i'm obsessed with her story

“Cathy was beautiful like Brigitte Bardot. We used to call her the shaggy dog. I remember Cathy living up 20th Street, in a rooming-house with her mother. Cathy would always come out immaculate. When Cathy was like 13, 14 years old, she was the hottest thing you ever saw in your life. Everybody turned their eyes looking at Cathy. We were glad to have her hanging out with us. None of us ever felt that we could be with her, except for Junior. She loved Junior. Cathy always was there, but outside. She was beautiful. And then, some years ago, she put a shotgun in her mouth and blew her head off … Beautiful Cathy was there, always with her honey, Junior. I don’t think Cathy ever wore a bathing suit on the beach. She was always dressed in her nicely ironed clothes, and her hair and make-up was something. She had hair down to her ass. It was very sad to see her die. It was very sad to see her because she was so sad. She was always sad, always fixing her hair.”

- Bengie, a former member of the Jokers, reminiscing about the girl in this photograph in an afterword from Bruce Davidson’s ‘Brooklyn Gang’’