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Dangerous Woman

Moonlight: do you HEAR those fucking strings no stop im not ok

Be Alright: fucking bop LIKE DO YOU HEAR THAT BEAT ??!??!

Into You: the breathiness im dead rip me fave no words asdfgh

Side by Side: bish do i even need to say anything other than fUCK ME UP

Let Me Love You: ari you genius


Leave me lonely: no wait this is my fave song hOLY SHIT THE VOCALS

Everyday: kinda wanna Hoe™ tf up u feel me? 

Sometimes: ari ur a genius

I dont care: i have no words she makes swearing sound so beautiful


Touch it: holy fuck im crying tf 

Knew Better/ Forever Boy: damn right theres nobody like u omfg

Thinkin Bout You: most beautiful song about masturbation ever???? im crying

The signs as songs from "Dangerous Woman"
  • Aries: Let Me Love You
  • Taurus: Side To Side
  • Gemini: Thinking Bout You
  • Cancer: Sometimes
  • Leo: Knew Better / Forever Boy
  • Virgo: Greedy
  • Libra: Into You
  • Scorpio: Touch It
  • Sagittarius: Be Alright
  • Capricorn: Everyday
  • Aquarius: Bad Decisions
  • Pisces: Moonlight

illinoisemakers  asked:

high violet - the national :o

Favourite Track:

England. like ‘can someone send a runner through the weather that i’m under for the feeling i lost today?’ #depressionreactsonly

Least Favourite Track:

Conversation 16. I’m on board with it for a bit, but that #zombie imagery just always seems to pull me out of it idk.

Underrated track:

Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. y’know those days when you love everyone a whole lot but you gotta go wander on your own a little bit and then you come back and there’s laughing in the kitchen and bread in the oven and you remember it’s always best to come home? yeah that’s this.

Overrated Track:

Runaway. I desperately want to love this song cause lyrics but the melody is just not my thing, but like I do LOVE the lyrics.

heard ‘she’s so high’ on the 90s station so i hope you’re ready for a super gay ukulele cover

[more of the incredible singing goon]

DUALITY Lyric Starters
  • "I was knocked out."
  • "I will haunt your fucking dreams."
  • "No one will love you like I did."
  • "Good luck finding something better."
  • "He needs a break from you."
  • "You should escape, skip town."
  • "You're better on your own."
  • "Okay, we get it. You're both a happy couple."
  • "I'm living fast until I'm dead."
  • "I don't owe an explanation."
  • "We're young, we're dumb, and having fun."
  • "Don't make me tell you twice."
  • "You're the only one standing in your way."
  • "Just take a breath, relax."
  • "Are you sick of feeling sorry?"
  • "Chin up, quit acting like you're half dead."
  • "You know how to make me smile."
  • "You know my intentions 'cause it's 2am."
  • "This is the last time you taste my lips."
  • "I know who you really are."
  • "Give me any reason not to cut you off."
  • "How full of shit you are."
  • "Now, what are you to me?"
  • "You're not fooling anyone. Not you. Not me."
  • "All I can say is this is your warning."
  • "I have a confession that you will not believe."
  • "Can't count the list of things I know are wrong with me."
  • "I'll never take the blame."
  • "Mark my words - one day, you will pay."
  • "You've always been a huge piece of shit."
  • "If I could kill you, I would. But it's frowned upon in all fifty states."
  • "Burn in hell."
  • "Fly away."
  • "We've got tomorrow."
  • "There's always another day, another night."
  • "We're the authors of our lives."
  • "I stole the moon."
  • "You made me the bad guy."
  • "I fought for you. I kept you safe at night."
  • "I would have risked my life."
  • "The saying goes 'if you love someone, let them go'."
  • "Is your pleasure like my pain?"
  • "It looks so bright with the lights out."
  • "You broke my heart."

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rule: list the top ten songs you are listening to nowadays and tag ten mutuals

  1. It’s A Trip! - Joywave
  2. Kiss The Sky - Machine Gun Kelly
  3. Fake I.D. - Joyce Manor (doing everything I can to not make this entire list Joyce Manor)
  4. Roads - Kid Astray
  5. Must be doin’ somethin right - Billy Currington (my go-to summer song tbh)
  6. No Good - Knuckle Puck
  7. One Night - Lil Yachty
  8. That’s What I Like - Bruno Mars (A BOP)
  9. Favorite Liar - The Wrecks
  10. One Dance - Drake (forever reminds me of the Stars warm-up)

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