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Callout post for tumblr user @petyrbaelish

Undoubtedly some of you will already know about Nat and the problems she’s caused both within the GoT/ASoIaF fandoms and outside of it (may I remind you of Sherlock), but after she gave me this shiny new url I feel obligated to make this post to inform you guys about all the trouble she’s caused for both me and others; just for those who didn’t know.

Nat has reached a certain degree of infamy within the GoT fandom at large, but particularly within the smaller subsection of Petyr Baelish and Petyr/Sansa blogs, for her constant and regular refusal to woobify Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. Petyr (referred to colloquially as “D*addy” and “Lord BAElish), as we know, has done nothing wrong in his entire life ever. Ever. No matter how much Nat claims to love our Pete, she seems to be under the impression he has flaws and has made mistakes which is?? Completely wrong??

Betrayal, murder, sex trafficking, and just all general forms of badness are excused when it’s lord bae committing them. No other character is allowed to do this. Example: when Arya murders Petyr she’s a bitch, you know.

So just like Sophie Turner, who we all hate for completely valid reasons, Nat had betrayed us. Nat has completely and utterly stabbed this fandom in the back. And not just for the above reason. Oh no, theres even more.

Nat is really nice and an amazing writer and such a positive force in the lives of so many people and it makes me, a humble tumblr user, really upset so I feel the need to slag her off at every given opportunity to make me and my friends feel better.

Additionally nat:

  • Makes me cry over petyr/sansa
  • Frequently and often attacks me with edits and makes me cry more
  • Sent me photos of Aidan’s eye crinkles
  • Wrote bloodguilt (made me cry)
  • Is writing Shiver, Shiver ( S I N )
  • Edits
  • Sins
  • Makes me realise how much I
  • Deadass
  • Luv
  • Aidan Gillen’s eye crinkles
  • Eye
  • Crinkles


We should hate nat bc she’s too good for us and that’s the tea 🐸☕️

w-ingardiumleviosa  asked:

do you have any tlc fancasts? i know some people don't like fancasts and instead make an image up in their head, but as an editor, it's difficult for me to pick models/face photos for the characters that people will somewhat agree with. however since you're one of the headcanon moms of this fandom, i'm going to take your opinion very seriously. so, who are your fancasts? thank you so so much! xx

Firstly, Iโ€™m extraordinarily flattered that you consider me one of the headcanon moms! Secondly, your moodboards are lovely! Keep up the good work!

I really feel for you in trying to find models for edits. Everybody visualizes their favorite characters so differently! In my case, I usually have a mental image thatโ€™s developed over the course of reading the source material and very rarely do I find an actual face that matches it perfectly. Thatโ€™s why so many of my answers have several different people. One might have the right hair, but the wrong nose, one might have the right lips, but completely wrong eyes, so I apologize in advance for the length of the post.


Ginny Gardner is the closest to the image I have in my head of Cress.


I know Winterโ€™s hair is described as being longer, but Amandla Stenberg is my favorite fancast for her.


With blue hair, Candace Patton would be the perfect Iko.

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You know SSO, 

When you need to edit your own fucking ‘’screenshots’’ to show the world how ‘’good’’ your ‘’everything’’ is, that’s when you fucking have a problem.

(Yes, I do know that they’ve been editing and putting up false photos since the start of times, but just so you know.)

excuse me that the horse is so far away because there have been 2 great ideas executed very, very poorly this year and because of how the character is looking I cannot play sso at all cause it hurts looking at my amazing characters being ruined even more. fix your fucking game. I’m gonna be fine playing and putting my money on good developers that at least don’t make my characters look hideous.