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Sabriel prompt: Team Free Will watching the new year countdown on tv and at the last second Gabe pops up in front of Sam, kisses him, and leaves all in the span of like 5 seconds. Bonus points if they are not yet in a relationship and this is totally random. More bonus points for side Destiel because I'm shipper trash who can't be satisfied with one **** ship. I know new year stuff is kind of late but I literally just got a tumblr.

omgomgomg this is so cute okay because

Imagine Cas and Dean have been dating for a while and they’re so just grossly cute and domestic together and Sam’s happy for them he is but at times like this at new years when it was just them being alone, it’s now him being alone

and gabriel has liked sam for a while

like a really long while

and he decides hey, why not. what is there to lose

and its about to drop and his fucking courage just ABANDONS HIM and hes like hfuckohfckohcknthes but hes determined to do it

so the ONE is shouted

so he pops in. land right on sams lap and gives him the quickest little kiss and then hE’S GONE AGAIN BECAUSE OH DAMN HE KISSED SAM AND SAM AND DEAN ARE GONNA KILL HIM

course dean and cas were kissing so they dont know what happened

and sams just sat there touching his mouth like

the  f u c  k

Bonus: cas appears in sams room later and just bodily throws gabriel onto sams bed and is like >:L DONT wake me and dean up