i'm not very good at photoshop

More Than Anything by @lycorislife for @shanelleo

Being able to see through the eyes of your soulmate may seem like a dream come true to many, but reality proves a little more complicated. For two young boys it’s all they could ever wish for but as time passes by they come to realise that there’s no pain quite the same as longing to have someone who just isn’t there. (13k)

Soulmates, Fashion Designer!Louis, Model!Harry, who needs more? This fic is absolutely lovely, and through it I was so inspired to make this edit, so here it is!


keep on survivin’


And this is how “si tu eres mi bro, yo soy tu pisha” started:

Isco: Marco and I are good friends, he is my pisha and I’m his bro.

Marco: We had a discusion in a rondo, so I approached him and told him: Isco, if you are my bro, I am your pisha, so from then on we always say it. It’s very funny

i hit 600+ followers the other day, but i was in the middle of exams so i couldn’t do anything to celebrate. however, now that i am done, i can properly appreciate y’all. (i was gonna do a follow forever, but i feel awkward tagging people that don’t follow me.) anyway, thank you to everyone who follows me! i love you! 

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Imagining of Heaven’s Library from The Inheritance of Eden, a Good Omens fic, everything by me.

Based off the Baths of Diocletian in Rome.

Back to Eden!verse masterpost.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I finally got my art tablet yesterday and have been wondering if I should get Paint Tool Sai or another program. There are so many mixed reviews for Sai that I can't get a sense of how good it is. Could you please help me out? I want to use the right program. Any recommendations will also help. Thank you! (And your art is fantastic for someone so young. I'm so excited to see what you post in the future!)

I’m glad you’re asking me for this! In all honesty, Paint tool sai is a very basic program, but perfect when you start on digital art. It’s very easy to understand and once you’re comfortable with it, you can make very lovely art. So if you just bought your tablet, I highly recommend PTS to you! I tried different programs like medibang, krita, photoshop etc. Paint tool Sai is the easiest to use in my opinion. 

If you want some good tricks on this program I recommend you check out this video of theodd1sout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjElkM_NPkw

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any more questions! :)


get to know me meme: [1/5] villains » Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, Harry Potter, portrayed by Jason Isaacs

“Malfoy’s been giving generously to all sorts of things for years …. Gets him in with the right people … then he can ask favors … delay laws he doesn’t want passed … Oh, he’s very well connected, Lucius Malfoy….”

accio-ardor  asked:

Hey Kap! How do you make your gifs? I'd like to start making my own but I'm not sure how. I hope you have a good day 😊

hi there! i use photoshop cs6 to make my gifs but the tutorial i once made can be a lot to take in if you are not very familiar with adobe programmes https://kapitan5o.tumblr.com/post/159536445296/could-you-please-show-us-how-to-make-gifs-because

in case you are planning to use imgflip for your gifs - TT made a great tutorial for that http://asktheboywholived.tumblr.com/post/153952248527/a-comprehensive-gif-guide

legalize-pokefloats  asked:

Can we meet your partner here on Tumblr? I think all of us are big enough fans that we believed you, and really want to meet them. I have to be sure he's good enough for owl mom ;) really though if you have a partner whatever they identify as i'm happy for you, and I hope you feel comfortable enough to show us them sometimes. I'd love to meet another member of the owl mom family :) plus if you do i can awful photoshops of the two of you to make you uncomfortable ;P rip anon i'm embarassed =-=

already introduced him on twitter and instagram it’s it very hard to just go there

anonymous asked:

How do I use your camera overlay? I have a portable photoshop version and I'm not very good with it. I would love it if you could post a tutorial or something. Please and thank you

Here’s my tutorial on how to use PSD’s. The camera overlay is a PSD and so the same methods apply. I’m not sure what difference a portable version would make(?), hopefully the tutorial helps. If not, google should (: 

hehashivemind  asked:

Hey, just saw that light/shadows post of yours. While that's cool and all, I'm here wondering how you drew those (seemingly) very straight and clean diagonal lines in your diagrams (both the 3D object and the dashed lines). Was this in Clip Studio/Manga Studio where there are built in tools for this, or did you use some kind of witch magic in Photoshop? Was it as effortless as it looks, or did you do the Photoshop rain dance of getting diagonal lines?

most of them were drawn free-hand :p Being able to draw straight lines is a good skill to have, so just practice!

It’s easier to push straights than it is to pull them,


It’s also better if you draw from your elbow & your shoulder rather than from your wrists. You can draw very long lines if you’re moving your entire arm!

Anyway the only lines which weren’t free hand are the dashed lines here:

to do those i just held down the shift key,

which will work in any program, although you probably won’t get the visual guide if you’re not working in clip studio paint!

anonymous asked:

Hello there ! Long time fan, love your art and you'll forever by my inspiration, I have a question-- so i'm doing a concept art design course which is a lot of fun but it feels like Photoshop is very forced, it feels as if i want to be a good artist I have to use photoshop! But my problem is I'm so used to sai because my Photoshop has a mix of terrible pen pressure and doesn't seem to work for my tablet- do you have any advice on how to combat this and stick to photoshop?

Hello! Thank you so so much❤❤, I truly appreciate your support. And apologies for the late reply, it took me a while to think and type up the answer(〃´∀`) ( Also recently FFXV, the game that I waited for ten years came out and I just….(cover face and run away)

The answer is quite long so I will pop it under read more :) 

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list of very good films: Serbuan Maut / The Raid: Redemption (2011)

If there’s one thing I know for sure, is that in this world I can protect you. But can you do the same for me in yours?


Ten jumping stuff in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.


i got some coloured pencils and sketchbooks for christmas this year! so i’ve been practicing coloured pencil art! i haven’t used coloured pencils in Several Years, so it was pretty weird to try it again haha

i got two sets of pencils: a pretty cheap set and a more high quality set. all of these were done with the lower quality ones, except for the rose quartz drawing (and the non-coloured drawings, of course)