i'm not usually much of a shipper but

You know, the last few months I’ve felt weirdly disconnected from the Trek fandom. A while back, I went through a lot of stress in my personal life and let’s just say it took its toll on my anxiety. I shut down a lot of the things I was doing, including art, because it just seemed overwhelming. Even when things were better, I still felt distant, unsure. But yesterday I saw some TOS again and it felt like coming home. I realize how much I’ve missed this fandom, how much Spirk means to me. It’s something I will ship forever, I’m sure of it.

I can’t say that I’ll be churning out a lot of art and stuff (still have no internet at home!) but mentally, I’m here again. LLAP, everyone.


★matching jackets

★taking pictures every second you can  

★getting together to watch their dramas  

★and their music videos  

★they’ll be so bashful when they get praise  


★they’d whine and hide their face in your shoulder  

★getting to watch them dancing

★and getting them to take their shirts off   

★h e a r t e y e s  

★you can give a look to communicate

★which always confuses people

★inside jokes

★getting to hear minho’s amazing laugh

★minho calls you his babies

★if you and taemin are cuddling while he’s absent

★he’ll squeal over how cute you are rather than get jealous

★rock paper scissors to see how you’re going to cuddle in bed   


★minho is in charge

★taemin sometimes wants to take the role

★but loves being pounded into too much  

★taemin loves being marked by the both of you  

★so the more love bites you give him

★the happier he’ll be

★cum worship

★’don’t let a single bit go to waste, babies’ 

On Alisha Diphda

I love Alisha. I really do. In fact, she might actually be my favourite female character in Tales of Zestiria (it’s so hard to pick favourites in Zestiria, since everyone’s so amazing and lovable). She’s kind, responsible, and fully capable of standing up for her morals and doing what she believes is right. Her strength and resolve are truly inspiring, and despite everything she goes through, she somehow manages to keep pushing forward for what she believes is important to her and the people she cares about. I actually see a lot of myself in Alisha–her idealism and slight naivety are things I can relate to, and her strength and persistence remind me to keep my head up and never give up on the things I value and believe in.

(rant tucked under cut)

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hi, this might come off a little weird, but i just saw your replies concerning the last drama in ans tag & i wanna say i respect how you conducted the discussion. i'm a zenyuki shipper & sometimes i also feel frustrated there isnt more fancontent. but i also think we gotta be the change we want to see. your words concerning that were nice. and, although i dont ship obiyuki romantically, i do think its fandom is v united and dedicated. these qualities propel you forward. i respect that dedication


I remember your work from Zenyuki Week! Your Secret Garden comic is incredible! I look forward to seeing more of your stuff <3

Also, thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t usually get myself involved in the public discourse surrounding the pairings (I just want to write my stories and make my readers feel things), but I felt it was necessary this time around. 

I would really love it if this (for lack of better word) tension between obiyuki shippers and zenyuki shippers would just.. go away. Because I know we are all huge fans and we all love the AnS series or else we wouldn’t feel so passionate about it. I know it can’t happen overnight – there is too much frustration and too many hurt feelings for that to happen – but it is something I would genuinely like to work towards. I have a few zenyuki shipper friends and I would love to have many more to scream with and get excited about the first peeks of the newest chapters. Speculating about what is going to happen next gives me life as a writer! lol

In regards to fan content: I think what a lot of people don’t realize or remember is that a year and some change ago, there was next to no content in the obiyuki community. Maybe 3-4 fics? But we all worked together and built each other up and formed some amazing friendships in the process. We’ve become and are becoming better writers/artists/creators by supporting one another and the works that we have created over the past year+

And I know I harp on this a lot, we are having fun getting excited about every stupid little thing and creating content around it. And then getting excited about the headcanons and works we put out and screaming about how much we love what the other has created. It would be cool if more people were having fun, too <3

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I'm usually and exclusively klance shipper but when the art is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻real good👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 exceptions can be easily made (no but seriously your art is amazing and your comics hilarious bless your heart)

Ahw thank you!! :3 I know what you mean. I’m more the sheith shipper, but there’s so much awesome klance-art out there ♥

I could cry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I'm so confused

So i was thinking about yoonmin as usual (yes i spend my time spacing out thinking about yoonmin, sue me) and i’m really confused as to why i’m so obsessed with them. I don’t really know much about namjin but i have no problem with it, as in i don’t think they are real but i also don’t think they are not real… i just accept that the ship is there? And then there’s taekook and i can see why people ship them and how they maybe( probably) are dating. I’ve seen the evidence videos and i’m convinced (PS: taekook shippers have some HQ detective work going on) . But i only accept the ship. I’m not really hyped about it or anything. BUT THEN there’s yoonmin (i’m convinced they are dating and if you can’t see it, it’s not my fault that you are blind )and i’m so obsessed with this ship??? I’m more involved in it than i am in my own life??? So how come i’m crazy about yoonmin but only accepting towards taekook even though i think they are both real??? Am i the only one like this? Or are there some other fellow crazies out there???

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Hi! It's me, again ex-ziam shipper :) I just wanted to add my 2 cents to the convo as usual. Even though it was a really popular thing to use as "evidence" I'm kind of surprised that larries continue to use the "he looks gay" perception when it comes to Louis. There wasn't much of that in the ziam camp, only "speculation" about zayns bandana tattoo and Liam having a bandana hanging from his jeans. The most frustrating thing about the "he looks gay" things is that "looking" gay has led to 1/2

2/2 led to real life violence against whether the victim was gay or not. Like it boggles my mind that larries can see “aggressive closeting” as like a violent act but not them giving the boys “gay cues”? Cues don’t exist and acting like they do leads to people getting hurt for walking a certain way or their bodies look (‘smol’ and ‘big butt’) And it makes me wonder if larries go out in the real world and assign these cues to random people bc if they do, they are perpetuating that violence

Rather than even attempt to answer that for larries out in the real world, let me relate it to a similar example that I know of for a fact: MsAllegro, former leader and queen tinhat of the Domlijah tinhats. She is someone who insisted that Dom was an “out and proud” gay and that he gave unsubtle hints of this constantly (we didn’t have the term “queer cues” back then), from wearing scarves and eyeliner and cuff bracelets and nailpolish, to the frank way in which he kissed other men and talked about kissing other men. He has a flamboyant, very vibrant and colorful personality; he’s “smol” even though that word was 15 years away from being introduced to the fannish lexicon.

Fifteen years later, Dom is not “out and proud”; he has continued to have relationships exclusively with women, and though I don’t know if he’s explicitly stated his sexuality, refraining from doing so is not at all the equivalent of being an “out and proud” anything. Dom has, however, explicitly and repeatedly denied any link to his use of nailpolish as any sort of indication of his sexuality or gender identity.

MsAllegro still exists on the internet under a different name, and I’ve been to her new blog. I don’t know if she still thinks Dom and Elijah are together, or were once together and broke up, or if she has accepted or admitted that she was wrong about them as a couple, or about either of them individually. But fairly recently I saw her link casually to a cute YouTube video of a little boy singing enthusiastically along to Broadway tunes, and captioned it herself as being a video of a “baby gay.”

How does she know that child’s sexual identity? I went to the YT page and didn’t see it written anywhere? Where did she get off assigning that to him? Had she learned nothing from trying to assign a sexuality based on stereotypical behavior on Dom with it turning out to mean absolutely nothing whatsoever? Nope, it hadn’t phased her at all. She had no problem declaring this child’s sexuality based on his love of Broadway showtunes, and I find her behavior, and the behavior of those like her, continually appalling, not because “gay” is an insult, but because it lends credibility to a culture where homophobic attacks are predicated upon assigning behavior to an “out group” and then punishing them for that behavior.

YES, it is valuable to move socially to a place where we no longer deign certain behaviors as “punishable” by any member of a group, but in the broader sense the LGBTQQIA+ struggle is about refraining from assigning those behaviors to any groups at all if they do not claim those identities, outwardly, freely, and openly, for themselves. The struggle is about more than being free to be yourself, but being free to not have to prove membership in a group based on a checklist of criteria that has been assigned upon us from outside. I say this as a queer person, who has come out, who is out, who both fits and does not fit within stereotypical criteria regarding both my sexual and gender identity.

It is more valuable to remove identity from behavior than to continue to assign it just as rigidly as our opponents.

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I'm so pissed of right now I cant be on ig or Twitter bc all ppl say is how crazy we are for actually shipping JxHQ and how abusive that relationship is and that harley needs help that she's living a nightmare that she's a victim! I'm so tired! 😡

The anti-shippers are just 100x more salty than usual over the new uqual and more loving interpretation of JxHQ in Suicide Squad. 

Joker doesn’t hit Harley or abuse her once in the film and spends his entire time doing everything he can to get her back. Jared described it wonderfully when he said

Harley is everything. My mission in this film is to get Harley back at any cost. No one else really matters very much. Why would they? When you have her.

They’re attacking you out of anger and jealousy that Joker and Harley stayed together and proved to be, according to the critics and much of the audience, the best part of the entire film.

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My mom refuses to believe that Destiel is real and that Dean is most likely bi and she's like super weird about it and idk right now I want it to become canon even more than usual just to irritate her. (sorry if I'm bothering you, you're just one of the only Destiel shippers I follow, so...)

OH MY GOD! You are so not bothering me! Always happy to chat about Destiel!

Has your mom actually watched all of the show? Because I don’t know but there is like so much evidence that I honestly don’t get how people can’t see it at this point… I mean, you can dislike Destiel as a ship, you can not ship it, but denying that it’s there is kind of impossible at this point.


I don’t know but if your mom saw all episodes, how can she possibly think he’s 100% straight, even if she doesn’t ship him with Cas.

I mean come on!

Dean drunk flirting with a guy:

Dean flirting with a guy when he’s not even drunk:

Dean checking out a guy’s ass, even though two hot girls are walking by as well:

Dean trying to hide an awkward boner after Cas is all cleaned up and back from purgatory:

Don’t even get me started on Dean and his crush on Doctor Sexy that is so obvious that it’s not even open to interpretation anymore:

Dean checking out Cas:

Dean checking Cas out when Cas unbuttons his shirt:

I’m sorry but this is how I look at a guy that I’m attracted to:

Now your mom may not like it, she may not ship it, and that is totally cool. But to say that none of it is there…

Dean may still be so far in the closet that he’s having slumber parties with the Fauns in Narnia, but…


Being an Edwin shipper is so funny because scrolling through the tag is just like “awww them kissing oh and a fanfiction that’s cute and oh yeah there’s the usual pair of jeans okay”

i appreciate the rucas shippers who are not afraid to speak up. i appreciate when rucas shippers realize they are not “stupid” or “dumb” for liking rucas. i appreciate that rucas shippers pay attention to what MJ wants us to see. i appreciate rucas shippers who are able to make gifs. i appreciate rucas shippers who are fun to talk to, who are funny. i appreciate rucas shippers who are respectful of the shipper tags. i appreciate rucas shippers who always ship riarkle because they see that farkle is apart of her happiness as well and wants her to be happy. i appreciate rucas shippers who also ship rilaya because they realize a little gay is okay. i appreciate rucas shippers who protect riley and lucas as individuals. i appreciate rucas shippers who realize that lucas is an individual, not a prize, and has feelings, too. i appreciate the rucas family because they are usually realistic and stay true to the show. i just really appreciate rucas shippers so much, whether it’s their main or side ship. i just love them 

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I'm your previous Rucas anon. About the previous spoilers, I know what happens in ski lodge and I'm excited for it but honestly I'm a little worried after the misleading upstate spoilers we got that some scenes in ski lodge might be slightly exaggerated by the shippers. I don't usually go through your blog for obvious reasons but I want to see if your spoilers differ in the rest of them. What tags do you recommend for the ski lodge episodes? I just want to know what your take on it was.

My #girl meets ski lodge tag has a lot.

And frankly, it’s not that shippers are exaggerating Ski Lodge 2 spoilers so much as it is that they’re not acknowledging how it doesn’t really connect narrative-wise with what seems to be going on in the episodes going into the two-parter, and they’re also not really acknowledging the fact that we’re missing half the narrative in terms of how they get from Tri/Upstate/TM to the events of SL2. I think SL2 makes sense in terms of the OVERALL narrative of the series as a whole (especially once you account for Maya’s emotional regression and Josh’s role in how things play out), but in terms of just the Tri-SL2 arc alone it doesn’t quite connect, you feel me?

At the taping I was a little bit confused for a few minutes because I was thinking of everything in terms of just this arc contained within itself, but then once I let it sink in for a second, once the importance of SDLM, GLONY, TOS and I Do coming AFTER Ski Lodge hit me, once I thought about it terms of the series as a whole I was like, “oh, of COURSE. This actually makes a lot of sense.”

That said…I will say that “proposal” is REALLY overselling the Rilucas convo. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute and all—I “awwwww-ed” as much as anyone, ngl—but to me “proposal” implies that the conversation was much more deeply romantic than it actually was, ya know? Because many spoilers have been using the term “proposed,” I think a lot of people are envisioning him taking a knee and asking her to be his girlfriend or something like that…but that’s just not what actually happens at all. Their conversation is…it’s actually rather odd once you let it sink in, tbh.

Anyhow, I have largely held off on any serious interpretation of the events of part two because to me, we definitely need part one to understand how they got there from the episodes immediately preceding SL1. For the most part I’ve stuck to clarifying things that have been telephone-gamed to death in terms of misrepresenting tone and what little context we do have.