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alex turner // everything you’ve come to expect // album booklet edits

photos: zackery michael


I’ve always liked the notion of meeting the great figures of history. But then I think, what if it’s like high school and all the really cool dead people don’t want to hang out with me? Mozart’ll tell me he’s busy, but then later I’ll see him out with Shakespeare and Lincoln. -Frasier (1993-2004)


Passion and Assassins, a double feature of two Sondheim musicals that have never been performed together before. Performed at The Theatre Company of Bryan/College Station in June, 2017. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the show.

I played John Hinckley Jr. in Assassins, and one of the soldiers in Passion. In addition, I designed the set, which completely transformed within 10 minutes at intermission every night to form two completely different sets.

jaeshhi  asked:

I just looked at your appreciation posts and I was wondering if you could do a post to Taehyung's calves I know it's unusual but I'm obsessed with his calves

well tbh its hard to find photos where u can see his calves clearly so lets make from it just his legs appreciation post

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26.10.2016 | 3/100 days of productivity

Forgot to take a picture when I was studying between classes and now it’s too dark to take a good photo, but today I finally finished reading pride and prejudice during my train ride home!