i'm not too sure how i feel about this but whatever


why don’t we call it a day and we can both confess 
you can force me to use a little tenderness
white lies, alibis, anything but say that it’s true
we could sit like lovers staring in each other’s eyes
but the magic of the moment might become too much for you

happy valentine’s (valentron’s?) everybawdy

(edit: added close up of their faces;;)

So a Tomco thing that’s pretty much purely digging deep which I wanted to point out for my own self indulgence was the song lyrics in friendenemies. It’s probably been discussed to death but whatever I’m still hyped on em. 

I just love the friggin lyrics to the song Awesome Feeling that Marco said reminded him of them which then played during the montage. 

“Awesome feeling Nothing’s gonna take us down At first I turned my head but then you really turned my day around Awesome feeling We started out as frenemies but then found that we have Chemistry” 

Which I mean sure you can have “chemistry” together as friends and how well you work together but usually that term’s reserved to describe a mutual attraction to someone, usually referring to a romantic attraction. Coming from a boy band it’s almost guaranteed to be that they’re singing about an enemies to friends (to lovers) trope. 

Then this possible “budding romance” song is lovingly followed up by Too Little, Too Late which is pretty much a sad love song about being betrayed and not believing the relationship can be salvaged after how much they hurt you when you never would of hurt them. The song can’t be misconstrued as not romantic, it’s a love song and they sang it to each other.

So while Marco references the song for how he feels hurt, Tom sings the first part as an apology trying to let Marco know he doesn’t ever want to purposely hurt him or see him sad. In response Marco makes the song a duet, chiming in to put his own emphasis on how he relates to the following lyrics and getting across that Tom broke his trust and hurt him and a simple apology just isn’t going to make things better. Too break it down…

Oh girl, you know I’d never mean to hurt ya When you’re sad you know I’d never desert ya”

For added feels, compare those lyrics to Tom realizing Marco was still upset after their song ended and instead of getting mad or storming off and giving up he continued trying to make things right and make Marco happy again even going as far as to summon Mackie Hand despite the obvious effort and energy drain it took to do it. 

“You were my angel, my beautiful dove”

Okay, just the way Tom’s voice wavers on that line as his eyes get all big and shiny before Marco joins in. He’s getting emotional, Marco was becoming his friend and they had a great time together but now that Marco is hurt and angry he’s lost that development and he waits for Marco’s response and he gets so hopeful when Marco sings.

“We spiraled high, on a gust of love and I knew right from the start nothing could tear us apart”

Marco starts it up but Tom readily joins in. The lyrics reflect on both of them how their budding friendship happened rather fast and the fun they shared was real. They both felt that connection, or should I say… chemistry?

“Until the day you broke my heart and now it’s too little too late.”

Tom not singing this line cause he doesn’t want it to be too little too late, that’s why he started an impromptu serenade in the streetlights, he’s trying to fix things. Marco singing the line while looking pointedly at Tom is a clear message that his trust was damaged and more than being mad he was hurt and that couldn’t be fixed by a song.

And I LOVE the expressions on Tom’s face as he sort of watches him walk off you can see his sad look morph into determination as he calls upon his power (so much power he doesn’t even have enough left to keep himself from dropping to the ground like a rock after) to give Marco the one thing he wanted that he had ruined for him: Mackie Hand.

i love when people make fake social media profiles for fictional characters and make their usernames like “thechosenone7” “ihatehandmedowns” “thebrightestwitchofmyage”

like it’s so funny to me because it doesn’t take their personalities into consideration, nor actual practicality when it comes to making a username

this is just my take but to me, harry’s the kind of person who’d just be miffed that “harry_p” is taken and just click the first suggested option so he’d end up with “harry_p543656”

ron would be that one kid who makes their username something to do with what they’re good at so he’d have put “chesswiz_123” at the age of like nine and just have to live with that forever

hermione would be no nonsense and straightforward and just have “hermionejgranger” and that would be that

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how tf can you hate batjokes and still fucking ship jokerXharley??? that shits 100% more abusive and unhealthy lmao

Wow! I finally got my very own ask about how abusive JxHQ is! I feel so lucky! Ah, yes, the sarcasm is strong this morning.

Let me tell you a few things, sweetheart. Even though this all has been said time and time again, I guess it still has to be repeated so everyone can get it through their fucking thick skulls. 

Everyone knows JokerxHarley is abusive. At least most people do anyways. 


It’s fiction! And everyone is entitled to like whatever the fucking ships they want! Sure, JokerxHarley is abusive, but so is HarleyxPoisonIvy and you can definitely make the case that BATJOKES IS TOO.

Literally ANY relationships the Joker could ever get into will be abusive. Do you know who the fuck he is?

So please, keep your irrelevant opinions to yourself. Because, in case you haven’t noticed, this blog is JokerxHarley and I don’t want you on it. 

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Finals are killin me man, any way you can tell another story? You've been like my salvation this week.

hahahahaahahaha literally a year later!!! literally a year. never be my friend, i will forget to answer your emails and constantly double-book my time. 

ANYWAY, someone else (@ TUMBLR: what if….you tried…..not being QUITE so bad at messaging??? just a thought!!!! just an idea to try.) asked me for another Boarding School Story™ and i was racking my brain trying to think of something, because contrary to what i feel like might be popular belief, i didn’t get up to too many hijinks in high school. 

i mean i was in our version of detention a lot but that was for things like “skipping breakfast” and “being late always” and “writing an inflammatory speech about how unfair it was that we had to eat breakfast in the dining hall when we could be using that time to SLEEP” and “dyeing my hair with bright streaks against the express written rules of the student handbook”.

  • okay in hindsight i was actually….. in detention….. a lot.
  • they used to email our parents every time we were in detention and it got to the point where my mother emailed our dean of students and asked if, to save time, she was only emailed when i WASN’T in detention.
  • but i feel like i wasn’t a troublemaker??? 
  • like okay objectively i was…in trouble often but–

the POINT IS, my young and very gentle delinquency aside, the only time i was ever in like, real trouble is the time that my boyfriend and i got stuck on the roof of the boys’ locker room in the football stadium.

i guess the important background info here is that where was an hour every night between study hall and final dorm sign-in that students were allowed to leave their dorms and ~mingle with one another, though there were all kinds of rules about where you could and couldn’t be.

  • school was like “you have to be in a lighted area” and students were like “lmao.”
  • there was also a hilarious rule during co-ed visitation on the dorms that you had to have “your door open and everyone had to have at least one foot on the floor at all times” which is an adorable way to try and curtail the Teenage Get Down.

anyway, the boyf and i were looking for a cool fun place to hang out and talk about, god, i don’t know, whatever it was that we talked about. 

a few things about this boyf:

  • we had a spanish class together and he was very tall. 
  • he had a lot of other good qualities, including “he was so nice to me all the time even when i was horrible” and “excellent deadpan” but my initial interest was because he was SO. VERY. TALL.
  • a pretty good summary of our relationship as a whole was that he called me to be like, “hey, we’ve been….talking a lot…….i was wondering what you were trying to do with that” and i was like “uh———i wasn’t——i like—-UHHHHHHHHHHHH” and he was like, “WELL DO YOU WANT TO LIKE, GO OUT??” and i was like, “SURE BUT I HAVE TO GO NOW BYE”
  • ah, to be young.

so boyf and i went for a fun little adventure looking for some ~privacy and struck upon the BRILLIANT idea of scaling the locker room building and hanging out on the roof, because nothing says “romance” like “the smell of a football equipment”. so he managed to find a ladder somewhere and up we went. a lovely time was had by all until i looked down at my watch and realized i had five minutes to be back on dorm.

“oh, shit,” i said, and getting to my feet and jogging to the edge of the roof. i looked down.

“hey, boyf?”


“where did you put the ladder?”

he looked up. “i left it where you’re standing.”

i looked again. #confirmed for no ladder.

“are you sure?”

“yeah, where else would i put it?”

“well, where did you get it?”

“i don’t know, i found it….on……the grass………”

  • A WORD OF ADVICE: don’t ever just assume that ladders left lying around are for public use!!! they are ALMOST NEVER for public use.

“is it possible that was someone’s ladder, and they came and took it?”

  • SPOILER ALERT: it was possible!!! in fact, it was probable!!!
  • SPOILER ALERT #2: it was, in fact, security’s ladder, and security had taken it, assuming, of course, that two idiot students hadn’t just taken their ladder and climbed onto a roof that they 120% were not supposed to be on at 10pm.

“well,” said boyf.

“well,” i said.

“i could jump down and then catch you,” he offered.

we looked at one another. we looked down at the ground. we looked back at each other.

“you’re not THAT tall,” i said. 

so, our options:

  1. jump off the roof.
  2. call for help.
  3. accept that we now lived on this roof forever, build a home out of what we could scavenge, and never face the consequences of our actions.

“so, do you want to just live here?” i asked. “we could be happy.” 


  • boyf was more willing to accept responsibility for his actions than i was, which is also why he was willing to try to be friends when we broke up and i hid in my dorm room for a solid 3 months until he graduated.

after a few minutes if our shouting, security and the coach of the football team–who must have just been on duty?? i don’t think they like, called him every time there was a football stadium-related incident.–gathered at the boys’ locker room and glared up at us in the dark.

“HOW did you even get UP THERE,” shouted mr football coach. 

“there was a ladder!” boyf protested. “it was right there! it was a public ladder!”


“i’m gonna jump down,” said boyf again.

  • you know, all these years later i’m still not sure if he was nobly trying to take the brunt of the scolding or just like…. really wanted to jump off the roof.

“please stop trying to jump off this roof!!!!!” i snapped.

after probably five minutes of incredibly awkward two-level scolding, in which we sat with our legs hanging off the edge of the roof and the football coach said things like, “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS,” and “WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN” and “IT IS SO EASY TO BE ANY OTHER WAY THAN THIS” security arrived with “their” “ladder” that “wasn’t” for “public use” or whatever.

  • i don’t know if you’ve ever been scolded while literally looking down at the authority figure you’ve pissed off but like, it is incredibly weird.
  • like on the one hand you feel like you have all the power, because you’re like “LOOK AT THE TINY PEONS BELOW ME,” but also you know logically that you don’t have all the power and you have to at least look contrite because in 5 minutes you’ll be on the ground and then the authority figure will hold all the cards again.
  • also it just feels rude to have your shoes dangling above an authority figure’s head but like, what else are you supposed to do?? it’s weirder to stand???
  • standing feels aggressive when you’re on a roof looking down???

boyf and the football coach walked me back to my dorm.

“uh, bye,” i said, feeling for some reason like i would never see boyf again and we were both going to prison.

“GOODNIGHT,” said the football coach. “YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM THE DEAN.”


“you can see why it might seem….to outside parties…..like you were on the roof for……private reasons,” said the dean, scolding both boyf and i outside the chapel just to remind us that we had let not only ourselves down, but also probably jesus.

“WE WERE STARGAZING,” boyf and i said in tandem.

“but you can SEE why it might SEEM like you were doing something ELSE,” the dean said. “if it happens again i’ll call your parents.”

“if it happens again i’m totally jumping off the roof,” boyf whispered to me when the dean had turned away.

“OH MY GOD,” i said.

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imagine if marie tried to ask him out, some tsundere letter about how he's tolerable but she respects him and they should hang out but they don't have to XD

a soft warning to all tsunderes: yosuke’s fairly dense & oblivious when it comes to other people’s feelings towards him! while he thinks he gets what they want and what they mean, he won’t always be sure and that’s what drives him to try and keep things platonic and/or do the maybe you like me? dance. 

for marie, he’d definitely go out of his way to hang out with her, and keep whatever letter she’s given to him for sentimental reasons ( also it sounds like a big deal? she’s giving him a poem?? dude

also just gently elbow nudges her like “you’re pretty tolerable too” 

“I Am Loved” Knot Spell

A spell for when you’re having a rough time and you need to be reminded how much you are loved

You need: Thread, in a color that makes you happy, and a list of people that have made you feel loved. It doesn’t matter if it’s one or twenty, just get yourself enough thread to fit. 

Optional: A bead to represent every person on the list

To start, find yourself a quiet place to be alone. If you’re anything like me, you might get really emotional during this. I started bawling, and it’s okay if you do too. Just make sure you take care of yourself. 

Then, hold the thread in your hand and spend a bit thinking about the first person on your list. Close your eyes, remember all the times this person has made you feel loved, imagine them wrapping you with golden light like a blanket. Whatever helps you best feel their love. 

Once you feel like you have a strong enough feeling of them, tie a knot in the thread (tying in the bead if you wish). I kissed the knot once I tied it, and you can do that too if you want. Continue for each person. 

When you’re done, what you do with the knots is yours to decide. Wear it as a bracelet, tie it to your shoes; I personally decided to tie it around the stomach of my favorite stuffed animal so that I could hug it and feel their love. 

And after all that, take care of yourself. Center yourself, take a bath, sleep, drink some water, spend some time with the people you tied the knots for. Spellwork like this could be draining, so listen to what your body and emotions are telling you. And every time you feel you need it, touch the knots and remember you are loved. 

I know we all wish we could at least get one word of agreement or sign of enthusiasm from Magnus so that this situation wouldn’t be this uncomfortable and I do too but I’m still pissed about how Magnus’s feelings were just swept under the rug in the end of this episode. I mean the way it started out was so nice tho with how we got to see more of Magnus’s character and backstory through his interactions with Maia and Izzy. We got to see Magnus slowly realizing how special his feelings for Alec actually are and how vulnerable he feels at this point in their relationship. All of that insight suggested that maybe he would like to take things slow, maybe he wouldn’t want to rush into this which is exactly what Magnus said himself later in that scene with Alec. But then it felt like someone else took over the writer’s room and decided to just throw out Magnus’s feelings out of the window. Because even though I know that after all, even if it wasn’t clearly stated in the episode, what supposedly happened later was consensual, that still feels off to me because I don’t see why Magnus would change his mind literally 3 seconds later after he says “You’re not the only one who feels vulnerable”. It’s like they suddenly decided to turn that whole storyline around and make all of Magnus’s concerns just about Alec’s feelings when it was obvious he had some of his own. Literally where did all of that go?

If you’ve ever wanted a show where it’s all happiness and the only bad things happen in flashbacks then i’d recommend Natsume’s book of Friends. Sure bad stuff happens occastionally but for the most part the worst is over. 

It’s about a kid who survived. Who made it through the worst of it. Who survived the storm and came out the otherside still good. Broken and hurt but still good. Still good.

And i think that’s really important for people who aren’t out yet to see. Yeah it sucks. And it’s gonna change you. But you can make it to the other side.

You can be happy.

Why I think Cas will be OK: AKF & YANA

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how Cas’s TV escapism feels familiar and how they can relate to it, I know I certainly do. The reason YANA was even created in the first place was to help those in the fandom who suffer from depression, anxiety etc., many of which use Supernatural, and the fandom community it brings, to get through whatever they are fighting by supporting each other. At this point, the entire cast and crew know about the boy’s efforts with AKF and YANA, so I can’t believe that Casifer’s story is just a coincidence. If it was, why make TV be the thing Cas uses as escapism? It parallels too closely with the campaigns and with the fans. That’s why I believe that Supernatural is trying to send us a message through Castiel’s story: that if you always keep fighting and supporting each other through the hard times, even if you feel like you can’t fight anymore, you will realize you are not alone and pull through. I think the message would be too personal,  dark, and counterproductive to the nature of those campaigns if they let Cas die this season. Not to mention, as someone else pointed out- in last night’s episode, where we finally got to see what Cas is doing in his mind, there was a shot of a building that said ‘AKF’.

I really love fic tropes, because sometimes you can see the chronological progression of writers changing the same ideas to fit what they wanted to see and then fanfiction fan-fiction. Between coffee shop AUs becoming family business, everyone is alive, coffee shop AUs and everyone is alive AUs becoming highly detailed retellings of alternate stories that never got told, I will gladly read hundreds of the same tropes. Spotting the slivers of things that authors do differently is just incredible. Or the collection of things that were common but never put together and it just sounds like the perfect example of the trope, even though it wasn’t around when the trope was finding its feet. Or so many other things.

I feel incredibly disappointed to see authors feeling bad about just writing common fandom themes instead of the “new” ideas that haven’t been done as often yet. It’s a mystery how that happened to me, but to know that somehow some fandom author was hesitant to post something just because one of the tags was popular makes me cringe. I don’t know how to leave off on this other than to say: every trope is popular for a reason, and there’s nothing wrong with sticking with something even if it’s well known. You’re all doing great.