i'm not your little princess

two birds, one stone

char is a goddess, and it is still her birthday (thank u time difference)

airport au, based on this, but not 100% similar. enjoy :)

“Yeah, dad, it’s only a short delay, I should be arriving at 7 or so,” Stiles said, tucking the phone between his ear and his shoulder as he scoured the crowded airport for a free outlet. “No, dad, you don’t need to pick me up, I can catch a cab home, I’ll be fine.”

“You think I’d let my only son take a cab home after I haven’t seen him for a year?” his dad’s tinny voice rang out sharply over the line, and Stiles smiled fondly. “I don’t know who you’ve been hanging around with, son, but I’m picking you up, and that’s the end of that. I even made sure they gave me the night off.”

“That’s great dad,” Stiles told him honestly, before his eyes widened when he caught a glimpse of a free outlet next to… was that Derek Hale? “I’ll see you tonight,” he blurted out, heading over to get a closer look at the sleeping guy. “Holy shit.”

“Language,” the Sheriff reprimanded, and Stiles winced.

“Sorry, dad. I gotta go, ‘kay? Love you,” he said absently, settling his backpack down onto the ground and unslinging his messenger bag from his shoulders, cursing silently when the strap got tangled in his earphones.

“Yeah, love you too, kid. Have a safe trip.”

At the sound of the click, Stiles ripped his earbuds out and fumbled to untangle them when his bag’s strap slid a few inches in his grasp, knocking against Derek’s bent knees. “Shit,” he breathed out, eyes wide and horrified. He waited for a few moments, unmoving, before letting out a relieved breath when Derek didn’t wake. He folded himself down a few steps away, cursing the fact that he had left his extension cord back in Beacon Hills, and his charger was unfortunately short, rendering him incapable of moving further out and admiring Derek from after, like he used to.

He let out a sigh at the thought of his first few years of high school. Derek had been the basketball team captain, two years older than Stiles, and the only reason he hadn’t tried out for the team was the burning fear that he’d trip Derek up by accident during the tryouts and spend the rest of his high school career eating his lunch next to the dumpsters. Sarcastic and terrifying tended to be Stiles’ type, evidenced by one Lydia Martin and Derek himself.

Although, looking down at Derek now, his lashes dark smudges against his cheeks and his mouth shut in a little pout looking all sleepy and adorable, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell that Derek had allegedly got the 6’6” football quarterback to cry and apologize to Jessica Rawlings, a girl in Stiles’ year. Last he heard, Derek had gone off to the East Coast for college, following the footsteps of all his older siblings.

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Wakie Wakie
  • Princess/Prince: pssst!!! It's time to wake up!!
  • Mommy/Daddy: Mmmmm no baby girl/boy, it's time to sleep
  • Princess/Prince: nooooooooo! It's wake up time!!!
  • Mommy/Daddy: Come here baby girl/boy. *wraps arms around me and throws her/his leg over mine*
  • Princess/Prince: you just wanna cuddle so I won't make you get out of bed!
  • Mommy/Daddy: Gasp! I would never do such a thing!
  • Princess/Prince: I'm onto your tricks
  • Mommy/Daddy: *snores*

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Lana went from "Your dad calls me little princess too" to "I'm gonna be the witch who introduces you to the new era of humanity"


Look at these dumb babies

Although he’s not bad in a fight, Luigi is terrible at standing up for himself if he’s getting verbally abused/picked on, and I kind of feel like Daisy would find that really frustrating :B

  • daddy: hey princess what's wrong?
  • me: all dese other peoples are nice to you and ands call you thingies and is don't like dat daddy
  • daddy: nonono princess I don't care about them I only care about you. you're my princess okay?
  • me: and you're my ... daddy..?
  • daddy: that's right babygirl. I'm all yours.

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Prompt: AU, Something happens on the Isle which makes Carlos snap and conquer the Isle. Jay's shocked to learn Carlos conquered everything. To quote Wander Over Yonder's I'm The Bad Guy: "I'm not the damsel in distress. I'm not your girlfriend or a frightened princess. I'm not a little bird who needs your help to fly. Nope. I'm the Bad Guy. All these former villains that you see, each of them on shaking knees has knelt before me. I'm not your teammate or your partner in crime. I'm the Bad Guy."

Shit this is a good prompt someone WRITE THIS

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My little cousin has a new pink dress and she was playing with a hose and my aunt was like "No sweetie, you'll get your dress wet!" And my little cousing went "I'm a water princess! I'll get as wet as I want!". Imagine the percababies.

*little girl walks into the house soaking wet* 

A: what were you doing 

daughter: I’m a water princess! 

P: /shrugs/ she’s not wrong


for afairytalekindoflove because she’s my favorite and i love her a lot


Modern day Prince charming interview (x)

“I’m making a documentary on today’s prince charmings. So tell me a little bit about yourself…”

Yes, I'm a little. No, I'm not completely dependent.

Sure, I like to having someone to help me out and check on me to make sure I’m okay, but I can take of myself just fine too.

Despite my mental state and my anxiety/depression I still get up five days a week and go to work. I still interact with people and I pay for things that I want/need.

I have no one to take care of me. I still live with my parents, so I don’t pay rent, but I pay my own phone bill and buy my own stuff.

I don’t like being single, and I crave attention and cuddles (I’m pretty needy), but I get by just fine. I even buy my own stuffies!

I can do this. I do just fine. I’m in control of my own life, but I will share it with those I choose to let in.

I’m very picky… I’m tired of being hurt.

✨Sorry about the rant, I’ll go back to being cute and sweet now.✨

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I contemplated suicide a lot lately. I'm trying to get better.

Little princess, please save your weary mind from itself. Things are tough but you cannot give up. There will be towers you will be locked in for such a long time, or labyrinths who’s traps leave your broken boned. But you have to slay all the dragons and build yourself a suit of scaly armor fit, stronger than all the troubles pushing you along the road xx