i'm not wearing a hat

  • Bruce: I am vengeance
  • Bruce: I am the night
  • Bruce: I am--
  • Bruce: *phone buzzes* *holds up finger* one sec
  • Criminal being strangled: Uhhh--
  • Bruce: *into phone* you remembered to put sunscreen in his bag, right?
  • Bruce: look I don't give a shit if he says he doesn't burn--
  • Bruce: Just make sure he wears his hat too--
  • Bruce: No, I'm on patrol.
  • Bruce: Yes, I'm busy, but sunscreen is import--okay.
  • Bruce: Okay, fine. Bye. *hangs up*
  • Bruce: *looks at criminal*
  • *awkward pause*
  • Bruce: You heard--
  • Criminal: *quickly* I didn't hear SHIT
  • Me: *puts my hand in my hair to itch my scalp*
  • Me: ho don't do it
  • Me: *starts pulling out hair instead*
  • Me: oh my god

the beginning and end of my everything, the ones who give me strength to keep going — here’s to forever.


Jun was worried for Mingyu.

I drew some Creek due to my current obsession :‘3

Phil's Prank | 17.08.17
  • Dan holds out his hand for Phil to place another thing for him to guess, like the What's in my hand challenge.
  • Phil: Last one. Eyes closed. Ready?
  • Dan: What are you doing to do? Are you going to put a banana down my shirt?
  • Phil sprays Dan with his succulent hydration pump thingy. Dan barely startles but Phil bursts out in high pitched laughter. Dan looks at him fondly.
  • Phil: I got you with a prank...
  • Dan: Okay, did you get me
  • Phil: I sprayed you in the face!
  • Dan: Oh, you got me so hard there.
  • Phil continues with his gleeful laughter.
  • Dan: *high pitched voice* Does that count as getting someone with a prank? Actually...
  • Someone in the chat: Yes, Phil!
  • Dan: Actually, I'm just well-hydrated now. I didn't even dislike that.
  • Phil: Did that not like make you jump?
  • Dan: Nah, mate, I'm wearing a hat.
  • Phil: What?
  • Dan: This is two main channel videos that could be. What's in your hand challenge and the pranking my friend with the succulent atomiser prank.
  • Phil: I didn't even want to play that game that much. It was all leading up to spraying you in the face.
  • Both continue to smile and chuckle like idiots.
  • Someone in chat: Good job, Phil.
  • Phil: Thanks.