i'm not wearing anything under there

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They were walking thru a district in japan and Victor was all "how come no one recognizes you you're not even disguised like me? If we were out like this in Russia we'd be surrounded by the press" And Yuuri was like "babe, I'm like the Clark Kent of the skating world, I blend in coz I dress modestly so I look different off the ice~ unlike you Mr. I-refuse-to-wear-anything-that-costs-under-1000-dollars" Yuuri laughs while Victor fakes gasps "Yuuri! I'm ur trophy husband, I HAVE to look this way!"


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for sleepover saturday under the category of literally anything can u hit me up with some of ur cat memes that's good shit im dying from my finals and I need joy in my life ~effie

i got u boo you came to right place for cat memes. i hope you’re not stressing too much always remember strong power thank you <3

Bts as cats








man I’m just highkey in love with the idea of jehan who doesn’t really have a specific dressing style. one day it’s cute floral dresses, the next it’s a leather jacket and black skinny jeans. definitely wears leggings as pants but also under shorts. big fan of crop tops. has at least one article of clothing from each of their friends, wears them regularly in various combinations.

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I'm in the closet but wanted something bi-pridey but couldn't think of anything that might get asked about (I don't generally wear jewelry or accessories). But then I saw a Wonder Woman shirt with her logo in bi colors and I'm hoping that'll slide below my family's radar and I'm just so happy and excited!!!

What an awesome idea! That sounds like an amazing shirt! Definitely in this community we are excellent at projecting ourselves to others like us while sliding under the radar of straight people. One thing I recently discovered is called femme flagging, where wlw paint their fingernails in a specific way to signal other wlw, often painting the ring finger a different color, and even using specific colors to mean specific things (like a glittery ring finger means “femme 4 femme”). I don’t think it’s very widely used among wlw, but it’s a cool concept and just goes to show how creative LGBTQIAP+ people are when it comes to subtly projecting our identities and pride. 

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Could you please do a dating Niall would include????

Dating Niall would include:

  • Lots of nights in either by cooking together or ordering take-out, followed by snuggling together while watching TV
  • Him trying to teach you to play golf, or at least understand it
  • If you’re a golf fan like him, it would also include dates at the golf course followed by an equally fun lunch
  • Fun, playful, and teasing banter
  • Nuzzling your noses affectionately against each other’s
  • Him playing the guitar for you (and teaching you, if you wanna)
  • Him singing softly to you when you have trouble sleeping
  • Lots of travelling, learning about different cultures and history
  • Sweet, subtle, yet intimate gestures of affections like hand holding, kissing you lightly on your lips of cheeks, his hand around you at all times, his fingers playing with the hemline of your clothes
  • Listening to that deep, gorgeous Irish accent every single day
  • Him being comfortably disgusting around you (burping, farting, chowing down on food)
  • Fun, adventurous, and steamy sex
  • Exercising and doing outdoor activities like sports and hiking together
  • Wearing matching active wear and lounging around in it
  • Lots of discussions on music, current affairs, sports, culture… basically anything under the sun
  • Him wanting to know everything about you and wants to meet the important people in your life
  • Which leads to him wanting to know everything about you; your background, where you went to school, your heritage, etc
  • If you speak languages other than English, he would try to learn them too
  • Creating silly songs together
  • Lots of hugging and cuddling

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okay so I'm going to my first concert this weekend with a few of my friends and i have no idea how they work or what to wear or anything in general about them and I'm super nervous because i don't know whats gonna happen and i don't want to be under or over dressed so i don't know what to wear and ahhh pls help I'm freaking out!

no need to freak out! i think people often overthink concert attire. 

so if you have seats you can wear whatever you want. it doesn’t matter. just wear something you feel good in.

if you’re in general admission, though, there are definitely do’s and dont’s. 

  • don’t wear sandals, flip flops, moccasins, slip ons, or god forbid high heels
  • DO wear closed toed shoes with laces and make sure they’re tied tight and double knotted shortly before going inside
  • don’t wear any nice clothing you really care about cause you’re going to be covered in your own sweat, other peoples sweat, someone might spill a drink on you, a band member might pour water on the audience. you’ll probably be sticky and gross and rubbing against other people so don’t wear any delicate fabrics or anything like that
  • wear whatever you want on the bottom. jeans, shorts, leggings. 
  • DON’T wear a skirt. you know, i never thought i’d have to tell people not to wear heels and skirts in a pit but i’ve seen it more than once unfortunately. it’s just…not the place.
  • i’d suggest a t shirt of some kind. whether its a band shirt or just a t shirt whatever its like the best option imo
  • and if you have a lot of hair or long hair PLEEEEASE put it up in a bun. you will thank me. the people around you will thank me. otherwise someones gonna spend the show with your hair in their mouth and its gonna get stuck to the sweat on people’s arms and get ripped out. i’ve been to shows where people just let their giant mane of hair do their thing and its hot and sweaty and humid and it infiltrates the space of at least 4 people aroudn them and like….can’t do it fam!! i’m sure your hair is beautiful when it’s not in my mouth and restricting my breathing but put it away.

i think thats all my recommendations on what to wear. if you have any other questions about shows im happy to answer

Headcanons about chef!Kacchan
  • He has a whole collection of knives (kitchen knives) and he uses each of them just as frequently
  • He’s actually really neat and tidy when it comes to cooking, and his biggest pet peeve is when people don’t replace utensils back where they found them
  • He tries very hard to not blow up the kitchen when he lets his anger get the better of him; he cherishes his kitchen too much and he doesn’t want to pay for the repairs
  • His quirk doesn’t always go well with the kitchen because he’s burned his own hand from hot metal before (that boy gets too angry)
  • He can light fire with explosions but it usually gets out of hand so he uses normal gas instead
  • It’s canon that he loves “level 5 spicy curry with crunchy chicken”, but he doesn’t make the food as spicy when he’s serving guests
  • He likes to bake on Sunday mornings
  • He hates mushrooms and will FIGHT anyone who places a mushroom within a 1m radius of him
  • He loves making soup. His soup is the best and there’s rarely enough to go around because everyone keeps demanding refills
  • He doesn’t let anything go to waste; if he has hated leftovers from guests he’ll go to the extent of shoving them under his neighbor’s door if it means they’ll finish it
  • He has a back garden and grows some of his own ingredients because the ones at the market just aren’t good enough
  • He wears a signature headband when he cooks but takes it off when guests are over because they’ll laugh at him
My Questions About Makeup

i don’t really understand why you would wear makeup everyday, i mean, it takes time to put it on in the morning (how much time probably depends on how much makeup you apply, i don’t wear makeup so i don’t know) and you can’t even properly scratch your face without having some under your fingernails, i think?

and people (though i guess mostly girls) start wearing makeup in their teens, but not when they were kids, how does that come? why did you not wear makeup everyday when you were a kid?

i’m not trying to make people who wear makeup feel bad about wearing makeup, i just don’t understand why you would spend a certain amount of time in the morning doing that instead of getting a bit of extra sleep or something.

(I’m excluding all those times you tried it to see what was so special about it, which is probably the reasen why children try it in the first place)

as i said, i don’t wear makeup and therefore know nothing about it and i don’t want to wear any because i don’t see any reason to do so, i mean the only good thing i see about wearing it is that you might look more attractive or prettier and that that might self-confidence boost but does that mean that when you don’t wear makeup that you don’t have as much confidence in yourself? and why not? how does wearing makeup change how you feel?

i am genuinely curious and i would really like to know so i’d be glad if someone could answer my questions.

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Both teams react to their s/o wearing their team jacket. (With or without clothes under maybe? Hehehe.)


Makoto: His cheeks flush a deep red because it’s obviously oversized on them and it’s just so cute, but at the same time it could end up getting dangerous. Gently, he pulls them into a hug and pets their head a little awkwardly. “Haha… how about we get one in your size instead if you like it that much?”

Haruka: He jolts and goes unexpectedly pink in the face, looking away quickly. “W…What’re you doing? That’s my jacket…” But deep down he likes how it looks on them; it gives him a sense of pride somehow. His heart won’t stop beating as he sits down next to them and rests his head on their shoulder.

Nagisa: It might actually be a little small on them, but it feels like all the planets have aligned when he sees them wearing it. He bounces over with a galaxy in his eyes and grabs their hands, looking them up and down. “Uwaaahhhhhh, ___-chan, you’re soooooo cute! Borrow it anytime, okay? Do you want me to order one for you, too?”

Rei: He can barely hold back the oncoming shriek out of pure shock. “_-___-san?! M-M-My jacket… W-Why in the world are you wearing it?!” He nearly feels dizzy from all the blood that’s rushing to his head, and tries to tug it off. “P-Please hurry and get changed into something else!” Unfortunately, he learns the hard way that they weren’t wearing anything underneath it and stumbles out of the room with a horrible nosebleed.

Rin: “W-Wha- you- why’re you-” For some reason it seems like he can’t put together a coherent sentence, and can only stare at them with a red face. The way it’s so big on them is strangely endearing, but it’s just embarrassing that they never asked for permission. He rubs the back of his neck and looks at the ground. “N-No, it… looks really good on you.” Why is he suddenly so bashful?

Sousuke: It’s obviously way too oversized, and for a minute he thinks he might die from a heart attack both out of shock and because of how cute it is. Unsure of what else to do, he sits next to them and pulls them into his shoulder for a hug. “I-I’m not mad, just… ask next time.” He curses how warm his face feels and buries it into their neck and hair. “…You look cute, though.”

Nitori: “A-Ahhh, do you like the jacket?” Even though he’s blushing profusely, he’s happy inside because he’s always wanted them to wear it. “It’s very nice on you!” Giggling a little because he’s embarrassed yet thankful, he hugs them tightly and plays with their hair. “I wonder if it would be better for me to buy one for you, too?”

Seijuurou: It’s completely on instinct when he lowly whistles and slides right over to them. “Whoa, what’s this all about? Did I hit the jackpot today?” Chuckling out of pure joy, he wraps them up in one of his warmest hugs, even if they end up falling backwards onto the bed while still in his arms. “Hey. I’ll lend it to you whenever you want- actually, just wear it all the time. Please?”

Momotarou: He nearly faints at the sight, almost wonderstruck at seeing his jacket on them. Yelling out their name, he tackles them into a tight hug and completely knocks them over with pink cheeks. He’s giggling like an idiot and nuzzling their cheeks until his chest presses against theirs and he stiffens up in shock. “U-Uh… are you, uh… wearing anything under, or…?”

Odo and Clothes
  • Hannah: Odo the public nudist.
  • me: Odo "Clothes are for the weak" Ital
  • Man
  • The worst part is that this ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT makes me certain that DD9 Odo is a casual home-nudist
  • Hannah: ...
  • me: Which turns out to be part of why they never let anybody come over
  • me: Because if they're alone then why the fuck would i wear clothes
  • Hannah: Odo having to explain to someone - O'Brien? Bashir? Worf? - that it's a perfectly ordinary thing to do.
  • "Of course I use sunscreen. Just more of it."
  • He has several big bathrobes he can grab for emergencies.
  • me: Bashir's a college student. I doubt he wears anything except underwear if he doesn't expect company
  • Hannah: Odo commando under a fuzzy beige robe.
  • Yessss.
  • me: Odo and the bathrobesss
  • Hannah: A rainbow of them,
  • me: a rainbow composed of nothing but various shades of beige
  • Hannah: Fifty Shades of Beige: Odo's autobiography.
  • me: Fifty Shades of Beige: I'm an asexual agendered being I mean I'll handcuff you but that's because I'm a cop and you're under arrest
  • Danny: You can't just, like, wear a Pope hat, right? You have to be a Pope, right?
  • Arin: You can wear whatever you want, Dan.
  • Danny: No, but I mean, like...is it disrespectful to wear a Pope hat? As a Halloween costume?
  • Arin: On Halloween you can dress as fucking anything! You can dress as Hitler!
  • Danny: I beg to differ! People get in trouble every year for dressing as some crazy shit on Halloween.
  • Arin: What? Really?
  • Danny: Yeah! Don't you remember those college girls who put on blackface and shit for Halloween?
  • Arin: Well...okay...
  • Danny: Yeah! That's what I'm saying! That falls under the category of "anything."
  • Arin: True. But that's like, a racially insensitive costume in general.
  • Arin: Well, no, because that's not a costume. That's a person. I mean, you gotta be careful who you wear that around--

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I'm looking for anything on Meteor City. I guess particularly on the living and day to day conditions. And for the Zoldyck Butlers I'm looking for information on their training facility and regime? Either way, thank you!

Okay there isn’t too much on the details, but here are some facts and fact based assumptions:

Meteor City

  • The atmosphere seems to be quite toxic, given the fact many of the inhabitants are seen wearing full body masks etc
  • The Mafia smuggles in a lot of illegal contraband there under the guise of garbage as well as hiring people
  • Around 8-10 million people live there (estimated), but this isn’t an accurate number since everyone is unregistered and thus ‘do not exist’
  • The City began as a dump over 1,500 years ago and residents will accept anything
  • It is said the residents share a bond thinner than that between strangers, stronger than that between family.
  • Once a tramp originally from the city was accused for murder by the police and killed for the crime. When it was realised that the murder charges were false, those who contributed to having him killed were all assassinated. They left a note on the severed foot of one of the victims:  
  • “We accept everything. So don’t take anything back" 
  • All because one of their companions was falsely condemned, 31 people sacrificed themselves, and 31 others were killed, in the name of revenge
  • The Mafia will therefore not mess with groups like the Genei Ryodan because of their associations with Meteor City
  • Because the people of the city had no records of their existence, the Troupe were often called upon the mafia to perform criminal acts
  • Kurapika stated that the Phantom Troupe were considered to have been the more abnormal than any other members of the city

Zoldyck Matters

  • Kikyo was originally from Meteor City
  • Canary and Gotoh’s hometown is Meteor City so it’s implied that the Zoldycks go around there and pick up people who they can see as potential Butlers.
  • One of the Zoldyck Butlers used to live in an orphanage, so it seems they look for people who have been abandoned, who have little rank, ties or titles to become Apprentices 
  • They are then taken to the Estate, where they probably spend the rest of their lives, and are trained and taught in classes
  • If they have family members that they still wish to see, they’re allowed to visit them once a month for 30 minutes
  • Their duties include serving the Zoldycks and preventing any outsiders that get past Mike from coming in.
  • I assume some of them have roles such as cooking, cleaning etc, things a Butler would do
  • Some Butlers teach the Apprentices in classes 
  • Within the estate, when off duty they are likely able to freely do as they wish
  • Becoming a fully realised Butler probably takes years and their abilities are tested during this time
  • If Butlers have lovers then they are killed
  • Butlers are probably unable to engage in much contact with the Zoldyck family unless talked to first..
  • Friendship and affection to any of the children would be forbidden, though they all like Killua anyway
Weeks After being shot by Tyrell, Elliot does all to avoid him and it's going great and surprisingly heart aching
  • Tyrell knocks on the door of Elliot's apartment.
  • Warily Elliot goes over to open it but still traumatised from everything that has happened since the take over of F Society, he hesitates and shakingly asks: who is it?
  • Tyrell feels the terror in his voice: it's okay Elliot. It's only me.
  • Elliot recognises the voice but doesn't open the door: ....
  • Tyrell: Ell-Elliot please open the door. I need to see you.
  • Tyrell: please, Elliot. I've been coming to see you at the hospital since– that night. I didn't want to do it, Elliot please know that. I would never hurt you on purpose.
  • Elliot rest his head against the door: you still– you still did. You still hurt me.
  • Tyrell: I'm sorry. I truly am.
  • A beat. The two stand on either side of the door, foreheads resting against the wood, hearts aching – mourning for each other.
  • Elliot: Angela told me... she told me about when you called her.
  • Tyrell: ...
  • Elliot begins to hate that he can't see the look on the quiet man's face so he opens the door and is instantly met by sad blue eyes.
  • Tyrell looked anything but himself, dark bags under the eyes, messy hair and wearing something that you'd see on Elliot rather than the notorious Tyrell Wellick.
  • Tyrell doesn't say anything as he cups Elliot's cheeks, he liked the way he didn't flinch like he used to.
  • Their faces closed together and their lips met. The kiss was soaring and mind resting. They were at peace at last, after a very long anticipated time.
  • Pulling away Elliot said: is it really me you claim to love or my other self?
  • Tyrell: I love every version of you Elliot Alderson, every single one.

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One where Harry says "I think you'll be happy to learn I'm not wearing any underwear"

Eggsy hits the mat with a thud, his head spinning a little, and he scowls up at Harry’s smug face. “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Shut up,” Eggsy repeats, taking Harry’s proffered hand and standing again, sighing. He mournfully looks down at his buttoned shirt and trousers, then gives up and sighs, unbuttoning his the top button near his throat.

They’d started sparring in the gym just under an hour ago, wearing full Kingsman attire, glasses and oxfords and the suit, because Harry’d argued that Eggsy needed more practice moving while wearing his kit. So they’d both dressed themselves to the nines and started throwing each other onto the mats.

Except, Eggsy was now down to just his shirt and trousers. His glasses, oxfords, socks, suit jacket, cufflinks, and tie are sitting on the bench behind him. And now he’s losing the shirt.

“Shouldn’t the winner be the one stripping?” Eggsy asks, moving down to the next button, taking his time. He needs to stall, get his breath back. “I’m just gonna keep losin’ if I got nothing to protect me bare arse.”

“You’re the one who suggested strip sparring,” Harry says. He still has his cufflinks and tie. It’s infuriating. 

It’s also terribly distracting, because Harry’s pecs are very defined in that shirt, especially because it’s slowly soaking in sweat, and Eggsy’s been basically rubbing up against Harry for the past fifty minutes or so. He’s been resisting the urge to pull Harry in by that tie, to fight him with teeth and tongue instead. God, if Eggsy wins two more times, Harry’ll be shirtless. It’ll be a disaster. 

On the other hand, Eggsy is one defeat away from ending up in just his briefs in the HQ gym. He’s fucked either way.

“You should stop stalling,” Harry says, his voice funny. Like it’s been roughed up and sunk underwater, throaty and low and very quiet in a dangerous way. 

Eggsy blinks, sweat dripping from his chin, and nearly fumbles with his fifth button at the stark, hungry look on Harry’s face. It’s–oh.

“See somethin’ you like?” Eggsy asks, finishing off the rest of his buttons slowly, stripping the shirt off inch by inch, turning a circle to fling the shirt towards the bench and looking back at Harry. He trails a light hand down his sweat-shiny chest to his stomach, and the way Harry’s eyes go dark is the confirmation of everything Eggsy’s been wanting for the past nine months.

“Cheeky,” Harry mutters, and charges. Eggsy uses the distraction of his bare chest and back to pin Harry against the mat within three minutes.

“This is gonna be fun,” Eggsy says. He helps Harry up and relishes the lingering heat of Harry on his skin.

Harry undoes his cufflinks, his movements deft and precise in a way that makes Eggsy’s mouth water. “Oh, I’m sure it is.” Then, offhandedly: “I think you’ll be happy to learn I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Eggsy stares. “You’re takin’ the piss.”

Harry tosses his cufflinks behind him. Smirks. “Why don’t you come find out?”


Hi everyone! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. As you may or may not know, I am an enby, a person who is neither a boy or a girl. To be specific, I am gender fluid. Because of this, I tend to favor androgynous fashion, which is all very well and good, but it presents a problem. I am one of those people who was assigned the word “girl” at birth, and because of this, when people see me in skirts, they assume I’m a girl that day, even if they are people who know about my gender identity. This bothers me. A lot. The fact that “androgynous” and “masculine” seem to mean the same thing these days makes no sense to me. So here I present to you an entire week’s worth of what I consider to be gender-neutral clothing. There’s skirts and pants, makeup and no makeup, even a wig. On all these days, I felt very in the middle with my gender, not quite a boy or a girl. Everyone, without asking, called me a girl in these outfits. Even my friends, who often ask what pronouns I’d prefer on any given day, assumed that makeup or a skirt automatically meant I was a girl. It wasn’t their fault, but it proves my point. Masculine should not equal androgynous, androgynous should have a healthy mix of both. Leaning in one direction or the other is definitely not a bad thing, but the gender labels attached to certain kinds of clothing can be a real problem. I’d like other people to respond to this post with what they consider to be androgynous fashion, whether adding their own pictures or making their own posts. Let’s remind everyone what androgynous really means.

If I have gotten anything wrong in this post, or said something offensive, please make me aware. Thank you for reading.

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I don't feel like I'm pretty enough for lolita. All of my friends who do it are so beautiful and all of the people I see who do it online are beautiful. I'm really plain looking and I have really thick, unruly hair. My eyes are small and I always have dark circles under them and my face is always red and blotchy and I have kind of a funny head shape. I've really liked lolita for a long time but I'm too scared to buy anything and then feel ugly in it. Do you have any tips?

One of the most important things to remember is that most of us aren’t lucky enough to just roll out of bed in the morning looking perfect. Most of the Lolitas you see are wearing makeup and many wear wigs and a lot of hard work can go into it. I have thick unruly hair too and it takes a lot of maintenance to get it looking the way I want. I have super dark circles under my eyes but I hide them the best I can with BB Cream. The first step is to just take good care of yourself in general. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, wash and moisturize your face regularly, get plenty of sleep, etc. What’s important is that you feel pretty and are happy with how you look and that can take a little work sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up about it because that isn’t going to help you at all, you have to take care of yourself and love yourself and even pamper yourself a little. If you think your hair is unruly go to a salon and ask a stylist what you can do about it (or even just look around online for good products for it.) If you think your eyes are too small, learn makeup techniques to make them look bigger. If you think you have dark circles and an uneven skin tone, try out some basic concealers, foundation, powder, etc. Funny head shape? Maybe you just need a new hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair, skin care, and makeup. Take good care of yourself, learn to give yourself compliments and find things that you do like, and play around with your look a bit, but before you worry about Lolita I think it’s more important to learn to love yourself and be happy with what you see.