i'm obsessed with the way he speaks ahh

Mute!Killua AU

Ideas Lazu and I came up with:

-He stopped speaking around age 5 or 6 due to the traumatic events of his childhood 

-He uses sign language to communicate 

-He expects Gon to treat him differently like the other kids he’s met have, but Gon actually thinks he’s the coolest thing to ever exist 

-Killua teaching Gon sign language  

-Killua teaching him dirty words and then giggling and Gon having no idea what’s going on 

-Gon is the first one to make him laugh out loud

-Before bed they always say good night to each other, but after a while Killua starts signing ‘I love you’ instead and telling Gon it’s just a ‘special way to say good night’ 

-When Gon talks with Killua he partially responds with his hands and partially with his voice  

-Gon being able to tell what Killua is saying by just reading his face