i'm not violent at all

the moment when they lost us

title taken from a song by los campesinos! // inspired by the work of @bogmoths (pls check them out, their poetry is stupendous)

the little red watch fell! hit the linoleum floor! glass, cracked! broke.

there’s so much to be shown, so much to discover–

i’m peeling back the skin of my wrist to find small keys embedded in the marrow of my bone

i’m running on maps that curl at the edges, there’s some insidious humor to all of this but i’m too afraid to find out the punchline–

it seems unfair to be a personified running joke, but those are the cards i have to play with

the sink is leaking, i’ve got nothing left to say, i remember the moment when they lost us, it was such a sorry sight

the referee whistled a tune and went home, gave up on the game entirely, there were only two people in the stadium, me and you

and with that the referee said goodnight and good luck

attention everyone: my daughter maggie greene and my son in law glenn rhee deserved better

Hi. I’m kinda upset. i’ll try not to be too snappy.

please don’t steal my undertale human au designs.

i know the characters don’t belong to me, but i spent a good portion of a week coming up with designs for their human versions and discarding them until i finally found something that looks good, accurate and is comfortable to draw, all in one design. this is especially true to Papyrus’ and Sans’ designs, which i was having a difficult time thinking of a race for, but it also applies to my human Mettaton design.

those belong to me, even if the official characters don’t. i know the designs aren’t exceptionally creative, but they’re also not generic, and it’s clear that they are the designs i came up with when you see fanart of it.

i encourage you to grab my designs and headcanons [can be just one of them or all of them] and make your own au for it if you want, as long as you credit me. please, please credit me, doesn’t matter if it’s for the entire design or just inspiration. please don’t claim it as yours or omit the fact that it looks exactly like my design. i put hard work onto them and i’m very proud of them, please respect copyrights. i don’t want drama, i don’t want anyone to send or receive hate, i just want my original content to be safe, no one trying to steal it as if i didn’t matter as a content creator.

also: if you see someone using designs that look extremely [or exactly] like mine, with the same headcanons, let me know and i will contact the person privately. let’s respect all artists.

WTB a redo

So today was kind of crap. Breakfast was at ten and I didn’t get to eat again until just after five because of the way the roster was arranged. I didn’t end up going shopping because I felt like I was going to fall over, and all the healthy-ish food places were closed by that point. Bleh. And of course my energy levels were all over the place afterwards, so I feel like I got crap all done at work. I also need to magically consume at least 200 calories and I am not hungry at all. 

On the plus side, I had a pie from pie face which I haven’t had in months. The best thing about them is the mushy peas, seriously. Love some mushy peas.

I need to start being more pushy about my breaks. And take some nuts in to snack on since if there is anything it’s lollies, and I don’t like the up and down the sugar rush gives. I know that if I don’t eat at least a little bit of something every three to four hours I get woozy and stuff, but I always put everyone else’s breaks and comfort first. Gotta stop doing that.

Ah well. The brother is (hopefully if he remembers) picking up my milk, bananas and oats tomorrow and I have enough oats left that I can have them for breakfast and some tea - just no milk to go with either. Or bananas. Man I should have gone shopping.

It’s weird how I go on kicks with fruit. A few weeks ago I was literally eating a punnet of strawberries a day, then it was two kiwi fruit a day. Now it’s bananas, and I’m starting to get a hankering for pineapple.

Two days of work to go and then I have a day off. Good thing, customers have been driving me nuts all week. I swear it was lucky I got out when I did tonight, cause the next person to give a snotty answer to a reasonable request would have been punched in the throat.

Tomorrow’s plan is to be somewhat awake when I get in to work at nine, do my 30DS when I get home from work at six-ish and be at least semi-awake for the raid. We will get to have a crack at Ragnaros this week, oh yes we will.

Also, cute girl has stopped replying to my messages. :( Idk why, she was all ‘yes we should totally go on another date when do you want to?’ and then…nada. Bleh. Oh well, it was fun and I’m not finding that whole meeting people thing as scary any more at least so some good has come out of it.

My number one favorite all time onscreen Protestant is Lady Jane Grey as played by a sullen, goth, 15 year old Helena Bonham Carter in the 1980s film of the same time.    Please watch this movie if you care at all about crabby goth teens being snide about Eucharistic adoration.

Anyway, what I like best about The Punisher is the ways that he reminds me of Lady Jane, as a cranky, goth Protestant to Matt Murdock’s never-shut-up-about-it Catholic. Like, he doesn’t spill all this personal garbage to some priest, as if that guy is magically extra qualified to give moral advice or something.  Punisher searches his heart and his own personal interpretations of right and wrong and decides that just shooting bad guys in the face is a great idea and he’s not going to let some papist fanboy tell him otherwise.

Also, if any of you want to use this as behavioral profiling evidence that Evangelical darling Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer, be my guest.