i'm not used to drawing girls;;


Walk, walk, fashion baby. (*・∀-)☆

YOI Week 2017, “Ladies appreciation.” 👌👌👌

I wanted to draw all of the girls but I wouldn’t have finished in time. ;v;’ They’re all so beautiful I’m cryin



fullview probably! thenks

always wanted to do that thing where u draw anime ppl in a rl pic so i chose this picture i took at didneyworl like last october?? the only one where there’s like, no rl ppl lmaoooo


A short 5-page comic, “Constellation”, about homesickness and finding new homes.

I felt like I was kind of in a stylistic rut so I tried some new stuff with a limited color palette–it was a lot of fun!


I’ll never forget the way my nieces’ eyes lit up and how excited they became when they asked if there’s any “girl superheroes” and I told them yes 😭💙


Thank you @ everyone who came to the livestream, again! ♥ I had a lot of fun!

Well then, I hope you’ll have fun as well with this silly little comic. I’m sorry, Nico, I only ever draw you in comical situations…


“ Sure ! You don’t even need to ask, especially on White Day, haha ! “

“ And it’s about time people started recognizing Totty’s not the only cute one between all of us ~ <3 “


I don’t usually post OCs here mainly since I’m pretty self-conscious about doing so, but I wanted to share some older art of a particular girl I used to draw almost constantly.

Her name’s Aya and she’s a molecular shapeshifter. She likes reading comics and dreams to be a superhero like the ones she’s read about. 

anonymous asked:

Can u please draw my Lavender Quartz gemsona. She has her gem on her eyeball, she has a big hair bun, and she's buff like a quartz. U can play around with the rest of her design. Please and thank u.

Now that’s an aesthetic girl is I ever saw one.