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HI. Okay so I need some new drarry fics although I still have like 400 of them that I still haven't read. But right now I'm in the mood for some obliviate au or memory loss au and well I think this will be a bit of a challenge for you because I have already read a lot of those. But it would be really appreciated if you could help. 'Cause it's one of my favorites. THANK YOU...

Drarry + memory loss fic recs

Pretty Fond of Not Very Good Ideas by lq_traintracks (4.9k)
Harry Peterson, Orderer Extraordinaire, and his trusty sidekick, Ray. Or: Harry’s been hit with a memory charm, but it’s okay because he realises he’s bent for Draco Malfoy.
(I fucking LOVE this fic, it is HILARIOUS, I am still cackling over it. Harry is hysterical, he and Draco have amazing chemistry, and the writing is A+.)

• An Issue of Consequence by Faith Wood (20k)
Draco has woken up in an alternate universe. Or he has woken up utterly insane. Nothing else can possibly explain why Harry Potter suddenly seems to think he’s Draco’s boyfriend.
(Placing it on this list kind of spoils it, sorry about that, but this fic is absolutely delightful regardless. I love the Drarry in it, they are so passionate together.)

• The Shape of the World by bixgirl1 (48k)
Five years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco’s life is finally getting back in order. Until, that is, he sees a familiar face that has been missing since that last awful morning of the war. When has knowing Potter done anything other than complicate his life?
(Agh, this one makes me cry! It’s very well-written and while it’s occasionally heartbreaking, Harry is super adorbs and I love their relationship in it.)

• Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by November Snowflake (66k)
When the long-missing Draco Malfoy turns up at a Ministry field hospital with amnesia, bitter Auror Harry Potter must confront the shadows of their shared past to shed light on a potentially deadly mystery.
(Slow-paced but somehow really intense and I couldn’t stop reading?? There’s angst, feels, unexpected revelations. Don’t forget to read the coda!)

• Of Fates Entwined: A Story of Love Lost and Found by taradiane (51k)
Harry Potter vanished without a trace from his home on a warm summer morning in June 2004. This is the story of how a random visit in a cafe on the other side of the world, six years later, proved that the ties which entwine our fates together can never be broken.
(I have mixed feelings about this one, but it’s a must on a memory loss list. The angsty feels! I really enjoy the angst in it, and it turns out oh-so-sweet.)

Colors by xErised (9.2k)
Tomorrow is the day when Draco will be released from Azkaban. Harry Potter has been desperately waiting. 
(Excuse me while I cry my eyes out. Okay, so the memory loss is a very small part, but I love this fic so much, it is a must-read for you angst addicts.)

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Ok, so I'm recently new to Tumblr and I instantly noticed your art. I have seen a lot of comments on this and I'm sorry if I bother you. Your art is absolutely magnificent! I am thoroughly engrossed in your YOI! Mafia AU, it is absolutely krasivaya (beautiful in Russian) !!! Also, your OC Jaidev and sheilkuroi's OC Archer are obayatel'nyy (charming in Russian) together, I am so ecstatic that they got married!!! I'm once again sorry if I bothered you, crimson-chains you are absolutely krasivaya!!

Welcome to tumblr! :D
I hope you enjoy your stay X3

Seriously, not a bother at all, ALWAYS happy to receive praise which will infalte my already over sized ego XD
And thank you very much! ouo
So happy to hear that you enjoy both the Mafia AU and also the OCs I have posted ;w;

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Hi, sorry im kind of new to this thing.. Um so, yall say "(eg.) Venus in 7th house".. how do you read Venus in 7th house from your birth chart? Am i making sense? omg i dont even know how to phrase it sorry if i'm confusing you.. :')

You phrased it correctly! You didn’t say anything wrong. :~) I think Venus in the 7th House is a great placement to have because Libra is ruled by Venus, and Libra rules the 7th House, so I think Venus feels at home there in the 7th House. It basically indicates an individual who is very very socially inviting, they give off a welcoming vibe to other people and can be extremely charming in social environments or gatherings. They are fond of connections, they like getting to know people and interacting with them through compliments or just generally conversing about anything, as long as no conflict or major disagreements are involved. They want to maintain a rational, balanced atmosphere. Venus in the 7th House natives are super aware of the people around them, they are people smart and are constantly observing others, even if it may not seem like they are. It’s likely that you are flirtatious and friendly, emanating a pleasant persona. You attract those who are Venusian, meaning they’ve probably got Taurus/Libra influence in their chart; you may attract those who are rich, materialistic, luxurious, or in some cases you attract people who are romantic, sweet, cuddly, and artistic. In other cases, you attract people who are shallow, superficial, preoccupied with appearance, and not very commitment-worthy. Something you need to avoid as a Venus in the 7th native is looking for constant validation everywhere you go. It’s possible that you are showy and you rely on attention from other people to keep you happy. You also probably can’t stand the thought of being alone, even if it’s for a day or so. You are so used to pleasing others that sometimes you forget to remember your own self, and you begin living for other people instead of yourself. Do not lose your identity in the process of using your charming allure to maintain a particular image… I think these people really like the idea of love and marriage too, and may be drawn to the finer things in life.

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Atkinson anon returns. Yaroslav Gerzhedovich is another great artist. I'm not fond of all his works but there are some really spectacular ones in between the rest. It's all very gritty admittedly but they're charming nonetheless. Anyways, sorry for bothering. You don't need to post this ask just wanted to share in case you'd like him. It's so rare that I find someone who appreciates this kind of style.

I missed you, Atkinson anon! Welcome back and thanks again for giving me another artist to check out. I wish I had more time to explore art the way I’d like to but oh well, I’m just so happy you’re here to tell me more about what’s beautiful and timeless. 

Yes, now that I’ve seen his paintings, I remember him. In fact, I shared some of his works out here a while ago. He is truly something special, his paintings are a different world I wish I could disappear into.