i'm not used to editing this type of thing

okay but how can TM use infrasound to communicate with Root? someone please explain this. all I know about infrasound is it’s good for long distance stuff but too low frequency for most humans to perceive, and can make people uncomfortable and upset. also whales use it maybe? is her implant supposed to be able to receive infrasound waves and turn the information in them into something she can hear? I’m making shit up.

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Your posts have helped me reevaluate the way I write, both as an academic and as a fiction writer. I'd like to echo the question of another ask, regarding transitioning from first to second drafts. Since following your advice, my first drafts are much more open and free-flowing, but I'm not sure how to edit without spending endless amounts of time trying to make it perfect, often rewriting the whole thing, so it often just feels like I'm doing the first draft again, and from scratch.

I really need to write that post on second drafts! But in the meantime, a couple of things:

1) Personally, I do have to rewrite it—by which I mean, open a new document and type the second draft clean. If I take really rough prose full of fragments and notes in brackets and try to edit that into something cleaner and tighter, I end up with a big mess. It’s much easier, for me, to write out the second draft fresh, using the first draft as a guide—almost as if I’m translating it. This seems like it would take extra work/time, but at least for me, it produces a much stronger second draft with far less agony and tying of my brain into knots. I just put the two documents side by side and refer back and forth between them as I go. (Arguably, I guess, my “first draft” is more like a .5 draft. But then, the second draft I produce feels more like a 2.5 draft…if that makes any sense.)

2) When I write out a second draft in a clean document, of course, I’m tempted to return to my old habits and get super fussy and cramped as I try to make everything perfect. So I have to remind myself to work fairly quickly, even though I’m no longer in the messy-first-draft phase. I can always nail it in the third draft, I tell myself—whether or not I end up writing a third draft. This is really just a way to trick myself out of slowing down and obsessing over every detail. On the other hand, sometimes I do write a third draft. This whole way of writing produces more drafts and more documents and more overall words, I guess, but ultimately I find this much easier than endlessly noodling with the language of a single document, and I like the results a lot more.

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hiii. I'm interested in making edits on my own but I don't know how to or what to use is there any tutorials you have or could link me to you've gotten help from?! I love your edits they're so breathtaking.

im sorry this took such a long time to answer, my inbox have been crazy these past few days! but i tried to put extra love in this with some links and tips to make up for the wait ♥ and thank you so much!!

  1. so first thing first. you need some type of editing program, most commonly used on tumblr is photoshop (it’s what i use) but there’s a lot of different options as well, like pixlr and gimp
  2. start of small or have a clear idea on what you wanna do, like posters or moodboards. it might sound boring but it’s an easy way to start learning the tools of the program you’re using and finding your own style!
  3. find something that inspires you. maybe it’s a favorite book, character or movie. pick it and decide to make an edit for it!
  4. pick fonts, psd’s and images with great detail and care. this is actually what makes your edit stand out. if your coloring is great, the image perfect and the font smashing it’s bound to be a hit. 
  5. i find all my images on pinterest. if say, i decide to make a blue sargent edit i just type her name on the search bar and check out the boards with pictures and pick from them. weheartit is also a popular site!
  6. @wasirauhlpsds, @yeahps & @itsphotoshop are some of my favorite resources blogs. here you can find more tutorials, templates, fonts and psd’s!
  7. @mentorpsd is also a great blog to draw inspiration from and find helpful edits and resources.
  8. once you have everything you need it’s time to start editing and this is the fun part! coloring and font placement are key. if you’re unsure of what to write, sometimes it can be enough with a name/title or quote. 
  9. if you’re having trouble finding inspiration, draw it from other content creators/edits on your dash. but don’t steal. if you’ve been heavily inspired by something or someone, always leave credit or ask the original creator if it’s ok to make something similar. 
  10. although it’s great to draw inspiration on your dashboard being original is what will get you more noticed. but the most important thing is that you like what you’re doing. i love making edits which is why i spend so much time making them.
  11. don’t let notes hinder/stop you from doing something that makes you happy. my first edits where absolute trash and had maybe 20+ notes but i’ve improved since then because i’ve kept at it! 

if you have any questions feel free to ask away!

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Hello~ I know your requests are off but I just came to say that your 3d signs for bars/restaurants are AMAZING as well as the neon signs as decoration! I'm totally blown away. And a quick question too: Is there any chance you'll make a tutorial on how to make fonts and such 3d for wall decoration? I have some things I'd love to do~ If not, that's okay too! I wish you a fantastic day~ ♥

heyylllooo~ this is the easiest way to make 3d signs or logos, and if you want to type words and edit them in blender, it’s okay too. just do this -  

around 0:59 you can see that the poly is too high so then i reduced it using “decimate”. hope this helps~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Happy 23rd Birthday, Niel  ❤

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My name is karey and I want to ask you about editions of D&D. Which is your favourite to use. I want to start running my own games but I'm not sure which to use. I've never played before. Pls halp.

Excellent question. One with one simple answer and a bunch of other longer, more fiddly answers. 

I’ve talked about D&D editions and other types of elf game RPGs before, but this answer always bares repeating:

System Doesn’t Matter!

It really doesn’t. Just pick a game and play it.

Any one of them. They’re all pretty good. The more modern ones are easier to read and have colour art, which is nice. 

Here’s the thing that few of these games explain though, and it’s why ultimately System Doesn’t Matter…

…when you start playing an TRPG, and running a TRPG, you now have total possession of that TRPG. You can change it and hack it and replace parts of it you don’t like. If you like parts of it but not others, you can cross out and replace the parts you don’t like with ones you do

  • Does a game you like not have a paladin class, or a princess class, or a weirdo monster hunter class? Add one! 
  • Don’t like how skills in your game work? Get rid of them! Or replace them with ones you do!
  • Is combat too complicated? Simplify it! Strip out a bunch of rules and add ones that you like better! 
  • Are dice slowing the game down? Move towards diceless play. Have the opposite problem? Add more dice mechanics. 

The best thing about tabletop roleplaying games is that they are fluid, malleable things that you can change and adapt as you play. They are games that support player and referee creativity and outside the box problem solving and customization. That’s why almost 50 years later we haven’t entirely given them up to play videogames or boardgames or VR games. 

You own the TRPG you’re playing. It’s yours now. By playing it and running it, you’re now a game designer. You and your players. Everybody’s version of D&D is different. Every group has their own house rules and hacks and additions. 

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That said…here are my personal recommendations on editions and games:

I hope that helps, and I wish you the best of luck in your future gaming. It’s a heck of a hobby and a great time with friends!

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The larrie: different types.

As you may know there are a lot of larries in this world but with this you’ll be able to distinguish one larrie from another. Said that, let’s began!

The most common type is the so called “chill” larrie.This type believes Larry is real but doen’t make a big deal out of it, well at least until something happens.They look like this:

Then we have the recruiting larrie.You know the one that goes around showing you top 30 iconic larry moments, yeah the one that dragged you in this rabbit hole.This one:

Another type that you could meet in this fandom is probably the dark/demon larrie(aka me).This type is the one foundin larry in everything.You see that candle is bigger than the other one? Isn’t that so larry?Heart from space looks blue and green?LARRY! et cetera.

The investigative/FBI agents type. They analyse evrything, they know everything and tbh they are almost always more reliable than a CIA report.They are really good observers and have a memory I dream of having.

The fighter larries. They are always ready to fight, they are the ones that will come to help you if you are struggling with an antis, they will sass the fuck out of them in less than 2 seconds.

The drama larrie. Honestly,who isn’t one? evryone in this fandom has to deal with drama there are some of us who react like this:

And some like this:

The fan artist/fan fic writer/manip maker/edits maker etcetera.. larrie. They are the reason we are all still here and we should apreciate them more:

Also there are many things that appy for every larrie:

Anyway, these are only the main types, reblog with your type in the tags and let me now the one I have forgotten.

Oh and last thing you should join us we have cookies and rainbows teddy bears, come to us

Bye, G.

  • My flatmate: I have a bunch of people coming over to do a group project. Do you mind if we borrow your laptop?
  • Me: Sure.
  • Me: *thinks of all the Kabby edits & gifs saved to my laptop*
  • Me: *thinks of all the Kabby fics saved to my laptop*
  • Me: *thinks of all the Kabby related Tumblr pages that will come up when they start typing things into the search bar*
  • Me: You know something? Maybe you should use my iPad instead.