i'm not unfaithful

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Lo, I had to laugh (groan) when I saw Danny said " Aaron can understand because he was in prison so long". Like, no. He was in prison for a number of WEEKS. Hellish weeks? Absolutely. WEEKS that FELT like the longest ones of his life? Probably. But not the amount of time he was sentenced to, or even as long as they thought he would get before the sentencing. Heck, if he was a musician on tour he'd probably have been away longer. So, sorry, but that is NO excuse for Robert's infidelity.

when ur honeymoon is longer than ur prison sentence 😌😎


It’s bugging me, grating me and twisting me around…

I’m not sure if I should enter these grounds, maybe just once… *burns in hell*

Did I mention Matt Bellamy makes me do weird things with my life? Not to mention Star Wars.

  • Woof: so wait, how long's our build phase again?
  • Preston: 5 minutes and I've been keeping track! We started at 1.40 and on my recording time is 4.15, so that means nearly 3 minutes as struck the dome.
  • Vikk: This doesn't sound like Mitch time to me.
  • Bajan: I'm scared!
  • Woof: Yeah, if it's not Mitch time, I'm not happy about it.
  • Vikk: Yeah, I'm not interested.
  • Woof: I'm gonna be unfaithful to this style of timing.
  • Vikk: It's so unorthodox!
  • Preston: But i-it's Perston time! Perston!
  • Woof: Nobody wants Perston time!

tbh I can’t stand Catelyn’s attitude with Jon. you were perfectly willing to accept your husband gallivanting about because he “has needs” and you barely knew him at that point. so why is it so difficult to Jon, a child that didn’t choose to be your husband’s bastard, at least some grudging affection? I understand our society is different that the society of the asoiaf universe, but c'mon