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Fun Facts

((So I have some blog activity until wednesday))

1. Dennie was originally going to be a character from Pinkan Island, from the Orange Islands. He was going to be my character for BFOI year 2 with a team of Clefable, Leavanny, Gliscor, Seaking, and one of the other two was going to be pinkan. After incidences I decided not to join BFOI and I recycled him for 6XL.

2. It took quite a long time to decide on Dennie’s sexual orientation. Originally was going to be asexual to troll with everyone who thought they had a chance. BUT as it turns out that’s not a very good reasoning for doing such a thing and I actually liked the community enough to open up for potential ships :/

3. I made him a fancy dresser before I knew that that was even allowed. The Moeras information hadn’t been released yet when I designed him so I was hoping I could get away with it. Lucky me.

4. Would have given him a yanmega had I thought I had the ability to draw a yanmega :C wasn’t confident in my character designing abilities when I first started, okay.

5. Until now I have never revealed the name of Dennie’s band (mostly because I hadn’t thought it up yet until about two weeks ago). The band he plays in with Adrian, Paul, Louie, and the occasional Marin/Veronique. The band’s name is… “The Ledian Gentlemen.”