i'm not worried i'm cookies lol

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Sometimes Boof wonders why Dunny’s eyes are always closed. Is he sleepy a lot? It must be tiring being so nice all the time!


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LISTEN just when i had stopped crying over your wdta fan art you post that "cookie tutorial" sTOP i can't handle this (jk pls don't stop, your art really is the cutest and i'm in love, this is what i really wanted to say with this ask. anyway i can't believe i'm mutuals with someone so talented bye)

Ahahaha Why are u so cute?!(≧艸≦*) lol You got to push your limit XD(jkjk) Thank you very much for loving the drawings!!~ I can’t believe I’m mutuals with you either. You run an awesome jikook blog & I love it so much!!!♥

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a group text between Peggy, Don, and Pete
  • Peggy: don't even listen to him
  • Pete: I'm sorry, but what part of Mathis saying the F WORD in front of the clients isn't a problem to you, Pegs?
  • Don: tfw ☝ you're overreacting 👹😩👹😩👹 to something small 👌 that I will fix 💁💁 with my many charms 👑 👔in 30 seconds 💅
  • Peggy: Lol
  • Pete: Don, I'm worried you aren't taking this seriously.
  • Don: Read 3:30 pm ✔