be the one to marry them!
  • Percy: No, I am! I knew Nico first!
  • Jason: Yeah, well I found out he was gay first!
  • Percy: Gay for me! So, as his past-crush, the one who made him realize that he wants the D, I should be their minister!
  • Jason: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! I SHALL MARRY THEM!
  • Nico: *walks in with Will* Uh, what're you two arguing about..?
  • Will: Yeah, it's getting kinda heated over here...
  • Percy: We're arguing about who's going to be the one to marry you two. It should be me, obviously, but-
  • Nico: *chokes on air in shock* M-marry!?
  • Percy: I just said that, keep up, Di Angelo. As I was saying - sparky over here thinks HE should marry you. How dumb is that!?
  • Jason: Don't call me that! And we both know that I deserve to marry them 'cause
  • Will: Guys, we've only been dating a couple of months, I don't think-
  • Nico: *turns tomato red* Percy, you ca-
  • Nico: I'm only fifteen and a half, marriage is-
  • Percy: ME! *summons water to lift him high up off the ground*
  • Jason: NO, ME! *summons personal cloud to lift him up to Percy*
  • Percy: *sends turrets of water at Jason* I'M MARRYING THEM!
  • Jason: *shoots electricity and wind at Percy* NO, I AM!
  • Will: I think we should go...
  • Nico: *nods* these two are insane... I mean really, marriage? It's only been two months and a little bit, and we only came out to everyone yesterday...
  • Will: damn fanboys.
  • Nico: And anyways, if anyone were to marry us it'd be Reyna.
  • Will: Why?
  • Nico: I might've already promised her that yesterday...
  • Will: we just came out to her yesterday!
  • Nico: *shrugs* Well, she asked and- *lightning bolt lands a foot away from him and shocks the ground*
  • Will: Whatever... let's just get out of here before someone gets killed...
  • Nico: Agreed. *backs away slowly with Will before breaking out into a run.*
  • Jason & Percy: *proceeds to kill each other, not noticing kill and Nico's absence*