i'm not your little princess

Yes, I'm a little. No, I'm not completely dependent.

Sure, I like to having someone to help me out and check on me to make sure I’m okay, but I can take of myself just fine too.

Despite my mental state and my anxiety/depression I still get up five days a week and go to work. I still interact with people and I pay for things that I want/need.

I have no one to take care of me. I still live with my parents, so I don’t pay rent, but I pay my own phone bill and buy my own stuff.

I don’t like being single, and I crave attention and cuddles (I’m pretty needy), but I get by just fine. I even buy my own stuffies!

I can do this. I do just fine. I’m in control of my own life, but I will share it with those I choose to let in.

I’m very picky… I’m tired of being hurt.

✨Sorry about the rant, I’ll go back to being cute and sweet now.✨