i'm not very good with coloring and all that stuff : (

I tried to do a new style… with a very old sketch that I did for special… but I forgot to color this one so it was abandoned… This drawing was inspired from all those panda Poth drawings (so I don’t own the idea) x3.. So here’s an angry and sleepy Poth in a panda costume~

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Palette Roller belongs to @angexci

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Oh! A simple watercolor sunset tattoo (just like, a simple sun with couple splashes of two colors next to each other, like pink or purple with blue) and a quote from the very last few lines of the show. The sunset would look a lot like the end of the show when everything except the background goes dark and it'd be really pretty.

the end of the show sunset is truly so gorgeous, the color scheme, all of it! that would be such a stunning tattoo, yall are giving me too many good ideas omg


My wife has disappeared. Do you have any idea, at all, of what might have happened to her?


I’m sure sombra is going to be very grim, edgy and dark and all that good stuff, but for now i just kinda wanna imagine her as a cute and colorful capegoblin who likes messing with people.

(maybe she likes messing with people as much as i apparently like not coloring things consistently) 

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I am Bellamy Blake trash, so the moment Eliza mentioned her COL outfit was her season 1 outfit, but with a blue shirt instead of a gray shirt...I mean...I just want that to be significant. #bringbackbellamysblueshirt2017

Talldecafcappuccino, I am not against this at all. #bringbackbellamysblueshirt2017, indeed. Beige (or whatever frick that color of his undershirt was this season–I do not know the differences between the different shades of one color… ) doesn’t compliment Bob’s complexion as well. He looks good in blue. 

Of course, we could also start the #bringbackbellamynoshirt2017:

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Anyone against this very important and vital movement? If not, then let’s fight for both!



I’m looking at you writers: 

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